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Coming Soon: Ludacris and Tyrese are Fast and Furious + Oprah's TV Bio

Coming to a theater or flatscreen near you, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris plus more about Oprah than you ever wanted to know. 
Read more and see a funny Oprah impersonation after the jump
Fans of The Fast and Furious franchise should get ready for installment number five. 
On their twitter accounts, both Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris announced that they had just arrived in Puerto Rico to begin filming the next movie in the franchise, tentatively called Fast Five.   
Fans will be excited to know that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will also be returning to the movie.
In made-for-tv news, author Kitty Kelley has signed a six-figure deal for the rights to her scandalous tell-all biography of Oprah Winfrey.
The New York Times bestseller caused a scandal upon release as it suggests that Oprah fabricated most of her impoverished upbringing and spent some time as a teenage prostitute.
Wow. I can’t see many black actresses lining up to playing Oprah as hooker. Seems like it would kill your career.
But…..if we could suggest an actress to play Oprah, my vote is for Debra Wilson of Mad TV, who does the absolute best impersonations of Whitney Houston and Oprah.
Relive a funny moment when you click on the link.





is luda secretly married

is luda secretly married
Anonymous's picture

what the heck, this book is

what the heck, this book is foolishness, kinda seems like she jus wants to rip oprah to shreds but prolly doesnt know the first thing about her, omg get a grip. stop trynna step on people to get ur fame!! its annoying. fast 5!! heck yes! Looking to go on vacation, but don’t feel like doing the background work of planning every detail? No worries! Leave it all to us, whether you’re looking to escape to a quite resort, dance the night away on a cruise, or even go sightseeing with your tour guide, we’ve got you covered. Here at Serenity Oasis Travel we have all kinds of packages to meet your every need. Just leave the planning to us Contact 24/7 - RML.SerenityOasis@gmail.com
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Anonymous's picture

No credible actress would

No credible actress would play the part as written in this piece of can liner. Now when someone writes a CREDIBLE book then you will get a credible actress to play the role.
Sandra's picture

Oprah don't give a dam She is

Oprah don't give a dam She is stank'n rich . This won't make or break her.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I cant wait I love all the

I cant wait I love all the fast and furious except tokyo drift. With all those fine men it better be a hit.
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reioseksk's picture

The actress who should play

The actress who should play Oprah is Velma Davis, She played the black boy's mother in the movie Doubt.
Ron's picture

Viola Davis. And she wouldn't

Viola Davis. And she wouldn't dare, she actually has a career.
Rien's picture

Seriously...Natasha fire

Seriously...Natasha fire whoever is blogging for you today....no good at all....serious downgrade...and if by some chance this is u....put down what uve been smoking
RealonandOffline's picture

Me too, The whole tone of

Me too, The whole tone of the post have changed. Been a loyal YBF'er for years. But will have to walk away if this generic BS cont. Natasha get back on your job, or find someone who understands theirs!
Anonymous's picture

LOL. I was thinking sort of

LOL. I was thinking sort of the same thing. I've been coming to YBF for about four years now and it is so OBVIOUS that the person blogging is not Natasha. I come here because I like the way Natasha blogs but whatever...I'll still come here...unless Natasha SOLD the site. Just kidding...but where are u Tasha??
StarBaby's picture

You would be dumb as a box of

You would be dumb as a box of rocks to take that role as playing Oprah. Do you know how many white people love Oprah. Lets be honest, those are the peopple who fill box office seats. You career would be over. Especially since Oprah says that the book is bogus.
"I'M THAT CHICK"'s picture

I love me some Oprah and I

I love me some Oprah and I refuse to support IN ANY CAPACITY the foolishness that this Kitty Kelly woman is promoting. She will get none of my hard earned dollars or viewing time. Kick rocks, trick!
Extravaganza Eleganza!'s picture

Tyrese and those avatar ears

Tyrese and those avatar ears makes me sick. He's too full of himself.
JMO's picture

Who cares if Oprah was a

Who cares if Oprah was a street girl. It is not how you start but how you finish. If she is hooking now days that would be news. Other than that who cares except for it will make her success that much meaningful. Moving on......
JustSaying's picture

