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EVENING CANDIDS: "DC Housewives" + Amber Rose + "Socialite" Genevieve Jones

The "Real Housewives of DC" premiere is hitting your tv screens on Thursday.  And the cast was spotted out in NYC today as they made their tv rounds to shows like "The View".


We got pics of them and others when you read on...

Bravo sent over the pre-screening of the first episode of "Real Housewives of DC".  And I must say, I'm not all that impressed. Maybe it'll get more interesting, since the trailer for the rest of the season shows YBF cast member Stacie popping off on some of these chicks about their racist antics.


And surprisingly, after seeing episode 1, I gotta agree with her.  Most of these chicks will just get under your skin because of their ignorance.  And another cast member will def offer up a surprise as her boo will remind of you of Djimon Hounsou.  Interesting....


Elsewhere in NYC, "socialite" Genevieve Jones was spotted grabbing lunch at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village with a friend today:


And Amber Rose was back to work today....on Miami Beach:

She was spotted heading out to the Beach walkway after Twitpic'ing her and her new puppy she just bought.  Rough day at work...

Pics via SPLASH/Bauer Griffin



I just wanted to say that i

I just wanted to say that i hate all of you who don't know who genny jones is. You all make me itch. Sounding like slaves in the underground railroad whispering among themselves. so gross, so sad. YUCK!
80% of You people make me itch's picture

What a Stupid and

What a Stupid and Uninteresting comment. Try Again!
Yeah What!'s picture

Check this ET Online Article

Check this ET Online Article on Whoopi and the Salahi woman, no love lost here: http://www.etonline.com/news/2010/08/89836/index.html
In Canada's picture

Anyone who doesn't know is

Anyone who doesn't know is G.Jones is only visits urban/black websites which is fine but don't knock the next person because YOU don't know who she is. Espand your horizons dolls.
Eryn's picture

Oh Please----Why don't you

Oh Please----Why don't you and your girl "G-Jones" get back to your jobs at sucking Dicks!
Yeah What!'s picture

I would do anything Amber

I would do anything Amber asked me to do. Absolutely anything. Love this woman.
Chilover15's picture

stop posting pics of

stop posting pics of AMBER...SHE IS NOT FAMOUS PEOPLE...she has not done anything except sleep with Kanye and grab a sleezy modeling contract. Do better Tasha.
makeup's picture

Just like I initially stated,

Just like I initially stated, Natasha is evil.. She would not even be receiving this many hits if Bossip would not have flipped their script. Funny how evil people gravitate to each other.. Everybody knows how Amber gets down she has not done anything admirable but frisked girls and flaunted around half nekkid and thats who Natasha chooses to put on a daily pedistal. I guess if you are fat, less that attract and possibly bisexual Amber would be the infamous chick to look up to. But this is not about Ambers lack of decency but Natasha recklessness and dividing ways. Naomie Lenoir is an accomplished model, everyone knows about her misfortune a few months ago, if they did not Natasha told them yesterday and again today. Is that neccesary.. Why pick at someone who is fragile. I checked Concreteloop and even Bossip and they did not even bring up her past. Then the way she projected the story of Swiss beats like he abandoned Alicia when the picture was old and then put up a picture of him posing with a fan as the headline picture. This chick is evil and anyone that condone her foolishness is evil and in the dark as well. She can keep throwing Amber up here the chick can't make me look bad. I been chillin On Miami Beach and I did not have to strip, or sex no man or woman to get there. What's Miami anyway.. Let me see the chick in Italy on a beach or even Mexico then she might be pushin the envelope until then Natasha venemous self can stand down. She just as guilty as Brian Plummer exploiting Montana for numbers. Natasha don't care, she fat and unhappy hiding behind this blog. That's why people on here are always attacking each other. It starts from the head down. If the owner is not promoting unity and goodness what can we expect of her constituents. God deliver.. Natasha aint right she ugly on the inside and out.
LOVE365's picture

ummm, Bossip is the devil and

ummm, Bossip is the devil and king of divisive blogs. Stopped going there quite a while ago, and so far, ybf is the only close to suitable replacement.
Anonymous's picture

amber is the shit

amber is the shit
Mamma Mia's picture

Genevieve always reminded me

Genevieve always reminded me of coked-out Chili. Just really small and never quite all the way put together. As for Amber Rose, are we ever going to let her fade to black like all of Kanye's other ex-girlfriends have? I still don't get it. How is this RHODC with only one African American woman, I keep wondering? Having been born and raised in this area, this doesn't even come close to depicting the reality of the cultural makeup here. I don't even see this many white women on the daily after 7pm! This is one of the few places where I think all ethnic groups are well represented in every socioeconomic strata. If nothing else, there is definitely more than one African American woman who is educated and monied, and either running home based businesses or not working at all, in this area. Now if this is the RHO Northern Virginia, Bethesda/Chevy Chase, , etc., then that clears that up. But call it what it is. I guess the first episode should answer these questions and more.
MsDonnaGirl's picture

