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Presidential Fab: President Obama Making History On "The View" + Sasha and Malia's First Job

President Obama will be making history on "The View" in a big way.  Find out how plus Malia and Sasha's money making ventures when you read on...

President Obama will create history on "The View" this week by being the first sitting president on a day time talk show.  The producers of "The View" announced that Mr. President's interview will be taped on Wednesday and air on Thursday.  It will also mark Barbara Walters' return to the show since she underwent surgery in May.

I don't know about you guys but I'm definitely excited about this.  He will be addressing various issues ranging from the economy, the oil spill and family life in the white house.  I'll definitely be tuning in.


President Obama has also decided that it's about time his daughter's start making some money.  He said in a recent ABC News interview that he thinks his daughters are old enough to start earning there own money babysitting.

Check out the clip below:

Wouldn't they be the cutest little babysitters?  And parents will be sure their kids are protected with secret service agents everywhere.  Win Win.



In other presidential news, Wyclef Jean would not confirm or deny rumors that he is planning to run for the Haitian presidency. His rep, Adrienne Jacoby, said in a statement, "I know there’s always rumors flying, but we don’t have anything definitive on our end, so if anything were to change, I’m sure a press release would be issued."

An Ottawa based newspaper first ran the story. His charity "Yele Haiti" helped with the relief effort following January's devastating earthquake.  Wyclef as President?  Interesting...


And in more newsworthy info of the day, Our nation's capitol Public School System


it was letting go of 226 employees for poor performance under a new education assessment called IMPACT. Another 76 employees will be let go because of licensing issues. Out of the 302 employees losing their jobs, 241 are teachers. 

School chancellor Michelle Rhee (above) commented, "Every child in a District of Columbia public school has a right to a highly effective teacher -- in every classroom of every school, of every neighborhood or every ward, in this city"

With the new IMPACT assessment, teachers are evaluated on on five classroom visits and their students' achievement. Opponents of this system say it has its flaws.

Washington Teacher's Union President George Parker said, "It is evident from this survey that our members agree that IMPACT is a flawed instrument with many loopholes." The union plans to challenge 81 of the teacher's terminations. 

The 2009-2010 school year was the first full year the IMPACT program was used for DCPS. The District also notified 737 employees that if their performance doesn't improve, they will also be terminated next year.

Call me crazy, but it doesn't seem that a mass firing of employees will fix the problems facing DC public schools.  Well, not that sole action at least...



If anyone wanted to see

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Pervaiz Iqbal's picture

dc- students are borderline

dc- students are borderline retard( for the type of education they get) no one wants to send their kids to public system - only charter- but then they want to complain when someone tries to clean up the system and hire teachers who can produce GOOD results from the students!! but most of the parents are products of DC education so I don't expect them to think rationally!! FOR REAL!! you can't expect knew results beating the same old horse- change up the system and the no reults teachers- stop just handing ot paychecks for poor results!! prince george and dc schools just pass anyone to get the kids out of their class!! If half of the people had to write ina complaint instead of just boycotting and yelling outside- we would have no issue
Anonymous's picture

Elizabeth is so fake- she's a

Elizabeth is so fake- she's a Republican that bashed Obama when he was running.
Anonymous's picture

I HATE her and of course the

I HATE her and of course the Refucklicans got at her to be sure she says something stupid but too bad for her she's dealing with an educated Negro that shuts shit down!!! Eat that Ass O!!!
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mnyuikfd's picture

Elizabeth support Sarah

Elizabeth support Sarah Palin...nuff said about her wacky azz. And why shouldn't the President appear on the View? They are a respectable show. Sasha and Malia are normal little girls who happen to live in the White House. So what their hair ain't perfect 24/7. Neither is any of ours or our kids. They're black, Get a grip. And who's kids are they going to baby sit? .... lol. Would love to know. Michelle Rhee is kicking ass in a school system that is one of the lowest achieving in the country. Do your job Michelle. I hate to say it...but it's true. They tried to label my grandaughter as learning disabled. WRONG! She is not in the Montgomery Country School system in Maryland and is doing 100% better than she was in the DC school system which would have rather not taken the time to deal with her. There are other stories I could tell. Great post Tasha!
Andi B.'s picture

oooops..."not should be now

oooops..."not should be now in the Montgomery....."
Andi B.'s picture

Luvs Obama-wherever he goes,

Luvs Obama-wherever he goes, whatever he does is always classy and logical. Now about that pic--WTF is Barbara Walter's dressed for? A hurricane?? And Sherri need not lose another pound. Her build is awkward as is-getting smaller only makes it worse.
Godiva's picture

