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GLAAD Angry At Sherri Shepherd from "The View"

We knew this one was coming.  GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is angry over comments made by Sherri Shepherd during ABC's "The View". 

More details when you read on...


During a June 22, episode, Shepherd and guest host D.L. Hughley, began to talk about the Food & Drug Administration's ban that prevents gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

Sherri and D.L. then made comments about HIV being prevalent in the African-American community because of 'down-low' men. GLAAD claims that this accusation is false. GLAAD has called 'The View' out on its error and created a full page ad in Variety Magazine requesting an apology and retraction. 


Here's the video below....the comments start around the 1:00 mark:



Is GLAAD over reacting? Or should Sherri apologize for her comments?



You're both right. Blacks

You're both right. Blacks have been under physiological warfare from the moment we got here. There are numerous examples..... look them up. But now we are afforded WAY more opportunities than ever that many of us just don't take. We could have another black wall street IF we could get together and think about the benfit of the group and our future instead of the individual. But we're not thinking that way ... as a whole. In my opinion, it could be the effects of all that mental warfare.....
I'm SAYIN!!!'s picture

I, in no way shape or form

I, in no way shape or form deny that mental warfare has affected us. But I say today....that was the past. Ask any successful person who had an abusive past if they consistently think about the abuse. I bet they tell you no but use that as a motivator to be better. To be great. As I study for law school, I'm not thinking of all the lynchings that occurred in the South, or that most black women have never heard of Fannie Lou Hamer. NO...I'm concentrating on books, books and more books. Like the Chinese, Japanese, and Arabs have learned....you don't worry yourself about white people and what they did....you work hard so that They worry about what your doing....
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Look, I’m a 40+ year old

Look, I’m a 40+ year old woman whose probably twice your age. You’re probably some youngster who thinks because they’ve gone to college they know every damn thing. You are the kind of person who doesn’t listen and there’s nobody that can tell you anything because the liberal colleges and filled your mind with so much b.s. It’s apparent at your obvious defense of “the man.” Are you “the man?”
Anonymous's picture

Herein lies the problem.

Herein lies the problem. Coming together – yes, that would be so wonderful wouldn’t it? The problem is that blacks unlike anyone else (Asians, Europeans, Mexicans, East Indians, and even American Indians) don’t have a country, language or culture. What so many blacks don’t understand is that from Day 1, we were stripped of all that, and just like trees grow deep into the earth even after 100 years, they are still there. We have been systematically stripped of our past. All these other ethnic groups I’ve mention have home countries that back them up (even the Jews – Israel). We don’t have anyone, including each other. We fight from without and from within. Many want to simplify it and say, “If we just get it together…” We have been getting it together. It’s those whom believe the negative reports from the media outlet that believe the lie. That’s what I’m trying to get through to black people. The guys said the Jews overcame Hitler. It is so apparent he has no clue as to the Jews and the power they weald. Again, they have a country to call home. It has nothing to do with 2010. It has a lot to do with reality that we are still, whether we like it or not, seen as second class citizen, and the self-hatred amongst our own people is the detriment to our race, not necessarily these other contrived issues that are really blown out of proportion. JMO.
Anonymous's picture

I apologize for saying the f

I apologize for saying the f word. That was not nice.
Bronze duchess's picture

OMG........your the type of

OMG........your the type of person who dwells on "the man" victimhood mentality. You can't see the future w/o uprooting the past. After the Crusaders invaded Isreal,,,the jews were dispersed throughout Eurpore. It was the Zionist movement and WWI and WWII that created Isreal.... Don't fuck w/someone who knows history. Your soo busy feeling sorry for yourself...you don't have time to read anything.
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@Bronze, my mom always said,

