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LAWSUIT DISMISSED: Gabby Union & Dwyane Wade Free To Carry On

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade can kiss each other now.  And they can kiss that lawsuit from Siohvaughn Wade goodbye.  An update on their kissy kissy lawsut when you read on...

After Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn filed a lawsuit in May naming Gabby Union and Dwyane as being detrimental to Sioh and Dwyane's kids, all hell broke loose. 

Siohvaughn claimed that all the PDA and "sexual foreplay" Gabby and Mr. Wade were allegedly showing in front of the Wade's two sons caused them to be mentally disturbed.  Both Gabby and Dwyane called the lawsuit erroneous and untrue.

And now, according to TMZ, an Illinois judge has tossed the case citing "improper jurisdiction".   WOMP.

So while Gabby and Dwyane are now free to get frisky wherever they please, I'm sure Siohvaughn is busy cooking up another way to get back at her ex hubby's mistress turned main chick...




Gabby, Alicia, and Fantasia

Gabby, Alicia, and Fantasia should made both those men get the "divorce" first before they indulged in the relationship playing the role of the rescue woman. they didn't leave them until they got a divorce because they knew those men would find another woman to replace their azzs. Separation is not the same as a divorce. Is d***that scarce in the entertainment business?
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I'm happy that these two can

I'm happy that these two can live and love freely now. I think Gabby handled things well during the time in which this divorce thing ran its course. It was sooooo evident that the marriage was over and he separated. The ex is truly a troubled lady. To finance for her lover cars, apartments, etc. with D-Wade's money and then had the nerve to say Wade gave her an STD when it actually came from her lover. To go through 9 or 10 lawyers I can not see how folks are on her side. The lowest of the low to state that this alleged foreplay happen in front of the sons is troublesome. I can't imagine those two boys had the capacity to articulate such sexual actions that were mentioned. I pray that she is taking care of herself and getting the help she needs for the sake of her sons. Mind you what she and Wade had was a rags to riches love story but people do change and grow. He handled himself quite well during this process all he wanted to do was dissolve his marriage, be a great father to his sons and live his life with someone special and that is Gabby.
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I love Gabby ... Eff the

I love Gabby ... Eff the haters.
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The rumors were out about

The rumors were out about Gabby for years. I refused to believe them until now. Just messy. And Wade is a fool. Siovaughn may have her issues, but one thing's for sure ---- When Wade was a teen and his mom was on drugs, it was Siovaughn's family that took him in and treated him like family. He stayed with them and they fed him and looked after him. He has known Siovaughn since elementary school. I just don't understand how these men think. You leave someone who knew you and loved you when you didn't have a dime for a hoe that would never give you a second look if it wasn't for your wallet. This woman is no one's upgrade. And her career has suffered because of this situation and will continue to do so. Whatever you sow, you shall reap. It's totally disappointing to see black women doing this to each other cuz dick ain't neva eva been worth all this trouble.
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people do fall outta love hun

people do fall outta love hun
ms GG's picture

Karma is real! You always get

Karma is real! You always get what's coming to you. Hell Gabrielle Union's career is already in the toilet!
Anonymous's picture

We all know this didnt' turn

We all know this didnt' turn out the way Wade thought it would. She was suppose to be his prize H0e...they were suppose to be celebrated once it was all out in the open. Sio was suppose to go quietly in to the background. He and Gaby were suppose to compliment each other, you know, the baller and the actress. Well it didnt turn out that way, she's a passed around slore and a homewrecker and not recieved the way he thought. She was suppose to be a trophy, a showpiece if you will. This banged out trick will be single soon. I'm pretty sure all this drama wasn't worth it and the truth about her being a H0e ain't helping. It's just a matter of time b4 he cut her loose a find a real lady. I bet whoever his next girl is will care about his kids and get along with his ex-wife. Gaby is going to be a memory. I give them a year if that.
jecca111's picture

because you know so well...

because you know so well... you sound like gabby broke ya little heart or youre a stalker for mr.wade....get ya life together and live and let live. With the look in his eyes, she looks like a trophy made just for him. Find a love of your own or go play in traffic. **Gabby and Mr. Wade,ya'll look so good together and good luck
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Forget Gabby, WHAT THE HELL