Why should President Obama

Why should President Obama lower his standards and go on Fox News? They have never respected him nor his position as Commander and Chief. Their so-called cable news show, is highly unethical and biased. And their political stance is inflammatory and divisive to America.
Anonymous's picture

because FOX news tells the

because FOX news tells the truth, and nobody likes the truth, not even the president
Anonymous's picture

You must be a racist too.

You must be a racist too. Ignorant azz.
Anonymous's picture

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qwuiou's picture

is so easy to go and answer

is so easy to go and answer easy questions from those menopausal women...I would like him to go to Fox News.... that will be very exciting!!!
Anonymous's picture

Obama has already been on Fox

Obama has already been on Fox News and they were very disrespectful during the interview, I hope he never goes back on that network, they dont deserve to have any sitting President on there. The way they have done nothing but slander that man and spread lies and you are on here saying he should go on Fox News? GTFOH
AnonyMISS's picture

Co-Sign!! I remember the

Co-Sign!! I remember the interview he did with Bill O'Reily. I said to myself, I hope he never goes on FOX NEWS again.
Anonymous's picture

@Sherm, Yes, i'm serious!

@Sherm, Yes, i'm serious! Look at the last picture. I see kids in the hood whose hair looks way better than theirs. They are in the White House now, not Chicago! Michelle please call Jada and Will to get some tips from Willow.
andrea's picture

Girl, you didn't say tips

Girl, you didn't say tips from Willow did you? Cause frankly, she be looking a hot ass mess too, and Jaden. They have them out there trying to be "Fashion Icons" -Please, they are 9 and 11 years old....I don't think so. The Obama kids look like real kids. They look like your cousins would look. I think Michelle always has them looking age appropriate and adorable.
Bee Bee McGee's picture

Wyclef has President - hmmm

Wyclef has President - hmmm maybe - he could be the Mandela of Haiti however Mandela was a real revolutionist with some form of education - Wyclef needs some ump to become that figure. Don't do it Wyclef - it's more difficult than you may think. Don't burn in history.
Hibiscus Rose's picture

i think that its ok for the

i think that its ok for the president to make an appears on the view. He still has my approval. I think he's very trustworthy and if it was election time , he would get my vote. He's working hard to restore this economy and fix unemployment.
ms. lafayette louisianna's picture

I get so sick and tired of

I get so sick and tired of people expecting the President to fix Bush's mess overnight. Fixing the state of the economy is going to take years. Fall back republicans!!!
IfThisIsIt's picture

You are spot on Lafayette,

You are spot on Lafayette, all those agianst Obama are sour grapers who love stuff brought to them on a silver plate, let the man do his best.
melody's picture

oh, and I can not wait to see

oh, and I can not wait to see what Elizabeth has to say. I will be tuned in
IfThisIsIt's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Why would our president lower

Why would our president lower himself to go on a talkshow. Really Mr. President. You can do way better than this. Don't involve yourself with idle chatter about people who "think" they know what is going on in the world. Do better please. SMDH!!!!
Anonymous's picture

i don't usually write

i don't usually write derogative; but you're an idiot !!!! anywhere, anytime is appropiate to get his message out.... this is a smart move to reach out to their viewership- which is significant, IDIOT !!
minerva's picture

M.Rhee is & Mayor Anthony are

M.Rhee is & Mayor Anthony are both working together to get minorities out of DC. Michelle needs to worry about her man at home who is a child molester...Nasty!
Anonymous's picture

You mean mayor Adrian Fenty?

You mean mayor Adrian Fenty? Besides that I agree with your comment regarding pushing minorities (you mean Black people!) out of DC. It's ridiculous and Black people in the city are MAD at him!! I seriously doubt he gets re-elected. He is doing the white man's dirty work right now. And Michelle Rhee swears she knows what's best for DC public school kids because she is engaged to a black man. I find her extremely arrogant and the fact Fenty gives her free reign in her position (as a woman who has NEVER attended a public school or has any idea about those dynamics) disgusting. The majority of public school educated kids in DC are borderline retarded though...it's so sad. Education truly is the only way to improve your lot in life.
Sassy lady's picture

I think that's really cute.

