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FIRST LOOK: Flicks From 'The Montana Fishburne Sex Tape'

We have the stills from the as-yet-untitled sex tape starring Montana Fishburne, the daughter of veteran actor Laurence Fishburne.  Produced by Vivid Entertainment, this tape is supposed to make Montana the NEXT Kim Kardashian

I don't see it....but maybe you will when you read on...


Here she is...

Hitting shelves and the Internet in August...how much do you care?  Do we see a reality show in her future?

Pics via TMZ



My heart goes out to Laurence

My heart goes out to Laurence Fishburn. As a parent, this has to be devastating for him. No one has the dream that their little girl will be acting in porno films, whatever kind of parent he or she was. The fact that she is grown means nothing when your heart is broken. He will always be her dad no matter how old she is. Children with every good example in the world make stupid decisions. We have choices.
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there's something wrong with

there's something wrong with her nose....whatever happened to beating your damn kids? my mother was a single parent, but she would smack the crap out of us in a hot second. kids are waaaayyy tooo spoiled!! by the time there close to being legal, nothing is new except for crap like this!! she needs a damn wooping. I'm an adult and I wouldn't even think of cursing in front of my mom!!
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She is to pretty to be doing

She is to pretty to be doing this but at the same time she is at that age where you are going to make mistakes hopefully she will be able to bounce back from this because I really don't see how this is going to help her career!
Erika smothers's picture

She's pretty and sex is

She's pretty and sex is natural, I don't see the big deal, there are too many prudes in America, give me a break...
Beth Mahoney's picture

The fact that she's grown

The fact that she's grown doesn't mean something didn't go wrong at home. I know many teens that grew up in dysfunctional homes with absentee parents. The moment the kid turns 18 or 19 and gets involved in some questionable activity. The parents hide behind the fact that their children are grown, even though they know their lack of parenting and boundaries have much to do with their rebellion. Just like Lindsey Lohan and Drew Barrymore. I saw LIndsay Lohans mom on television about a year ago, when everyone was blaming her for her daughter's drug and alcohol problem, she ran right to that old excuse to protect herself. Ahh.. she's an adult now, I can't control her. Convenient excuse after the damage is done and the parents are no longer legally responsible, even though they let their child run wild, without parental supervision and no boundaries during their adolescent years.
Anonymous's picture

I'm sorry but the difference

I'm sorry but the difference between this girl and the Lindsay's of the world is that we have never heard a PEEP of negativity where she is concerned. Past photos of her appearing in public had her dressed head to toe with no indication of this kind of future. The same can not be said for Drew Barrymore or Lindsay. We saw the train wrecks unfolding from a very young age. Drew caught herself though. We haven't lived with them so we can't say that it's her dad's fault. What if she lived with her mother? Shouldn't we blame her mom then?
Sandy's picture

I never said it was the

I never said it was the mother or father's fault. What I did say, is that we don't know what type of home or relationship she has with her parents. Many are assuming because her father is a famous actor and rich, that her home life must have been peaches and cream. That we don't know. It's not about blaming nor excusing. I was just giving examples of how parents, whether their celebrites or not can sometimes use a childs age as a mask for their inadequacies as a parent.
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She's such a pretty girl..why

She's such a pretty girl..why is she doing this..what the hell happened to her...God bless her, hopefully she'll come to her senses...white girls can be the biggest sluts and get famous for it, hence..Kim K, and that dumb hoe Paris Hilton. Black girls cannot get away with it, we are judged by different standards..... they are going to eat her alive. This makes me so very sad......
Anonymous's picture

Umm hey Kim K is not white.

Umm hey Kim K is not white. her father is not white. So sotop trying to make it a race thing. You dont think black girls do porno? I will show you about 100000000000 of them. I cant wait to see this bitch beg for the dick. If she wanted to go anywhere though she should of made it with a white guy. She would be famous intantly. Nobody is gona wana watch her fuck a no name black guy. The rason why kim K and paris tapes are popualr is because they are banging people that people know, maybe not celebs but we heard of them
DanielCarver's picture

I HOPE that she doesn't think

I HOPE that she doesn't think that this will help her career in ANY way. The obvious difference is the fact that Kim Kardashian was unaware that a sextape would be leaked. This girl is just blatantly setting this show up to be viewed. No matter if she is a separate entity from her father, to me this still effects his career. You know that every time someone sees Laurence Fishburne they gonna think about his hot a$$ daughter! Ugh...
Hate disrespectful kids's picture

Her nostrils are VERY

Her nostrils are VERY lopsided!!!
Anonymous's picture

You know what? I say,

You know what? I say, whatever. No one would talk about it if she did not have a famous father - which implies a life of wealth and access. The fact is, you can do everything right as a parent, but when your child is grown, they can make all sorts of dumb mistakes for which you are not responsible. So, to those who ask, "where is her father" my answer is simple - he's exactly where he needs to be, and she's doing exactly what she wants to do.
Sandy's picture

