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BRON BRON MANIA: Big South Beach Arrival+ESPN Analyst Arrested During Lebron Special

Miami Heat baller (weird to say, right?) Lebron James just made his big South Beach arrival late last night after filming his "special announcement".  The paparazzi went nuts as Lebron made his way to the W South Beach hotel where he supposedly already rented out 6 luxury cabanas to party the weekend away.  Nice!


More when you read on...


Bron is still confirmed to be at Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez's NYC wedding tomorrow. So it's gonna be a big jet-setting weekend for Mr. James.

Alrighty then...

On a random foolery tip, While Lebron made his decision on ESPN yesterday, an analyst for the station was arrested on child pornography, possession of narcotics, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jeremy Green, son of former NFL coach Dennis Green, was arrested in Bristol, Connecticut.

Maybe ESPN should pay more attention to its employees than a Lebron special....

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with Wade and the other

with Wade and the other taking the burden of winning everynite off him:i hope he spends the extra time on registering for some college courses that will deepen his thoughts and help in making future serious decisions
Anonymous's picture

Stop talking bout who's the

Stop talking bout who's the star of the team. That's the problem in sports period. Everyone wants to be the head. AI did it and what does he have NOTHING. Garnette was in Minnesota for 12 seasons and realized that he has to win a championship with a supporting cast. It's not about being the man. Being the man will not get you title. Lebron may have handled it wrong but he made the best and most humble decision of his career. It'll work out in Miami. Egos will not be a problem. Too much of the media making this thing big and it's really nothing.
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3 chiefs...1 team = potential

3 chiefs...1 team = potential disaster
anonymous's picture

Lebron Get It In Man! I'm

Lebron Get It In Man! I'm proud of our brother for stepping up and not taking the bullshit of team play he has been getting from cleveland. To the coach, Man up stop being such a bitch about the decision because you would have done the same thing had you been getting shitted on for almost 7 years. Karma is a bitch! go LeBron, we will see you in the playoffs against the Lakers my friend!
Just Me's picture

What Cleveland and the owner

What Cleveland and the owner did was truly tacky, tastless, and ignorant. Yes I know you're mad, you just lost almost 200 million dollars from your city, but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it and burning his jerseys and calling him a coward declaring that you'll win a ring before he does shows the lack of respect Cleveland had towards him. While I disagree with Clevelands actions, I completely disagree with how LeBron went about it. The whole media circus of where he was going and having the spotlight on him throughout the finals and not the teams who played hard to get there showed how arrogant and self centered he was. As a Celtic fan in L.A. (yes I'm a traitor sorry) who can't stand Kobe, I give him the all the respect that he can get as a team leader. Yes LeBron had a team that never went to the finals and never won a ring, but does he think he can win in Miami? With him ,Wade and Bosh that's three all stars, three egos, three leading men, and one ball. That's too many ego's and I's and not a TEAM. LeBron I feel wants to be the leading man, but this is Wade's team and I know for sure he wants to be the leader, the main scorer, the Jordan and Kobe of his team. Will LeBron be willing to play Gasol and Pippen as supporting role? Time will definitely tell. This can be either a recipe for success or disaster.
Anonymous's picture

Well, we shall see what's up

Well, we shall see what's up in the fall. As dumb as those Cavs fans are acting, and the owner, I don't blame him for wanting to leave all that negativity. They treated that man like he was there slave who hadn't paid his debt to be free.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

Please LBJ! Get your ego in

Please LBJ! Get your ego in check. You were the bag of chips in Clevaland cuz it was freaking CLEAVLAND. Show us your ring bruh! What? That's what I thought. Get to work boy and shut the fart up. Loser... On the move
On The Move's picture

Lebron left cleveland because

Lebron left cleveland because he was not winning a championship there anytime soon. Get over it, and let the man move on to bigger, and better things!!
Anonymous's picture

