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Rihanna Reveals New Album Title & Song + New Tattoos?!


Rihanna announced her new album title last night and leaked a new song, plus we've got a candid photo of her in Hawaii with new tattoos.  Read on for more deets...


The pop singer announced her album title on one of her biggest chat rooms, Rihannadaily.com, last night. Rihanna announced that her new project and album will be called LOUD:

"Get LOUD everybody, get crazy, get excited, cuz im pumped, im just gonna be ME, cuz thats what u guys love the most, and thats what makes me feel best! just being normal, normal for me is LOUD! sassy, fun, flirty, energetic."

She continued to thank her fans worldwide and asked for her 'Rihanna Navy' to make her CD #1 in every country. I wish she would have thought of something more creative for a title though...

Here's her new song called 'Only Girl' off her upcoming album:


Rih Rih also displayed some new 'tattoos' yesterday in Hawaii (above). She was seen shooting for her movie role in 'Battleship' so let's hope these tattoos are just temporary for the film.

The Randomness

1.  Lady Gaga gives Beyonce a racy birthday gift.  Here.






Listen to yourselves. You

Listen to yourselves. You guys are fucking retarded! Who gives a shit what you think about her tattoos. It's about the music and her new track is amazing. By the way if you really want to hear it, check it out on itunes or here -> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xeq9e3_rihanna-only-girl-in-the-world-n... It is a fucking amazing track - it's going number 1 WORLDWIDE! And for all you people who winge about her tattoos and her dance tracks, remember what she does with her body is her business, not for you to judge. And as for the music, diversity of style equals longetivity and touches a lot of people in a positive way. For the record, Rated R was my favourite Rihanna album, her style is off the wall AMAZING and her new album is going to be the best thing out in 2010! Just you wait!. Oh and I'm going to her concert in March in Perth. See people, be positive or fuck off! Go RiRi! You are loved!!! XXX
Haidyn Zafer's picture

wow. she is ruining her

wow. she is ruining her gorgeous skin with all that junk.
:]'s picture

she is not setting a good

she is not setting a good example to the young girls who follow her her songs are nice but lately shes been getting on my nerves and why have guns as tatoo? very insensitive to all the people who have lost loved ones to gun crimes... By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about this: http://opinion.ezwingame.com/topics/rihanna-tattoos-a-gun-to-her-leg
patycool's picture

It's for a movie, and no

It's for a movie, and no child should be looking to these entertainers as role models
Erica 's picture

Can you ever be positive

Can you ever be positive about Rihanna Natasha? Such a hater!
RealOnandOffline's picture

this song is amazing!!!! she

this song is amazing!!!! she needs to perform it at the vma's !!!!
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OMG Rihore looks a HOT ASS

OMG Rihore looks a HOT ASS MESS as usual these days. This song sounds awful. Is this the song is said to RIVAL MICHALE JACKSON'S THRILLER? Please this is garbbage like the rest of her life. Poor Matt Kemp's entire season was crap because of Rihore. The 200 million dollar movie she's making is going to be a fail why because she touched it. Everything this tramp touches turns to a steaming pile of crap!
so it is written's picture

Bitter much? Yeah I would be

Bitter much? Yeah I would be too if I were you. Green does not look good on you.....The tats are for the movie and anyone with half a brain would know that...Only Girl is already a hit. Rihanna wins again!
FedUp's picture

As long as she can copy from

As long as she can copy from people and be put in the right place at the right time I guess so but were is the respect? She dont get it. The song starts off with her copying Britney and then ends with a GAGA reject song from GAGA's so many plat album. Rated R was suppose to be this big smash just like this mess and because of it's failure y'all get this..
Anonymous's picture

Natasha i wish you try and

Natasha i wish you try and post factual news and stop trying to shade people how stupid can you be? those tatts are for her movie *smh* anyway stay talking all this hate is free promotion beacuse Rihanna just did again! effortless hitmaker :)
yardie's picture

