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Update: Ex BART Cop Issues Apology to Oscar Grant & Family

On Thursday, former Oakland BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing Oscar Grant, an unarmed transit rider on New Year's Day 2009.


A handwritten letter by Mehserle, dated July 4, has just been released by his lawyer.  The letter describes Mehserle's deepest regret for the unfortunate killing. The letter when you read on....

Mike -

Please try to get this message to the public:

I don’t know what the jury in this case is going to decide, but I hope those who hate me and those who understand that I never intended to shoot Oscar Grant will listen to this message.

I have and will continue to live everyday of my life knowing that Mr. Grant should not have been shot. I know a daughter has lost a father and a mother has lost a son. It saddens me knowing that my actions cost Mr. Grant his life, no words express how truly sorry I am.

I hoped to talk to Ms. Johnson and Ms. Mesa in the days following this terrible event, but death threats toward my newly-born son, my friends and family resulted in no communication occurring. I hope the day will come when anger will give way to dialogue.

For now, and forever I will live, breathe, sleep, and not sleep with the memory of Mr. Grant screaming “You shot me” and putting my hands on the bullet wound thinking the pressure would help while I kept telling him “You’ll be okay!”

I tried to tell myself that maybe this shot would not be so serious, but I recall how sick I felt when Mr. Grant stopped talking, closed his eyes and seemed to stop breathing. I don’t expect that I can ever convince some individuals how sorry I am for the death of Mr. Grant, but I would not feel right if I didn’t explain my thoughts as I wait for a decision of the jury.

Johannes Mehserle 7-4-2010


Mehserle's verdict resulted in violent protests and riots Thursday night. 

Hmmm, do you think the letter was sincere?  

In Non-YBF, but related news, actor Mel Gibson has been catching a lot of heat for another racist rants.  This one aimed at his baby mama. They are locked in a bitter custody battle and Gibson wasted no time telling her how he felt about her:

"You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a f***ing bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

Wow! Tell her why you mad. Now that's a lethal weapon! With the release of his latest recording, Mel Gibson has been dropped by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Agency.




WHAT IS THE RACE CARD? Im sure a black man did not come up with the term nor does he have a credit card with Martin or Malcolm on it. To me when ever there seems to be a case of unfairness and wrong doing, we as people are being accused of pulling out this imaginary plastic card and swiping it for justice.
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X,Y,"and Z'

X,Y,"and Z' .................some people should be shot let's put u on top of the list
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I think it's really sad that

I think it's really sad that people think the way to end racism is to be racist themselves. Some of you sound really ignorant talking about "ohh, should i go kill a cop and write a letter?" "Will I get off?" Are you stupid? First off, I do believe this was an accident. If he really wanted Oscar dead, why would he do it on a subway platform with witnesses watching? Why would he shoot him in the BACK instead of the HEAD? He was negligent and should go to prison- which he is. However, people always want to attack ALL cops when something like this happens. All you idiot cop haters: where were you during 9/11? The NYPD was out there carrying bodies out of buildings putting THEIR lives at risk for people like you and me. I understand the anger, but enough with the race card. Not everything is about black and white. Ohh and FYI, there are a LOT of black youths that kill other black youths.. where is your outrage then?
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I agree with you 100%. Tell

I agree with you 100%. Tell it like it is.
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sincere my azz....that cop

sincere my azz....that cop disgusts me....just another ignorant, racist, miserable white dude with a badge and a gun...he/his attorney tried to add in blah blah about his new-born but no one cares...u are still alive & this man(that was unarmed is dead)...hope they give him a good old pounding in the azz
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There is nothing sincere

There is nothing sincere about a liar. He didn't try to help Oscar after he shot him by applying pressure. He handcuffed him. This cop and his fellow officer Tony Pirone repeatedly used racial slurs against Oscar and his friends. This cop refused to sign a statement stating that he shot Oscar by accident after the killing. When you're sorry, you accept responsibility for your wrongdoing and accept the consequences. You don't turn around 3 days after your verdict and have your lawyer demand a modification to your guilty verdect or else you threaten to demand a new trial. Mehserle had his lawyer announce that yesterday in order to dodge the extra 10 years that should be added to his sentence because a gun was involved. This cop is about as sorry as Bush for lying about WMD's in order to steal Iraqi oil. Get out of here with those lies! He might be fooling many, but he for darn sure isn't fooling me or anyone else that knows the true story that the media is refusing to expose. There's so much missing in what's being allowed to be told to the public at large at about this case, the trial, and the circumstances. Is he sorry that he got on the stand to discredit the character of the man that he killed, but used the 5th amend when his domestic violence history and history of police brutality against Black men was brougth up? Is he sorry that his lawyer and judge, in conspiring tactics, allowed him to "cry" on the stand in front of the jury during his "testimony", but made the jury leave to prevent them from witnessing Oscar's friends tearful and horrible accounts of witnessing their friend being killed because it might "influence" the jury? Is he sorry that Oscar took a picture of him on his cell showing Mehserle holding the Taser in his hand minutes before he shot Oscar? Is he sorry that the judge and lawyer wanted to have that barred from the trial because it would clearly indicate that Mehserle put the Taser away and grabbed his gun KNOWINGLY? His apology will be accepted after he serves full time for 1st degree. Until then, he can stick that "apology" up his backside.
Tahj's picture

