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She's Got Talent! Gabby Sidibe's Mom Alice Tan Ridley Going To The Semi-Finals

Looks like actress Gabby Sidibe is passing the torch to her mom, Alice Tan Ridley. She has gone from singing in NYC subway stations to the semi- finals of America's Got Talent. More deets when you read on...

Alice Tan Ridley was voted to the semi-finals on America's Got Talent. Ms. Ridley sang Gladys Knight's classic hit, "Midnight Train To Georgia."

Her rendition of the song even had Sharon Osbourne saying she wanted to get on the train with her. She also described her singing as, "the embodiment of soul".

Talk about progress. Well, alright then Ms. Ridley.

Check out the performance...





Great voice, I hope she gets

Great voice, I hope she gets far!!! oh, ya'll need to stop this madness, n the non ybf ppl need to get off this site if they have such a big prob with black ppl voicing their opinions.
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Wonder why there are so many

Wonder why there are so many illiterate, backward, and ignorant people commenting when there are so many chances to get yourself an education. This is scary that there are so many idiots in the world. There are ugly, beautiful, bad, and good people in all races, of all shades and anyone who needs to be reminded of that should just stay under the rock you live under...or jump off a building, just do the rest of us a favor and disappear, please and thanks. Btw, that woman is a beautiful, dark skinned woman who used her beautiful voice to help raise her family by singing in subway stations, the people on here who are saying these hateful and ridiculous things: did you not have that love from your parents as a child? People who are secure and confident within themselves do not need to put other people down the way some of you have been doing, nowadays the rest of us can't enjoy a website without being bombarded with f*cking idiots, smh, all you hateful a-holes should feel like the huge stinking pile of sh!t that you are, good day.
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Lmao your so disgusted by the

Lmao your so disgusted by the negative that you came on just to respond to it lol. bitch your on the same site everyone else is If someone is ugly then they are ugly too fuckin bad i didnt shit her out her momma did. nobody said singing in the subway wasnt noble getting a real fuckin job would have been better but hey it worked for her and her daughter is a semi star now so it worked for them. If she did become a big star which we all know she wont, then hey good for her, but she is to old to start in the industry , she is unattractive, and she is just an ok singer , stop acting like this is shit thats untrue
Anonymous's picture

Came here to check out the

Came here to check out the site and came across a bunch of ignorant sh!t, I, like other intelligent people, judge others based on things I know about them like say, their personalities, if they have a stanky ass attitude then they're ugly as f*ck, if not, or if I don't even know them, then I don't talk a bunch of mean, negative and uncalled for sh!t, that's how I do things, I'm not stupid and shallow, and I do not let the media define beauty for me, I think for myself, leader, not a f*cking follower. Who says this woman is too old or too whatever to follow her dream? It's that kind of thinking that hold ppl like you back like Marley said "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds" think for your damn self and don't let the media tell you that only Beyonce, or Kelly, or Rihanna can dream, and achieve a career in the music industry. If we supported each other we could achieve so much, smh...I'm done.
Seriously's picture

this is an imperfect world,

this is an imperfect world, not everyone thinks like that...
Anonymous's picture

If that were true there would

If that were true there would be real singers in the industry now you stupid cum stain. but there arent because we are no longer in the days of talent speaking for itself , if we were the very dark and very lovely india arie would be making beyonce money and have a cover girl contract. but she instead has to work extra hard just to have modest success when she sings circles around the light girls , rhi rhi cant sing at all yet is the biggest star out there, the media can only go by what the consumer wants and if you fake bitches were not trying to comment just to comment and seem smart then you would just admitt that the cards are stacked against anyone who is starting a career later in life. especially one who is just an ok subway singer . the fact that she is not a good looking woman also does not help, who the fuck is her target audience going to be,she can only ride off of being gabbys mom for so long.If you dont agree fine but It is a fact. should it be that way NO but is it that way yes , because as much as fake bitches like you talk all that we are all beautiful crap , you only support certain types wether you acknowledge it or not. In the industry halle berry is considered the worlds most beautiful yet in my opinion stacy dash is killing her. I love dark skin , but if your ugly your ugly, no matter what
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"you blackies" sweetie you

"you blackies" sweetie you can't be serious lmaooooo you snd yuor comment are both jokes !!!
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@ lalani you snd yuor???.