Took the words right out of

Took the words right out of my mouth. That chick Genevieve damn sure looks like a broke down Chilli.....
DCchica's picture

SIGH!! G Jones you need a

SIGH!! G Jones you need a triple bacon cheeseburger in your life STAT! Its ok now to have some meat on your skin...not bones. Sheesh. Ok. Im done. Have a great day.
huh?'s picture

I'll admit I watch most of

I'll admit I watch most of the Real Housewives shows: they're a guilty pleasure of mine and I like to make fun of their nonsense. But I rarely watch the New Jersey wives, cuz they're ignorant as all hell--yet its acceptable cuz their white: and I REFUSE to watch the Washington wives because they're featuring that bitch who illegally gained entry to Obama's state dinner. It wasn't funny: it was tacky, childish, and arrogant. One of Obama's key black *female* advisors--his (former) head of security lost her job behind that b.s. I don't know who Genevieve Jones is nor do I care--but if the rumors are true that she's sloring around with white men to make her money that's just one more reason for me NOT to watch that show.
Godiva's picture

CO-SIGN 100%. I refuse to

CO-SIGN 100%. I refuse to watch this RHODC trash especialy for that reason. I can't believe they would feature the classless Salahis. The other issue, which others have pointed out, is they have ONE Black housewife in DC? None of these other broads are even from DC or have lived there for any kind of time. They just moved to DC for the show...how much sense does that make? And they seem really racist and ignorant....ugh
Sassy Lady's picture


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babygirl's picture

That is so

That is so nice. http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/
Pervaiz Iqbal's picture

i feel so sorry for Amber,

i feel so sorry for Amber, nothin she does will ever make people consider giving her a second chance.
boo's picture

Genevieve Jones likes WHITES

Genevieve Jones likes WHITES only so let her continue to be a HO and sleep around for money and jobs. She is ugly and if you don't know who she is..............don't worry, she isn't anyone special. Trust me!
Isaidit's picture

More WHITE bimbo's and one

More WHITE bimbo's and one sista. Oh well, let thos white ho's continue to make fools of themselves. ATL's and NY are the best.
Isaidit's picture

Think before you type. You

Think before you type. You sound like an ignorant fool.
Kay See's picture

I guess you missed it, but

I guess you missed it, but stay tuned tomorrow because Whoopi walked off of the set of The View today because of that Salahi woman.
Anonymous's picture

Amber Rose has OFFICIALLY

Amber Rose has OFFICIALLY become the #1 Stripper Come-Up Of the Decade!!! Got to give her props..she put that pussy on Kanye and hooked up 1 "modeling" job after the next!!!! Genevive Jones is an interior designer...I read in Uptown Magazine like 2 years ago...but have yet to see any tangible design work!!!
NYSouthernOrchid's picture

The reason you don't see

The reason you don't see Genevieve "hobnobbing" with the rich and famous because you don't visit the websites that she's featured on. If you're not into culture you won't see her and one doesn't have to be a entertainer/sports player in order to be influential or as you say famous to be recognizable.
Anonymous's picture

Genevieve Jones is a

Genevieve Jones is a socialite than Amber Rose is a socialite. They are the same except Amber dates entertainers while Genevieve dates hedge fund managers.
Pretty Paige's picture

i'm sorry, but who is this

i'm sorry, but who is this Genevieve Jones chic??
Anonymous's picture

Well I Like Genevieve! I

Well I Like Genevieve! I love her dress style and the fact that she KNOWS how to pull those Rich White Men!.....Get it Girl.........lol
Star 's picture

please stop with the amber

please stop with the amber post. she is not a celebrity. can anyone tell me what she has done to get this amount of attention besides dating kanye. does anyone even know what her voice sounds like? there are so many other real ybf celebrities that could be showcased. geez! enough already!!!
kec's picture

