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Lauryn Hill Hits The Charts After 10 Year Absence + T.I. Gets Animated + Chelsea Handler Gets Down With Hip Hop


Ever since she dropped the five-star classic The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the diva's sporadic recording and performance schedule has left fans panting and eager for more.  But now it looks like Lauryn Hill is posed to take the industry by storm again as she returns to the Billboard charts for the first time in ten years.  Details on L Boogie, T.I.'s upcoming hip-hop cartoon, and the hilarious Chelsea Handler solidifying her street cred when you read on...



Having leaked on the internet a few weeks back, the track "Repercussions" debuts on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 94 this week, marking the return of Lauryn Hill.  Though there has been no official word from Lauryn's camp about the leak of the new track and her participation at the Rocks The Bells concert,  the streets buzzing that she may be working on a new album.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed.  The game hasn't been the same without her.


In case you missed it, check out the track:





The KING is truly back and shining on his throne.  With a new wife, new movie, and new music, we will not be able to escape T.I. this fall.  And honestly....we don't want to.

Now, Tip is working on a cartoon.  Yes...imagine all that fineness in animation form.  The toon will be titled  “Lil Homies” and T.I. will serve as producer and will also likely contribute voice overs.  We love it already.




And as we get ready for the 2010 MTV VMAs and all that Kanye West has to bring, the show's host, funny woman Chelsea Handler, has reached out to the hip-hop community to let us know she has our back.  Chelsea recently put out a "statement" saying:

"This has been a huge year for hip-hop and rap, and it is well-known that I have the closest ties with these communities - musically and sexually.  I am to rap and hippity-hop, what Warren Buffet is to finance, minus the sex." 

Funny.  I heart Chelsea.  Between her, Kanye, Drake and a rumored Nicki Minaj performance that I know I will have much to say about, I will be glued to my tv...and my computer...as you know The YBF will be giving you play-by-play coverage of all the fabness and foolywang.














Why can't the fans of Lauryn

Why can't the fans of Lauryn just be happy about her comeback without throwing shade on other artist? Everyone likes something different so lets respect that and congratulate all the artist,especially our AA women,who are "making it". Why do we constantly have this crab in a barrel mentality? Do better people!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Oh please!! Yall need to wipe

Oh please!! Yall need to wipe your lips... You have Lauryn's ASS on it. SMH
I Like Lauryn too, but Damn!'s picture

Thank God Lauryn Hill is

Thank God Lauryn Hill is back!! Im tired of hearing about flat forehead nicki minaj, thats why she wears so many bangs SOmebody with real talent is back I will be watching T.I cartoon damn befoon:D
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dsfnbwstn's picture

I am so happy Lauryn is back.

I am so happy Lauryn is back. She is a blessing in the midst of all the musical madness of Mnaj and other unmentionables. Im soooo hurt i wont be able to see her KILLLLLLL IT! @ Rock Da Bells tomorrow night but im just happy she is here. I just hope she doesnt play us like she ready to go all in and then dips out like she did with the Fugees reunion and that "Take It Easy" song. Lauryn take these "Rappers" to school.
SheSpeakS's picture

Repercussions is a timeless

Repercussions is a timeless song... why does it matter if it was written/recorded in 1999 or 2009. It's a hot track and she's being recognized for it ... what are you being recognized for besides your hate!
Anonymous's picture

WHY??? are YBF folks hatin'

WHY??? are YBF folks hatin' on L-BOOGIE she has wayyyy more talent & MONEY than y'all would ever earn in your LIFETIME!!! y'all hate on LAURYN HILL and she paved the wayy for R&B artists!!! many of whom y'all listen to TODAY!!! MELANIE FIONA, KERI HILSON etc. i HATE when ppl hate on talented folks!!! but y'all don't hate on recycle RIHANNA and she can't sick to SAVE her damn LIFE!!! STOP the sh*t music should be about MUSIC not damn STYLE!!! most of y'all only like NASTY ho's in r&b because the have STYLE!!! CASSIE is hot garbage and a style-swagger of KELIS!!! and fucks DIDDY for an income!!! RIHANNA is a ho who can't sing and GOD knows what else she did for a RECORD deal w/ DEF JAM!!!

