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Usher Gets Malaysian Groupie Love+Lyfe Says Men Shouldn't Pay Baby Mamas' Bills & Dishes On His Own Drama

Usher Tweeted about his love for Malaysia last night.  And we can see why.  Pics and Lyfe's interesting take on child support and baby mama drama when you read on...


Usher was in the captial city of Luala Lumpur in Malaysia pubbing his album and doing some over seas promo.  And he's getting all kinds of love from the ladies.  OK, maybe they're not "groupies".  But we put 5 on it he took at least two of them home.  Just sayin'.



Well here's an interesting take on child support and paying your baby mama's bills.  Lyfe Jennings talked to VIBE about his own trials and tribulations. Remember when he was shooting outside his baby mama Joy's house because she wouldn't let him see the kid?  He's definitely had his dose of drama after getting out of jail.

And Mr. Jennings dished on why he is no longer "spoiling" his two baby mamas by paying their bills, why no man should have to pay insane amounts of money even if they make it, and why women need to get a job and be independent.  Here's a snippet:

I got two boys and a little girl, two baby mamas; I feel like I got 20. Some people gon’ be looking at this like I know this nigga ain’t trying to give advice—because I've made a lot of mistakes. But I would say don’t have sexual dealings with your baby mama once it’s established y’all not gon' be together. Because when they want you and they got a chance, then they gon' keep up with the nonsense and every time that they get mad about something it’s gon’ reflect with the kids.

My baby mama always trying to send me to jail, that’s her goal in life. My other baby mama she cool. She wants me to be involved in my child’s life. But both of them are just spoiled and I take full responsibility for that 'cause I spoiled 'em. But now I’m trying to spoil me.


Interesting.  Check out VIBE for the rest of what he had to say about women needing to get a job and be independent.  Your thoughts?


The Randomness:

1.  Diddy's rowdy Atlantic pool party this weekend got shut down.  Surprise surprise. Story

2.  Is DMX getting out of jail early??  Story




I get so tired of seeing

I get so tired of seeing women all over the world claiming they want respect from men, and then you see a group of young women openly being the whores for a celebrity. All of those girls should have more respect for themselves, their parents, and their culture. All the world now sees is that Malaysian women are just typical groupie whores. Usher should be ashamed of himself. And he owes the Malaysian people an apology for coming to their country, and using his wealth and fame to treat their women like his personal whores; and then having the arrogance to post this crap on the web for all to see. As if he is a big man for treating foreigners like his personal whores. Is it any wonder why foreigners hate us Americans?
Man who loves women only's picture

i some what agree with

i some what agree with him....i see toya (lil wayne baby mama) and all these other baby moma's living large...shopping and riding in ranges and partying...and honestly their kids don't look all that well kept. I think they should have a limit on child support.....which should be more than enough to cover mortgage for a 1/4 million house....the payment on a nice new ford explorer....$500 a month for food. $500 for utilities.... and $500 a month for clothing and personal items. $500 a month for college fund....i am not sure what else they need.
Anonymous's picture


N*GGA PLEASE SHUT UP! OBVIOUSLY YOU'VE NEVER REALLY PAID BILLS IN YOUR LIFE! My father died when I was 18 and my mother had a stroke last year, so I am legal guardian of my 15 yr old brother and have to take care of our family home now. The house and HOUSE INSURANCE is $3000 ALONE, add to that water bill, electric bill, internet/phone bill, food for a boy in puberty, clothes and shoes for him to go to school (public school mind you) then ADD the car bill and car insurance, health insurance and you're easily looking at an easy $6000, to BARELY pay everything a month. SO DON"T SPEAK ABOUT 8HIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! Here's better advice, CHILDREN ARE EXPENSIVE--always have been, always will be! AND the state is NOT interested in what you THINK your child is entitled to you, they garnish you wages because your child is your RESPONSIBILITY FOR LIFE! So if you don't think you ready, and don't want thirsty bitches eatin up your dough USE A CONDOM! IDIOTS.
Anonymous's picture

Usher, is a completely

Usher, is a completely whorish man that I will have no empathy for if he catches AIDS or HIV from those nasty TRANNIES over there in Malaysia. When will these men learn???? Its sad how he left his family (kids and wife) . No matter what people thought of her, she was still his wife and God will see him for who he really is on judgement day. What a shame on the guy he has proven to be. Chilli told us all about his gross ways, just a cheater and a tramp lover. Ugghhh to flat nosed Usher. Lyfe is an interesting guy, his statement is probably mistaken and out of context fully. At lleast hes with his kids
Aggie's picture

He wants to spoil himself?!