Forget Gabby, WHAT THE HELL IS WADE DOIN WITH THOSE POWDER BLUE SNAP-ON DEACON POLYESTER "SLACKS" ON???? Is he serious. That is enough reason for a divorce..... SMH for reall.... LOL
Anonymous's picture

i cant wait till all these

i cant wait till all these jump off broads get what the deserve! i would never really want this for anyone but i lost all respect for gabby, hopefully she, alicia keys and fanny will end up just like they left those women!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Marriage means nothing

Marriage means nothing nowadays...
Cali*s Finest's picture

In North Carolina her and

In North Carolina her and Alicia Keys would have gotten into trouble,,,,,just like Fantasia is getting what she deserves.......let's not be homewreckers and keep the shit moving......Gabby didnt have 2 pay this time but God go her!!!
Rachel's picture

In North Carolina her and

In North Carolina her and Alicia Keys would have gotten into trouble,,,,,just like Fantasia is getting what she deserves.......let's not be homewreckers and keep the shit moving......Gabby didnt have 2 pay this time but God go her!!!
Rachel's picture

Three cheers for the

Three cheers for the "Homewrecker Law"!!!
Insider's picture

That law needs to be all

That law needs to be all over... It'll stop the momentum of these fame hungry groupies and women (like my aunt [*rolls eyes*]) who think they're entitled to another woman's husband... If a bunch of women had to pay for the d*ck, I'm sure it'll seem a little less intriguing.
Sarcastic Chick's picture

I agree!

I agree!
Hazelnut's picture

i think is ex-wife needs to

i think is ex-wife needs to get a life and move on already.. this going back and forth filing lawsuits makes her look bitter and pathetic.. they were once were high school sweethearts and yes she was with him when he was going threw a very rough time while he was a teenager doesnt mean he had to stay with her.. people change over the years and so do there feelings. if a person is no longer in love with you they have have the right to find love elsewhere. should marriage be forever? yes it should in a perfect world but it doesnt work that way.. you can tell his ex-wife is a very hard person to get along with, anytime you have 9 yes 9 lawyers quit on you that says something about her!! she also claimed d-wade gave her an std he was tested and his results were negative!!!! how the hell do you explain that? shes no innocent angel herself.. i don't think gabby and him had an affair they got together once he decided his marriage was over he threw in the towel.. just because she hates him does not give her the right to try and turn their kids against there father!!!! thats not ok , just because he does not love her anymore does not give her the right to poison their minds against him.. she needs to get over it and be the best mom she can be to their children.. going after gabby isn't going to make him go back to her.. homewrecker is a word im so sick of people using.. a woman can chase after your husband all she wants its up to your Husband to honor h is vows and put any woman in her place who knows hes married and is coming onto him.. hes the one who owes you "respect" not the woman!!! he stood in front of God and promised to "honor" and cherish" and love and respect" you not her.. its not a womans job to send your husband home to you untouched and faithful.he knows he married to you and knows he can take his ass home!!!! he doesnt need anyone to show him how to get there!!! women need to hold there cheating husbands accountable for there disrespectful actions why go after the woman who does not owe you a damn thing.. is it wrong to go after another person's spouse? of course it is but the person your married to is the one who has to honor his/her marriage and be man/woman enough to keep your marriage together ... the same thing with Alicia Swizz and Mashonda, she knew her marriage was over with a capitol O but played deaf dumb blind and stupid and tried to hold onto a man that was already gone!!! he moved out had his own apartment and said to the world that Alicia was his soul-mate and how much he loves her and Mashonda still tried to act like she had a marriage and a fighting chance when she knew it was over.. she tried to say the same thing, alicia stole my husband, which is a bunch of crap that man cheated from the very beginning and Mashonda excepted his disrespectful behavior and looked the other way while he did dirt as long as he came home to her at night shes like a lot of women who know there men a serial cheaters and try and blame the women they cheat with when the man there claiming as "there's" is all over town screwing everything that moves.. Mashonda siovaughn are no victims ,they are women who wanted these men so bad that they were willing to put up with any and everything just to have a husband..if you as a woman don't have any respect for yourself don't expect for any once else to respect you!! no woman likes for the man there either married to or dating to cheat but when they do cheat women are always willing to put up with it and look the other way like AIDS STD's and STI's don't exist and try and pretend this isnt there fate when they stay with a man/woman who is a serial cheater.. i think Swizz has asked God to forgive him for the low down things hes done and is really in love with Alicia and their new little bundle shes carrying.. now Fantasia was lied to and duped by this man.. he said all the right things to tasia and unfortunately she believed him.. only the liar know when there lying not the person who there lying to!!! now his wife also knew her marriage was over, that man was all over NC screwing everything that moves and she looked the other way while he did his thing.. shes blaming tasia for the break-up which is complete BS..sorry honey your man is one of NC biggest cheaters and you knew it!!!! shes going after Fantasia because she has a little money plus she said she not "they" planned a anniversary trip to New Orleans and she went alone? sounds like shes trying get sympothy when she was obviously trying to hold onto a man she knew no longer wanted her or the marriage!! shes another one who needs to except it mourn the loss of the end of the marriage and move on and be the best mom she can be to their children .. she needs to sue her serial cheating husband not Fantasia and as far as that so called phone call who knows what the wife was saying to Fantasia that made her say what she said to her ..as soon as a wife/girlfriend finds out the man there claiming as there's is cheating they wanna go and either verbally or physically attack the woman when the one who they should go after is the man who knew he was suppose to be in a committed monogamous relationship with you!! and chose to cheat on you because he wanted too!!!! he wasn't forced he didn't have a gun put to his head he made a conscience decision to cheat on you!!! if you know the man/woman your with cheats LEAVE THEM!!!! and go find someone else problem solved
Nelly's picture