I LUVV that swim suit...wish

I LUVV that swim suit...wish she would stop with the tatoos.
Nzinga's picture

Ive often been asked if Lupe

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SONG is Alex Gaudino "I'm in

SONG is Alex Gaudino "I'm in Love" it's NOT Rihanna! i don't understand why people think it her??
Tennessee Blues's picture

"i'm just gonna be ME" -

"i'm just gonna be ME" - thought she said that was what Rated R was. I'm confused. Anyway, the song is ok. It sounds too generic and it reminds me of Kelly Rowlands "Commander" Best of luck with the new album. I'll listen out for the other singles but the album will not be #1 in every country, that's a bit much don't you think?
Collard Greens & Cornbread......yeaaah♪'s picture

I like tattoos but...what the

I like tattoos but...what the hell is wrong with this girl and her random tattoos, in random places, that look country as hell!
SaiSai's picture

I thought those tats were

I thought those tats were just for the movie she's in. Ewww, whatever its her body so if she wants to do that go ahead. It's not like in 30 yrs she'll be at a legend ball in her honor. Neither will 99% of these clowns so mark away lol
BadGirl23's picture

Is she trying to be like

Is she trying to be like KELIS w/ that RED Fox Hair??? they may or may NOT be her tattoos but RIHANNA stans act like RIHANNA would never get more TATTS!!! TATTOOS look terrible on your skin! they look all DARK and UGLY and you have to be so CLOSE to some1 to see them! YUCK! they also contain HARSH metal chemicals!!! NO chick should have BIG ugly ass tatts on their skin it doesn't look CLASSY or lady like at ALL! Besides, RIHANNA is whack and so is this SONG! and her STYLE! she CAN'T write or produce and NOT to mention SING!!! I'm so tired of these OVERATED Pop Singers! UGH!

I REALLY hope that those

I REALLY hope that those tattoos are for the movie I really do cos those are super ugly. Rih's body is banging though yeah u go 'head flaunt it just like ur big sis Bey taught u **singing if u got it flaunt it boy i know u want it**
I LIKE IT HERE's picture

This is sad but no one is

This is sad but no one is making music for the urban crowd anymore. Everyone and their mama is going commercial. I guess I will stick to lesser known acts they do real music anyway.
Anonymous's picture

I am pretty sure those tatoos

I am pretty sure those tatoos are for the movie.
Anonymous's picture

imean.. those tats are

imean.. those tats are country as hell so idoubt theyre real but im still tryna figure out why anyone would put that on her for a movie either and ihave a strong feeling that movie is guna be ass but idk i cant wait until they start the previews..
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She looks really nice. The

She looks really nice. The tattoo in interesting...... http://www.essenceofsilk.com 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps & more... plus FREE SHIPPING!
Yvonne's picture

I hope those are marker

I hope those are marker tattoos from the movie she is to be in.
Get YOUR Ducks In Line's picture

And some tell Beyonce to take

And some tell Beyonce to take a break, when has Beyonce ever released two brand new albums in one year? Than again Beyonce can ride on the same album for 2+ years lol
lambdahling's picture

And so can Rihanna. GGGB came

And so can Rihanna. GGGB came out in May 2007 and she was still riding it till early 2009 before the incident. It went platinum 6 times. Don't try and shade Rihanna in her own post.
Anonymous's picture

She know she BADD!! Luvs her.