I believe the apology is

I believe the apology is sincere. People need to be more understanding instead of hateful.
Brittany's picture

@Brittany --

@Brittany -- ..."Understanding", "hateful"(?!) ... can I, and "my-pack-of wild-nigger-friends" rape and then kill-in-cold-blood, you-and-your entire family? Can we-do-so, WHILE BEING FILMED? Would-YOU-be, "as forgiving?" ... So-now, Mel Gibson will "pull a Sandra Bullock" and most-publicly announce that he's adopting NOT-ONE, BUT TWO of the "darkest, nappiest-hair youngins" that the New Orleans Child-Welfare Service can locate! And-I-bet-you will-ALSO-think "he did it out of the charity in HIS heart", right? Brittany, if Oscar Grant's brother were-to-find-out where that officer's family now-resides; "sets-up on-them," and-THEN-executes each-and-every last-one-of-them, THEN issue a most-public apology; would-you-THEN ask for "understanding" and "forgiveness" ...?? I THINK NOT ...!! I bet you're STILL are resentful at Chris Brown; C'mon admit-it! ... You're so "stupefyingly color-struck," it's unreal! IF SOMEONE KILLS THAT COP'S FAMILY, THEY'LL BE FORGIVEN! IF SOMEONE KILLS THAT COP'S FAMILY, GOD WILL FORGIVEN ALL 'HIS-PAST SINS' AND WILL GUARANTEE A PLACE, BY GOD'S SIDE, IN HEAVEN! ... HALLOWED BE-THY-NAME - THY KINGDOM COME! KILL COPS; LET GOD SORT-'EM-OUT ...!! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT ...!!!!
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Fuck your apology BITCH.

Fuck your apology BITCH.
Max's picture

so all u coons willing to

so all u coons willing to think his letter sincere, but want to throw chris brown a younger bro under bus and say he isn't sincere about rhianna? Sometimes black folks make me vomit more than anybody else.
hautesauce's picture

co-sign!! AMEN!!

co-sign!! AMEN!!
ladyl's picture

RIP Oscar Grant. We have to

RIP Oscar Grant. We have to change the police relations towards Blacks because it has been ridiculous long time ago. and change is well over due.
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He has to live everyday of

He has to live everyday of his life knowing he killed a man. Thats worse than prison if you ask me....
miss infamous's picture

@Miss Infamous -- I bet, you

@Miss Infamous -- I bet, you wouldn't say that, if it was 'YOUR loved-one' being laid-on-THEIR-belly on-cold-concrete, shot-in-the-back and executed ...!!! I bet, you wouldn't say that, if Kathryn Johnson, that 92-y/o Atlanta Grandmother whom Atlanta Police, without-provocation, kicked-in her-door and then EXECUTED HER, was YOUR Mother/GrandMother or-much-beloved elderly-matriarch ...!!! I'd bet, if-one-of Mel Gibson's "pack-of-WILD N-I-G-G-E-R-S" were to rape you, you wouldn't be so "forgiving", would you? I bet, TO-THIS-DAY, you STILL hold resentment towards Chris Brown, don't you? ... Come-on, "tell the truth!" I-bet-you "just-thought-it-cute" when you saw Sandra Bullock adopt THAT black-infant, didn't you? I'd-even-wager, that you don't see her "as-using black-folk," and said adoption, as PURE PUBLIC RELATIONS, and will-soon get-back together with her Nazi-lovin' husband, Jessie James! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT ... !!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

We can all rest easy! It

We can all rest easy! It worked when they apologized for slavery...oh...wait. www.theblackcouple.com
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Anonymous's picture

He did not mean to kill Mr.

