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Brandy's MAD Because Flo Rida Left Her For Eva Marcille?!+Teairra Mari's New "Body"

Despite breaking up with him months ago, it sounds like Brandy is a little bitter that Flo Rida has moved on.  Or maybe who he's moved on with.  Sources are reporting it's birthday boy Lance Gross' ex Eva Marcille.  Interesting.


More when you read on...

In Touch Weekly reports:


She’s telling people that she split up with Flo Rida to focus on her own busy life, but Brandy, 31, is actually heartbroken after her man left her for model Eva Marcille. “Brandy just cried,” a friend tells In Touch. Though her rep says, “They were only good friends and not dating,” the friend adds, “She really liked him. She had no idea he would just move on.” Flo Rida has been publicly stepping out with America’s Next Top Model star Eva, 25. The pair dined at Brandy’s favorite Beverly Hills spot, Crustacean, a few days after cuddling backstage at the BET Awards on June 27.

Hmmm.  If this is true, that's gotta hurt.


And Teairra Mari's got a new song out called "Body":


She's talking about the usual....putting on her clothes in a sexy way to get her man's attention.  Or something along those lines....






Flo rida looks like one of

Flo rida looks like one of Jerry's Kids. Like maybe he has some down syndrome in him.

We hear the truth behind the

We hear the truth behind the relationship between singer Brandy and rapper Flo Rida, is that they dated for awhile, but he broke up with her to be with model/actress Eva Marcille. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was a publicity lie in the first place. We know Brandy is all about crafting the right image — even if it means faking a marriage.. But that aside, Brandy is a fabulous talented artiste, who could channel some of her talent and time making a new album or creating a new jewelry line.
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Brandy can't compare to Eva

Brandy can't compare to Eva in any shape form or fashion. In fact, I'm surprised that Eva would even go for FloRida, he's the lamest out of the both of them. It was clear on Brandy's show that he wasn't very interested in her. Some women just can't take a hint.
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brandy is lame.......im sry

brandy is lame.......im sry but she just aint cutting it.
blehhhh's picture

Brandy Norwood is a sucka!

Brandy Norwood is a sucka! She has no tits sucks in the sack and is just wack! The only true relationship she can ever have is with her brother Ray J Norwood. Keep it in the fam right B?
F-sizzle's picture

I really would love to see

I really would love to see some of you bloggers come from behind the computer! I am willing to bet my 401k that you are far less attractive than Brandy! Are we looking at the same pictures? Brandy is beautiful, there is nothing ugly about her! So what if she is not light, with long hair and keen features! I feel bad for her , because it seems that she does not realize how beautiful she is! She can do better than wack ass Flo'Rida anyway! Brandy I hope you find love sweetie! Eva you are also too fab for Flo'Rida...Next!!!
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Rihanna has talented bitches

Rihanna has talented bitches fucked up. She dates the better looking men who also have great careers and she's made a career with her beautiful, sexy, non-singing, non-talented ass. Thank God Monica is in a better place than Brandy. At least she stays real and didn't pretend to be married when she got pregnant. Nobody was checkin for Brandy when she did that shit. I'mma need Brandy to channel her 90s abilities.
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And Flo Rida aint shit...how

And Flo Rida aint shit...how you gonna make that puffy-eyed bitch diss you? He couldn't even get a proper name. He named himself after a damn state.
Sincere's picture

When I first heard about

When I first heard about Brandy and FloRida, I just didn't see the attraction to him. I have always though Brandy was pretty because of her interesting look and she is a beautiful soul. Brandy is only feeling a little less confident right now because her career is not where she want it to be and to have an uuuggly man try and dis you only adds to the disappointment. I say Brandy hold your head up honey and know that you are beautiful and talented. Your career will flourish again because you can sing AND act. Only prettiness will get you so far....If Eva went from Lance to FloRida then she have some self-esteem issues as well. See thats why you never give UGLY a chance because then they become too confident/cocky and try to pull some shit over you. Muthaf...a
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I did not think that he was

I did not think that he was in to her in the first place. Even when he was invited to the party it seemed liked he was almost forced to show up in order to not make her look bad. So Brandy may have read more into this ... and besides it is florida.. pick yourself up chick... he will be a one hit wonder. it is time for you to start making some hits
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poor brandy...life for ugly

poor brandy...life for ugly girls is really really hard!!!
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florida is a bamma...brandy,

florida is a bamma...brandy, get on with your life.
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Leave Flo alone... He cute...

Leave Flo alone... He cute... His body is VERY nice... What Applehead got going for herself? Besides, look at the body language in the picture... they are SO not into eachother.
memememe's picture

He may have a nice body; but

He may have a nice body; but he ain't nowhere near cute.
Anonymous's picture

I'll have to second that.

