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Separated! Christina Milian & The Dream


We saw this coming.  And it actually happened.  The Dream's rep is confirming he and Christina Milian are officially OVER.  

Read more about the split after the jump.



In a statement released to US Magazine, The Dream's rep said:

Terius 'The-Dream' Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful. The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward.


Seems like just yesterday The Dream was denying a split, saying that everything was ok at home. 





Love/King cd only pushed

Love/King cd only pushed 59,000 so far. Stop singing Hamburgler!
Anonymous's picture

How in the hell do you cheat

How in the hell do you cheat on Christina Milian? Especially when you look like you have a loaf of bread and a Honey Baked Ham up around your neck!! Fat bastard. Dummy.
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Dream is a LOSER and USER

Dream is a LOSER and USER like Diddy, Russell Simmons and Usher! All undercover HOMOS!
I said it!'s picture

dream is a nightmare and he

dream is a nightmare and he really needs to get over his self no cute at all wit hisgot bad body self gotta belly like a whopper she could have done better
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Maybe that girl was "Nikki"!

Maybe that girl was "Nikki"! hahahhahaa
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@ I-cal-it-like-I-see-it.....YOU HIT THAT SHIT ON THE HEAD WITH A STEEL HAMMER!!!!!
Keepn This Shit Real!'s picture

Just was just sayin get her

Just was just sayin get her boo new album on twitter last month so how was they split up since 09 and she wrote on her twitter yesterday "Whatever you think..Believe it" I think she was talkin about the pictures..
Anonymous's picture

Here's the run down ..We as

Here's the run down ..We as ybf reader's are suppose to get pissed and outraged at how a ugly yuck mouth monster like the DREAM is cheating on a opportunistic slut whose career never really took off at all.First she was a pop singer with AM to PM song in 2000, that flopped .Then she came out with Dip it Low and that flopped and JAYZ them dropped her fucking for music and beats ass. She dated Kool Dre he dumped her she jumped on the ugliest thing in GAMe other that STD looking LIL wayne.An y'all are pissed that she got exactly what her tackhead hoe ass deserved. What I'm sick of is women all women not just black and latin women its ALLL WOMEN that try and use there eggs and uterus to get the GOLDEN TICKET. Well the dream maybe ugly but he isn't a dummy and he sn't giving her trifling ass half of nothing. She'll get child support and that is it and maybe a million dollars if she gets that much. She used her body like a prostitue and is surprised that a INDUSTRY dude would do her dirty . PLEASE Hollywood and MUSIC folk are so damn FAKE and they really enjoy using the BLOGS and fans too cater too there POOR me as Wooohhhh!! boo whooo!!. They use each and one another cause they have Nothing but a shallow SOUL.
I-cal-it-like-I-see-it's picture

You really are dumb. He's a

You really are dumb. He's a faggot and that that. Hater!!!

tell em again call it like i

tell em again call it like i see it.
angeliasoc's picture

I'm sayin

I'm sayin
trxdout grand v's picture

U sound like a very insecure

U sound like a very insecure old bat.
Anonymous's picture

Christina popped out a meal

Christina popped out a meal ticket (Dreams Baby) thats all that matters right?
Anonymous's picture

damn... its never good when a

damn... its never good when a family separates.... i wish the best for the kid...
jump off jesse  **lol**'s picture

I think they both had an

I think they both had an agreement. It just makes no sense that he not be seen by ANYONE (not just photos) with his own baby. I don't know if it were just because it was the fourth child or what...I think there was an agreement. Entertain the LOVE KING- pop the seed in turn for the fee. "I don't know how they treat cha, how they do it where u at, all I'm tryna say is you should know me like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...." It wasn't a surprise. She knew.
Mari's picture

so I'm not surprised...but I

so I'm not surprised...but I feel bad about that. I was kinda annoyed by the all the wasted dollars on the weddings. Like if you just wanna screw around, just screw around. I'm tired of people making a mockery of marriage and family by overemphasizing weddings and giving birth to babies then leaving them. what the heck!
Mon Cheri's picture

Exactly, publicity

Exactly, publicity stunt...marriage not sacred anymore!
Sadiva's picture

She was too attractive for

She was too attractive for him anyways, and personally i think he like dudes!! Good Luck to You Christina...Get back in shape and do "The DAMN Thang"!!!!!!
d. gABBANA's picture

evrybody kno dream like

evrybody kno dream like duedes.... seroiously
Anonymous's picture

Wow that was quick! I guess

Wow that was quick! I guess we all knew this one was never going to last.
Anonymous's picture

Sad for her, being cheated on

Sad for her, being cheated on by the likes of him and Nick Canon. She's a gorgeous woman, she'll bounce back. www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

Reports are saying that the

Reports are saying that the Dream cheated with his assisstant and even pics of them have be posted on some websites. I feel bad for Christina who just gave birth few months ago. If indeed he cheated, then he's just another lying adulterer joining D-Wade, Tiger and others' cheating club. What an asshole to fuck up her life and their baby. I hate cheaters and liars and the skank ass whores that go along with the married or taken men
naimas's picture

I saw this one coming a long

I saw this one coming a long time ago, I am sure she was fuqn for tracks of course same thing that happened with Dre but this time got caught all up in Teddy Ruxpens spell (its the way he reads those stories) and dun got herself knocked up and divorced, WOW I could tell she wasn't happy tho because she wasn't the same bubbly Christina we used to see. She should have just stuck to making movies once that career took off, but noooooo, now look what you did Dream...and yes the ego is sickening and I am tired of all his songs they all are starting to sound the same, know why?, because karma is a big bitch!
litalicious's picture