I think that's really cute. They get to earn income babysitting. Making a good example out of the girls early on. ESSENCEOFSILK.com 100% silk pillowcases & hair wraps.
Essence of Silk's picture

As for Wyclef Jean, I respect

As for Wyclef Jean, I respect and admire everything he has done for Haiti. And I'm sure the Haitian people feel the same. I think he should continue with his rebuilding efforts for Haiti. I would not be surprised if he sought political office in the future, but not now. The focus should be on helping Haiti rebuild infrastructures and sustaining their economy.
Anonymous's picture

I really wish Obama had gone

I really wish Obama had gone to the some other show than the View, and seriously why does it need to be The View he uses to talk about issues, he can hold a press conference. And Tasha talking about history, that really isn't the type of history people should want to hear of. As a president in this economy he should have no time doing interviews especially for a show like The View.
Anonymous's picture

Wait let me get this straight

Wait let me get this straight he cannot do interviews, because of the state of the economy which is getting WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better!! Read what you wrote because you do NOT make ANY sense at all!! Do you know that interviews are a way that people SPREAD the KNOWLEDGE on what the heck is going on. I swear some black people "act" like they know what is going on, but are REALLY clueless about the current state of politics. Do you even know what was the latest bill passed on Capitol Hill, or what are the pending bills?
Bella's picture

LMBO so there are no other

LMBO so there are no other ways to do interviews without it being a Daytime Soap Opera like the View. And how are things getting better? Unemployment reached an all time low. You are talking about the Financial Reform Bill? Don't get too excited because it doesn't even address issues that put us in this recession like sub-prime loans, just one example. So why should I care if it is passed or not. I love how you described yourself when saying "some black people act like both don't know what is going on." Yeah that's you and unlike you I can see through the propaganda, while I like Obama it is obvious he is trying to reach a certain type of constituent.
Anonymous's picture

Let me address how the

Let me address how the situation is better since when he took office..because when he entered office the economy was shedding 700,000 jobs a month...we are now adding jobs. The unemployment rate is due to the situation he walked into not what he created. Unemployment is always a lagging indicator of a recovery. Our financial market, while it has its moments, has just about recovered...when he walked into office it was in free fall. According to economist our GDP is growing. While we still have a long way to go, we are in a slightly better situation then when he took office and in a way better situation then what could have happened had his administration not moved quick once taking office. As far as the financial reform bill...this country just went through almost 30 years of de-regulation with close to no reform so how are some of you going to complain when they pass a bill with reform? Some reform is a step better then none. This bill goes after derivatives which was a big reason why the banks were able to fraud the system on the home loans, it moves forward on taking commen sense steps to help begin regulating and trying to reign in the industry. There are new banking and credit reforms as well. There is only so much the government can do to help regulate the system when you still have a bunch of people in this country still trying to game it. While there will always be more work to be done, this is a nice start to try reigning in things. After 30 or so years of de-regulating and tappering around the edges and the previous decade of doing nothing but fighting war (the economy was completely lost), this country is in rebuilding mode and will take years (not a year in a half) to get back on track. So while you may not be satisfied with the progress, this President has done more then YOU to help get this country out of the mess this entire nation helped create and more in a year in a half then the previous administration did in 8 yrs. He has been working his @ss off and I will give him credit for that. And i'll give him respect for being man enough to stand up in this moment. The backseat driving from some people on the internet (especially those who have done nothing but sat on the sidelines watching the man all day) has gotten old. Disagree with the way he is trying to fix things, fine, but to act as if they have not been working as much as possible and the situation is worse off is intellectually dishonest. Also, Obama has done just about every interview there is at this point with every news station and some of the so called journalist are about on the same level as the women on the View so what difference would it make? They have been begging the man to come on since taking office, at least he was kind enough to fit them in his schedule. He is going there not to goof around but to update people on current events because he is probably tired of all the propaganda and wants to just set the record strait. Let the man live.
AnonyMISS's picture