Hot Mess. Really on national

Hot Mess. Really on national TV? He knew what he was going to do weeks ago....make the decision and move on....Lebron is a GREAT player, but I can't even look at him seriously anymore. Do I think he should have left? No, sir -----but that is not what gets me the most upset, it's the fact that he did it on national TV (with not emotional---I lied when he spoke about his mother he had some emotion). Why not have a meeting with the Cavs/teammates and let the know...what was the big show for? Really, wow...I am a Lakers fan (who gladly accepts this new challenge) but how he did it was ridicules. And to everyone who suddenly has an opinion about basketball--please sit down somewhere. He is 25 hasn't won a championship and it so worried about winning next year that he just tainted his legacy. If it comes that easy, it's not worth it....and did he really have to do the little circus show tonight in Miami --with Bosh and Wade....all three of them (especially wade and bron bron) looked like clowns putting on a show for their "beloved" fans....hot mess Lebron, really? wow...you would think your PR team, friends, family SOMEONE would have told you listen going on TV to make this announcement weeks after you made the decision is NOT a good idea (i know yall didn't believe the "morning revelation" thing). Wow Lebron, really? Not cool, not cute, not sexy, a hot damn mess. And trust, I don't hate.....at the end of the day even Miami fans know he was dead wrong for spitting on the city of Cleveland and state of OHIO like that...get it together. And man up and apologize for how you handled the situation...wrong is wrong no matter who you are....
Anonymous's picture

Is all this foolishness

Is all this foolishness necessary for a FREE AGENT (a 30 minute tv special, an interviewer, boys/girls club). LEBRON + his EGO+ his Media/Marketing team= EPIC FAIL.
Yea_I_said_it's picture

While Ya Busy Hating, We

While Ya Busy Hating, We Celebrating In South Florida!!! Lets Go HEAT !!! DYNASTY!!!
BTheMonster's picture

Lebron spent seven years with

Lebron spent seven years with an organization that could not put together a team good enough to win a championship, and people are mad at Lebron?! Those who are angry should direct their anger toward the owners of the Cavs! Lebron did what he felt was best for his career. Those who claimed they loved him has turned on him like rabid dogs. If they cared about him as a human being, they would be happy for him, not burning his jersey!! As far as the hour-long special - all proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club of America to benefit underprivilaged youth so I'm not mad at that.
Fudge's picture

all proceeds did not go to

all proceeds did not go to the boys and girls club. ESPN got their cut and his PR firm LRMR got their cut. get your facts straight.
Anonymous's picture

Well said....I agree. How

Well said....I agree. How can a city LOVE you one day and HATE you the next day. If nothing else, this lets LeBron know that they never cared about him. The comments that were made by the Cavalier's owner was completely uncalled for. I hope that MIAMI sets a record with wins this season and wins the championship. There police guarding his mansion in Ohio because of this. That's ridiculous. I pray that no one is stupid enough to try to harm him because he made a decision about a GAME. It's just a GAME people. I'm geting off of soap box. (((((((dropping the mic and exiting))))))))))))
Run_Tell_Dat's picture

Savannah bet hit the MIA and

Savannah bet hit the MIA and beat them h0es off. The groupies done his the mega millions, I can't imagine what the h0e game gonna be like in mia now, I mean it was already vicious lol
BadGirl23's picture


smh's picture

I would love to see some

I would love to see some other teams in the playoffs for a change. So we'll see. Looking for some unique jewelry? visit www.tarasoffthechain.com
Anonymous's picture

smh.. damn shame.. i'm no

smh.. damn shame.. i'm no bball guru, but lebron gets a *side eye*
Miss GQ's picture

Being from Cleveland I didnt

Being from Cleveland I didnt care much that he left. He couldnt get it in 7 yrs so on to the next. He just played the whole thing like a clown. Who gets on TV for a hr special that could have taken 10 mins in a press confrence to do. He could have thanked the fans and left. No one faults him for leaving.. But why do it on national tv like you got the cure for cancer or something. People say it's not about the money DUH.... FL has no state or city tax so he aint lose nothing plus he signed for 5 not 6 that he would have W/cleve so do the math. All the sports shows is calling him a clown for this hyped up train wreck. He just disappointed ppl that supported before he ever played a game. Then he goes on TV and smile and shrugs. You think MJ would have done that to Chicago? NO cuz he had class.
Anonymous's picture

