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Cheater Files: Eric Snow's Mistress Delivers Baby!

I guess former Real Housewives of Atlanta Deshawn Smith's life wasn't as boring as Bravo thought. Her scandalous husband of 12 years, Eric Snow, who filed for divorce from her in May, has just welcomed a baby with his mistress. Read on for more of the drama...

Ex- NBA baller turn broadcaster Eric Snow has welcomed a baby girl with his former college flame, Marisela Alvarado. As you recall, everything seemed peachy sweet between Deshawn and her husband Eric during the show. She was focusing on her foundation and even pursing a career in Ministry. She was hardly involved in the senseless catfights that occurred amongst the other housewives and was eventually axed from the show because her life was not exciting enough. So we thought.


                                                                                        Eric Snow and Jumpoff Marisela

However, rumors hit the net a few months back they were filing for divorce and no one knew why. Well now we can confirm that HIS cheating ways and knocked up mistress could be the reason for the divorce. To make matters worse, Mariela was a mutual college friend of the couple. SMH. The baby,  Ava Marie Snow, was delivered July 14th in Michigan. But dont worry.

Deshawn will have the last laugh as she and her prayer circle take those fat checks all the way to the bank.  God takes care of his children. Straight out the A reports:

His mistress, Marisela Alvarado, reportedly gave birth in a Michigan Hospital on July 14th to a healthy 8-pound baby girl whom the couple have named Ava Maria Snow. Eric and his soon-to-be Ex Wife, Deshawn Snow formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are in the middle of high profile divorce case and it is reported that he is worth $20 million dollars. Early reports are that he may have to shell out an estimated $8 million dollars to his wife along with their Atlanta Estate which the couple shared with their three sons. Deshawn is said to be working on a Disney project with their 3 boys and hopefully she’s keeping her head up. Divorce or not, Eric welcoming a daughter in this world can’t possibly be easy on her.



                                                                                                  Baby Ava Marie Snow

I really hope it was worth it, Eric. Is fidelity in a marriage even possible anymore? Why get married in the first place? Wonder if Bravo will give her a dating show once her divorce is finalized?


Pics Courtesy: Straight From The A



His mistress looks like a

His mistress looks like a lesbian. She was probably on the women's basketball team.
Isla's picture

What is wrong with these men?

What is wrong with these men? If you can't be faithful, don't get married or get a divorce before you cheat. What is he teaching his boys about the value of marriage or of women period? Too many little boys parading around as men. I feel terrible for Deshawn and her kids. Whatever he has, I hope she gets most if not all of it.
Candace's picture

i am sure that deshawn new

i am sure that deshawn new about his affair. way before it hit the news... sometimes people are pretending to be happy when they are not.. move on life is too short to be stuck with someone just for money.. find love and the money will come.
MZCece's picture

But on another note, is it

But on another note, is it really that surprising? In my opinion, DeShawn was a LAZY wife. How are you going to be at home all day and not work, but can't cook, got chefs, nannies, etc...doing all of the "wifely" duties, AND looked a mess on top of that. Having a foundation is good, but no matter how much money she had, she shouldn't have been paying everyone else to take care of HER duties as a 'housewife'. I think most men would have left her too.
Get it Together Black People's picture

do u really think the other

do u really think the other bitches he kick it with is going to be suzie homemaker, child please....that's why they even bother fuckin with him, b/c they r just going along for the fabulous ride that he can provide, have u even really taken a good look at eric, he's not exactly the best looking thing walking around....and u can't really judge a person by snippits edited by a show that's trying to keep ratings from other peoples drama, and obviously she is a half way descent wife and person, or else bravo wouldn't have cut her for being drama free. and i also think he's lucky to have a wife that looks like her, if he was an average Joe, not many women would give him the time of day. not to mention that the new baby momma is not the cutest thing around either, i realize it's an old pic, but still not impressed.
Anonymous's picture