I love both Ludacris and

I love both Ludacris and Tyrese so I would support the movie!
Me's picture

Cool. For all you shopaholics

Cool. For all you shopaholics vist www.saxxix.com
Saxxi X's picture

about furious film? o

about furious film? o god... & this should get interesting w/ O. i agree that deb would do pretty good..not like she got ne thing to lose anyway right?
myMAMAsaid's picture

AS long as Lud stops rapping

AS long as Lud stops rapping then great... let em act
Anonymous's picture

That was such a funny skit

That was such a funny skit with the chick from mad TV playin Oprah...So talented
Najee's Girl's picture

Hell YEA!!! as long as Paul

Hell YEA!!! as long as Paul Walker's sexy ass is in Fab Five...I'll be front row and center.
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i like my tea's picture

Blacks in hollywood such as

Blacks in hollywood such as Sisily Tyson, Glades Knight, the late great Lena Horne, Della Resse, Maya Angelo, and others where all given thanks, and honoured by Oprah for opening doors for "us" blacks. Did you know she had the first bill past in the early 90's for child molestors to have harsher punishment and for them to register as sexual offenders? Oprah is the reason we have photographs and flyers of sexual offenders. She bought a School for the children in Africa who unlike us didnt have a choice to go to school. Oprah sent a number of blacks here in the United States to school after she heard about them being homeless and trying to go to school. "Trying" to do something with themselves. I could go on all day about the many black that have wealth right now because of her. But you can write a false judgement about her and others like her. PATHETIC
Anonymous's picture

Debra Wilson is funny, her

Debra Wilson is funny, her impression of Whitney Houston is dead on
I love GOSSIP !'s picture



I would LOVE to see Oprah

I would LOVE to see Oprah interview this woman and have a face off. How in the hell is she going to tell someone else's life story without talking to Oprah herself?
Get it Together Black People's picture

Too Shay.

Too Shay.
Anonymous's picture

Tyrese is a sexy peice of

Tyrese is a sexy peice of chocolate!
215girl's picture

Man, thats sad. Oprah is

Man, thats sad. Oprah is doingthings many many blacks wish they could do. She has built a billion dollar empire off of information that can be useful instead of whose your baby daddy. Many people like Luda, 50 Cent , and Ice Cube said she is targeting the white audience. While they should ask themselves who in the H#ll they target in their music. Whose your audience Luda? Her shows inform people about good living, whats happening in the world, such as the genoside in africia, but, sad to say "we" blacks dont want to her about that. Those who do, watch, and are informed. We are quick to pull a sister or brother down, like crabs. Do you stop to think that maybe some blacks are tired of that mess, soon as you see a white girl on a brother arm you say he couldnt stick it out with a sister, but truthfully why when you have so much hate in your hearts for your fellow sister or brother. Check yourselves. Because this Oprah mess is truly a shame.
Anonymous's picture

Agreed somewhat. Alot of

Agreed somewhat. Alot of black men feel that white woman validate their standing in society without even trying a black woman. They automatically assume black woman are negative, etc. Honestly, I know alot of black women who are both. Some ready and waiting for love and some who are SOO negative. You can't lump together a whole group because one sista was a hot mess. Anywho, you right. Black people as a whole should lift each other up and emulate those who have found success doing what they love. Instead we tear each other down, gossip about each other, etc.
ThatChick's picture

If I didn't make it clear

If I didn't make it clear that I was talking about "some" sisters and "some" brothers, please let me make it clear. Every black is not like that "at all", i speaking to those who do. Our perception of our race is tarnishing by the day through music, interaction with each and so on. Mashonda and the mess with Oprah is heart breaking and shouldn't be approached with negative blogs that say "she was making a spectacle of herself" rather open minded that that could happen to you. Both sides and male or female either black or white. We have to stop with the hate and quick negative judgement, thats all.
Anonymous's picture

OK we got that!

OK we got that!
trish24's picture


Memii's picture

really slow news day....

really slow news day....
slow's picture

WELL alrighty then

WELL alrighty then
cosmanot's picture

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