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LEGAL WOES: Um, Lebron--Is THIS Yo Daddy?

...And here comes the foolery.  Less than 24 hours before Lebron James is set to announce his gazillion dollar deal with the next NBA team he will play for, a man has come forth claiming to be Bron Bron's daddy.  Oh, AND he comes bearing the gift of a lawsuit.  Welcome to the family?


The deets when you read on....

TMZ has uncovered a lawsuit by a 55-year-old Princeton graduate turned lawyer (and former basketball player in his hey-day) named Leicester Bryce Stovell, who is SUING Lebron James and his mother Gloria.  This Leicester person claims he had unprotected sex with Gloria when she was 15 (and he was 29), and that he's Lebron's biological father.

Thanks to all the stories Lebron has told about his father abandoning him (the story is even played out in the movie He Got Game), an alleged tampered with DNA test, and Gloria refusing to even claim to know Leicester, dude is now suing both of them for a whopping $4 million for defamation, fraud, and misrepresentation:

In his suit, Stovell claims he has a very clear recollection of the night he had "consensual sexual relations" with Gloria -- in fact, he even remembers apologizing for his sub-par performance.

Leicester claims Gloria went back to her hometown in Ohio after they hooked up -- but returned several months later to inform him she was pregnant with a boy named LeBron ... but she never specifically identified the father.

Leicester -- a self-proclaimed high school star athlete -- says he remembers telling Gloria, "Well, if he's mine, make sure he plays basketball." He claims that was the last time he saw Gloria for more than 20 years.

According to the docs, Leicester claims he reconnected with Gloria over the phone in 2007 -- when he began to think he could be LeBron's father ... partly because they look almost identical.

Leicester claims during the 2007 phone call -- Gloria denied ever meeting him -- threatened to have him physically harmed -- and told him, "LeBron's money is for his children."

A few days after the phone call, Leicester claims LeBron -- through his lawyer -- agreed to take a DNA paternity test.

Leicester claims he was given results that showed he was not LeBron's dad ... but several months later, he began to suspect that the results were tampered with ... and Gloria and LeBron were behind the fraud.

So why would LeBron participate in such a cover-up? Leicester claims it's all, "due to anger at perceived abandonment and conflict arising from his image as a successful fatherless child from the projects."

He also claims that Gloria had "fabricated" a story about LeBron's real father for the "one dimensional commercial image-making purpose ... to make [LeBron's] life suggestive of Spike Lee's popular 1998 sports drama film, 'He Got Game.'"


Here's Leicester's lawsuit docs.  By the way, Lebron named his youngest son Bryce.  He was born in June of 2007.  And it happens to be Leicester's middle name.  Coinkidink?  Hmmm......

More pics of Mr. Stovell:

Here we go....



First off why would

First off why would they First off why would they tamper with the test? If he was the father LeBron could STILL tell him to 'F' off. So what is the suppose daddy's point. And if he is the daddy they protrayed him as a dead beat. He was. At least they didn't say he was child molester. He needs to go back under the rock he crawled from under. Is there a time limit on statuatory rape? That is what he should be worried about www.yuregininsesi.com
Anonymous's picture

um - 29 with a 15 year

um - 29 with a 15 year old...isn't that rape???
Jill's picture

O Lord I can't even believe

O Lord I can't even believe someone is entertaining this foolishness! First of all he was 25 and she was 15 You should be under somebody's jail sail!! I just think people will do anything for a quick buck!! OMG He need to just shoot himself I can't believe he is actually trying to go through with this!!!
Erika smothers's picture

is anyone missing the most

is anyone missing the most important part of all of this...THE NICCA SAID HE WAS 29 YEARS OLD ? AND SHE WAS 15? BOY STOP......
Anonymous's picture

first of all hes admitting to

first of all hes admitting to molestation. second of all how can he claim defamation no one has EVER mentioned his name that i know of!!! WOW!
lea's picture

Nicca's kill me trying to be

Nicca's kill me trying to be daddy after their children they abandoned are successful. This stupid ole man did not try hard enough back in the day to make sure Lebron was his son and now that he is a successful athelete he wants a piece of the pie. Bet you is Lebron was an average Jo this guy would continue to not give a ish! And just because you tell the mother "make sure he plays b ball if he's mine" DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FATHER YOU PIECE OF ISH!!!!!!
ImJustSayn's picture

He deserves nothing! While

He deserves nothing! While Lebron and his mother struggled, he was living the high life. He needs to be ashamed of himself, Lebron doesn't owe that deadbeat a penny. Is there a statute of limitation on statutory rape charges? He needs to disappear, he's had 25 years of practice. SMH
anonymus's picture

Lets see, he rapes Lebrons

Lets see, he rapes Lebrons Mother, than misses out on 22 yrs of his life and then comes to sue Lebron when Lebron gets rich. LOL Wow can't the Mother counter suit for BACK CHILDSUPPORT and mental reasons for being raped????????This has to be a joke, this man must be desperate.
lolololololo's picture