He wants to spoil himself?! How about he "spoil" himself by splurging a little cash on an education... SMH.
Aye, Listen Up's picture

You can either pay for a box

You can either pay for a box of condoms or pay out of your ass for child support. You choose to be a parent when you don't use protection. And if you don't want to stick around, then you have to pay. A lot of women put their lives on hold to take care of their child while men carry on w/ their lives. They never see anything from the womens perspective; all they can think about is how much money they are putting out each month. Child support is not only used to by a child clothes and food, but to pay for rent, electricity, cable and everything elese that is used and consumed by the child. The woman is instilling values, teaching that child abc's and 123's and all the other life lessons, taking them to the doctor, take care of them when they are sick. You can't put value on that. This dude is an ass. Some guys would rather spend their money on rims or a new chain. I agree that sometimes the payments can be excessive; espeically when you are a celebrity or are rich, but it's the price you have to pay. Look at it as an investment. And yes, there are those women who use the money on themselves; clothes, plastic surgery and so on, but there's not much you can do about that. All you can do is pay your support and be in your childs life.
coco's picture

I agree with comment 100%

I agree with comment 100%
D's picture

Most men don't make enough

Most men don't make enough money to support a woman. Child support is a percentage the court deemed fit to take out their check. If a woman wants to spend some of the money on rent than so be it. Doesnt your child need a place to live? So what if the women doesnt work. What if she enjoys spending time with her child. Would you rather her go to work and then they would ask for more money for daycare, which is about 200/week where i live. Many men will sit back and complain, but they won't try to get custody because they know that would be too much responsibility.
Anonymous's picture

Where the hell you live

Where the hell you live paying $200/week for child care?
Anonymous's picture

pg county. im a stay at home

pg county. im a stay at home mom. but that is the rate for infants
Anonymous's picture

This man said nothing about

This man said nothing about NOT paying child support. The fact that most people on here think that "baby mama's bills" is child support is the problem. He didnt say he was gonna stop Child Support, he's stopping baby mama support.
tmboy's picture


Anonymous's picture

If you call support

If you call support enforcement,you would know that child support is given to the mother for the child,which ever she or he sees fit to use it.another thing for you to know is that if the mother perhaps dies or get killed then the father or baby daddy no longer is obligated to pay child supportbecause it is support for the mother to take care of the child! the way so many men talk now,it's sad to say that if something do happen to the mothers' the kids want get taken care of the way they should!
taebytheway's picture


Carmen's picture

GladI don't have any gah damn

GladI don't have any gah damn kids....All my money is ME money....lol
Jay's picture

And lets not call African

And lets not call African Americans " the only stupid people having children out of wedlock" @ LaVerdad. We are all 100% aware that this is not true. It's just that African American men aare one of the few races that Blantantly dissrespect, and degrade their races wemon so openly.
LovelyYellow's picture

WOW. I am so dissapointed at

WOW. I am so dissapointed at Lyfe Jennings. I remember me and my Husband, (not my baby daddy..) had seperated and he was hanging with his sorry a#@ baby daddy friends. And he let their spirit affect him, or that stupid ass , If I go to work pay the bills for my family , you should worship me , because im doing above and beyond what I should be doing, mentality a lot of our men have today. SMH. Not that its their obligation , It's our privledge: { One day he had picked me up to take me to the store playing a song by lyfe jennings , basically disrespecting wemon for needing child support. He's the f@#cking hypocrit. Making all these songs like he's deep and positive , when he can't man up and carry the responsipbilities for his own choices. DON"T TALK ABOUT IT LYFE ,BE ABOUT IT!
LovelyYellow's picture

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you Lyfe. Why should men have to take care of the baby mother. His responsibilty is only to the child. I know so many females even my own females friends who expect their baby father's to pay for the apartment and pay for them to have a car. WTH you're an adult too get it yourself. And yes I am a female saying this!!
Anonymous's picture

I totally agree with you. I

I totally agree with you. I think people fail to realize he is the child father and should take of the child but you are grown and need to take care of yourself. Many people see these images of baby mommas like Toya etc who dont work and have the baby father paying for house, car, party, clothes and such. Which is fine if they want to do that but you cant expect that.
makeda's picture

Yeah but some father like

Yeah but some father like Lyfe do everything for the mothers out of convience to do what ever they wantn and to keep the front door/bedroom door open. The others like Toya's child's father do it by choice. Yes I agree that Toya (for example) should support herself. However lets remember that these are agreements where the father is making this decision on their own; its not a court order. So why do it then complain later when you can't handle the strings that are attached!
D's picture

lyfe picked these women,

lyfe picked these women, slept with them with no protection. Now he wants to complain.
tanya's picture

Sorry Lyfe, but it takes TWO

Sorry Lyfe, but it takes TWO to make a baby! It's not fair that a woman has to be "stuck" raising a child (or children) while you continue on with your life! He has no idea how it feels for a mother to raise her children and THEN have to worry about paying her bills. Get over yourself Lyfe. You should have kept your gentials in your pants and then maybe you wouldn't have to worry about paying your "baby mamas' bills." Get a life Lyfe!
Gabrielle's picture