@Bronze, my mom always said, “There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.” You really think you have your pat answers for the plight of blacks, huh? Until you understand the depth of this discussion, it is impossible to interact with someone who parrots what others have told them without a clear history of blacks in America or our origins. I dare you to think outside your narrow-minded, myopic view of what you THINK you know and read a book called, “Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma,” or better yet, go on “youtube” and listen to a white man (maybe you’ll listen to him) named Tim Wise who will clearly educate you on the real world. You never addressed my comments about not having a country, language, custom, etc. except to say that we shouldn’t dwell in the past. What you fail to see, Bronze, is that we are the way we are BECAUSE OF THE PAST and the systematic racism that continues to want to keep us this way. YOU DON’T GET IT. Either you are white or you are a very ignorant black person. I don’t care if you are going to law school. Universities and colleges all over the country are there to brainwash the masses without them questioning a thing. When, if you choose to be enlightened, holler back at me. Until then, this discussion will lead to nowhere accept you getting angry. Be grown about it and discuss like an adult. Until you understand that the past is the reason for the present, you like so many other blacks (if you are black) will stay deaf, dumb, and blind! Do you know black history??? Apparently, YOU don’t have time to read because I dare you – I double dog dare you – to read what I suggested. I don’t even think you are black so no wonder I see the horns come out. You can’t even discuss this w/o getting that stinking chip on your shoulder. I’m done with you.
Anonymous's picture

So to prove my blackness I

So to prove my blackness I have to agree with your brand of what is black. SMH....Jesus Lawds....lol Ok.But I'm the one who can't discuss this like an adult. I've encountered people like you all my life? People who talk a good game. Well....good for you. My game is that all the jobs that I have had...I was the first black to do so. Important jobs. Jobs that mean something. Not managerial jobs nor sales jobs that took me to the backwoods of Mississippi. But small steps like that doesn't mean anything. No to you...citing works from Chancellor Williams and Cheikh Anta Diop is proving your blackness. Right. Watching 10 hours of a white man (Time Wise) tell me what I already know is proving my blackness to you. LMAO...ok. Your brand of knowledge requires me to rehash the past over and over and over again so that I have a hatred for old yt. NOPE...not going to to it. The black ancestors I know want me to be the strong woman I am...keep pressing and make great strides when I can. I will not live in the past hating people for events that eventually made America a better place for everyone.
Bronze duchess's picture

i agree with Sherri and D.L I

i agree with Sherri and D.L I do not feel that they need to apologize for anything!!!! This is one of the main reason black woman have HIV/AIDS. you have a higher chance of getting hit by lighting then a female giving a HIV/AIDS to a man, not to say it cant happen but it is a very small chance.
Anonymous's picture

They are incorrect, it is the

They are incorrect, it is the African American Women over the age of 50 that are the largest carriers of HIV, because they don't use protection. Sherry is not very intelligent and she often makes off the mark comments. She should apologize. Can anyone be a talk showhost? They don't have a research department. GLAAD...GET 'EM!
Anonymous's picture

Ummm, honestly if I were for

Ummm, honestly if I were for an issue and a proven airhead like Sherri Shepard (Mrs. I-don't-know-the-world-might-be-flat) was against it or vice-versa I would consider it a win for my side. I would just point out the fact that she's on the opposite side of the issue and rest my case.
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Kelli's picture

1st of all, the whith dude

1st of all, the whith dude was lying when he said he wasn't sleeping with both......
TheTruth's picture

Whether people like it or not

Whether people like it or not Sherri has nothing to apologize for. The DL IS one of the reasons for the high HIV/AIDS problem among blacks. And DL Hugley is far from ignorant. He is in fact very well informed. You guys should have really listened to their dialouge and you would see that they did not specifically blame HIV/AIDS on DL activity, it's only one reason.
Anonymous's picture

I saw the show and cringed

I saw the show and cringed when DL and Sherri were spewing their misinformed facts. If it were not for that gay actor that set them straight on the facts...both Sherri and DL would have thought they did their good deed for the day. Instead, they were shown to be the ignorant coons that they are. And your right... DL is far from being ignorant...he is far, far, far, far, far, far, far from being smart.
Evil Penus's picture