He did not mean to kill Mr. Grant. I believe he is sincere and has to live with this for the rest of his life. He was, however, reckless in pulling a gun instead of a taser. It's a mistake an officer just can't afford to make. I feel horrible for both families. I hope this results in more training for officers, but I doubt it.
Sherm's picture

Are you kidding me??? he got

Are you kidding me??? he got INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. he didn't have any weapons, caused no disturbance, and because police are trained to KILL and he's living with voices in his head now that he's done this by mistake you feel sorry for him. i agree whole heartedly with the statements about Chris Brown. he wasn't sworn in by the law, he's not even 21 and the young lady in which he got into an altercation with is STILL LIVING and rich at that! But someone's life gets cut short by the law and it was a mistake?? Fuck outta here. Fuck him, that punk ass letter, and the jury who let him get off with a common cold.
Anonymous's picture

Wow! I think the letter is

Wow! I think the letter is sincere. I watched the video of the shooting several times and believe it was truly an accident. No matter what, it's a very sad situation! As to Mel Gibson, I'm so glad I never watched The Passion of Christ movie!
Jackie's picture

i think it was sincere... Mel

i think it was sincere... Mel Gibson must be on some shit...damn shame. But he isn't the first or the last. People say racist shit all day everyday..even on this site. so NEXT!
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Anonymous's picture

Is Mel on drugs too?

Is Mel on drugs too?
Lacey's picture

i still dont agree with the

i still dont agree with the verdict. he got off way to easy.
holla06's picture

So If I now go-outside

So If I now go-outside MY-door and "Kill A Cop, THEN write-a-letter", will-I-be "worthy of redemption", "absolution" and/or .... "forgiveness?" So this White Cop shoots-a-man in-the-back, while he's laying, on-his-stomach and NOT offering-ANY-resistance; thereby executing him; "THEN writes-a-letter," and will-be-NOW ... forgiven? The life of a black man ain't-worth-shit! The point I'm trying to get to/at: Why isn't "the Humanity" of-a-black-man worth anything? Chris Brown didn't put-on-a-badge, "swear to protect-and-serve," THEN commit 'cold-blooded murder!' ... Will a fourth-apology, from him, be-seen-as "sincere", "heart-felt" and/or "worth-of-absolution?" I want y'all to remember Oscar Grand, and 92 y/o Kathryn Johnson, the Atlanta-Grandmother who, in 2006, was gunned-down IN HER OWN HOME, by out-of-control/rogue-cops who kicked-in HER door and cold-bloodily executed her, the very-next time YOU'RE CALLED to jury-duty! @Tasha - Mel Gibson will-do-what Sandra Bullock did: adopt a black child and "it'll-be-all-good!" Oh, let's not-forget 'bout 'Ol Charlie Sheen, he shoved his X-wife to-the-ground, while she-too "held THEIR infant child in-her-arms," just like Mel Gibson did, when HE knocked-the-teeth-out-of-said 'child's mother's mouth!' Mel Gibson, Sandra Bullock, and yes Steven Speilberg, ALL USED BLACK FOLK ..."for cover!" Just-you-watch, Mel Gibson will-offer, as an "act of contrition", to adopt a black child and his RACISM/FASCISM will-THEN-be forgiven! THAT COP MUST FEEL PAIN: ... KILL HIS CHILD ... ... KILL HIS WIFE ... ... KILL HIS MOTHER ... ... KILL HIS SISTER ... ... KILL HIS BROTHER ..... The ONLY way to stop a bully, is to have-him FEEL PAIN; it is ONLY-THEN, HE'LL REALIZE HIS HUMANITY AND "RESPECT, SUCH-OF-OTHERS!" IF YOU KILL-A-COP, YOU'LL BE FORGIVEN ...!! IF YOU KILL-A-COP, YOU'LL GO TO HEAVEN ...!! IF YOU KILL-A-COP, THEY'LL NEVER-AGAIN, SEE YOU AS "WEAK AND CHILDLIKE ...!!" IF YOU KILL-A-COP, GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU OF ANY SIN(S) YOU MAY HAVE COMMITTED, IN THIS LIFE ...!! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT ...!!
X,Y,"and Z" 's picture

Can someone delete this

Can someone delete this bullshit!!
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 9:33 pm Jul 11,'10

@Anonymous 9:33 pm Jul 11,'10 -- I'd like Johannes Mehserle to pay-a-visit to YOUR family and "delete that 'bullshit-of-an-excuse' for/of humans!" .... Or, just-maybe, Mel Gibson can "drum-up-a-pack-of WILD n-i-g-g-e-r-s" and rape your "looking like a-Pig-in-heat," Mother! Never-the-less, some HEROIC-young black man will now "find HIS god," and seek-out his-very-own justice: the next BART Officer to die(?!) ... Blame those-like-yourself and Fascist/Racist Law Enforcement Officers/Officials like Johannes Mehserle ...!!! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT ...!!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

