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TIDBITS: Alicia & Swizzy's New $14 Mill Pad+Kelis Pays in Food+Whoopi Returns to "Sister Act"?

It was rumored back in January that engaged couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were house hunting with Lenny Kravitz's famously fabulous Soho loft at the top of their list. 


And it looks like the couple just copped the $14 mill spot.  Well that'll be one HOT Welcome Home present for their new baby.  More ish when you read on...

What's so stunning about Lenny Kravitz' old place you ask?  Well according to the Real Estate Stalker:

“This spectacular duplex penthouse loft with 6,000 square feet of interior space and 3,000 square feet of outdoor space has been newly redesigned and renovated with no expense spared to create the most luxurious and important property downtown…A suspended glass staircase leads to the 2nd level which features the Master Bedroom w/ a sitting area, a huge Master Bathroom and 3 additional bedrooms each with their own bath. Another glass staircase leads to an enormous roof deck w/ a built-in barbecue….”




Kelis found an interesting way to pay her producers for her latest album. Instead of paying money, she made homecooked meals for them.....Yes, she paid them in food. More deets plus Whoopi returns to Sister Act when you read on....


She told Yahoo Music that she did not have a record deal OR the budget to pay a crew to complete the album. The singer said, "I just graduated from culinary school and I'm cooking a lot and I'm pregnant...you can eat. I have a studio in my house."

Maybe the $51,000 a MONTH that she receives from Nas isn't enough to make an album.  Go figure.  I guess her milkshake really does bring all the boys...and employees.

Whoopi Goldberg is set to return to Sister Act....the stage play version. She is currently in talks to join the London cast of the production. Whoopi played the role of Doloris/Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act and its sequel.

The actress is reported to portray the role of Madame Superior, which was currently played by Dame Maggie Smith. Whoopi hopes to join the cast for the production's final run in October. The show will then cross the seas and make it's way to Broadway.  This sounds like a perfect opportunity for Lauryn Hill to reprise her role as well.  Just wishful thinking...

Would you see the Broadway version of Sister Act?





Don't y'all think that they

Don't y'all think that they know that they have to make modifications to that place - especially when the kid begins to crawl, etc. This is Alicia's first kid and I'm sure she will be the usual over protective mother. Yes, she performed on the piano, but it was clear she was confident in what she was doing. I know this is a blog, but do y'all have to be so judgmental and know it all?
Anonymous's picture

Have anyone noticed the thief

Have anyone noticed the thief in the background. LMAO!!!!
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BeBe's picture

Minus the carpet, that crib

Minus the carpet, that crib is the BIZNESS! Love kitchen and outside terrace. It must be nice!
Get it Together Black People's picture

enough of these two already.

enough of these two already. Who gives a damn what they buy???
Anonymous's picture

yea...why does swizz smile

yea...why does swizz smile look forced??? i feel like he's using her to get his debt paid.
Anonymous's picture

I agree totally,i got a

I agree totally,i got a feeling its not gonna last long.
Anonymous's picture

I'm totally excited for

I'm totally excited for Sister Act lol www.citizette.com
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I wouldn't eat shit Kelis

I wouldn't eat shit Kelis cooked after what happened to Nas. Fuggedaboudit!!
JN's picture

alicia and swizz can i move

alicia and swizz can i move in???!!! lol
J's picture

I hope Alicia's baby does not

I hope Alicia's baby does not get Swizz nose. That's one big parrot looking nose he got.
andrea's picture

WOWWWWWWWWW that crib is

WOWWWWWWWWW that crib is HOT!!!
Hey........'s picture

i hope the Government go with

i hope the Government go with the apartment Pay your fucking tax Dude & Alicia she does just annoy me
Anonymous's picture

@LILLY12 Alicia is no

@LILLY12 Alicia is no superwoman and does not stand for anything she sings about, all that was a way to sell records PR at its best all an image , Same way they made whitnet Houston seem like a queen when she really a hoodrat(still love whit though she is the sh) Alicia is the run of the mill bisexual tramp who stands for nothing. but kneels for anything
Anonymous's picture

The apartment is

The apartment is SICK!!!!!!!!!!! AK and Swizz are a beautiful couple.
Anonymous's picture

I think Swizz beats falling

I think Swizz beats falling in love with Alicia is kind of admirable, that is if she's really a superwomen who stresses what a woman's worth. How many men really want to be with an intelligent, business-minded, confident, superwomen (not many)...good for him for being attracted to quality...... of course it's possible that she could be another way just for him, a weak puppet.
lilly12's picture

Heck yeah! I'm so ready for

Heck yeah! I'm so ready for Sister Act to come to Broadway. Also, stop JOCKING Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys. Adulterers are disgusting where matter where they live.
Anonymous's picture

Thats a beautiful apartment

Thats a beautiful apartment but it isnt at all baby friendly, I doubt that matters to alicia sleaze since she loves bellyflopping on pianos and wiping off stages with her ass, child saftey isnt high on her to do list, what do you expect from a hypocritic whore though
Anonymous's picture

Alicia should concentrate on

Alicia should concentrate on getting that ring before throwing her money away...
Mishka's picture

i really was hoping sister

i really was hoping sister act woulda been a movie! as a stage play...er...not so much for me. if they made another movie that would be great!
holla06's picture

nice loft, but i hope they

nice loft, but i hope they remove that carpet..and i hope swizz is taking care of that owed tax fee... LMAO @ Kelis for paying her producers in food..
Miss GQ's picture

smh $14million for an

smh $14million for an apartment???? I'm so glad I live in Georgia where you get 3 times a much for your money... I have a 1500 sq ft. apt & pay $625/mo...smh...hell naw. The apartment is beautiful but I'm NEVER moving our west or up north...sticking to Atlanta & south environment lol. Hell NeNe house (Real HouseWives) is bigger than their house and he's is probably only $5 million smh...just seems like a waste to me...
Shawn's picture