Sherri, DL and Steve consist

Sherri, DL and Steve consist of the unholy ignorant trinity.
Evil Penus's picture

First of all Sherri Sherpard

First of all Sherri Sherpard is one dumb broad. She is always talking about Gay and Lesbians and how they should not marry. Yet she throws herself at gay men all the time and wishing to make them straight. Her BFF is Juwann Murray (who is obviously gay and in denial) and she probably secretly wants to have his baby..lol
Anonymous's picture

Tell me somebody didn't name

Tell me somebody didn't name their gay son Juwann. That's just begging for your son to be gay...JUWANN??? Tron is another gay name.
Bronze duchess's picture

When I hear Tron the one and

When I hear Tron the one and only thing that comes to mind is the 1982 SciFi Disney movie Tron. There is no other source for the name Tron. Ghetto parents naming their child after a movie!
SaiSai's picture

GLADD over reacting, have u

GLADD over reacting, have u heard? freedom of speech.
Anonymous's picture

Since when does being a

Since when does being a comedian mean you're stupid? That. Is the most idiotic comment I've seen. They have done enough research to give their opinion and GLAAD totally over reacted. They should not apologize.
Anonymous's picture

Since when does being a

Since when does being a comedian mean you're stupid?....When Sherri stepped on the scene.....
Bronze duchess's picture

I remember watching this

I remember watching this episode & feeling completely lost as to why they would go as far as directly blame HIV amongst Black women on down low men. Are there down low men? Yes. But aren't a lot of people having irresponsible and non-safe sex? Yes. Focus on the truth, people are NOT protecting themselves.
Anonymous's picture

This is what is wrong with

This is what is wrong with Society today.. We are so quick to say who, what, when, how & why.. When in all actuality WE DON'T KNOW SH*T.. We all are on this planet living, learning, and growing WITH EACH OTHER.. With that said, here is my cliche saying OPINIONS ARE LIKE A$$HOLES, WE ALL HAVE THEM.. I'm indifferent when it comes to a majority of things, to each is own but RESPECT IS A MUST.. While I don't agree with them saying what the said, they are FREE TO SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT.. I get so annoyed when people are so quick to bash, & make people apologize.. I will never apologize for saying how I feel.. As for GLAAD they need to get a life and continue to fight for the LGBT rights instead of worrying about peoples opinions.. The View is for entertainment.. It is not the news, cnn, or on a channel predominately made for educating.. So GET OVER IT!
Anonymous's picture

Its not opinion if you state

Its not opinion if you state it as fact. They made the statement not saying "i think its pread this way," or "this is how I feel" the statement was made to sound like they had done their research. Regardless of the fact that the show is for entertainment when you state something as fact in any arena you have the responsibility to back it up. Sherri can tell us what she personally thinks but when the show screws up and tells her to say something that isnt true they need to make a retraction. ITS NOT SHERRI'S FAULT, however the info was wrong plain and simple and the SHOW needs to be held accountable. and thats my opinion
QJ's picture

Sherri & D.L. are right. They

Sherri & D.L. are right. They didn't say that ALL HIV/AIDS cases are caused by down-low men, but it is prevalent in the black community *because* of that one situation. Men are playing both sides of the fence so yes, those that are infected are spreading it twice as fast. They're right-tell those other m.f.'s to shaddup! For once black folks on TV make a good point & they're asked to apologoze-I don't think so. I don't always agree with D.L. or Sherri but this is one time they're 110% right!
Vee's picture

GLADD has a right to call for

GLADD has a right to call for that retraction because that comment was FALSE ... way out of line doesn't even cut it. I've worked with people who have the virus & have an to do extensive studies on it. The truth is NOT What she & D.L. stated. I hate people who love to talk out of their ass. Pure NONSENSE.
Hibiscus Rose's picture

HIV/AIDS is spread by

HIV/AIDS is spread by (amongst other things) unprotected sex. regardless of sexual orientation. none-the-less, Sherri shouldnt have to apologize.
Tynisa Colleen's picture

sorry for the double post.

