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MUSIC FAB: Lil Wayne Raps Carter IV Over Phone + Video of Lauryn Hill's Performance + Nelly's Show Drama


Drake got a preview of Lil Wayne's 'The Carter IV' over the phone. Find out what he had to say about it plus Nelly's Missouri concert in trouble and video of Lauryn Hill's concert performance in Rwanda when you read on...




The last time Lil Wayne rapped over the telephone, his rhymes were added as a remix to Drake's 'Light Up'. Now, Weezy gave Drake a preview of his upcoming Carter IV. 



Drake says, " He called me the other day from jail and rapped me two verses, man." Apparently, the verses affected Drake. The rapper continued saying, "It really made me, like, 'I gotta do something different. I gotta get sh-- together,' because he's really got bars and he's rapping from a broader life perspective, saying these things people love to hear."


Drake also says he will definitely be featured on Lil Wayne's new album. Since Weezy's gone till November, I'm sure he has plenty of time to work on his rhymes.



The first rap show to ever happen in Branson, Missouri has run into some problems. Concert promoter Paul Dunn wanted to have a concert featuring Nelly in the parking lot of The Grand Palace. The parking lot can hold 6,000 people  and the building has space for 4,000 inside. 


The city planning director denied the application for several reasons including noise, parking, and crowd control. However, Dunn began to promote the concert before the application was submitted. About 3,000 tickets have already been sold.  He is appealing the denied request and the concert is expected to bring in $500,000 for the resort city. Branson is about four hours from Nelly's home in St. Louis. 


And a few days ago we broke Lauryn Hill's new song 'Repercussions'. Here's a clip of her performance in Rwanda at the FESPAD festival. 






 I wonder if she'll perform her new song at the upcoming Rock The Bells tour???



Guess and Thinks the

Guess and Thinks the Lil-wayne Album is going to be something that the world would like.
Britz Wazil's picture

Loves lauryn hill and

Loves lauryn hill and hopefully she'll come back foreal this time
Anonymous's picture

And while you're imitating Al

And while you're imitating Al Capone, [she'll] be Nina Simone, and defecating on your microphone..... loves me some L Boogie! Natural, pure, and everlasting talent.
Poison Ivy's picture

lol at Drake saying he really

lol at Drake saying he really got Bars...he shoulda followed that with no pun intended
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awghaerg's picture

Why cant Wayne just stay away

Why cant Wayne just stay away for a while, all the "its like i never left" is irritating all the pre-made videos and whatnot. UGH. I dont even dislike Wayne but his struggle to stay relevant is getting old. Take your break and come back bangin when you get out.
Lovey's picture

Go ahead then L-boogie, love

Go ahead then L-boogie, love your outfit here too....loves it!!!!
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jthzwbwsxads's picture

did nelly & company really

did nelly & company really think branson,mo. was gonna allow 6,000 blacks on its premises?!? not 600, 6,000- definitely not 10,000 all at the same time- for no reason; not even money! this had to be a joke! at this time you can't even go to a club in downtown stl without somebody getting shot during a drive-by..... nah; branson ain't having it
minerva's picture

L Boogieeeeeee!!!! One of the

L Boogieeeeeee!!!! One of the dopest to ever do. And still got so much more to give. I love real music!!!
Anonymous's picture

I don't live far from

I don't live far from Branson, Mo and let me just say C'mon SON!!! The Nelly concert will NOT happen, that town is like Jackson, Mississippi.....lol (if you know what i mean)
Ms-Kswiss's picture

lovin lauryn, her music has

lovin lauryn, her music has so much energy and empowering.....
ladyk's picture

Love you Lauryn!

Love you Lauryn!
SaiSai's picture

Lauryn Hill is irrelevant.

Lauryn Hill is irrelevant. You people keep holding her to the standard of 10 YEARS AGO. How talented can she be if she can ONLY perform the same songs from 10 YEARS AGO. Let it go she USED to be talented like Whitney Houston.
Anonymous's picture

I'm bored so I'll feed the

I'm bored so I'll feed the troll. I guess Sade is also irrelevant and WAS talented 10 years ago? Please take yourself to the billboard website, look up Sade and tell me where her last album peaked at (how much it sold etc), and the gap she took between her albums. Unless everyone over 25 dies tomorrow the likes of L Boogie, Sade and Maxwell will be relevant and sell records.
SaiSai's picture

DEAD@ "feed the troll!"

DEAD@ "feed the troll!"
Extravaganza Eleganza!'s picture

Thank you for that. Exactly.