@ lalani you snd yuor???. ummm do you know where spell check is on your computer or are you speaking monkey?? I know how you darkies hate school and love reality shows and government cheese sandwhiches all day but a bit of school never hurt anyone sweetie
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Black people are truly crabs

Black people are truly crabs in a barell beating down your own, then you like to blame us white people for your issues. You do urself injustice on ur own. Half yall mama don't look any better than she does. I think she is beautiful. You blackies tear each other apart we just sit and watch you do it to each other.
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You sound incredibly

You sound incredibly ignorant. In once sentence you say we are "beating down our own" and then in the next "you blackies...". So what was your point? That's it's bad to beat each other down but OK for you as a white person to do it? Ok makes a lot of sense...idiot! Furthermore, go read the comments on TMZ talking about Amy Winehouse or whatever other busted white chick and lets see how many white commentators tear "their own" down. What some people said about her mom was plain mean, but who are you to make a point blank judgement about all back people then try and insult us by saying "blackies". I love my brown skin and clearly you do too since your on YBF, so try again next time with the insult...
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Im a beautiful black woman

Im a beautiful black woman myself jackass
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not only is she an

not only is she an embarrassment, she's dumb for calling herself white and then claiming to be a "beautiful black woman" smh
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never once did i say im white

never once did i say im white there are a million anonymous people on here jackass lol arent your welfare babies in need of their welfare chees sammiches go feed them chillens and get off the computer
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If that's true then you're an

If that's true then you're an embarrassment to our race, and people like you are the #1 factor slowing down the progress our race is trying to make, you are an embarrassment to our ancestors who fought for our freedom, and our civil rights, and a terrible example to our children, shame on you, go bury your face in hot lava...stupid b!tch.
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your black ass dick sucking mother is a bitch Bitch balls on a computer are the safest way to go cause trust you wouldnt say sh to my face, its niggers like you that are the smbarrassment because you know she is ugly, im not going to lie just because we are both black. there are some ugly ass white bitches in the world and in every race but we talking about this ugly bitch. everyone on here saying she is pretty is full of shit period
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Beauty is in the eye of the

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone thinks she's pretty (as the person she bred Gabby with obviously did) who is to say they're lying. STOP being so flikkin close minded. Somebody may think you're not attractive and the next person may think you're beautiful...so those people aren't stupid or fake for thinking Gabby's mother is pretty. Stop hatin and worry about what YOU think.
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lol u just sound like a

lol u just sound like a ignant ass ranting child lol
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Are we really saying ignant

Are we really saying ignant these days lol you mean to tell me your soo lazy you cant add the couple of extra lettr needed to spell the word the right way and sound the least bit intelligent
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Not lazy sweetie, I just

Not lazy sweetie, I just don't have all the free time you seem to have, what with spending your time in your parents home looking at kiddie porn and pissing people off on ybf, get a fuckin life LOSER. Done.
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so true, sassy

so true, sassy
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wow another angry black

wow another angry black bitc$. be cool like white people and it will get you far yeahh
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a black person online making

a black person online making comments just to get a rise out of folks by pretending to be white and using ebonics in the process is not how. Im pissing people off as well but its because i truly believe this woman is extremely ugly and wont make it
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She's beautiful- beauty is in

She's beautiful- beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Glad that you're not depending on ur daughter to take you through like these f-ing white and yellow people. You sound great.
Anonymous's picture

I love, love, love this

I love, love, love this woman's voice. I would see her ALL the time on 34th St singing in the station and she was just amazing. There was never a time that I walked past her, without stopping for a few moments to listen. Her voice is so powerful. I'm beyond happy for her family and wish them the best!
FutureESQ's picture

Let's get to the root of the

Let's get to the root of the issue. Society has made black people ashamed of their own race. That is a shame. Now we have to look to MTV and BET for our images? We are told that a down chick is one that goes to the strip club and it is okay to be a side chick. Today's media has made black women question their own beauty. That is the problem. We have younger women really believing lies about themselves. For all the real confident black and beautiful women continue to embrace yourself. Embrace you skin tone, your nose, your lips, and your butt. The same figure by the way that every movie star is trying to imitate right now. To say that you " don't make the rules" says a lot about who you are as a person. It says that you don't love yourself. Black, no matter how black, is still beautiful! Love oneself! Peace!
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lol I dont make the rules

lol I dont make the rules because i dont work in hollywood . bitches like you are the same ones who talk all this black is beautiful shit then set flavor of love and all those other cooning ass shows to record on your tivo, then go and fry your hair because your sooooo proud of being black lol please bitch give me a break , you know damn will she and her fat ass daughter are ugly as hell. thats a fact there are alot of down right banging dark women in hollywood that dont get the shine they deserve because Black people hate themselves most of all and wont want those images embraced bet is the biggest offender bet hates black women so much they wont even employ them rocsi is spanish. you dont love being black if you could change it you would lol the ones who shout that sh the loudest are the most insecure. proud people dont get riled up about things like this they just keep it moving, its ok for someone to be an ugly tar baby , thats her curse it isnt a reflection of all darkies some are very beautiful, these two just happen to have too many strikes against them, fat can be ok alone, black can be ok alone, ugly can be ok alone with the right personality but you put them all together and you just have some sad shit.
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Beautiful! I pray all her