Let's start with a very

Let's start with a very unintelligent statement you made. "Obama has done more for this country than You." Um yeah I guess you missed the fact that he is president and I am a college student. So epic fail on your part. Besides I am not the only one who disagrees with him appearing on The View here is a quote from Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell “I think the president should be accessible, should answer questions that aren't pre-screened, but I think there should be a little bit of dignity to the presidency,” He thinks the president should do more "serious" shows. Let's get to the juicy stuff. When one signs an $862 billion stimulus the economy will grow steadily, same thing happened when Bush did it how dis the economy turn out, yeah not so good. Just last week ber Bernake said that economic outlook was "unusually uncertain" and the Federal reserve might have to step in. Unemployment- yes it is a lagging indicator(great economic term) but that is only when trying to determine if a nation is in a recession, we already know we are therefore it is a leading indicator on our stance. While youa re focusing on his job creation, how about you look at that since he has been in office 4.4 million jobs have been lost. Divide that 18 months and factor in the stimulus bill yeah still not so good. And his 2011 budget contradicts his promise for job creation. We keep hearing of this job creation, however no one can out a pfinger on where it is and which employees are being saved however we know for a fact umemployment keeps going up. Lastly let me address the Bill. You said it attacks Derivatives then why is it that Chase the nations second largest bank will be able to invest an additional 40% of its cash. Meaning in htis economy that they probably won't have assets to cover their liabilities and once again gov't will have to bail them out. Something that even Volcker (Chairman of Obama's Economic Revisory Board) had warned us against. I voted for Obama because I fet he was the better candidate over McCain and I will do it again, but I am not blind to see that he is not doing what he said he would do. And it doesn't help matters that he is out there smiling everytime I turn my tv on. Doing shows that don't require one to use their intellect. He has to do better.
Anonymous's picture

Its "unintelligent" to speak

Its "unintelligent" to speak the truth to you? You are on here critisizing someone who is doing more then you. Thats truth. It gets old when people attack every single thing that man does (as simple as going on a tv show) when they have done nothing but stare at him. Gov Rendell was a staunch Hillary supporter and supported Obama holding his nose. I seen the interview you are talking about, and he came off as catty...when Rendell is President, he can go where ever he likes, untill then he should learn his place in life. These very same people didn't feel the need to dictate to other Presidents where they should go (like when Clinton went on the late night shows, Bush went on Oprah and Biden was just on the View a month ago or so) yet they feel its their place to dictate to Obama where he should go as if he is some 12 year old child? Some of these people cant get over the fact that this President is a different type of politician, young and is trying to bring new things to the office of the Presidency. There are people in this country and in Washington that never respected his Presidency anyways so he should do whatever he feels like doing. On to the "juicy stuff", Bush never signed a stimulus (he gave out stimulus checks towards the end of his Presidency though)..he did however sign into law a tax code with cuts for the top few percent that cost the country trillions of dollars that were unfounded and started two wars at the same time (first time in history any President gave that big of a tax cut in the mist of a war). The President along with everyone on his team have been cautious about this econonmy, this a situation this country has rarely been in, so Bernake wasn't saying anything new. Now lets move on to unemployment since you want to talk about jobs that have been lost, when he stepped into office we were losing 700,000 jobs a month and it was almost on average untill the end of last year...so are you basically blaming that job loss (which had nothing to do with his policies because he just stepped into office) on him? Come on now...people have said all along that the stimulus should have been bigger, when this President talked about jobs or what jobs it should save he was going by what top economist have informed them of. If you go to the CBO site, they point out specifics on job creation or which jobs have been saved. As far as the banks, once again, the Government can only do so much as far as reforms, if this country wants to continue to be greedy and ignorant then it is on them if those banks collapse again..I know all about the Volker rule, he also said that although the bill doesn't have everything he wants they should have still passed it because it is a step forward and needs it, as I said before they still have work to do. Lastly, no one is saying people have to go lock and step with this President, what I am saying is to suggest that he is not trying or working as hard as he can (with the little help he has had) is intellectually dishonest. Please understand that there are an average of people on this site that are college educated (myself included), its nothing new..you are not educated anyone. The man is putting forth the effort, and I will give him credit for it. You have your opinion and I wil stick by mine...this entire country needs to do better instead of just expecting one man to do the job for them.
AnonyMiss's picture

preach !!!!!!! very eloquent

preach !!!!!!! very eloquent
minerva's picture

If you listen carefully,

If you listen carefully, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin sound exactly the same. They attempt to portray themselves as politically astute, then after a few questions they begin to ramble and talk in generalities. And when they can't defend their position, they speak faster and get highly emotional.
Anonymous's picture