I agree. Here it comes,

I agree. Here it comes, people trying to blame the wife for a grown ass man's lack or character and morals.
Anonymous's picture

Nobody's condoning what he

Nobody's condoning what he did, or more specifically, how he did it. Both of them are at fault. If the show was any indication of how their marriage was, all I'm saying is that she gave him plenty of reason to cheat/leave her.
Get it Together Black People's picture

really and what are those

really and what are those reasons? Deshawn appeared to be a loving, caring mother and wife. Yeah, she had a few pounds that she could have shed, but a lot of women have a few extra pounds on them but is it a reason for a man to cheat or and divorce and have a child with another woman before the ink is dry on the divorce papers? H No. She had a beautiful home which appeared to be well taken care of from what I could see, took care of her children and seemed to care for the well being of others. She may not have been the best cook, but so what? She had hired help with "their money" and it was NOT just his money. When two people marry, a couple is considered "one" so that money that she spent was hers too! Bottom line is this: No married woman deserves to be cheated on period. If the man and woman took those marriage vows, I dont care if she was a horrible housekeeper, bad cook, and ignorant,or whatever there is no reason for a man to cheat on his wife then divorce her and have a child with another woman outside of the marriage. In the bible, it says that the only way it is ok for a man or woman to divorce their spouse is for sexual fornication. Deshawn was the one who had more reason to divorce Eric. He cheated! So, what are you saying? No matter what you say, there was no and there is NO VALID reason for him to cheat on Deshawn.
Anonymous's picture

No she didn't. He's a grown

No she didn't. He's a grown man, let him take responsibility for himself. Problems in a marriage should not translate into explaining to his other children why they have another sibling. Whatever he does with the lower half of his anatomy is his choice and his screwup, not hers. Too many negros of all socio-economic background are doing this mess, and it has nothing to do with what the wife does or doesn't do. Their walking around doing as they please while the wives are getting blamed, when they bring embarrassment unto themselves and their families..
Anonymous's picture


HALEIGHLUYAH , THANK YOU ANONYMOUS, AMEN YOU BETTER PREACH (in my sanctified sistah voice, shouting my hat off while the ushers fans me and holds me down) THANK YOU JESUS!
Wisdom2's picture

His looks mean absolutely

His looks mean absolutely nothing as long as he has money and a decent personality. Oh trust and believe, if they want to keep him and his money, they will be whatever he expects from them. Let me school on something, young cookie. Men are egotistical, and if their wife is not catering to their ego on SOME level (i.e. cooking, cleaning, looking like a trophy wife, screwing him whenever he wants, etc..), he'll leave. The ish is exhausting, but that's what wives have to do if they want to hold on to their men, ESPECIALLY if he's rich and they do nothing! Deshawn didn't seem to do ANY of those things, but obviously his mistress was stroking his ego enough for HIM to file for a divorce (she didn't divorce him). Granted I can't judge her based on snippets from a show, but obviously those clips were part of their reality in some form.
Get it Together Black People's picture

Cooking and cleaning is not

Cooking and cleaning is not catering to a mans ego. That is a woman who is doing the daily necessities of running a household. Most people try to keep their homes clean and even try to cook meals. However, this is not catering to a man per se. However, it is true that most men need their egos stroked. Hell, so do we women. Most men who have a job, who is intelligent and educated,or wealthy do prefer a woman of equal merit. If she is not his equal, (work, education, money, etc) they prefer a trophy type of wife. BUT. here is where the problem lies. If that type of woman on some level is not bringing something to the table, then that man will in some way start looking elsewhere. I do believe that Deshawn should have gotten some type of work. It had nothing to do with her looks. Eric, in my opinion began to devalue her as a woman when she failed to be a woman he could respect. She had no job, she did not do charity work well, etc. So, what do men do when they devalue us, they cheat on us and use that as an excuse. Oh, she didn't work anyway so I had to kick her a-- to the curb. blah, blah, blah is what they tell their friends/family as an excuse to cheat and leave. It was his selfish ego. So, look at someone like, say Sandra Bullock, who is white and adopted a black child. Her husband cheated on her and she had BIG BUCKS and one of the higest paid actresses in Hollywood. Her low life trailor trash husband cheated on her too. WHY? we may ask? Because she had more to bring to the table then he did. He probably felt devalued as a man and castrated. So, most likely, he cheated to stroke his own ego. He crapped out. She divorced him and let his mistress stroke his ego now.
Anonymous's picture