AGREED!! Who the hell are you

AGREED!! Who the hell are you that you stop an entire show? OBAMA?? If they don't win a ring this year he she start figure skating. On the move...
On The Move's picture

Of course MJ wouldn't do that

Of course MJ wouldn't do that to the Bulls because they were winning championships.
Anonymous's picture

Micheal Jordan was with the

Micheal Jordan was with the Bulls for 8 years before they started winning championships...a real leader would not leave a team he help built...I hate to tell ya'll but Bron Bron (as ya'll put it)...will not win a championship in Miami...when you have a team with too many CHIEFS...and not enough INDIANS...only chaos can consume...personally I think its a shame that so many players in the league are so scared of Kobe...but then again the Lakers are a well oiled machine...they are seasoned...where as this new Dream Team of 3...have barely scratched the surface of playing with each other as opposed to playing against each other...so what excuse will Bron Bron used next year...when they riding pine and Kobe yet again is sportin' another ring... Disclaimer: I can't stand Kobe....but the truth hurts...folks!!!!
Anonymous's picture

players have a right to

players have a right to choose another team for what ever reason when their a free agent. Just like owners can trade players without letting a player no . I'ts all their choice and at the end of the day no one has to live with it but them.
Anonymous's picture

I'm no Lebron fan

I'm no Lebron fan either...neva was.....the way he left and the whole tv thing was just baseless and pointless....very tacky.....
Najee's Girl's picture


Anonymous's picture

I am happy that Lebron is

I am happy that Lebron is going to Miami. That way Wade will have some help and they will win the championship next year. Good Luck. For all the shopaholics visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi X's picture

As an resident of Akron I am

As an resident of Akron I am VERY upset at the way he chose to go about letting us down. We gave him unconditional love and in return we get stabbed in the back during an hour long circus. Maybe if he would have taken less money like he did for the Heat we would have been able to get players that could lighten his load. But I really can't be mad at just him it's Gilbert's fault as well. He coddled that boy for years all the while people were telling him not to give him everything he wanted whenever he wanted, and sure enough it backfired in his face and now he wants to get all loud and call him a quitter. Gilbert made him a quitter b/c he's always had everything come easy and when he messed up everyone covered for him. End the end, he never was a king, just an extremely spoiled kid. We made him out to be more than what he was. The Heat fans will find that out when they need him most and he will lack the drive to get them to the ring, because he was never taught that to begin with. Goodbye LJ.
Akron4life's picture

If u no anything about Lebron

If u no anything about Lebron u no nothing came easy for this young man .With not enough help he was able to bring to the Cleveland area in seven years more than any other NBA player in the history of the franchise. He owes Cleveland nothing but what his contract says.
Anonymous's picture

All I got to say is YUCK to

kitee kat's picture

The way the owner was talking

The way the owner was talking i'm glad LeBron decided to come to the Dirty South. Y are people getting so upset, it's so stupid to me. Business is Business!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go HEAT!!!!!!!
1dimples1's picture

LB in Miami! Woot Woot!

LB in Miami! Woot Woot!
yas's picture

i'm glad for this dude

i'm glad for this dude
Memii's picture

good for LeBron,

good for LeBron, seriously. www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

Congrats to King James and

Congrats to King James and the Miami Heat fans! I prefer the NFL over the NBA, but I think I'm gonna be watchin... www.exquisitethings.soulpurpose.net
IAmNaturallyMe's picture

Hmmm will his gf join the

Hmmm will his gf join the cast of basketball wives now?? I doubt it
JMO's picture

