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Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan's Wedding CANCELLED!


NBA baller Matt Barnes and his 'Basketball Wives' fiance Gloria Govan have called off their wedding. Find out what happened when you read on....

Matt Barnes recently just signed a new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and was preparing for a wedding to his fiance on August 21. However, the couple has called off the wedding.


Many of the guests attended another wedding over the weekend when they received the news via text message. When they replied and asked what happened the only response was, "Please respect my privacy."


Gloria Govan was a star on the show 'Basketball Wives' and believed she and Matt had the perfect relationship. On the show, their relationship seemed normal but many of the other women on the show disliked her. After seeing the show Matt took to Twitter and called the girls hoes.


Guess their relationship wasn't so perfect after all...




To me: Shaunie is a jealous

To me: Shaunie is a jealous ass woman. How u gonna say "Matt Barnes who?" Hell, you married Shaq and he cheated on yo ass. Maybe you should have gone and found a "Matt Barnes" type of man. Maybe then yo ass wouldn’t be divorced. Evelyn swear she's bad but is only willing to run up against the only woman on the show that aint gonna do shit (Suzie). She just mad that she got played by the NBA player she was with. Who the hell dates a man for 10 years and NOT get married. Big Dummy! Better luck with Ochocinco, lol. Suzie is a lame. Jennifer is just dumb as hell. 'Nough said about those two. Royce is just a lame ass that really has no reason to even be on this show. It's bad enough that the show is titled "Basketball Wives" and most of the women were only girlfriends.
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wasn't this the same high and

wasn't this the same high and mighty bitch that went in on royce and told her she'd "never be a wife," and that she was just a "groupie"? hee-fricking-larious! apparently you're not going to be a wife either, boo. i never liked her arrogant ass on the show, with her ho bag sister that she stayed defending. this is a prime example of just deserts.
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lmfao at all the "thats

lmfao at all the "thats wassup" comments ahahahahahahhahaa
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Now, that's what's up......

Now, that's what's up...... lol
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Laura Govan, Gloria's sister

Laura Govan, Gloria's sister IS indeed the chick that was Gilbert Arenas' fiancee and the mother of his children who was fukking Shaq behind his back..... The cancellation of this wedding and the alleged cheating Matt did to cause it is the EXACT reason why he didn't want Gloria hanging around the other Basketball wives.... his azz is just like Eric but not willing to admit it....
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This was reported days ago.

This was reported days ago.
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She been a groupie hoe since

She been a groupie hoe since day once, She just didn't realize it yet. But the cold reality hit her now. NO ring for you honey bear LOL
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Booooo. Why say in the

Booooo. Why say in the headline "Find out Why" when u dont even have a reason???
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i'm so glad u said this, i

i'm so glad u said this, i thought i was missing something, and was the only one thinking it.
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I hope these two can get back

I hope these two can get back on track. Seems to me that almost all marriages and serious relationships (with girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, business partners, and children) suffer from being on these reality shows.
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GUYS Gloria's sister was not

GUYS Gloria's sister was not engaged to Gilbert- wrong woman.
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Umm hell yes she was. her

Umm hell yes she was. her big-nose ass was ON basketball wives one episode. Keep up! The HOE-vans. Messy asses. Gloria is a felon anyway.
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Yeah that's why he didn't

Yeah that's why he didn't want her hanging out with the other women, he was afraid they would put his ass on blast. lmao. Hope it works out for miss "That's whats Up"
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This is some ghetto shyt if

This is some ghetto shyt if ever I've heard some ghetto shyt! If this is true who texts people to say their wedding is off???? Then, when asked why, you say respect my privacy?!?!?!? Huh? Where they do that at????
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LMAO!! Right??

LMAO!! Right??
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If anyone wanted to see

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Matt Barnes should have used

Matt Barnes should have used brith control. A box of rubbers cost 5.00, 2 baby boys and a drama queen mama cost you for the rest of your life. Ballers are so dumb.
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HA! to Gloria.

HA! to Gloria.
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My thoughts exactly! She had

My thoughts exactly! She had this air of superiority to the other women on the show as though she were better than them and that her relationship was the only "real" relationship, whereas the other girls' were simply groupies and baby mamas. Well, trick, join the Baby Mama Club! You got exactly what you deserved! I bet you feel so stupid right about now, huh?
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I just googled Matt's ex-girl

I just googled Matt's ex-girl the former Miss California Tamiko Nash and she is gorgeous. Matt needs to get back with her. Gloria and her sister and groupie as hoes!
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Nooooo Say it ain't so! ( in

Nooooo Say it ain't so! ( in a long deep voice)! Gloria is was in the perfect relationship...there must be a misprint here..this is impossible (sarcasm)!
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Gloria seemed as if " HA HA,

Gloria seemed as if " HA HA, I still got a MAN, and all of you other has-beens are angry because your man is gone, bankrupt, or out of the league! " Her attitude was perceived by all the women on the show. All be it, I found that many of the women knew clearly what they were getting into prior to beginning these relationships that still wasn't a good reason to rub her seeming successful relationship in their faces. GUESS THEY GOT THE LAST LAUGH, GLoria. And that goes for your sister too... Here's a helpful hint ladies-- Treat others, like you would WANT to be treated!!! PEACE...
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All be it = Albeit (one

All be it = Albeit (one word). Not saying this in a condescending way, but just to help.
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That's right. Help a sistah

That's right. Help a sistah out. Believe it or not, when I'm corrected on these post, I remember it----forever. I think they should put up post for H.S. kids and have them pick out the mis spelled words. You may be on to something,
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No one asked you! Ass!