darling, where are you

darling, where are you getting your facts on men and relationships from. first off you have to meet every man in this world before you can put all "men" in that category. you also need to get some schooling before you try schooling someone else b/c your facts are all wrong. Sounds like you've been burned a time or two....either you are in a not so trusting relationship or it's non existent....maybe you should start playing for the other team, b/c it seems like u don't care too much for men. and just in case you are open to that suggestion if you are not playing for the other team already, i would think that some of them cheat too. and as far as some snippits being a form of reality, has it ever occurred to you that some people put on a facade for the cameras, needless to say it didn't work in her favor, but nonetheless it happens. besides,a large part of these shows are to show how lavish there lifestyles are, and maybe her portraying a spoiled wife is what got her on.
Stop stereotyping's picture

He definitely isnt the best

He definitely isnt the best looking guy around but neither are his xwife and mistress so it seem like a good match. And it looks like they have a cute lil bla-tino baby so two ugly people made a good looking one.
wow's picture

DONT get married when you are

DONT get married when you are the following: 1. Not ready 2. Dont know the "real Godly" definition of marriage 3. Dont understand or cant comply with VOWS 4. Is weak and cant say no to temptations 5. Dont understand or ahave the knowledge of true love There is absolutely no excuse for cheating. Yes marriages can be hard, but the very vows that are given is your word of not giving up, but fighting for your marriage. If that was the case, God wouldnt even came up with the idea of marriage, There is no real "soul mate" , and any other excuses used...they are worthless to God being as though the only reason he gave for divorce in the bible are death of a spouse and an adulterous spouse. So all the other reasons are unbiblically!!!
Anonymous's picture

Amen to that. The bible

Amen to that. The bible stands true and defines who we are to marry and what reasons we are allowed to get a divorce. I'm 27 and I haven't been married yet, but it's so scary now-a-days. My goodness
Anonymous's picture

I never thought he was sweet

I never thought he was sweet and innocent on the show. I just thought he wanted to be left alone. He let her do whatever she pleased as long as she stayed out of his way. I just wish people would keep it real. If you're that unhappy, then you don't need to be married. What happened to a little self-restraint? The kids will get over it as long as you do what's right, and staying in the relationship is not always the answer.
kerri's picture

Everyone has troubles in a

Everyone has troubles in a marriage, you don't go and screw other people. How is a spouse cheating and producing another child going to help their marriage? People and their logic, nowadays. Oh, and this nonsense about him being so worried about how much money his wife was spending, guess how much he is going to be spending on a new baby, mistress, ex-wife and child support. I guarantee, whatever amount his wife was spending will be miniscuel compared to what he has to shell out now. He should have counted up the cost, but now he won't have to, the divorce attorney will.
Anonymous's picture

This explains his "I Don't

This explains his "I Don't Give A Damn What You Do' attitude on the show. He seemed like he had checked out of the relationship , was just going through the motions and wasn't feeling her. Next drama to hit the fan...Lisa Wu! These people will learn one day to stop doing these stupid reality shows and putting their business on blast.
Get it Together Black People's picture

The jumpoff looks like death!