For someone to be as educated

For someone to be as educated as he is, he admitted to statutory rape, and basically is trying to extort money from LeBron (how can you sue the child?? Shouldn't you sue the person u had sex and possibly a kid with??)
Anonymous's picture

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posles's picture

Umm let me make sure I get

Umm let me make sure I get this right, This Fuck niggah is saying he had sex with Lebron mom while she was 15 and he was 29 yrs (its apparent he's a child molester), and now he was to pull a Maury and to say he is the DADDY! Let say if it was Joe blow who had no dough, would he then wanna sue him for money to for not claiming as the daddy. The dude got some dam nerves. How many other underage girls sex and still probably sex with. I should be in jail for even admitting to have sex with a underage child. I hope this shit comes back and bite him in the ass.
Anonymous's picture

I meant lebron so called

I meant lebron so called daddy should be in jail for having sex with under age girls.
Anonymous's picture

ugh, this ugly negroid!!! He

ugh, this ugly negroid!!! He needs to step, first of all that's rape and he admitting to that ish. Second where was he when LBJ was growing up living in the projects bouncing from house to house. His @ss was there so you can stay ghost. And I just wanna know if Maury announces that You are the father, what is going to happen????
BadGirl23's picture

i'll tell you exactly where

i'll tell you exactly where he was.he was living it up at Princeton.he look perverted.
Anonymous's picture

Forget the lawsuit...he needs

Forget the lawsuit...he needs to be locked up for child molestation if he was damn near 30 and slept with a 15 year old.Freakin' nasty pervert!!Where is "To Catch a Predator" when you need them?
Anonymous's picture

Did he seriously open his

Did he seriously open his mouth and say he had sex with a 15 year old.....STRIKE 1. Then dude tells her to make sure he plays basketball...LOL....STRIKE 2. Now your sue your "son" for 4 million dollars....SMDH.....STRIKE 3 your out. SHAME
Alicia's picture

that's exactly what he opened

that's exactly what he opened his ugly mouth and said.lol.he told her to make sure he play ball.he make black people look bad.
Anonymous's picture

This isn't going to last. At

This isn't going to last. At the end of the day, all lebron's mom has to do is sue the guy for statutory rape. Also if he so called has sex with her and she told him she was pregnant, whether or not she stated it was a son, and if he knew they had unprotected sex, a REAL man would have pursued her to see if it was his baby. This guy is definitely money hungry and its not defamation of character if the world never knew who you were to Lebron. He defamated his only character. So they say this guy graduated from Princeton.
joyismyhigh's picture

PLEASE STOP!! He is too

PLEASE STOP!! He is too stupid. He should have left well enough alone. Ok, if they do another DNA test and he is LeBron's father, LeBron or Gloria can sue his butt for back child support and there is NO statute of limitations for unpaid child support in the state of Ohio. AND he is admitting to statuatory rape of a 15 year old....
Anonymous's picture

i think he should have to

i think he should have to register as a sex offender.stupid behind admitted to sex with a 15 yr old.they should turn around and sue him for 15 million for being a idiot.the problem is she was a ghetto girl with a baby.they didnt fit into his ivy league snooty life.and he had the nerve to tell her make sure he play basketball.that goes to show that there is some educated fools out there.
Anonymous's picture

i'll pay anyone if you can

i'll pay anyone if you can stare at that last pic and NOT laugh at those glasses!! bwahahahaha
JMO's picture

lol.thats funny!!!he do look

lol.thats funny!!!he do look like grover from sesame street.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

all of that stuff you just

all of that stuff you just mentioned really makes him look bad.look at the careers that this man have had.that ugly picture of him should be filed under deadbeat pervert.
Anonymous's picture


Mi Mi's picture

Congrats for admitting to

Congrats for admitting to statutory rape, dumb ass
Anonymous's picture

Okay - so what is worse -

Okay - so what is worse - claiming someone defamed your name or admitting that you were 29 having sex with 15 year old. Stupid disgusting bastard. Do yourself a favor and leave Lebron alone. Geesh, it never fails......when you get on, there always someone who wants money and they don't deserve a damn dime.
Stacey's picture

This mofo right

This mofo right here...SMDH!!! He must be representing himself in this case because I can't think of an honest attorney that would touch this with a 10 foot pole. He's dead wrong for having sexcual relations with a 15 year old...definitely dead wrong for suing for defamation of character (especially if it is proven that LeBron is his son). Suing your son is definitely a sure fire way to keep you estranged from the family even more...jacka$$. For him to be a Princeton grad, he definitely didn't think this one through with a clear head...there could've been a better way to handle this without making himself looking like an opportunistic, gold-digging, deadbeat daddy...
Reading is FUNdamental's picture

This is beyond loser,

This is beyond loser, deadbeat behavior. He knew she was pregnant, yet did not go to her to try to work out a DNA/Child Support/Visitation case. Did not try to seek Lebron out during his formative years or avail himself of the courts and even his own resources as an attorney and now wants to come slithering around wanting the title of father. He and other deadbeat dads, if he is Lebron's father, which I doubt, deserve nothing more than to have their nuts kicked up into the stomach and spit on.
Haleiwa's picture

your right! thats as low, he

your right! thats as low, he should really be ashamed of his self
Anonymous's picture

Lebron cant catch a break. So

Lebron cant catch a break. So ya mamma been a hoe since day 1 huh? I hope the money makes you feel better dude.
Another Nobody's picture

What a loser!