No one asked you! Ass!
Anonymous's picture

Take your unemployed azz to

Take your unemployed azz to Adult Ed and get your GED why don't cha. The Sistah was trying to help you but you must be a niglet.
Bronze duchess's picture

y does is have to b a niglet

y does is have to b a niglet ur idot.............
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Royce is somewhere laughing

Royce is somewhere laughing her ass off. Regardless of how Royce was perceived she didn't come off fake but Gloria did. She came off like she was better then the others because she still had a relationship with a NBA player. Now, I didn't feel like she needed to address the situation with her sista and Shaq because she wasn't the one bedding his big ass down. So, they were IMO wrong from coming at her like she was suppose to air it out just because and shouldn't have been the case. To me they just wanted her to confirm the rumors....simple as that.
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WOW! I can't believe mz

WOW! I can't believe mz perfect azz relationship had to postpone her wedding I wonder what happened surely she didn't find out he was cheating b/c Matt would never do that to Gloria! hahahaha yea rite.
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Dude looks really old. I

Dude looks really old. I half-azz watched the show and she got on my nerves. After that foolishness with Shaq, Shaunie, and her sister. I was done with her. Proof is proof. I know family is family, but if it's emails and I am literate and can read....please.
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Just because Gloria's

Just because Gloria's relationship didn't work out, don't mean any of what she said was wrong. When you are in love with someone and believe in them, you SHOULD have confidence in them until you are proved wrong. please. Im tired of seeing gold digging heifers complaining about a man who cheated on them, yet acting bitter like they didn't help dude into the financial bankruptcy he find himself in (Evelyn).
say word's picture

Yeah but you shouldn't be

Yeah but you shouldn't be stupid!! men will see that as a weakness and take advantage of you.
Anonymous's picture

WTF how you just gonna say

WTF how you just gonna say "well the weddings off respect our privacy" After i done spent this money on a plane ticket, took off work and spent money on new outfit and hair and nails, hotel room. I'll kick your ass, i want a full refund and or explaination damn it....lol
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That bitch aint gonna leave

That bitch aint gonna leave him if she finds out he's cheating on her. Her ulitimate goal is to get wifed up by a pro with $$ just like her groupie goldding sister.
Anonymous's picture

BAHHHAAAAA! Thats what she

BAHHHAAAAA! Thats what she gets, talkin all that BS like they were perfect...THATS THAT FAKE ISH!! "Thats wasssup" "Ride or die" yall...clearly they died!LMAO
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Anonymous's picture

If this is some sort of PR

If this is some sort of PR stunt then Matt & Gloria are real lame...and if it's real then that's exactly what Gloria gets because she talked so much trash to Royce :(
oduroyal's picture

Matt Barnes who?

Matt Barnes who?
Caroliina's picture

That's what that groupie

That's what that groupie bitch get, her and her sister aint nothing but groupie ass hoes. Matt needs to go back with his ex-girlfriend and leave this trick alone. But they do have twin boys that he still needs to take care.
Anonymous's picture

thats what she gets i

thats what she gets i suppose, being a bitch and all. and im sure matt has cheated on her numerous times just like other NBA players.
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GLORIA IS STILL A "BABY(ies) MOMMA"! LMAO SMH If she was married to that PUNK ASS dude before she became his "BABY MOMMA", I would give her a pass on the bullshit that was spilling out of her mouth. But she has been with this dude for years, birthed his twins, and he still hasn't signed his name on the dotted line. F*ck a ring. Put your name on that paper. Having said that, when I saw how she was looking down her nose at Royce and the other women, I knew that her bullshit would come back to bite her in the ass. Royce might be a whore but so is her WHORE ASS SISTER. Her sister was sleeping with Shaunie's husband (Shaq) and engaged to Gilbert Arenas at the same time. That alone should have made her reserve her judgment and ridicule. She said that Royce will never be a wifey. I guess she won't either. :l
Ms.Anon's picture

Gloria "WASSUP you are still

Gloria "WASSUP you are still a baby mama. Now that's "wassup"
leonard mckelvey's picture

not surprised...something

not surprised...something didn't seem right about him & she was a bit too cocky...that show may be one of the reasons the wedding was canceled. i just wouldn't want my business aired out in front of millions.
Anonymous's picture

How humiliating. Even though

How humiliating. Even though she NEVER SAID HER RELATIONSHIP WAS PERFECT (she was defending her man tasha...we know how love is blind), she IS eating her words calling royce one who will "never be wifey". I wonder what they taste like...hilaarrious
ButForRealTho's picture

I watched the show but I

I watched the show but I don't remember Gloria saying that she and Matt had a perfect relationship. I remember the hoes saying she "thinks" her relationship is perfect....
Anonymous's picture

I don't recall the exact word

I don't recall the exact word "perfect" but she was saying how the ladies were jealous and wished they had a relationship like hers. And she went on about how Royce (I believe her name is) would never be a wifey. Well guess she won't either.
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Okay, I know Natasha has a

Okay, I know Natasha has a relationship with Shaunie, but I don't recall Gloria saying her relationship was 'perfect'. What she said was that she didn't want to end up like the other women on the show, and that there were certain things THEY continued to put up with that she would not. I agree with her, the women on the show came off petty, juvenile and classless. I wish Gloria and Matt the best with their relationship.
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