why isn't there a character

why isn't there a character limit? good lawd, you must have been bored!
Anonymous's picture

U just sound plain

U just sound plain stupid...smh.
me's picture

I just read the first few

I just read the first few line bec it was a bit much, but from what i read it wa about sio moving and being bitter. True, he doesn't owe her the rest of his life but as the mother of his children he could have been more respectable towards her and he shouldn't have lied to her. I don't think she's bitter...SHE'S HURT.
jecca111's picture

I meant "more respectful"

I meant "more respectful"
jecca111's picture

You typed a whole lot of

You typed a whole lot of nothing. Marriage is a life-long commitment and there is nothing wrong with a man or woman trying to keep their marriage together and make it work. What is wrong is outsiders infiltrating the union. "A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives" (1 Corinthians 7:39). No, I am not some religious fanatic, but right is right! Also, regarding "attacks", it was Fantasia who called Mrs. Cook...Since when does a mistress command respect? You're obviously a kid, because Mrs. Cook has indeed sued her husband - she has filed for divorce and requested alimony and child support. No one can sue their spouse for cheating on them; however, in the state of NC, mistresses can be sued. Mrs. Cook has done everything "right"! And lastly, the anniversary trip was likely planned as a reconciliation trip, but Antwaun chose to leave to be with Fantasia. None of us know everything that happened, so please do not attempt to portray this educated, sophisticated woman as a clueless moron....
Hazelnut's picture

All I keep reading is that

All I keep reading is that these women were wrong for going after these men. However getting involved with a seperated man (as in official legal seperation) is not the same as women who knowingly pursue married men. I believe that Alecia and Gabby fell in love with men who were separated, although their situations were complicated it does not change the fact that these men for all legal intesive purposes were available. As for Fantansia... well homeby just lied and she got caught feels for filthy dog. Ya'll need to stop hating, as to the wives' its an unfornate situation but there marriages were falling apart long before these women enter the picture. Were all guilty for falling for the wrong man, however before we realize all his faults we've already caught feelings and harder to disengage. That is the only thing these women are guilty of and it doesn't make them Ho's but simply human.
Anonymous's picture

I believe you may want to

I believe you may want to research that Gabby Union thing. She began dating Dewayne Wade before he left his wife. Therefore, she was sleeping with a married man. Not only did she sleep with him while he and his wife were together, but she befriended his wife. Alicia Keys attended Meshonda's baby shower....who does that?
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Alicia is that you? Anyway,

Alicia is that you? Anyway, I liked Alicia, Fantasia and Gabriel until they got with somebody elses husband. I can't go for that..no can do.
say what?'s picture

I agree with you.

