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Mariah Carey Is "Superstitious" About Baby Talk + Swizz Beatz Talks Loving Alicia Keys

Despite media speculation about her baby bump, don't expect to hear a statement from the self proclaimed superstitious chick anytime soon.  We have the details on why Mariah Carey says she won't talk "baby talk", plus Swizz Beatz recants falling in love with Alicia Keys...


In a recent interview with ShowBiz411.com, MiMi talked about why she won't confirmed her much speculated pregnancy:

"I appreciate everyone's well wishes. But I am very superstitious," the singer told ShowBiz411.com. "When the time is right, everyone will know – even Cindi Berger [my publicist]."

Pregnancy rumors began to swirl even harder after photos of a thicker-than-usual Mariah performing in Brazil hit the Web last week. And when Nick Cannon tried to squash the rumors, it only added more fuel to the baby fire.


It was likely difficult for Mariah to get pregnant, and many have speculated that with her age and frequent visits to fertility centers, this is an "at-risk" pregnancy.  So she'll probably wait to make the official announcement at her third trimester...or when the baby is crowning.  Either way, good luck Mimi!



Swizz Beatz talked to MTV News about his love for his new wife Alicia Keys.  He says, when it comes to Alicia, it's all about l-o-v-e:

"I look at my relationship with my wife as a union that's just connected ... spiritually. I'm not into the names and the superstars and this and that. I've been around that my whole life. It means nothing to me. It's just about great people."

The uber-producer revealed that his connection with Alicia has only enhanced his life:

"To identify that feeling is something that's amazing because it doesn't only come from your partner. It comes from your love for music, your love for people, your love for a lot of things, and I think that once you identify the feeling of love, you'll be a better person," Swizz explained. "I'm a better man. I think that having love in your life, it just has that effect. Because then you spread love. You can't enjoy love without spreading love. I just think that it all falls in the pocket."


I mean, the circumstances were murky at best...but I guess you can't stand in the way of true love.  Right? *eyebrows raised*





Alicia is the best thing to

Alicia is the best thing to happen to Swizz Beatz. Some people are just right for each other and they will have a beautiful and happy life together. Mariah and Nike are too cute together.
Anonymous's picture

I can understand Mariah being

I can understand Mariah being cautious because she is over 40 years old with her 1st child. I love the fact that Nick makes Mariah happy. I also love that Alicia is extremely happy and in love with Swizz. I want nothing but the best for both couples.
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IDK she looks pregnant and

IDK she looks pregnant and that could explain why she hasn't been wearing such tight clothing like she usually does but I'm going to keep my mouth closed until further notice
I la LeToya's picture

Swizz beatz already has 3

Swizz beatz already has 3 children with 3 different mothers. Alicia will be the fourth . . . in addition to his clear lack of character. Really? Alicia couldn't do better than that? She couldn't find a better man to set an example of responsible fatherhood to her children. This is what happens when women grow up without fathers . . . any charlatan with a little game can con there way in. And he's clearly on the defensive about his intentions. I love how he ironically positions himself to man up when a superstar is involved. He's a LOSER.
Lala's picture

Jealous! T.I. has six,

Jealous! T.I. has six, Muhammad Ali has eight, Marc Anthony has 5 so what? Try find a black man in his 30's without children. Try it! They start at age 16.
Anonymous's picture

lol... YES! SO true.. i

lol... YES! SO true.. i couldn't have said it better myself. Its very sad and I dont give it more than 5 years... its sad but true.. when you grow up without a REAL father any lowdown dirty man that walks your way will seem like a good option. well said!
joyfulgypsy's picture

In Mariah's situation its

In Mariah's situation its good to keep your pregnancy under raps if your at the age of 40 or had problems with pregnancies or miscarriages before. My sister just had a baby at age 41 and she had issues from age 25-41 with fibroid tumors etc.An she finally concieved with one fallopian tube that had to be removed cause of a fibroid tumor. I applaud Mariah and my sister for sticking by GOD's plan to make them wonderful future moms. If you were ever diagnosed with bad news about conceiving a child . It can be done just hold tight and steadfast to what CHRIST said that he will never forsake you and he will make a miracle out of a bad sistuation. Now on to The Swizz beats situation. I done with her Iwas disappointed with this CD it wasn't all that good. Just like with Britney Spears and Kfed's dirty dealings it will come back to Ms.Keys in seven folds.An since she is a Buddist she probably don't feel bad about what she did. Wanting or convetting another womans husband or mans wife will not bring out a positive outcome.Marla Maples did it to Ivana Trump and what did the DONALD do he replaced her and believe me there will be a younger girl working in th e studio with Swizzy that will be willing to go the long mile to get his attention and will work her jelly just way more better than Ms Keys did on him to make him lose focus of his priorities to his son and wife Mashonda. I see this playing out like Bobby and Whiutney minus the CRACK. So I wish Mariah the best and MsSwizzy some prayers cause this pasted on look of happiness they display is FRADULENT cause believe me behind the closed mansion doors and shades its on like donkey kong. BELIEVE it.
Htown'sFinest74's picture

i honestly dontsee what you

i honestly dontsee what you bloogers see,i dont see this as"painted on" with mashonda i think it was painted on happiness, with alica i can see the joy in his eyes and he looks alot happier these days with alica then with the Mashonda.
Anonymous's picture

Thank you for your

Thank you for your encouraging words..."If you were ever diagnosed with bad news about conceiving a child. It can be done just hold tight and steadfast to what CHRIST said, that He will never forsake you, and He will make a miracle out of a bad situation." This message came right on time...
Anonymous's picture

Can't stand Alicia and Swizz.