After dude banged his mother,

After dude banged his mother, why would he want to stay? Where was all of his fans when his mother was put in the Boston crab getting banged out? They should be burning that Delontae West jersey instead of Lebron's. Maybe we should write a open letter about banging each other moms is wrong. I Hope Lebron score 70 points against Cleveland. The decision was clear to me that it was personal. All of the Cleveland fans didn't support dude in that situation. Let's see if you would continue working at your job if everybody knows that your momma done ate your co-worker's wood like a termite and he hit it from the back like a finder binder accident. Lmao. Message to Lebron, keep your mother away from Miami because they have the same rules as Vegas, lol.
Blast Masta's picture

hope he marries his "baby

hope he marries his "baby Mama" being down in MIA it's unlikely now. LOL ,He's tired of working for the ring he wants some help... this is going to be so funny. Go KOBE! He's made his mark in the "game". Athletically he's number one and he's worked his azz off for it. These youngsters are still clueless.
Anonymous's picture

lebron is sooooooo overrated.

lebron is sooooooo overrated. Why the hype over this theatrical player.. all the blowing powder and swinging from goals and carrying on..give me a break. He's great at acting but not a "great" at basketball, it'll take him sometime. He created himself to be great and people fell in behind the hype. He milked Cleveland for the money and made a way like a bandit. No thank you, no " i appreciate your support" , scandalous, and then rubbed their nose in it and put it on TV for millions to witness the humiliation. Miami is going to be a lot trouble for this dude.... you shouldn't burn your bridges .. and leave the right way. He's so childish... with wanting to make his decision a like a presidential event.....whatever. Cleveland fans were silly for putting dude on this Ego trip making him a monster and he turned on them in such a harsh way. I think they're angry because he wasn't honest totally and he had these folk going. Who's going to run the "house " in Miami. Wade seems to get hurt a lot .... Lebron will be waiting in the wings. Good Luck Miami. This dude is a total number 1 actor and the public feeds into it. Miami ... you need a shooting Guard maybe this will help. LOL LOL
Anonymous's picture

The media hypes up people and

The media hypes up people and it's up to u to fall for it or not . Don't hate the player hate the game.
Anonymous's picture

The media hypes up people and

The media hypes up people and it's up to u to fall for it or not . Don't hate the player hate the game.
Anonymous's picture

I'm not a LeBron fan, but I

I'm not a LeBron fan, but I LOVE BASKETBALL and his decision is good for the NBA. It gives the east something to look forward to. I just hope that the BIG THREE can stay focused and not allow egos to get in the way when the hype REALLY elevates when the season begins. LeBron will be in the forefront...hope DWade and Bosh can handle it. Congrats Lebron...I didn't think you would leave Cleveland, but you made a MAN'S Decision and for THAT, I'm proud!!!!
Anonymous's picture

People can' understand why

People can' understand why Lebron didn't go to a team where more money but he also is a business man! He has lots of endoresement deals & he can make plenty of money outside the NBA world. Sometimes everything is not always about money.... tht's why blk ppl is so messed up now! Will do anything for money, will even sale their souls to white folks & throw blacks under the bus just to be accepted in this white dominated world! Congrats Lebron! I respect your decision & fuk the haters & nay sayers.... I will be cheering for U & Dwade!
Anonymous 's picture

For the love of God, he is

For the love of God, he is just a basketball player. I honestly do not understand the hype. I'm proud every time I see Obama arriving or leaving Air Force One. Every time he stands behind the podium to give a speech, I get excited. When he signed the health care bill I was excited and proud, because he fought so hard to get to that point.
Only A Dumb Jock's picture

I am proud that our country

I am proud that our country is so strong that we can absorb the naive President and his affirmative action support team and not go under. Better get all of your feelings of pride in now, because I believe that our country will vote for competence next time, not BS.
Anonymous's picture


CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby is tooo excited :-)
Hey........'s picture

Not a LeBron James fan but I

Not a LeBron James fan but I must admit.....he is a pretty sharp business man. In business you have to evaluate your capabilities and enhance your bottom line...shrugs
KPizzo's picture

He doesn't look too happy in

He doesn't look too happy in these pics...
Boss's picture

he is prolly sad at the

he is prolly sad at the backlash from his "so called' fans.
Hey........'s picture

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