That for sharing

That for sharing it. http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/ http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/ http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/
pervaiz iqbal's picture

forgive me for talking about

forgive me for talking about the only black lady on the show, but she looks old and dry.... she couldn't get a little makeover or something.....
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aerhserhsehr's picture

i never heard of genevieve

i never heard of genevieve jones i dont care about reality shows and amber looks bad..make up is her friend
Opioniated's picture

Silly rabbits.. Black and

Silly rabbits.. Black and socialite do not go together. First of all, let's keep it real New York socials are made up of old.old. Old ass money. Like Vanderbilt and Rockerfeller money, its a very exclusive group that prides themselves on being extremly WASPY, hell their even reluctant in letting Jews in their inner circle, and their Big money! So what makes you think their gonna let a black woman from the south in??? Even if her fam comes from money, its not the color green they're worried about. they probably laugh behind her back, poor thang. I hate seeing blacks trying to get in where they CLEARLY don't fit in.
torontostaar's picture

I'm assuming that is why

I'm assuming that is why socialite was in quotations.
OhSoHaute's picture

who is genevive and what is

who is genevive and what is she famous for?
Island Gyal's picture

dont like the "Real Houswives

dont like the "Real Houswives of DC" already, it looks lame. They have the black chick on there to make it seem like its going to be poppin. I rather watch Frankie ( keyshia cole "mom" ) on Whos Crack That Is game show
shesAmazing's picture

They added the black woman on

They added the black woman on the show to get "our" rateings bcuz it is a new show. But little do they know most blacks want watch the show; I know I want be! She seems like a very classy woman & she will most likely not make it to Next season bcuz she doesn't seem like she woman to bring much "Drama" to make herself look bad. I'm waiting for the RHOA baby! I am so anxious for the new season! They should have done another all black cast, but with classy women instead.
YBF Chic's picture

Where's Amber's son?

Where's Amber's son?
Rachel's picture

Amber Rose needs a REAL job,

Amber Rose needs a REAL job, but you cannot deny...homegirl is BADDD. I am a fan of all the housewives but i doubt ill be watching D.C they all seem ignorant and boring.
leah's picture

actually, I read that DC is

actually, I read that DC is the best one so far bec. it is a much more intelligent show than the regular housewives. The first episode allegedly features an Obama face off that comes on the heels of one of the White castmembers mocking Tyra Banks, leading to allegations of racism. Im pretty excited bec. this is the only housewives, other than Atlanta, to feature an interracial cast.
Anonymous's picture

"Rough day at work..."

"Rough day at work..." Freakin loves it! If Genevieve Jones is such a socialite how come we rarely see her at any events socializing and hobnobbing with the affluent? Im confused, and Im just saying.
Terri.Tru's picture

She does hobnob with the

She does hobnob with the affluent. At events that wouldn't end up on a gossip website like this but on reputable sites like Style.com. Why hang out with hood rich thousandaire R&B and rap artists when she can be hanging out with royalty and multi millionaires?
I'm Just Saying...'s picture

I see u are another "self"

I see u are another "self" hating nigga. Ohhhh hanging with ONLY whites is something to be proud of.
Isaidit's picture

Just because she/he is

Just because she/he is stating the possible truth doesnt mean she/he is self-hating. Thats just ignorant.
Hi. My name is.....'s picture

uhhh u write the post ...so

uhhh u write the post ...so dont change your name up. Like I said...you r a FOOL. SHe is a HO who sleeps around with WHITES to feel like she is important. The YBF is a very popular site amongst ETHNIC folks and those "hood rich" folks made something of themselves out of NOTHINg unlike those whites who had money passed down to them. Again, you are a self hating NIGGA!
Isaidit's picture

^^at least some readers of

^^at least some readers of YBF are classy enough to know Genevieve and what she is about...love her
Anonymous's picture

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gurenlaizhe's picture

G. Jones is from N.O.-moved

G. Jones is from N.O.-moved to NY years ago as a jewelry designer, etc...and has been constant on the NY curcuit for quite some time now. I remember seeing some pics of her in Vogue...yes, Vogue...a few years back.
Anonymous's picture

She's actually from Baton

She's actually from Baton Rouge, LA, not New Orleans.
Anonymous's picture

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