sorry for the double post. YBF is TRIPPIN today!
Get it Together Black People's picture

Down low, anal sex among

Down low, anal sex among heterosexuals, swingers, threesomes, orgies, etc...are ALL reasons why HIV/AIDS has increased. People nowadays are just downright NASTY, triflin, and careless when it comes to their bodies. We live in an "anything goes" society and its killing us. Anyone who listens to comedians (ie Sherri and DL) and non-scholars as their source of information for serious topics, should take it with a grain of salt because they are not qualified to speak on something so serious. Comedians need to stay in their lanes.
Get it Together Black People's picture

Sherri Shepard nor is DL

Sherri Shepard nor is DL Hughley QUALIFIED to speak on anything serious. They are comedians and need to stay in their lanes. We have entirely too many "non-scholars" in our community giving advice on subject matter that is above their heads. Now, is the down-low one of the culprits of increased HIV? Yes, but so is the increase in NASTINESS of people period. Anal sex among heterosexuals is out of control, swingers and threesomes, etc...are also other reasons for the increase. People are just triflin' and careless nowadays.
Get it Together Black People's picture

If that is the case all

If that is the case all public schools need an apology for highlighting what happens when you send your kids to school and depend on someone else to teach em. Sloppy Sherri and Dumber than a Box or Rocks DL represent ignorant negroes who don't bother to confer with experts to interpret data. They don't read, they don't know their history other than what they recall from watching roots and (like Jessie Jackson) they really believe that they are speaking for all black people. The day I take advice from the Ignorant trio: Sherri, Dl and Steve Harvey...is the day I become a crack addict.
Bronze duchess's picture

Sherri should apologize for

Sherri should apologize for being stupid and gaining weight after she lost it just to eat everything on the show when the chefs arrive.
Bronze duchess's picture

Why the fuck is my comment

Why the fuck is my comment triggering the spam filter yet I see spam on here?! This is really frustrating. I normally don't use cuss words but this is really irritating! My comment is relevant to the topic! This shit needs to be fixed, dammit!
Hilarious!'s picture

(Let's see if I can get pass

(Let's see if I can get pass the spam filter this time) We can sit here and blame Down-low men all we want but the onus is on women to protect themselves. It's a damn shame that HIV is so prevalent in the black community when condoms aren't that expensive. That's what we need to be addressing.
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QJ's picture

Wow this is pitiful that a

Wow this is pitiful that a show so widely viewed by so many people would give such wrong and hateful information out to the public. Stuff like this is the reason why people fear and hate the gay community. The information was wrong regardless of whether either the hosts, or the network knew it, and because of that they should issue some kind of retraction or apology. It really isn't all about whether you support gay rights or not its about stating something as fact, and not having the proper means of backing it up. If you don't know what your talking about then shut the hell up.
QJ's picture

What was hateful about what

What was hateful about what she said???She didnt say because of GAY people the virus is spreading.She said that one way that the hiv/aids rate is so high in the black community is due to brothers on the d.l.Wheather you agree with her or not,I dont believe she was speaking about the gay community.She was talking about those nasty men who are so ashamed of their sexual orientation,so they take part in gay sex in secret then go home and have sex with their woman.So I agree that,that is one way the a.i.d.s/h.i.v rate has spiked in the black community.I am educated about this virus and I agree with sherri.
jillypat's picture

Also Sherry just expained

Also Sherry just expained what the down low means!!!!!! DL didnt say it was the season or the # one reason; he said **primaraly**. Times have changed ppl ~ and so do facts frm 1999!
kiki's picture

Sherri didnt say anything,

Sherri didnt say anything, and for those who said that D.L and Sherri dont know what they are talkin about, OVBIOUSLY you didnt watch the same clip as everyone else did, CLEARLY D.L. read and reserach the information that was given out..smfh either way she shouldnt be attack for a comment that wasnt nowhere near offensive, if anything the GLAAD needs to be angry with F.D.A instead of a talk show that is putting the information out there for everyone to now
Porsche's picture