You are over-the-top (and why

You are over-the-top (and why all of the dashes?? Makes no sense) and your rants are annoying.
Lauren's picture

I'm sorry to be so cynical,

I'm sorry to be so cynical, but after a year and a half, and after your trial is almost OVER you sit down and write an apology? And THEN you wait for it to be released until after you're convicted, but BEFORE you're sentenced? Forgive me if I'm not moved and don't think it's sincere.
Anonymous's picture

Oh Lord Mel is a damn

Oh Lord Mel is a damn pyschopath!!!! I really don't know what to say as far as Mel's Nigger staement. I'm so tired of these dumb ass fools who use the word as if a pack of black men will raped her. or do whatever stupid folks says NIGGERS.!!!!DO
CYNTHIA 's picture


The family REJECTED THE APOLOGY! Heres a link to the video , they felt that its too late... http://gochitchat.com/2010/07/oscar-grants-family-rejects-mehserle-publi...
James's picture

very sad situation.. And yes

very sad situation.. And yes i believe his apology is sincere...We as a people need to forgive him i kow it's hard but we can't make a CHANGE with hate... He is in his own hell and will be for the rest of his life...He know what he did was wrong so let's forgive... Now Mel Gibson??? is a hot mess!!! he clearly hasn't learned his lesson from the previous crap he said about jews...he need to check himself into rehab and do some serious soul searching and get his shit together.. (if he dosen't try and kill humself).. Which i see happening.. smh
simone's picture

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said 100%.
Lauren's picture


I think THEY ALL NEED OUR PRAYERS. The Bart Cop, Oscar Grant's Family, and even Mel Gibson. People have issues and circumstances that lead to mistakes and/or screwed up psyches. As an African-American woman who is tired of fire and blame being shown to everyone in the news or spotlight (black, white, blue and purple stars, celebrities, high-profiled folks ALL included), I think it's time for more of us in this world to show more compassion, understanding, and prayer to folks who've made mistakes and are living with the consequences of their actions. We need to open our hearts more to wishing people the best, and hoping that folks get better and learn the errors of their ways, instead of threatening to kill their children, looting and rioting like fools, and turning around and spewing racism right back at an angry alcoholic. I'm just sayin'... we need to be beyond the foolishness of anger that gets us nowhere, and move more toward compassion and progression, versus hatred and recession.
Anonymous's picture

I agree with you but I also

I agree with you but I also think that sometimes in life you are justified or right in having certain feelings but wrong in the way that you react to those feelings. I dont think it is wrong to be upset even angry at racist speech behavior etc. However as you mentioned when you allow those feelings to make you violent or even to spew racist speech against others then you have crossed a line.
Anonymous's picture

Mel Gibson has always been a

Mel Gibson has always been a racist pig, not surprised by his racist rant!! Not sure how to take the apology, I want to belive him but I just don't have enough trust to believe anything that comes out of a cop's mouth, way after the fact :-(
Yardy's picture

mel gibson is an ass he

mel gibson is an ass he shouldnt be able to get any work at all with that cocky attitude he has, and he actually useing the word nigga when a nigga help him win all those oscars 4 leathal weapon bad luck comes to people like this and the cop who shot the inocent man i dont kno if u are sincere a letter of apoligy is a start but dont think its gonna get u out of this another cocky attitude with consequences some cops think they are god this trial should be interesting
Anonymous's picture

This was absolutely

This was absolutely necessary! The more black people are devalued in this society, the more likely there will be riots! It's amazing that we are in 2010 and we are still dealing with racial issues of this magnitude and the underprivileged still riot! America needs to wake up and start valuing human beings no matter what color. I call for us as black people however to start rebuilding our communities in spite of how the outside world views us and our communities. http://www.hamptonblu.blogspot.com
Stacey B.'s picture

Fool me once shame on you,

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!! First the jews now this? We All need to be done with Mel Gibson!!! Everyone black, white or otherwise needs to realize he is a disgrace and he won't be getting a dime of my hard earned money ever again (not that he's done anything lately worth spending my money on).
Anonymous's picture

Uh-Danny Glover.....come get

Uh-Danny Glover.....come get yo boy!!
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Anonymous's picture

Very sad situation

Very sad situation
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