Do you even know what you are

Do you even know what you are talking about. You sound like the same empty minded selfish women out there using their uterus as means to trap men into taking care of them. He isn't talking about taking care of his kids. If you knew anything you would know the kids stay with him as well. I just hate how women think they are owed everything for opening their legs. A man tries to do right and you bring drama and emotion to a situation that isn't about that anymore. Why would a man have to pay your rent and his own and keep the kids himself? That is ridiculous, but I'm sure you women will still continue to feel you are owed everything and make some other man's life miserable...good luck in life. I don't mean to just pick on you...
Kudabeen's picture

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Anonymous's picture

During my divorce, I told the

During my divorce, I told the judge I wanted a dissolution with child withOUT child support. Yep. Not naan cent. This here what I wanted: Joint custody with him having his kid half the time, paying for half of her needs. Period. Point blank, we went HALF on a baby. I'm a grown ass woman who would have to put a roof over my head and food on my own plate regardless. All I needed and all my daughter needed was a daddy. Not a "babydaddy" that may or may not see his child. No ma'am. Just a co-partner willing to do his equal share. The government even makes us switch off every year claiming her on taxes cuz we so 50/50. Funny thing is, I'm now in a WAY higher tax bracket than him and for a second he was eyein' me like "heyyyy...." and I had to remind him to stay in his lane. lol! My mama gave me the BEST advice back in the day: "Before you EVER let somebody on top of you, ask yourself, 'Do I want to be related to this man for the rest of my life?'"
whilome's picture

Your mom gave you very good

Your mom gave you very good advice. I need to use that line to my friends and family. Lol
danie's picture

AMEN to that! I did the same

AMEN to that! I did the same exact thing.
kat's picture


Anonymous's picture

1. How bout some hot fire

1. How bout some hot fire abstinence til you're married 2. It takes two to have a baby- that means both people should be protecting themselves as well as both should be financially and emotionally sharing the load for the child... and the child only. 3. Ladies since we are the ones whose body, spirit, and life is more affected by pregnancy...(no disrespect to dads at all) I'm thinking we should start respecting ourselves a bit more... some drama and hot fire hell could be avoided if we would control our own impulses...seriously you know what type of guy you're dealing with... "every seed produces after its own kind"... just sayin...
Virtuous1's picture

I work with this lady

I work with this lady (mexican not that it matters but just for the visual) She gets 950.00/month for child support. She uses her child support card when we go out to lunch all the time and to pay for her breakfast. We went to Ulta one time on my lunch break...why did she use the child support card to pay for some perfume?? We went out after work to a bar..and what did use for her drinks...ding ding ding...child support card. I have never seen her pay for anything with a different card. Some women do use their child support money for their kids only, but this woman is prime example of someone who does not. I feel that money is for the kids only. LOL today I made her pay for MY lunch because I didn't want to go out to eat today (i brought my lunch from home) but she was sooo persistent...so I got some of that child support money too!
Anonymous's picture

As a single parent who

As a single parent who recieves child support I pay for everything my child needs first. All the bills are paid the fridge is stocked with food, school, and all his extra curricular activites paid. Anything that comes up last minute. Now when the money gets on the card I use it how I see fit because I pay for everything first and I take care of him on the daily. The money is MINE!
Anonymous's picture


Island Gyal's picture

As a single parent who

As a single parent who recieves child support I pay for everything my child needs first. All the bills are paid the fridge is stocked with food, school, and all his extra curricular activites paid. Anything that comes up last minute. Now when the money gets on the card I use it how I see fit because I pay for everything first and I take care of him on the daily. The money is MINE!
Anonymous's picture

The money is not yours...It's

The money is not yours...It's not spousal support or ex-gf support...It's CHILD support. How would you feel if your "baby daddy" had custody and you had to pay child support? Would you still feel the same way? Would you want him buying cologne and beer with your child's money?? What about if he was paying for lunch for someone that you didn't know?
Anonymous's picture

maybe she uses her child

maybe she uses her child support card because she's using HER money to pay bills - you know, electric, gas, rent/mortgage, groceries, clothes, school pictures, field trips, shoes, etc. you have NO IDEA how/if she replaces that money! speculation, boy I tell ya....
anonymouse's picture