The jumpoff looks like death!
carmelsay's picture

Death isn't the word! She

Death isn't the word! She looks ten times worse than Deshawn! All I can say is she must suck a hell of a dick and he must put a paper bag over her head when they're having sex. Can you say drag queen!!!
Anonymous's picture

LMAO. I was expecting a

LMAO. I was expecting a really pretty woman.
vee's picture

What is wrong with these men

What is wrong with these men these days? If you want to screw everything that moves, STAY SINGLE!!!! You won't have to answer to anybody and you won't have to pay alimony.
Sherm's picture

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why do ppl think everything they see on TV is 100% truth. TV shows show us what they want to keep the ratings up, Mrs. Snow is probably the complete opposite of what they showed her to be, shucks we can see Mr. Snow wasn't the sweet and innocent guy everyone thought he was. All I am saying is don't be so quick to judge someone based on the 10 mins of air time they get on these reality shows. Lord please give everyone especially their boys strength during this time, they are going to need it.
Nene's picture

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why do ppl think everything they see on TV is 100% truth. TV shows show us what they want to keep the ratings up, Mrs. Snow is probably the complete opposite of what they showed her to be, shucks we can see Mr. Snow wasn't the sweet and innocent guy everyone thought he was. All I am saying is don't be so quick to judge someone based on the 10 mins of air time they get on these reality shows. Lord please give everyone especially their boys strength during this time, they are going to need it.
Nene's picture

If you don't want to be

If you don't want to be married get a divorce. And thats before you get a jumpoff and stupidly get them pregnant. Now he probably is going to cough up more than half of what he's worth. Oh well, freedom costs. It would have been nice if he had the decency to save his wife and family the shame of negative and embarrassing publicity, but I guess that's asking too much.
Anonymous's picture


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babygirl's picture

and maybe she was spending

and maybe she was spending his $$$ like that because she already knew it was over...she was doing waht she needed to do before he totally left- she was stacking his "chips ( did she even have a job??) and bought HER dream home because she knew that this was the BEST TIME TO DO IT. DON"T THINK SHE WAS STUPID- SHE knew exactly what she was doing. she didn't discipline those bad kids and she was just trying to do waaay to much- which kinda showed where her mond was. SO now she has that big house and she will get millions and Im sure she will quite ok. She is not a stupid woman at all.
stopwthehate's picture


I DON'T AGREE SHE JUST SEEM TO BE FINANCIALLY IGNORANT. SOMETHING I CAN UNDERSTAND. I knew I wasn't the fiscally responsible one in my marriage and early on we determined that my husband would have to handle the money. And I did make big mistakes before we figured this out, I was a house wife. I happily turned over the finances for our families survival sake. It is what it is. My husband didn't cheat or leave he pointed it out and I gave it up. Mr Snow should have taken CONTROL or they should have sent her to financial counseling. BUT I DON'T BELIEVE THIS WAS A MONEY ISSUE.
Wisdom2's picture


btw, I know PLENTY OF WOMEN WHO CHEAT- And are CHEATING ON THEIR HUSBANDS NOW!! We just do it differently- and we are smarter when it comes to leaving our spouse- we don't ever make it "look" like we are leaving them for some1 else- Men are not as smart about divorcing- WOMEN plan things out this is why when we cheat we rarely get caught & if we do get caught its because we are already at the point of not caring. CHeating starts in the heart waaay before it is every factualize with some1 else...Cheating isnt just a man's thing...ladies stop acting like we are soooo perfect. Take your vows seriously and do never take your spouse for granted & when you do hit a rough patch in your marriage ( which all will) work it out before you step out...if you can't work it out then leave....
stopwthehate's picture


Wisdom2's picture

I watch Atlanta Housewives

I watch Atlanta Housewives and Deshawn spent wayyyyyy too much of his dollars!!! on extravagant house dinners and events!!! I'm surprised Eric stayed with her so long she was out of shape and she was just gaining weight spending his money on a chef and a housekeeper!!! All i now is that NBA players want women who look young, fresh and fit!!! and Deshawn was gettin' to old for his taste!!! sounds terrible but that's how they think.
Hallewood's picture