Thank you for that. Exactly. Lauryn, Sade, and Maxwell make REAL MUSIC and that will always be relevant to almost twenty eight year old me. I must say, we could use more MUSIC these days.
Marine Wife's picture

LOL thank you - I almost slap

LOL thank you - I almost slap the silly b*tch through the computer -- lol.
Hibiscus Rose's picture

Love Weezy....its obvious

Love Weezy....its obvious Drake has a lot of respect for him...they almost sound alike
Anonymous's picture

Forget Lil Wayne, Drake, and

Forget Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nelly Lauryn Hill's rhymes will annihilate them all if she was to get in a freestyle battle with all of them that girl has talent and she is one of the best rappers out there. Lil Wayne is and over hyped faggot and Drake looks like he's been on his dick one too many times in those pics.
Friday Foster's picture

i love love love miss

i love love love miss hill!!!!!!!!! Hope she is coming back to stay!
M1zz Char's picture

How tall is Drake? Just

How tall is Drake? Just curious.
cosmanot's picture

I think Aubrey is supposed to

I think Aubrey is supposed to be 6' or so. Lil' goblin has to be 5'6" MAX.
SaiSai's picture

But why you had to go and

But why you had to go and call ol' boy Aubrey, though? I know that's his name and everything but DAMN, L-M-A-O! You got him out here looking extra corny! Not that he really needed your help....I'm just sayin'.
Extravaganza Eleganza!'s picture

Lauren please dont get us

Lauren please dont get us excited and then you dont come back. If you read this blog, please know that me and every one of my friends and family will be out their getting your CD. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU
Anonymous's picture

my sentiments exactly LOL

my sentiments exactly LOL
leesh's picture

where is the video?

where is the video?
Tatum Moss's picture

Lauryn sounds GREAT! Her

Lauryn sounds GREAT! Her style is so unique and original.
Gabrielle's picture

Lauryn is stuntin' on em with

Lauryn is stuntin' on em with that style! Never seen b4 and loved...*Claps* www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture


L.A. Lady, E.T. DFL021478's picture

Beutiful people of Rwanda!

Beutiful people of Rwanda! Love Lauryn
Porky Pig Eubanks's picture

lauryn in So BLACK.. she is

lauryn in So BLACK.. she is Africa .. she is Us. man she is about to come back.
Anonymous's picture

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Love Lauryn Hill. Check out ladylikestore.com Brand New Arrivals and sign up to receive exculsive new products and sales be the first to know...
Anonymous's picture

Yay Lauren!! Idk what yall

Yay Lauren!! Idk what yall say, if I see anyone of them mofo's in that 4th pic, I'm crossing the street
Anonymous's picture

SOOOOOO glad to see L-Boogie

SOOOOOO glad to see L-Boogie coming back - YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED MAMA!!! I understand and respect that she needed to step back and take care of herself but true talent refuses to stay hidden forever!!!
msgonzo10's picture

lauryn sounds great.. i am

lauryn sounds great.. i am predicting an album within the next two years. SHE is back.. all them silly beefs between Nicki, Kim and Foxy are dead.. with just a cough on them microphone from LBoogie!
Anonymous's picture

Wow, voice is still on point!

Wow, voice is still on point! Love me some Lauryn.....:)
Anonymous's picture

Loves me some Lauryn Hill!!

Loves me some Lauryn Hill!! Sing girl!!
Anonymous's picture

Very excited for a comeback.

Very excited for a comeback. That voice is unbelievable!
tellthetruth's picture

Lauren My

Lauren My baby,,,,YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY( claping my hands together) Finaly real music on the come back...Welcome back Mrs Hill :)
Anonymous's picture

Lauryn is making me

Lauryn is making me feel........ EXCITED! I love her style and MUSIC. I have her unplugged on CONSTANT rotation it's so REAL! She needs to come back and I agree this is how it's done.


no ID's picture

Love me some Lauryn Hill!

Love me some Lauryn Hill!
miss infamous's picture


Yas's picture

Weezy's rappin over the

Weezy's rappin over the phone... Man...that must be hard on him to have practically taken away his right to rap even behind bars. Let us pray for him. ESSENCEOFSILK.com 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair scarves & more...
Essence of Silk's picture

now this is how you do a

now this is how you do a comeback. Lauryn looks good and sounds on point.
Carolina's picture

drake is always in awe of

drake is always in awe of wayne..its kinda scary how much idolatry he has for him...
myMAMAsaid's picture

Yea, maybe he see's something

Yea, maybe he see's something we don't because he's just another nigga to me, getting woman pregnant and high all the damn time. Probably because Wayne put him on....that's probably all it is.
Chelsey M.'s picture

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