I'll have to second that.
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WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF do these chicks see in wack @ss Flo Rida??!!!! I hope this is just gossip. Surely, Brandy didnt get caught up with Flo Rida
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Dang, some of yall going in

Dang, some of yall going in hard on poor brandy. After watching the show I liked her even more. It did seem like slow-rida wasn't really into her. B it's ok girl, u gon find somebody worthy of ur love and time
j's picture

Okay....Whoever said Brandy

Okay....Whoever said Brandy seems thirsty for love hit it on the head! Brandy seems very emotional and needy. I dont think she is confident within herself...like she needs to do more soul searching and really learn to love herself for who she is unconditionally and learn to enjoy being alone. Call me crazy but I like the Teairra Mari song. LOL Dont kill me. YES, it is stereotypical and isn't all "conscious" and what-not but it's catchy and a club banger. It's a radio hit. I also agree with whoever said she is like the female version of Trey Songz. But hey, in the music biz when this is how you eat, you gotta do somethings you dont want to so you dont have to do those things anymore. You gotta look at it from their perspective. Just my two cents...
Jewel's picture

He looks like a squid with

He looks like a squid with puffy eyes.
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Sincere's picture


LMAOLMAOLMAO!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What did he move on "from" if

What did he move on "from" if they were just friends as "she" stated on Wendy Williams show not to long ago? He wasn't hers to begin with. Brandy what's up with you and guys? Can't hold on to any and where is she busy? Just askin.
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wwwooo they are so

wwwooo they are so great www.M a t c h S u g a r . C o m
yoko's picture

First of all her real name is

First of all her real name is Eva PIGford, not Eva Marcille. She done forgot where she came from.
Anonymous's picture

Marcille is her middle name,

Marcille is her middle name, She dropped Pigford after top model
Anonymous's picture

Crustacean's is my favorite

Crustacean's is my favorite spot too!!! Garlic Noodles and Roasted Dungeness Crab...OMG my mouth is watering!
Anonymous's picture

fighting over Flo Rida?

fighting over Flo Rida? Ummm... www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

That's what Im

That's what Im saying...people really checkin for this dude?
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Yas's picture


Flo'Rida is NOT THE BUSINESS. I just don't get it, he's wack. I wouldn't talk to him if you paid me. I'm lyin...yes I would. BUT ONLY IF YOU PAID ME. He's like a...what do you call it.....a buster, a pretender, a perpetrator...he looks like his name is Uncle Lawrence. No thank you. Brandy move on.
Boss's picture

*DEAD* @ uncle

*DEAD* @ uncle lawrence....and I agree....Flo-Rida is a C minus at best...
Cris's picture

(((ROTFLMAO))) Stop it!!! I

(((ROTFLMAO))) Stop it!!! I can't breathe!!!
QueenSJ's picture

Disappointed in Both Eva &

Disappointed in Both Eva & Brandy - come on ladies - I don't know him but I think u guys are too classy for him. That's a failure in my book. People find somebody else Eva - & Brandy - guess what it wasn't worth it gurl - stay focused & grind hard mami.
Hibiscus Rose's picture

Teirra Girl - we don't need a

Teirra Girl - we don't need a female Trey Songz - u need better writers & producers or u will continue to be a mediocre R&B singer. SMDH
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posles's picture

Eva went from Lance to

Eva went from Lance to Flo-Rida? #FAIL
Erin 's picture

brandy is ugly and she know

brandy is ugly and she know it!!!!
Anonymous's picture

so what? Does that mean she's

so what? Does that mean she's not allowed to have feelings (assuming any of this silly gossip is even true). You seem to be saying a person's look should inhibit them from feeling human emotion.
Anonymous's picture

FINALLY......... sum 1 who

FINALLY......... sum 1 who makes sence!! people talk without thinking and end up sounding like a 12 year old!! *lowers head and shakes it*
kiki's picture

my guess is, a 12 yr old

my guess is, a 12 yr old would know how to spell "sense". lol!
Anonymous's picture

hahaha lmbao

hahaha lmbao
Anonymous's picture


Boss's picture

Brandy i look way better then

Brandy i look way better then that nigga! get wit me!
fuck yall!'s picture

Flo is not a go gurl... move

Flo is not a go gurl... move on B you can do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH BETTA!
BayBaby's picture

Aaaaw poor Bran. I feel

Aaaaw poor Bran. I feel sorry for her as it seemed like she really liked him but you could clearly tell that he wasn't in to her. Ray and her mother brother both seemed like they knew he wasn't into her but just couldn't tell her. Flo isn't that nice on the eyes, so don't feel so bad Bran. Hope you find someone. Just seems like she hasn't had luck with a steady man since she pulled that stunt of pretending to be married. And it doesn't make it better when your brother makes comments like "Bran going to the Grammys with Flo is a big deal because you are never seen with anmyone." Poor Bran again. Keep your head up be true to you and he will come.
Anonymous's picture

Brandy, get yo ish together,

Brandy, get yo ish together, ugh, I know you're not trippin off of Florida. On the show she seemed to desperate for me. I'm gonna need you to focus on music, where yo mama at, I know she tryna let ya'll act grown up but um...... lol
BadGirl23's picture

He ain't even cute. From

He ain't even cute. From Lance Gross to FloRida......am I the only one not gettin this move?!?!?!
IfThisIsIt's picture

Ok love the dresses

Ok love the dresses lady....and EVA, FLO-RIDA from LANCE Gross, I'm still disappointed in that move, yall look so good together...
Quita's picture

oh well brandy, forget that!

oh well brandy, forget that! what ppl see in flo'rida idk, maybe its just me i dont get it!
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