I don't feel sorry for

I don't feel sorry for Christina, she was fucking for tracks and produced a baby doing so. This whole marriage seemed like a fraud anyway. I hope she gets a few thousand dollars and he gets joint custody to insure she does not cash in. Both where equally irresponsible and so sad a child was produced while doing so!
DC_1's picture

So with all this going on why

So with all this going on why did she post this ~~~~~> Everybody go pick up that LOVEKING album from THE- DREAM ASAP! Support my boo! Tue Jun 29 2010 19:54:48 (Eastern Daylight Time) via Twitter for BlackBerry® <~~~~ whatever to the new Waiting to Exhale part 2 with his gay ass!!!!! #thatisall!
Anonymous's picture

DUHHHHH the more money he

DUHHHHH the more money he makes off his album the more she can get for herself and he daughter!
Anonymous's picture

Sheeeeeid Other reports say

Sheeeeeid Other reports say he won't even be with the Child....So I won't even give him the Support credit!
Anonymous's picture

sad... and didnt they have

sad... and didnt they have like 3 ceremonies! it hasnt been a year! but from his interview the other day he didnt seem to bright so maybe she caught on
Flow's picture

I mean really .. whose

I mean really .. whose surprised??? I knew the marriage was not going to work from the jump. Christina needed a boost in her career and thought the Dream would give her just that, but of course it was all a 'dream'. She got knocked up so the most 'ethical' thing to do was to marry, knowing he or she didn't really want that. But as I've always been told ... in due time the truth will reveal itself and here it is!! Good luck to you Christina .. as for the Dream, ur ego is really starting to kill me dude.
Ms.Neka's picture

Dream is nothing but a DIVA

Dream is nothing but a DIVA the second picture that's posted says it all..Him being married to someone as pretty as Milian was a cover up. DL's do this to keep people second guessing thier sexual preference which in most cases they are bi. This is a regular in the indusrty now I'll give you two examples: Kanye, John Legend just something that makes you go HMMMMMMMM??????????
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He makes me so sick..... He

He makes me so sick..... He obviously has self confidence issues he gotta go from girl to girl to make himself feel better. It is what it is.... Oh well she has a beautiful baby and she is beautiful. I like her better with "DRE" anyway.
Anonymous's picture

I liked her better w/ Dre as

I liked her better w/ Dre as well....I remember he did an interview with mtv. after his and Christinas break up, and he had nothing but positive things to say about she and The dream...smh Good luck to both Christina and the baby.
Anonymous's picture

@ Stacey I hate to break it

@ Stacey I hate to break it to you Honey but everyone here is entitled to their opinions. I am not a teenager-I'm an adult who respects different opinions whether I agree with them or not. If you think the views here are so stupid and/or ignorant than why participate? You sound stupid for getting so upset.
Vee's picture

yuk,he and his ass____ tant

yuk,he and his ass____ tant look so nasty on the internet photos ..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just nasty. Hope he has been checked for HIV.................. Nasty
Anonymous's picture


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Anonymous's picture

You guys sound so stupid.

You guys sound so stupid. "Christina shouldn't be mad because he was ugly." or "Christina will be alright because she's pretty". Grow up - you guys are ignorant. Its so obvious that the low range of the age group in this forum is teenager status.
Stacey's picture

LOL @ the comment: ''Dream

LOL @ the comment: ''Dream should change his name to Nightmare cuz he's ugly."... I knew when he made comments to Essence a couple pf weeks ago about why he doesn't watch he & Christina's baby that they were going to start having problems. Now, to hear that they separated in '09...what did they get married for? I thought they rushed into it anyway-good luck to Christina anyways though. If you listen to Dream's songs, Love vs Money Parts I & II, you can tell that he was really effed up by Nivea leaving him for Lil Wayne. Maybe he's still not over her but he's still an ass for behaving like he is--and why is the side-chick always less attractive than, or an exact twin of the wife?? Effin' MEN!!!
Vee's picture

let's be real DREAM....the

let's be real DREAM....the LOVE KING is def an oxymoron at this point and i stress the MORON part!!!!!!! i have enjoyed his musical direction and creativity but at this point i can no longer continue to listen to the fuckery. ok c-milli was "fuckin for tracks" per say from the jump...ok that was her part...well played. but hell the LOVE Ding however (dingaling that is) has had a reputation of lovin the panties and boxers right off his play things and leavin them faster than they can sing in Falsetto. i'm done with the DREAM and his womanizing antics...he can take that all the way to the bank with his B cups breasticles....smmfh
MzAnonymous404's picture

Well Said

Well Said
Anon's picture


Anonymous's picture

If this is true...then

If this is true...then DAMN!!!!!!....who leaves Christina Milian ...she is a hotty!!!!! and him on the other hand is very ugly......Damn...i guess it's true what they say, that there is a cover for every garbage can....lol lol lol lol lol ...i'm out.... Stay strong Christina...we both know that you can do much better.
Anonymous's picture

HAAA!!! "A cover for every

HAAA!!! "A cover for every garbage can" -- that's classic!
McNasty's picture

I knew this ish wasn't going

I knew this ish wasn't going to last just like I knew Eva and Lance wouldn't get married. Beside, Dream should change his name to Nightmare cuz he is just plain ugly. Gonzo and Cookie Monster wont last too long either. I give them about two years.
IfThisIsIt's picture

Too many times women are

Too many times women are accused of only wanting to be a baby mama. In this case they tried to do the right thing and got married and Christina is being crucified for marrying this guy?Majority of you b**** can't even get your man to the altar let alone to propose to you. You're gonna knock her for it? At least someone wanted to marry her.
Stella 's picture

girl, as a wife i agree

girl, as a wife i agree
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