Shes a beautiful girl, I hope

Shes a beautiful girl, I hope she changes her mind and gets out of the porn world... I wonder why good ole Larry hasn't said anything yet, or has he??
Anonymous's picture

i just want to know WHYYY

i just want to know WHYYY
arev's picture

dats wat i'm sayin

dats wat i'm sayin
Memii's picture

Maybe her parents don't feed

Maybe her parents don't feed her or she needs money to finance a drug habit...I mean, there's no other explanation to this foolishness.
Godiva's picture

Maybe her parents don't feed

Maybe her parents don't feed her or she needs money to finance a drug habit...I mean, there's no other explanation.
Godiva's picture

What is her nose doing? Look

What is her nose doing? Look like it's melting off her face. She should have had her dad fix that shit before she pissed him off. But anyway, this is gonna backfire something horrible. Hate to say it, but this day 2 years from now she'll be suicidal and walking the streets talking to herself like the Mai chic. this will end badly.
jecca111's picture

I think she had a cleft

I think she had a cleft palate when she was born. That's usually the end result once it's fixed. I could be wrong though.
Anonymous's picture

I was wondering what was up

I was wondering what was up with the nose....smh
Anonymous's picture

she's puslating and tingling

she's puslating and tingling
Anonymous's picture

She looks like a grown

She looks like a grown version of Keke Palmer... soo pretty but soo sad that out of all the opportunities at her fingertips she chooses this shady industry. Kim K is known for having a private tape leaked... but She (montana) is gonna be known for being a dirty ole porn star who could of been something greater. Sometimes all you have in life is your Reputation and Dignity and she just gave them both up for no reason... damn shame.
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MissMonique03's picture

Being sold, and raped, and

Being sold, and raped, and forced to do something isnt the same as Black American, (not africans) who willing degrade themselves. And its not a black thing. Yes in african countries there is corruption, and some middle eastern country they kill women for acting like this and that is also wrong, but this, this whole situation is an american thing. you guys are the ones who embrace these people, thats why they keep doing it, cuz they do become famous for it. if you look at wiki kim k's page says "she gained fame for her sex tape with ex ray j" so there is a reason she is doing this.
Anonymous's picture

WHAT??? this isnt about race

WHAT??? this isnt about race this is about just bein nasty
Jnony's picture

Here is why she`ll never be

Here is why she`ll never be Kim Kardashian 1 ) She is not plastic enough 2 ) She is actually doing porn and not acting like the sex tape was leaked on accident so she can still pretend to be a good girl and save face , because god forbid any woman like being taped 3 ) she is not / does not identify as white . White woman are allowed to own their sexuality and be sexual and still demand respect , black woman have not been able to because we live in a fcked up soceity where people like Kim can be known in the first place . It`s sad really because I think she is actually really pretty and she has so much connections and money with who her father is to be wasting time doing this, all to just be famous when her father already helped get her foot through the door . You can`t blame her parents, she`s grown and she`ll do as she pleases
The Truth's picture

1. ok 2. everybody knows

1. ok 2. everybody knows women like to be taped. Since the creation of the computer mounted webcam everyman and his wife/gf has a personal homemade porn collection. Its the screwing random dudes on tape and selling it that society frowns on. 3. im not sure, white porn stars dont cross over either. Jenna Jamieson was the only one close from last generation and Sasha Grey (who is kinda tight) from "GFE" but no major pics yet may have a chance. like you say, with kim theres a big difference between making a tape with your man and selling a tape with just about any man. thats the same rule black or white. Paris Hilton was already rich but she made tapes with her man and leaked them bc she wanted notoriety. Thats very diffrnt than being a pornstar.
Jnony's picture

To be honest with you the

To be honest with you the only reason we pay much attention to this craziness is because of the status of her pops. What about these chicks thats doin the same ish whos parents aren't in movies or what not. I mean don't get me wrong its sad but it is what it is.
Anonymous's picture

why her nostrils look

why her nostrils look lopsided hahaha
Soleil's picture

Girl needs to be slapped

Girl needs to be slapped upside the head....
Zassy's picture

She needs to realize her

She needs to realize her genuine beauty, the beauty within her! I'm so saddened for her!
Allure1113's picture

She's a cute girl BUT what

She's a cute girl BUT what she fails to realize is that the porn industry is racist and DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BLACK BITCHES OR BLACK PORN........poor thang...... smh!
Ta-Ta-Licious's picture

wuts with her

wuts with her nose??.................... oh and whatever someone does with THIER pussy is none of YOUR business. if you would never do it thats YOUR business if she wants to its HERS. know YOUR self worth and realize its not a perfect world and there will forever be strippers/whores/prostitutes and so on so just respect ppl for the hustle and go about YOUR business
Anonymous's picture

she could've been anything

she could've been anything with the capitol her dad has and she chooses to be a whore, be smart start your own entertainment company dnt make someone elses BOOM of your daddys last name.....dumb ass
DadeCountyDime's picture

by this site even shading any

by this site even shading any light on this chick and her motivates only puts in her mind and others that she can get her name out there and try to make moves with it cause she is being talked about and thats all you need now and days. smh at theybf.com for put this chick on here.. and i feel sorry for the young ones reading this site.. let stick to the positive stuff!!
jamz00's picture