Can't stand Alicia and Swizz. After the circumstances, I'll just NEVER like them...... God don't like ugly.
ChaCha Fance's picture

You ain't God and he doesn't

You ain't God and he doesn't see ugly but possibility and redemption. Yours is a personal comment. Don't bring God into it. I'm not down with it either but I don't stand for bringing God and religion while making ugly comments. Its time to move on. Shine on what's positive.
James King's picture

Um, the word recant is not

Um, the word recant is not appropriate in that statement
Anonymous's picture

RECANT???? I think the

RECANT???? I think the correct word is RECALL!
angellbaby's picture

Love is a beautiful thing.

Love is a beautiful thing. The funny thing is that people can see it and get jealous. It is clear that both men are madly in love with their current wives. Love is a powerful word but the feeling is much more powerful. Love is so visible. Love is what makes the world go around.
Anonymous's picture

thats a bunch of BS

thats a bunch of BS Swizz...he couldnt even say i love alicia...not once in this interview...HO!!!!
Baby J's picture

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!
Anonymous's picture

Both couples are adorable! I

Both couples are adorable! I feel giddy because both of my favorite singers are pregnant. They are both so sweet.
Anonymous's picture

Get a life.

Get a life.
Anonymous's picture

Okay Mariah. Good for Swizz

Okay Mariah. Good for Swizz and Alicia.. I hope everything works out, and if it's real it will. Love them both.
Miss GQ's picture

I wish Mariah the best, I

I wish Mariah the best, I wouldn't talk about it either! As for swizz, I just can't hate on love. So congrats to them. Perfect items for YBF'ers ♥ http://www.zazzle.com/kissmeonline
REAL's picture

Soooo uninterested in

Soooo uninterested in anything Swizz Beatz has to say. As for Mariah that is going to be one cute and spoiled baby. I see another cutie like Nahla coming! Mariah's going to have Louis Vuitton baby strollers and Christian Dior diapers. Can't wait.
Carmen's picture

karma is real do unto others

karma is real do unto others as u wnt others 2 do unto u Karma is real & it comes in many differnt forms good luck alica & swizz
Da Truth's picture

Karma is real because hell is

Karma is real because hell is empty. All the devils are posting negative comments.
Anonymous's picture

Thank you!

Thank you!
James King's picture

I used to be weary of Swizz,

I used to be weary of Swizz, but I saw the interview and watching him speak not only on Alicia but on other topics has me seeing him in a more postive light. He seems like a good dude, very knowlegdable about his craft and humble as well. He also spoke about growing up, which I think he may have done in regards to poor judgement he has shown in the past. I know some are saying why is he always talking about her, but he was directly asked "how does it feel to be married to the most beautiful woman in R&B" or something like that, and he answered accordingly. The only time he spoke about her was in response to what the interviewer was asking him, so it's not like he was just spouting things or volunteering information. Congrats to Nick and Mariah, but isn't saying you're not confirming because your supersitious, basically confirming? I guess they just wanted to make sure no one thought she was getting big for no reason, so they confirmed without actually confirming.
Taty's picture

I've lost a child before and

I've lost a child before and I wasn't even considered a high risk pregnancy. Next time my husband and I are going to wait until the 3rd trimester to tell everyone as well. It was too hard to explain to every single person why I wasn't pregnant anymore. And you hear the most asinine comments when you lose a child...believe me. I understand what she is going through in that sense. It DOESNT make her or her husband crazy by any means. Until you've been there you cant relate.
Mrs. Me's picture

I've also lost a child in the

I've also lost a child in the tale end of my 1st trimester and i was in my early 20s at the time. I understand Mariah Carey's superstition and I wish her the best health there is. I love my homegirl AKeys...and I respect Swizz Beatz craft as a producer. How 2 grown ass people fall in love shouldnt make a difference to us cause we not in that relationship. Everybody got something to say cause they either in a fatherless home and resent the fact that any father figure can fall in love with another woman or they just some angry babymomma who refuses to believe that once a man leaves them they could be...dare i say it..HAPPIER somewhere else!!!! lol let it go lames...THEY ARE IN LOVE!
Anonymous's picture

I feel u having lost my angel

I feel u having lost my angel in my second trimester...Mariah is definately doing the right thing. We should find out when the baby crowns!! Be Blessed :-)
1Angel's picture