She know she BADD!! Luvs her.
Hilarious's picture

Oh lawdy! Its always

Oh lawdy! Its always frivalous.
Yas's picture

Great body, but the face is

Great body, but the face is nothing special without makeup.
Anonymous's picture

O I also think she needs to

O I also think she needs to stop with the tatoos. The smaller ones were cool but now she is going a little too hard with the ink. Calm down with the bumper stickers Cover Girl.
SheSpeakS's picture

I think this one has to grow

I think this one has to grow on me. I like the conept, I like lyrics I just dont like the.....Genre I guess. I listened to it twice and I am not feeling this at all. but i do look forward to her CD being great but that doesnt mean ill like every song and I dont think Ill be liking this one. But much love to Rihanna and I cant wait to catch you in concert.
SheSpeakS's picture

That song is FIRE!!!!! Yup,

That song is FIRE!!!!! Yup, another hit on her hands. Her reign just wont let up!!! :-)
Hotness's picture


Anonymous's picture

anyway----Love the

anyway----Love the song...already have it downloaded. Cant wait for the album...Get it Ri!!!!
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I like the song, it's a

I like the song, it's a dance/club song. I also love Rih Rih and I like her "delicate tattoos." I hope those big tats are fake.
BlackVesper's picture

If this "leak" has anything

If this "leak" has anything to do with, or a "sampling of," her upcoming CD, then it'll be the "nail in the coffin" that'll end Rihanna's career! When Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj are done feasting, Rihanna, and Beyonce's 30-year-old X-back-up singer, will have the devil-of-a-time fighting for the scraps and left-overs; should make for "interesting blogging," though..!! ...And you can bet, yours truly, will be there, gas-can in hand, ready to feast on the naked emotions...!!(cue the cheesy lightning and thunder visual/sound effects) X,Y,"and Z"--- OUT...!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

X, Y and CRAZY! Whenever

X, Y and CRAZY! Whenever Rihanna Drops anything you are ALWAYS here. This single is FIRE and will do very well. And all I have to say is GET LOUD! And just like I told you last time. TAKERS ride at the top was SHORT! TI's ARREST TYPICAL. Once a FELON always a FELON just like Chris Brown. And Clooney is Back on TOP of the Charts. LMAO Do you EVER get anything RIGHT?



You're so smart yet you can't

You're so smart yet you can't even spell "Sit Down" There is no D in SIT sweetie! HOOD RATS! LMAO

I love my STANS! I really

I love my STANS! I really do! You have to have Dollars to make change sweetie! You're just broke and upset and that means nothing to me. GET LOUD! FALL 2010!

natasha, do you not check

natasha, do you not check sources and shit before you post? the tattoos are fake and that information wasn't even that hard to find out.
Anonymous's picture

Hate Rihanna or love Rihanna,

Hate Rihanna or love Rihanna, she's made enough money to say forget everybody and still be comfy. Saying bad things about her isn't going to make her go away. People obviously like her, Jay signed her, she's doing movies, has a make-up contract, she's a brand (ie Macy's), hell she's even a wax figure. She stays in peoples mouth and on their mind (good or bad) b/c she mad her name as a solo artist. She didn't become popular by being in a group or the daughter, sister, or cousin of somebody. She's does what she loves and is getting paid for it and not once have heard about her getting pulled over or arrested for drugs, alcohol, or weapons. So let her do her. Can't wait till her cd comes out, wish she would have toured in a city closer to me. :( oh, well maybe next time.
I Hate Dumb People's picture

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. She got beat down by her boyfriend and the whole world saw it. Did that stop her nope. That is admirable. And no I am not a fan. But I am a fan of anyone who falls down and picks themselves up.
Anonymous's picture

The new Rihanna track is

The new Rihanna track is terrible. I see the dance music trend has been made official for 2010 going into 2011. I'm waiting for someone to bring creativity back. derherzen.blogspot.com
THe Queen of Hearts's picture

I'm not crazy about Rhi, but

I'm not crazy about Rhi, but damned if she don't have a banging ass body.
ChiLover's picture

I don't know. Ever since she

I don't know. Ever since she got knocked upside the head...she's been looking kindda trashy and just too all over the damn place for my good taste. get it together girl.
Lockstress's picture

Hope those are just temp

Hope those are just temp tattoos. She's a pretty girl but I just hope she has sense enough not to get all tatted up .. not cute.
Just Me's picture

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