The only thing one has to do

The only thing one has to do to expose someone liek Elizabeth is be informed. If you ask her to get too far into a topic she freezes like a deer in headlights because all she knows is talking points. She would be smart not to phuck with Obama. I can appreciate different views but i cant stand liars and people who feel the need to slander a person just to get their point acrossed. Elizabeth has disrespected thsi President too many times and the View better be glad he even gave them the time of day. There was one time where she tried to call out the first lady (during the campaign) at a Republican dinner..she said something like Michelle requested not to talk about political topics when she was on the view then went on to say that Cindy McCain didn't do that because she has nothing to hide. Elizabeth is lucky she didn't get suspended (or worse) because it is supposed to be in their contracts that they are not allowed to disclose information about their guest. I cant stand desperate people like her.
AnonyMiss's picture

I'm sure Elizabeth Hasselback

I'm sure Elizabeth Hasselback is brimming with glee *sarcasm*. She's such a huge fan of the president. I would love to see Michelle Obama backhand her one good time.
Sherm's picture

Can't wait to see the View. I

Can't wait to see the View. I have a hard time watching Elizabeth rant, rave, and randomly interrupt people as it is...she'll be foaming at the mouth like a rabbid pitbull come Thursday. The Obama girls babysitting..very good way to teach responsibilty and how to care about others. Wyclef for Prez...I think the history of Haiti shows that it is a nation with some very special needs, and great leadership is not based on popular opinion. I know Clef loves his people and Haiti but maybe he should consider helping in another way(he's been doing lots of work and should build on that).
Tatum Moss's picture

Can the Obama's hire someone

Can the Obama's hire someone to do their kids hair. Their hair always look so raggedy when you see them in pictures. Michelle! please use some of that JCrew money and hire a beautician to do your girls hair. I'm so sick of these celebs not taking care of their kids.
andrea's picture

'Not taking care of their

'Not taking care of their kids'? Are you serious? First of all, the girls' hair looks fine. Secondly, if the Obama girls aren't being taken care of, then nobody is.
Sherm's picture

Oh please! It's nothing

Oh please! It's nothing wrong with those girls hair. They are very pretty young ladies.
Anonymous's picture

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jthzwbw's picture

I just love president Obama

I just love president Obama he really is very rational and realistic ...love ya Mr P........ and as for Wyclef...brah take a sit...I knew something was funny about you popping up everywhere for random Haiti fundraisers....something about this guy just IRKS ME.!!!!!!!
Najee's Girl's picture

I really don't have an issue

I really don't have an issue with Michelle firing all these teachers but lets be real school literally starts in a month, how is she going to replace all these teachers in such short notice??? Especially when the DCPS has a hiring freeze and when applying you have to go through training and background checks. I think it would have been smarter to have fired them slowly towards the end of the school year and start hiring new teachers then. I completely understand why parents in the district are pulling their kids out and putting them in Charter's or bussing them to Maryland schools. Great idea but wrong time s/n didn't she fire them before end then re-hire them all back? Michelle please make up your mind.
The REAL Better's picture

the president needs to get

the president needs to get back to work, what he want to be an entertainer or the president? cant do both!!! wake up people!!! just cause he black doesnt mean he is doing a good job, and rite now he is not!!! wake up people!!!
Anonymous's picture

I hate when people say "wake

I hate when people say "wake up" as if you know more then we do or just because you might be a Republican people cant support this President. He's the President of this country and the View has been begging him to come on and he was nice enough to do so when he had an hour to spare. You folks kill me acting as if that man hasn't been working his @ss off for this country. Have you?? Im tired of all this nonsense. Its sad where we have gotten to a point in this country where a President cant even go on a talk show without getting judged or ridiculed. Get a grip already.
Anon02's picture

Thanks, very well put!!!!

Thanks, very well put!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Please humor me explain why

Please humor me explain why he isn't doing a good job or the best job possible, considering the economy is in a mess because of bush's a$$?
JMO's picture

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