How could you do this to your

How could you do this to your own parents?! No parents are perfect, my parents are muslim and are extremly strict but I would never ever do this to my own family, how humuliating, where is self respect and self worth gone? I swear to you some of these kids in the western world need to be put on a plane and sent to africa or palestine! Fu$king bimbo, there are women getting beaten, raped, forced to get married and become a man's maid in different cultures and in different parts of the world(happens in the u.k and probably in the u.s too), and you are a successful actor's daughter and you make a porn movie?! you stupid low self esteemed fool, you deserve everthing you get. People don't appreciate the life they have, thats why they end up always seeking for attention. Yes we see Naomi kate moss naked but its done in artsy way, they are respected supermodels, this chick could have become an actor or even released a s$x tape and said it got 'leaked', how dumb can one get? It makes me angry that someone who has so many opportunities does this to herself, while we have human beings in afrca, india only having one meal a day and walking miles for water. I feel sorry for her parents
lambdahling's picture

So sad n disgusting like

So sad n disgusting like seriously why would u do this n ur father is a known actor.. I wouldnt do it out of respect meaning she has no respect for her pops..
Dash2bklyn's picture

smh..once again

smh..once again
Miss GQ's picture

What I want to know is -

What I want to know is - where the heck is Laurence Fishburne when all of this ish is going down?
zappy's picture

She is ruining HER life. Not

She is ruining HER life. Not her father's.
Anonymous's picture

it affects both. she doesnt

it affects both. she doesnt exist in a vacuum. how people see her father has put money in the bank and food on her table and roof over her head for her entire life basically. She degrades herself, she embarrasses him. cold
wow's picture

@Yall Where is the

@Yall Where is the difference? you just have to click to see their pu$$ys ..and these girls are famous and are living the life.Why not Montana? Rihanna herself says that she want to be a role model during her Diane Sawyer interview.This is it !! Stop hatin on the b*tch ,she is an human being just like all the stars out there.Why can the celebrities can get a pass because they're or were celeb before. I am just prayin for her,hope that she doesnt get a STD or worst !!
Mamma Mia -Where is the 'Put in a love Song' video?'s picture

@ mamma mia-I agree with you,

@ mamma mia-I agree with you, thats probably why these girls think its cool to have naked pics,my neighbour found her 16 year old daughter's naked pics on her computer, why does the 16 year old think its normal thing to do? I am glad I don't have kids right now but what are we going to do? Kids in the western world are obsessed with celeb culture
lambdahling's picture

Just a few observations: many

Just a few observations: many of which may have been made. 1)Damn Lawrence has got some hellafied genes cause it looks like he spit homegirl out. 2)Its sad that with all the positive black women out here this "hoe" wants to look up to and pattern herself after a thirsty chick who is famous for what? --havin a butt like a sista, screwin corny ass Ray J on cam. and tryin her damndest to be famous.... and finally ,3) though our world is changing one thing remains true black girls can't do what a white girl does and get the same outcome....Paris hilton , and Kim Kardashian, and Kendra (to name a few) all appeared on film gettin there freak on but it hasn't hurt em...they've all gotten reality shows, commercials, and a few minutes of fame......name one black female celeb that has managed to do the same.....you'll be labeled a slut, whore, and a disappointment to your family way before you are labeld a "star" DO BETTER GIRL------you're sad!!!
Ms Bonita's picture

Definitely co-sign and repeat

Definitely co-sign and repeat your thoughts... when it comes to sexuality, black women can't do what white women do and receive the same reaction or outcome. Whereas a white woman will be viewed as vulnerable and just making poor decisions due to her youth, a black woman will be viewed as a whore or slut without any pause. That's the society we live in.
Anonymous's picture

really sad :( smdh

really sad :( smdh
MeLinda's picture

@ mrth1ck007 does'nt say

@ mrth1ck007 does'nt say anything about other black women. that was an individual choice she made. a stupid one at that, but it has nothing to do with all black women, you made such a generalized statement.
Anonymous's picture

As Chris Rock put it, your

As Chris Rock put it, your only job as a father is to keep your daughter off the pole. FAIL Laurence, EPIC FAIL!! It's really a shame who we look up to in society. Her parents have the money to send her to any school she can get into, fund any business venture she can dream and she seeks out what career? Porn, the refuge of runaways. Montana is grown though so if it's what she wants. Seriously I'm at least happy that she's being honest and not claiming her computer was hacked or tape stolen like Kim K., Paris Hilton and many others. I almost wish her success, but then I gag on the words.
Twilightey's picture

smh/wmf I wish she had the

smh/wmf I wish she had the decency and shame to lie and say somebody hacked her computer. I wish. cuz now she just look nasty. I wish her to go to school...or somethin
wow's picture

black women can not do the

black women can not do the same things white women do and still hold some measure of respect for themselves. this society already have a negative view about black women. another one of those double standards. unfair but true.
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