I'm tired of Alicia & Swizz

I'm tired of Alicia & Swizz already lmbo!
TruStar's picture

1. That crib is INSANE!!

1. That crib is INSANE!! Gives me inspiration for my pad. 2. Kelis, do what you gotta do boo. 3. I support anything Sister Act! Classic... www.shesmyhusband.wordpress.com
KimRob's picture

Does anybody know the real

Does anybody know the real reason Nas and Kelis broke up? Something about she had a sex tape?
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TIANNA RAIN's picture

Alicia Keys is a homewrecking

Alicia Keys is a homewrecking whore but I like her music...
HowCanSomethingSoRightGoSoWrong's picture


COULD BE NICE's picture

Every time I hear about Kelis

Every time I hear about Kelis my heart breaks for Nas. If she were a good woman or a woman with a heart she wouldn't be treating this man like a paycheck. Men wrap it up and sign prenups.
I'm Just Saying...'s picture

When you hear that someone

When you hear that someone owes the IRS an amount, their original amount might be 1/3 of that. That's how the IRS gets down, after penalties, interest and fines you can't recognize what they really owe. The other thing we need to be aware of is that as a singer/producer etc. you might send the IRS a check saying this is what I owe, the IRS then gets back to you in a year or two and says, "NO, we calculated it based on what we came up with and this is what you REALLY owe." That's why you need a good manager and accountant when you are in that type of business.
zappy's picture

Nas does not have he cash. I

Nas does not have he cash. I am not saying that he doesn't have assets that he can turn into cash, but raw cash, he doesn't have much of that. Recently he was behind in the mortgage payments on her house and had to broker a deal where he paid so much up front and the rest over a 6 month period. These are facts, not made up stories. Listen, I like Nas and I like Kelis, but I still think the $50,000 was calculated based on his assets, look for that amount to be reduced before the end of the year.
zappy's picture

I'm pretty sure Nas has MUCH

I'm pretty sure Nas has MUCH more money than y'all think. He just doesn't WANT to hand that kind of cash over to his ex, and I don't blame him. He's playing the game to get the amount lowered and it has worked thus far. Also, the home that was behind is Kelis' responsibility, Nas hasn't had to pay for that in a while. Kelis can't afford it so Nas is taking over payment & will be exempt from paying her alimony while he pays the house note and it will be sold because she can't keep up with the payment. Read the actual docs for the truth & not just the part of the story the tabloids pull out.
webstar's picture

as long as he is paying c.s

as long as he is paying c.s for both of his other children bcus just a few weeks ago he was backed up ...............sigh wish them the best just make sure u makin them payments Swizzy
Anonymous's picture

That loft looks amazing..I

That loft looks amazing..I wish the family all the best!!
Deh yah's picture

The loft looks spectacular!

The loft looks spectacular! Wonder what the mortgage payment is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://ebonyroyalle.blogspot.com
ladyluo's picture

will I be wrong if (when) I

will I be wrong if (when) I laugh when swiss and A Keys are over? They are just such a joke to me. I'm just waiting on the punchline.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly because she is a

Exactly because she is a little too elated way too soon
BellaAnais's picture

i have to agree with you

i have to agree with you two...alicia is clearly head over heels...just doesn't seem that Tucan Sam is as in love as Miss 'licia. that apartment is fire!! i used to see Zoe Kravitz alot in Soho, so I guess she was kickin' at daddy's spot. makes sense now!
Anonymous's picture

These stupid desperate

These stupid desperate superstars/women who let any tom/dick/Harry go raw dog before they are divorced/separated from baby moma#? get on my FREAKKIN NERVES!!!!! IS the dikk that freakkin awesome??? I guess, it is
Anonymous's picture

I love these 2, but that

I love these 2, but that house is NOT children friendly and Swiss has enough kids to know that...I'll give Alicia a break b/c it's her 1st child...They really need to shop again...
cHELLYg's picture

I like Alicia too but i was

I like Alicia too but i was thinking the same thing....i have a 13 months old and i would loose my mind if i had a apt/house like that!!! I would count on my child falling down those glass stair cases. oh, well....good luck "Alicia Beats" LOL
Anonymous's picture

oooh laawd! Swizz looks like

oooh laawd! Swizz looks like mr potato head!
Anonymous's picture

I want to wish Alicia the

I want to wish Alicia the best, but Swizzy is so sketch. Dude has motives and she's too "in love" to see it. He's gonna play her, just like he did the rest. Lol Kelis was hustling lol I think Kelis was still w/Nas then though. She isn't getting 50k from Nas though, that's why he owes her so much and has made payment plans. He's got millions in debt, he is not paying her that much.
Anonymous's picture

TMZ got you all messed...you

TMZ got you all messed...you still talking about Nas in debt for millions of dollars!
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LOLLY's picture

holy crap that is super CRAZY

holy crap that is super CRAZY nice
white chocolate's picture

I'm sorry but that place

I'm sorry but that place looks tacky... Especially that carpet wrapped suspended glass staircase... It looks like an Austin Powers shag pad
BellaAnais's picture

Lmfao cosign

Lmfao cosign
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