You don't like people hating

You don't like people hating on Lauryn Hill, but it's ok for you to bash the hell out of Rihanna?... Just because Rihanna isn't talented it's ok?
Anonymous's picture

It's hard for quality artist

It's hard for quality artist to make it in this business today because of the low standards that gave been imposed on the industry, but just like Maxwell, Lauryn will have great success(even greater) because everyone still remembers that masterpiece that was "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."
Tagirl27's picture

I can't wait for Lauryn to

I can't wait for Lauryn to drop a new album! Her album is one of the greatest albums ever made. It was so well balanced, creative and thoughtful. She's a musical genius.
Tagirl27's picture

Hit the BB charts with a song

Hit the BB charts with a song she recorded over 10 years ago? How she do dat? That shows how desperate people are for some new Lauryn Hill. Get it Lauryn.
and you know dis's picture

Ha!! No promotion and this is

Ha!! No promotion and this is an OLD track made in the 90s and yet it enters the billboard charts.... DAMN!!! That's crazy!!!! fyi - I hope the rappers know Chelsea is making fun of them and not a real hip hop fan... it's a comedy skit.
teniesha's picture

dont underestimate chelsea

dont underestimate chelsea handler. the woman is funny. she cracks jokes, but they are hilarious. im defending her because she is actually a really cool chick, and a great comedian. i watch her show all the time.
Anonymous's picture

Lauryn is what we need in

Lauryn is what we need in this music industry!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Lauryn Hill is the best

Lauryn Hill is the best singer out there. Nobody can touch Lauryn!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Chelsea is whack as hell, she

Chelsea is whack as hell, she is not even YBF attention. Please Tasha do better than this.
Anonymous's picture

I luv L.Hill she's the

I luv L.Hill she's the truth!!! Can't wait to c t.i. cartoon wish i was playn on it lol...
STAR's picture

Great news about L-Boogie.

Great news about L-Boogie. I'm buying her album as soon as it drops. Breath of fresh air for music!
Tiffany's picture

That's great for

That's great for Lauryn.....so happy Chelsea Handler's hosting the VMA's. This'll be the first time I've watched since forever. She's so funny!
Let's Be Real's picture

FINALLY, real music!!! it

FINALLY, real music!!! it feels like it's been an ETERNITY!!! we support so much whackness in POPULAR culture!!! Ex: Gaga, Recycle (rihanna), bieber, minaj, & gay ass rapers; Rick Ross "teflon don wannabe", dj khaled!!! ugh!!! when is this sh*t going to end? HOPEFULLY, lauryn hill can save the lame ass youth of music today!!! STAND up for L-Boogie she is the REAL deal!!!

Good luck to you Ms. Hill.

Good luck to you Ms. Hill. Chelsea Handler is crazy as hell. They better have the censor button ready.
Anonymous's picture

Like Lauryn? Google Georgia

Like Lauryn? Google Georgia Anne Muldrow, who has never been featured on this site because she higher than this dead ass frequency, but she raps and sings. Save yoself from hollywood.
tuneyotunes's picture

Iam old school and I luv

Iam old school and I luv Lauryn Hill ,hopefully she is working on a new album
southernone's picture

I Love Lauryn's music but she

I Love Lauryn's music but she is a HOMEWRECKER TOO. She has 5 kids by a married man. SMH
Ms. A's picture

I love you Lauryn!!!

I love you Lauryn!!!
Anonymous's picture

I LOVE that new Lauryn joint!

I LOVE that new Lauryn joint! I heard it on the radio yesterday evening...and I was sitting there thinking, this ain't no old Lauryn Hill song, so did she release some new stuff? And I see she has, she has been sorely missed and I hope she releases a 2nd album, cuz the industry hasn't been the same since she disappeared!
WhatNeXT's picture

Chelsea Handler is so lame.