But why not only use the card

But why not only use the card for things that pertain to your kids?? I don't understand...That is what that money is for. You are supposed to use your own money for electric, gas, rent and the CS card for kids shoes, field trips, school pictures. That card is not meant for you to buy perfume and alcohol..use your own money for that stuff!
Anonymous's picture


it's COMMON GD SENSE PEOPLE! If your bills are due ON THE 1st, for example, YOU PAY YOUR BILLS! You don't WAIT for a child support check to come for your "child's part" of the electric or rent! YOU PAY IT. If all of your household bills and child's daily/monthly needs are already met, why wouldn't you reimburse yourself? You've already paid "the child's part" simply by taking care of ALL OF SAID CHILD'S NEEDS. No need to explain that to anyone, and if you ever become a single parent, you will understand that. No CHILD gets a separate account to use the funds strictly for the child. That's a ridiculous and ludicrous suggestion. Should the mother's tell their children "I went to the grocery, but your dad's child support money hasn't gone on the card yet, so you will have to wait til next week to eat". Ya'll sound stupid and immature with that mess, not to mention OUT OF TOUCH with reality.
anonymouse's picture

With or without that child,

With or without that child, you still have to pay your own rent, bills and pay for food. The child support check should cover the child only! A child doesnt have a part in electricity; if money is left over, you don't reimburse yourself, you put it in a college fund you dumbass
JMO's picture

WTF...the child doesnt pay a

WTF...the child doesnt pay a part in electricity. Don't pay your electricity bill and see how much of a part it plays in your child life...if you have one that is...and based off your comment I hope that you don't.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

What are you talking about

What are you talking about wait for your "child's part" of the electric bill or rent?? That's YOUR "logic"....and "No child gets a separate account to use funds strictly for the child" THAT'S WHAT CHILD SUPPORT IS!! lol You are the one who sounds stupid! None of your "points" make sense! I bet you are that type to use child support on nonsense like perfume and alcohol. If you don't have the money to get wasted...DON'T GET WASTED....YOU are missing the point.
Anonymous's picture

Probably because she paid

Probably because she paid everything by the time child support hit the card. Me personally, I pay everything, clothes, books, field trips, lunch money etc...by the time child support hits, at that point its to reimburse me for what I've already spent.
Anonymous's picture

This is exactly what I was

This is exactly what I was going to say! I do the samething. Shit, I wish I was getting 950 a month in CS, how many kids does she have? 3?
Anonymous's picture

She has 2 kids

She has 2 kids
Anonymous's picture

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angelinedail's picture

@FURIOUS STYLES ummm i think

@FURIOUS STYLES ummm i think you have the wrong guy talking about baby mamas that Lyfe Jennings .....Why you keep calling Usher a pig. His exwife and the kids are well taken care of by him...
Anonymous's picture

usher looks real comfy! and

usher looks real comfy! and i'm sure he did go to the telly with at least two of those ladies! ;o)
Anonymous's picture

A smarter idea, Lyfe, would

A smarter idea, Lyfe, would be don't have baby mamas, period. If u can't protect yourself or better still, abstain, then be prepared for the drama that will ensue.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

It amazes me how little

It amazes me how little respect black men have for women. Dude is shooting up homes and getting arrested, but he's complaining about child support? He's still screwing his BM's and playing games, but she's has the problem? What money does he even have? This nigga is a joke. Nas' situation is different cuz kelis was his WIFE and even w/a pre-nup she would have walked away w/about the same. With a pre-nup she may have gotten more b/c I'm sure she would have put a cheating clause in there like Catherine Zeta-Jones and many other celebs who marry celebs.
Anonymous's picture

You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me. Black men have little respect for women? As opposed to which race of men? Japanese have restaurants where they eat off the bodies of naked women; and the thing they seem to love most is rape of women. Look at some of their movies. White men are notorious for loving the rape and murder of women (Jack the Ripper is the most notorious)all over the world. Every country they fought their unjust wars, they raped the women as a matter of routine and usually killed them afterwards. Look at what they do to the Iraqis now. Not to mention, they are the ones who invented 'Snuff Films'...you know, where they love to see the rape and murder of a woman. Right now all over the world whites are in a campaign against any resemblance to marriage. Black men actually stay with women in a marriage-style relationship, even if they have more than one (which is not condemned by any religion...and 'religion' not someone's personal opinion is the authority on right and wrong). So who are you comparing Black men to? or were you just talking without any proof at all? We (Black men) are just lampooned in the media about women because of the jealousy a lot of non-Black media producers, and some black ones who cow-tow (writers and movie producers included). Women all over the world who are not lesbian, and they believe they can choose any race as their mate, will usually prefer Black men because we treat them better than other men, and we can still be manly doing that. Most non-Black men from other races who live in Europe or North America and treat women well, act a bit feminine, and its disgusting. Sorry you hate Black men; and if you like other races better, then that's your choice. This crap about whether Black men 'respect' women is a joke. 'Respect' and being a 'pushover' are 2 totally different things. And about child support...if women had to pay child support as often as men in custody suits, I bet you all would have a totally different view of it.
Man who loves women only's picture

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