I am sorry for your loss. And

I am sorry for your loss. And that's why I think they are waiting to announce their pregnancy. Considering the rumors of fertility treatments, she may have had previous miscarriages before this pregnancy. So, I can understand their hestitation. If it were me, I would probably wait until I was atleast six months before I said anything.
Anonymous's picture

It is nice to hear a man

It is nice to hear a man express himself about the love of his life! Nike is just as in love with Mariah and Swizz is in love with Alicia. Congratulations to both couples!
Anonymous's picture

Swizz should not be used in

Swizz should not be used in the same sentence as Nick Cannon, especially when it comes to love! Swizz tells all his women that he love them until they have his seed and then he is off to his next VICTIM!! Nick is cut from a unique clothe..Mariah is truely Blessed!!
Yeah's picture

Ok 'Anonymous', I think we

Ok 'Anonymous', I think we get it. Swizz loves Alicia. You can chill with the comments every five minutes.
Carmen's picture

All husbands should be as in

All husbands should be as in love as Swizz is with Alicia. He has finally found his true soul mate. As you mature, you learn what is best for you. You will never be happy as long as you live your life through others and not for yourself.
Anonymous's picture

Swizz is completely in love

Swizz is completely in love and happy with Alicia Keys. You know your doing the right thing when people hate to look into the eyes of happiness and love.
Anonymous's picture

Congratulations! Both Nick

Congratulations! Both Nick and Mariah!
Anonymous's picture

I don't usually comment on

I don't usually comment on blogs... just read and keep it pushing. But I had to say something here... The facts are that African American women have an increased rate in enduring complicated pregancies. Premature babies, miscarriages and stillborns are present at an higher rate than most other races. And Mariah IS bi-racial. In addition, most people do choose to wait until they are further along in their pregnancies before announcing it. Factor in her age and you'll realize that she is currently a serious candidate for a high risk pregnancy and should Lord forbid, she is preganant and loses it, I'm sure that is something that she would want to deal with privately, not with the public eye posting stories about it every 15 minutes. All mothers feel that way. ( As someone who has endured two miscarriages, you only need positive, private support during that time) And while, apparently, I am on a gossip site so I am interested in the events of the young black and fabulous lives of our stars, I do not believe that it is a RIGHT that I know all of their business. No matter what profession you choose, you are entitled to a level of privacy... period. As far as Alicia and Swizz, the entire situation is unfavorable to me. To engage in any inappropriate activties with a married man, seperated or not (Fantasia) is not smiled upon in the eyes of the Lord and it leads to destruction. Proverbs 6:25-26 " Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes, for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys upon your very life." So in all, I hope they repent and ask for forgiveness, thank goodness God is a forgiving and merciful God. And there is nothing new under the Sun... so if thisman foudn it appropriate to do this to his wife and child and then to add insult to injury, do it in the public eye, I just pray that he does not find it appropriate to do the same to Alicia should he find another "connection". As far as Alicia, to echo Mashonda's sentiments, at one point "I believed her." Not so much any more.
miss neek's picture

Y'all just know all the

Y'all just know all the details on Swizz huh? y'all were his angel floating around with him everywhere knowing all...most of you sound extremely stupid. If the man is in love...let him profess it. His colleagues are saying it as well...It's his life, he doesn't ask for you to look or read his interviews..If you don't like it..move on.
Anonymous's picture

I can see why Mariah does not

I can see why Mariah does not want to talk about that. I know a lot of people, myself included, that feel that way, high risk pregnancy or not. My husband and I did not tell anybody, family, or friends, until we were ready. People have that right, even famous people. Congratulations to them :)
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Swizz ain't going to be with

Swizz ain't going to be with Alicia that long lol! And mimi just say your pregnant lol, stop being STUPID!
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KARLA's picture

a mess

a mess
Anonymous's picture


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This "Train Wreck" reminds me

This "Train Wreck" reminds me of when Whitney and Bobby married!!
Insider's picture

This "Train Wreck" reminds me

This "Train Wreck" reminds me of when Whitney and Bobby married!!
Insider's picture

The marriage will last for as

The marriage will last for as long as both of them decide.
Anonymous's picture

It's amazing to me. You would

It's amazing to me. You would think some of these people are on thier payroll.
LRock's picture

and you would think some of

and you would think some of you are paid to hate them and their relationship
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The man obviously wasnt happy

The man obviously wasnt happy in his relationship with his ex-wife. That happens sometime. People are together but not in happiness. Just still together but not wanting to be together. When a new person comes along it makes sense to be out. Everyone that gets together is not meant to stay together. People jump into relationships and marriages all the time. Especially in the industry. He found love and happiness with Alicia and says hes a better man for it. Hey it happens. We should all be so lucky. Its not easy to be replaced but it happens. You live, you learn and you take it as in indicator that there is something else in store for you. The heart has a mind of its own and you cant be mad at that. The man married the woman. He aint just effing her so there is clearly something there.
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