What a loser!
Tiffany's picture

How disgusting.

How disgusting.
Anonymous's picture

Even if he is LeBron's

Even if he is LeBron's father, what kind of mess is this to SUE your alleged son? It's obvious money is more important than create a bond with the man he believes is his son. SMH
Beautifuldaidreamer's picture

if you go to TMZ, they have A

if you go to TMZ, they have A LOT of pics of this guy...after viewing those, I would say that this man is actually LeBron's dad. They have the same jawline, chin and head shape. LeBron's had and chin is rather unique, and this guy has the same thing! I ain't even lying to y'all...
No B*tch's picture

He's the pops...

He's the pops...
Yas's picture

Maybe my glasses need to be

Maybe my glasses need to be updated but I don't see the resemblance. Why do we always have to be out in public with our torn drawers showing and hand held out for something.
SandyBrown's picture

I am trying so hard not to

I am trying so hard not to hate black men I swear...first of all this fool should be ashamed that he had sex with a 15 yr old girl, period. Therefore he should keep his mouth shut. If it turns out that LeBron is his son, where was he while he was growing up--long before he started playing ball? Phucking loser-all he wants is $. Cash would be better spent putting a hit on his ass-it wouldn't cost nearly as much to get rid of him.
Vee's picture

The statue of limitations has

The statue of limitations has run out and that's why it's safe to come forward. My guess is, he's been trying to get money out of them for a while now. Because if he can vividly remember the night in question so well; then he had to suspect that maybe this was his son way back in the day when Bron first got signed. Its sad that he couldn't handle this in private if this was a thing about clearing his name but it isn't. This is clearly extortion, you won't give me any money; so I will sue you and my "so-called" son (which is will make him really embrace you) for 4 million. JUST WOW! From the photos I don't see any resemblance but then again it's been said that we all look alike, so maybe that's what they're drawing their conclusion that he and Bron are almost identical. Gloria needs to go and stand back out of the limelight because she's an embarrassment to have for a mother. Not saying that she doesn't love her son but she's not doing him any good with her behavior or has she ever done, since she still seems to be doing stupid things; i.e the rumors of sleeping with is teammates.
Taylor's picture

hehehehehe reallly ??

hehehehehe reallly ??
eric's picture

lebron is marvelous.. if you

lebron is marvelous.. if you like to be your own milfs. you can try __rich/ meet/ ing__D O T C/O/M.. LOL, i find my love there.
lida's picture

This may be a far reach, but

This may be a far reach, but if Lebron was somewhere homeless on a corner, I dont think he would even speak his name. If he aint triflin.... Gloria and no angel either. Lebron made it not because of his parents, but IN SPITE OF HIS PARENTS...... SMH
Anonymous's picture

oohh wee!! Not with those "do

oohh wee!! Not with those "do the right thing" glasses in the last pic!! Oh, that last pic has me crying laughing... thanks ybf
JMO's picture

He was 29 and had sex with a

He was 29 and had sex with a 15 y/o girl??????? Now he wants to sue for 4 million after you raped a 15 y/o girl and impregnated her.............Coonery buffoonish ignorance at its best.
Lady T's picture


Nadine's picture

This man is the male

This man is the male equivalent to Keyshia Cole's mom. Had not one shit to do with raising their offspring but when the child becomes successful they're all up in the cameras talking bout 'that's my baby.' They're both trash and don't deserve a dime. How the HELL you gonna turn up all these years later knowing you didn't contribute a thing, but somehow feel entitled to money? GTFOH.
Anon's picture

Nothing is consensual at 15.

Nothing is consensual at 15. she should be suing him
juanita's picture

This old looking Raggedy man

This old looking Raggedy man needs to go kick rocks bare feet 4 real,fucked up shit!!!if my father eva re surfaces like this i'll personally blow his dick off,Niggas be sipping some kush mixed with cocaine 2 think this dumb,SMH @ this black useless men,i need to be the lawyer in this case,after he pays back child support,he pays 4 pain n suffering,abandonement n his bulls get cut off n have him eat it while in jail 4 life,$$ turn niggas into heartless fools,they'll c dollars n admit 2 anything,with shit like this he nids to get dis barred ASAP dummy
Anonymous's picture

he got game...? huh?? i

he got game...? huh?? i really don't think he got game was about lebron. like...at all. lebron must have been 13 or 14 when that movie was released. highly doubt it. as for the father business, you raped the woman. enough said. goodbye, daddy-o.
Anonymous's picture

Nah, what she meant was "More

Nah, what she meant was "More Than A Game" that was the name of the documentary on LeBron and his friends
Anonymous's picture

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