Apologize for what? Speaking

Apologize for what? Speaking the truth? GLAAD needs to take up their issues with the FDA. She stated a fact not an opinion. There is a gene called the Delta 32 that is in Caucasians, it is a genetic mutation from survivors from the plague in the middle ages that now prevents many white people from contracting the HIV/AIDS virus. Some can only get HIV but not full blown AIDS and others cannot contract either. I watched a documentary about this. Why it is not a major discussion is beyond me. People need to know that AIDS/HIV has to be a conspiracy to kill African peoples or people of colour because genetically a lot of white people are resistant to AIDS or HIV or BOTH.
Electric Sunshine "I'm in Bermuda Bitch"'s picture


http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/03/050325234239.htm http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/previous_seasons/case_plague/interview.html Two of MANY sources
Electric Sunshine "I'm in Bermuda Bitch"'s picture

What's the name of the

What's the name of the documentary ?
Krishna's picture

I believe the episode is

I believe the episode is called Secrets of the Dead: Mystery of the Black Death it's a PBS documentary.
Electric Sunshine "I'm in Bermuda Bitch"'s picture

Do they ask everyone that

Do they ask everyone that makes that statement to apologize.
MyPerspective's picture

No she shouldn't apologize.

No she shouldn't apologize.
MyPerspective's picture

What the hell should they

What the hell should they apologize for!!! they said *nuthing wrong* and *nuthing that was not talked about in books for years!!. I think people should look past this whole gay not having any rights thing!! im sorry you can fu*k who ever u want in thier ass r mouth i dont care.... but when you are talking about the *healthcare* of *other* people having a *greater risk* of H.I.V and Hepatitis B beacuse of your sexual perferance....it doesnt work with me; and it didn't wok 4 the FDA ither!!! There are people who fu*k animals 4 their pleasure!.... goat's ,dog's ,horse, ect. would you willingly take blood frm them!! not knowing what these different animals may have, and not knowing it's a greater risk for you to get somthing?? If your answer is yes then........................ Not compairing gay's to animals but come on..... use ur common sence They said 30 years... not 1 or 2 or 3 but *30*. That means sumthing.... and if your not educated in it then look it up and understand why, (and not that gay people should have it just the same it's a reason) LOOK IT UP! Get married, do what u wanna do, sleep wid whoever, and as many as ever,. But if the FDA said 30 years, (and im sure they got a few gay people wokin in that establishment) then you gotta wait 30 fu*kin years my friend!
kiki's picture

i dont think she said

i dont think she said anything offensive. it is well known that this sort of behavior contributes to the situation but does not account for ALL CASES. SHERRI DONT APOLOGIZE. STAND UR GROUND
i like my tea's picture

The reality is that HIV

The reality is that HIV exists... but it is spread by ALL kinds of infidelity, be it male cheating with a female, female cheating with a male, male cheating with male, etc etc... To put the blame on DL men, when ALL dishonest behavior is to blame is the problem.
memememe's picture

This will be my first

This will be my first response to a YBF post, though I view this site quite regularly. After reading their statement, I think GLADD's actions are appropriate and reasonable. I believe that The View as a national talk show should give a retraction and apology. The facts are wrong: the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is mostly because of promiscuity in general regardless of orientation rather than "down low" men who have sex with women. Though I understand why Sherri made the comment because the "down low" myth is widely known and prevalent in conversations in the black community regarding HIV/AIDS. Oprah brought it up on her show. Many people believe it because they have heard some stories that don't give the whole picture. "Down low" illustrates the one of many misrepresentations about LGBT people within black communities. I would just encourage Sherri to be careful of communicating conversations that she feels represent views of black people without looking into the truth behind them. As a media figure, she has a responsibility to understand and expand the conversation, not just repeat what she's heard.
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