Chelsea Handler is so lame. She's middle America's answer to Sarah Silverman.
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Oh Lauryn! I honestly cant

Oh Lauryn! I honestly cant wait to see you back, you have been sorely missed!
NY Seedy's picture

Im really yearning for some

Im really yearning for some goooooooooooood music so Lauren Hill can just release the album and Ill buy it without hearing one song on it because I know its gonna be good.
Ahsatar's picture


bestuneverhad's picture

Yes Ms Hill... the sound of

Yes Ms Hill... the sound of music is back!
Yas's picture

I actually like CHelsea I

I actually like CHelsea I think she's funny
miss infamous's picture

Love Lauryn and she's a

Love Lauryn and she's a beautiful woman, but what is going on with her eyebrows? Chelsea is the first host MTV has selected in a long time that will actually make me want to watch the VMAs all the way through.
Jimmie's picture

her eyebrows are a ham

her eyebrows are a ham
Dez's picture

Lauryn were ready for you

Lauryn were ready for you girl...there nothin but shitty music out now.. Chelsea I hearts you girl....lololololol
Baby J's picture

…Billboard Top 100 and this

…Billboard Top 100 and this single hasn't “officially” dropped yet! The game needs Ms Hill!!! Ten years is a long time to be away but I think certain artists should take note. Quality, Timeless Music is hard to come by these days especially when the market is saturated by so few. Good music is good music… GREAT music takes time ♥ ... To Bey and nem… Love yall but take a break ;-)
DC BRANDY's picture

im ready.. she just better

im ready.. she just better not let us down, i want her to have the attention Maxwell had wen he returned. shes worth it
KM's picture

Lauryn we've missed you so!

Lauryn we've missed you so! Do y'all understand how heavy her concerts are going to be sold out when she comes back. MAN! I'm from Houston, traveled to Atlanta to see her years back and when I get there I find out she's cancelled her show. I was so upset about that. Did yall know her daughter has a Twitter page? She also has a Youtube page and sings on there. All in all I'm anxiously awaiting Lauryn's return.
jazzyiest's picture

I love the song! Gonna

I love the song! Gonna download it today! I love TI, but IDK about that cartoon. I'll wait to judge. Chelsea Handler is freakin' awesome! Loves her!
anonymous's picture

i love lauren

i love lauren hill.........they just don't come nor sing like her no a days...and to the 10 year comment...i agree...but when u have great/sing music....all the words vibes take about that long to be written and preformed...........
nicole's picture

iom in LOVE w/ this track but

iom in LOVE w/ this track but more excited to hear L Boogie.
myMAMAsaid's picture

love lauryns hair in that pic

love lauryns hair in that pic its soo afrochic glam. honestly i wish i would do natural but i tried twice and it just doesnt seem to fit my m.o. i truly dont think its for everybody but i love the beautiful black woman who rocks it cause honestly my face just aint for it. love the song. hoping for better. i dint know a cartoon could look that good and chelsea.....im sry im not too crazy about this chick....kanye performing at the vmas!!!!!!!!!!! oh shit now THATS repercussion lmaoooooooooo
Anonymous's picture

Chelsea is hella funny I'm

Chelsea is hella funny I'm glad they choose her to host MTV Awards cause that last dude was boring as hell goofy but boring I'm glad to see Lauryn back we need you and I'm glad Kanye back on he's game
CrazyMTF's picture

Little homies?? Really??? I

Little homies?? Really??? I hope theres' some "intellect" involved so I won't judge as of yet but I am holding my breathe. I can't take anymore buffoon tv.
Lockstress's picture

lol @ buffoon tv

lol @ buffoon tv
JMO's picture

LOVE you Lauren, PLEASE come

LOVE you Lauren, PLEASE come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHEDDA's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Lauryn needs to do something

Lauryn needs to do something with those eye brows, otherwise love her music!
Anonymous's picture

excited to watch the vma's

excited to watch the vma's this year, can't wait to see what chelsea does, it should be hilarious.
marciemarcie's picture

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