I agree with you.
me's picture

You really don't know when

You really don't know when Gabby started seeing DWade since you weren't there. All you know what was reported. It's hilarious that a lot of you act as though you have concrete proof.
Tagirl27's picture

Were they not already going

Were they not already going through a divorce when he started dating Gabby? I'm not making excuses, I'm simply asking. I thought he and his wife were already broken up. I don't know a lot about their situation, although I firmly believe in divorce before dating.
Carmen's picture

my understanding is that just

my understanding is that just like Alicia Keys, they were undercover for some time before any type of actual split and/or divorce. I've been hearing about both couples on the blog radar for years before it actually came out as fact. I believe it now.
Anonymous's picture

Swizz and his wife were

Swizz and his wife were legally separated in April 2008.
Anonymous's picture

Yep, and a couple of months

Yep, and a couple of months later, Alicia Keys threw Swizz a party at the Guggenheim Museum. So, they became 100% into each other within 2 months of him "separating" from Mashonda?? Nope, there was indeed some overlap...And, a few months before the "separation", there are pictures of Swizz out and about with Mashonda - still very much together. Oh well, it's a done deal now and Alicia and Swizz and married. I hope that Mashonda is happy, too. I am certain that Alicia will be sleeping with one eye open for their entire relationship as she knows that since he cheated with her, the chance of it happening to her is great. A good example is Tori Spelling, who met her husband while he was still marred and they cheated and he left his wife. Tori says still today she is paranoid that he will cheat on her. That's the price you pay for involving yourself in someone else's marriage...
Hazelnut's picture

In other news Dwyane will be

In other news Dwyane will be in the Hamptons
Anonymous's picture

Love cannot be contracted, it

Love cannot be contracted, it is either there or it is not, you can't make someone love you and stay with you because of a contract and I would not want anyone to do that for me. Fantasia , A. Keys and Gabby are not to blame if they like someone and that person likes them back. It is their right to like who they want married or not. If the marital love is strong then it will resist outside influence, if it is weak then it will be overridden by a stronger love or lust.
chessmack's picture

Well then get a damn divorce

Well then get a damn divorce first, then you can date & screw whoever you want. Get out of one mess before you get into something else. Simple as that!
Carmen's picture

Regardless of how cute she is

Regardless of how cute she is she's not an upgrade...she's a h0e that's been sampled by EVERYBODY. I'll say it again, she's almost 40, he's still in his 20's. She will not be the nxt Mrs Wade. Only drug dealers and pedophiles marry wh0res and she is a wh0re...a homewrecking wh0re at that.
jecca111's picture

ooch! calm down.

ooch! calm down.
WTFudge?'s picture

Chinese zodia claims this is

Chinese zodia claims this is the year of the "jumoffs"
Lockstress's picture

and the difference between,

and the difference between, Gabby, A Keys and Fantasia is........right, absolutely nothing. It's a shame, damn shame. Its kinda sickening. Heffas have no respect for themselves. Always trying to get what is already gotten. Oh well, Karma will get the last word and you can take that to the bank!! LMAO!
Anonymous's picture

As i've said before, this is

As i've said before, this is definitely the Year of the Other Woman www.citizette.com
Lizzy's picture

Gabby is such a pretty girl

Gabby is such a pretty girl but she just can't seem to get it right in the fashion department, something's always off. This dress with the big clunky shoes...ah, she's killing me
We gon's picture

So who caused you to be

So who caused you to be mentally disturbed, Ms. Wade?
JN's picture

What a cute couple, that's

What a cute couple, that's the way love should go www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture

Imma tell you why everyone

Imma tell you why everyone feels some type a way about this. Dwayne Wade pulled a classic sucker move... As soon as he got money, fame and paper he did an upgrade. Let's face it. Gabrielle Union is something to brag about. Never mind the fact his wife stuck by his side and gave him beautiful babies. Dwayne did an UPGRADE. Same thing happened with Mashonda. Alicia was Swizz's upgrade. and that's why folks are gonna have an opinion. Yes. It might be true that these men have moved on and are in love. But its the nasty taste of disloyalty that people are responding to. When most people get married they expect it to be forever and its honestly a women's worst nightmare for her man to leave her for someone who's prettier, more glamourous, with a better body, better hair, and all around perceived to be more fabulous than you. Just like its a man's worst nightmare for you to leave him for the same reasons. No one likes to lose.
Mirabella Tell's the Truth's picture

Well said.

Well said.
CorpAtty's picture

Very true, and it IS a SUCKER

Very true, and it IS a SUCKER move. I hate when all these men leave the wives that have been there for them when they were nobodies and have given them children. They blow up and the fact that they can get almost any girl they want (mostly because of their $) becomes ingrained in them and they peace out. I hate it.
Right.'s picture

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