Wisdom2's picture

typo ****ARE NOT****beating

typo ****ARE NOT****beating you upside the head
Wisdom2's picture

Wayyyyy too much of HIS

Wayyyyy too much of HIS money? Um, that was THEIR money. She's been with him since college and that boy knew she didn't want to cook when he married her... And lets get this straight: That funny looking man didn't cheat on her because she gained a little weight (what's your point?) he cheated because he wanted to. By the looks of the other one's face she isn't the smallest either. And these basketball players cheat on their "young, fresh and fit" women all the time and leave them too, so go kill that noise. He left her because he has no respect for his WIFE, kids, or vows. Looks don't have anything to with it. Never has... Ladies, if your man is a cheat, it's because his azz don't know what the hell he really wants. It has nothing to do with weight, and whatever other reasons these idiotic women will have you believe. If he wants you to lose weight, then by all means he should help you do it. Just like we "help" them get and do the things we want/need them to do.
Anonymous's picture

all I know is that too many

all I know is that too many women take crap off these men's and so what if she gain some weight what about when you r bald and need a penial pump u wife still faithfull to u
Anonymous's picture

From the looks of the

From the looks of the mistress.. she doesn't look "young, fresh nor fit."
Anonymous's picture

Maybe she was truly his best

Maybe she was truly his best friend and Deshawn schemed her way to a man. funny how true love wins out but women never acknowledge their own Karma.
Err's picture


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gurenlaizhe's picture

I would have cheated on her

I would have cheated on her too. I was disgusted with the way she spent his money. She behaved like a selfish, spoiled princess. It was very easy to see that he had fallen out of love with her and was just faking it; he could barely stand to look sometimes.
Cocoa D's picture

Jealous are we? There's

Jealous are we? There's nothing wrong with a woman spending the money her and her husband make during their marriage. And what was so selfish about her? If I am not mistaken she gave to charity and paid her tithes which is probably more than what's coming out of your pocket now. Stop condoning this b.s. that men do and blaming the woman, especially if you are one. Women can cause men to leave, but never to cheat and bring another baby into the world...
Anonymous's picture

she couldn't have spent money

she couldn't have spent money that he didn't give her to spend
over it's picture

There is no respect in the

There is no respect in the sistahood. If he cheat on her(wife). He will cheat on you(Jumpoff).
Damnit!'s picture

You are so right. And most of

You are so right. And most of the women who thought the lower half of their anatomy was Gold found out the hard way. Their married men did the same thing to them. And yes there is very little sistahood today. You can tell by the way women respond. Everybody is out for self. And if they have to trample over anyone or anything to get what they want, so be it..
Anonymous's picture



Dont give up on MARRIAGE-

Dont give up on MARRIAGE- just stop marrying without truly UNDERSTANDING MARRIAGE- and stop marrying before your ready-STOP marrying people for stupid reason- PEOPLE ARE NOT PREPARING THEMSELVES for MARRIAGE they are going in with their eyes wide shut- not knowing ISH about what MARRIAGE really IS- MAybe Deshawn was more focused on other things than her husband...did yall ever think about that- Im not blaming her but just because HE was the 1 to leave doens't mean that she was PERFECT or even right for him.I guess most of yall think that just because your legally bonded to some1 tht mreans that you truly love them?? HAHAHA so many don't now days...be prepared, and paitent when it comes to marriage people.
stopwthehate's picture

If it aint one thing its

If it aint one thing its definitely another. The fact that he back tracked and his mistress was an old college friend had to be the worst knowing that she knew the chick. But folks will soon learned its cheaper to keep her because the fact that she birthed him three children boys at that and they have this big assed house, now he has to pay all of that child support money and i'd have him in court for alimony and making house payments. I hope the old pussy was worth all of that new money he gone have to shell out every month.
Kenya's picture

He's PATHETIC. I hope she's

He's PATHETIC. I hope she's laughing all the way to the bank.
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Wisdom2's picture

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