Beautiful! I pray all her dreams come true, beautiful woman and beautiful voice! It makes me sad and frustrated when other black people say dumb stuff about dark complexions, one of the reasons this world is so messed up is because of idiots like that, there are beautiful people of all complexions, what is so wrong with being darker? Ugh, I guess the world would be boring without idiots...
Anonymous's picture

She really sounds good. I

She really sounds good. I hope it works out for her.
Just Me's picture

By the way, I don't think

By the way, I don't think that it's a black person coming on here calling people coal black and talking about lace fronts. It's a frustrated honkie fool who should be on TMZ or Perezhilton or some other gray person site. Coal black is beautiful! Hater!
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umm whats a gray person site?

umm whats a gray person site? Im a black woman and these are societies facts , even bet doesnt put dark folks on tv, dont even allow black ass people in the front rows on 106 and park again i dont make the rules and dont like them either , i believe talent is talent but if your going to be ass ugly your talent has to be on another level, nobody sings like aretha and even she cant make any music today because she is a slob now sad and unfair but reality non the less kelly price was better then mariah and everyone else when she came out but where did she go, she was a beautiful chocolate woman but was a slob and dark skin, and this is a color motivated world , nobody hates dark skin more then black people every rap video has any and everything but dark women so if you gonna be mad be mad at yourselves and 50 cent lol
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Answer me this , why do

Answer me this , why do dark-skinned black people think that it is ok to disrespect light skinned blck people but anyone says anything about dark skin it is the worst atrocity. Yall get on this site and talk the most trash about light skin celebs all the time and thats ok , but it is self hate once it is adark skin person. GTFOH. Black foles are just fucked, always thinkn they opinion matters the most.
Anonymous's picture

When I heard her sing At Last

When I heard her sing At Last on America's Got Talent I thought I was in heaven. This woman can sing!! I hope she wins the contest and goes far with her career. She proves it's never too late. If singers didn't use sex to sell music now days, Alice would have been discovered a long time ago. Now it's about how you look. But I wish her the best.
Anonymous's picture

Good job. Live your dream

Good job. Live your dream Alice!
Run_Tell_Dat 's picture

I've Heard her sing Several

I've Heard her sing Several times in the 42nd Street Shuttle train station in NYC. She was Fabulous then as she is here!------GO NY!
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I dig her daughter and I'm

I dig her daughter and I'm glad their deams are coming into fruition!
likeCAESAR's picture

OMG...She can

OMG...She can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Najee's Girl's picture

wow she is great

wow she is great wowwwwwwwwwww
Anonymous's picture

Nothing like a great soul

Nothing like a great soul singer!!!! I loved it!!!
Lovely's picture

she looks like a baboon with

she looks like a baboon with a lacefront, talent only gets people so far in the industry these days , you have to look good and coal black and ugly gets you nowhere.now when they film planet of the apes the musical she is in there like swim wear
Anonymous's picture

I pity you, I really do.

I pity you, I really do. Shame. Maybe I'll pray for you if I have the time.
Anonymous's picture

OMG why are you being SO mean

OMG why are you being SO mean to this woman who could probably be your grandma? I bet she would SLAP you in the mouth if she heard this and then get GABBY to Beat your ASS up and down the streets of Harlem!!!......You Bitch.
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please gabby would die of a

please gabby would die of a heart attack just trying to make a fist, and Im not a hater this is life ugly doesnt make it, black and ugly even less, we all know damn well gabby deserved that oscar but the white girl won because gabby committed every sin there is in hollywood fat, black, ugly the talent gets over looked I dont make these rules. dont like them much either but a spade is a spade being dark isnt what makes them ugle, being ugly is what makes them ugly , yall know they are ugly so stop it, if they were fair skined they would be ugly its a fact damn
Anonymous's picture

O please give me a fucking

O please give me a fucking break , but yall the same ones talkn smack about Bey and Rih day in and day out. listen just like yall can have ur opinions on people u dont like the rest of us are surely entiltled to urs.
Anonymous's picture

You brainless idiot, the

You brainless idiot, the woman is beautiful and has talent, take your hate and ignorance and go jump off a f-ing building, the world would be better off without idiots like you.
Anonymous's picture

LMAO beautiful? bitch you

LMAO beautiful? bitch you need glasses this bitch looks like an ape, yes she sings ok but she will never make it , look at rihanna she cant sing a lick , but she is light and gorgeous and thats what the buisness is about , thats what im saying. i wish darkies did make it more because they are great at entertaining us, but really how long could you look at this wilderbeast on your tv, and what roles could her daughter play other then the morbidly obease black ass laughing stock. I dont make the rules.
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