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T.I. AXE'd From Sponsor? + Lupe Talks Label Drama + T.O. And OchoCinco's New Talk Show


T.I. is still feeling the backlash from his recent drug arrest. Find out which sponsor is considering dropping him from their ads, plus Lupe talks about his album delay, and T.O. and Ochocinco have a new show when you read on...

More jail time isn't the only problem T.I. is facing after his arrest. AXE Body Spray is debating about releasing the rapper from an ad on their website. 

An AXE spokesperson said the company is "troubled by T.I.'s arrest" and they are "reviewing our promotional activities" with him. The rapper got the deal with AXE earlier this year because he promised he was working on being a more positive role model.

T.I. is still featured on the company's website. Guess we won't be seeing him in any AXE commercials anytime soon.


It's been awhile since Lupe Fiasco released an album, and now the rapper says his anticipated Lasers album may never be released. Lupe and Atlantic Records are still at creative differences over the album.

Lupe said,

The situation with me and my record company has gotten to the point where it’s just like…we’re really at our final straws. People could say it’s me, that “Lupe doesn’t want to make popular music” or “The label has got to have records that they can sell and Lupe is not giving them the records they want to sell, I’ll meet a fan on the street and we’ll have a full conversation about it. There’s maybe six or seven people walking around who know the whole story with their mouths wide open and their jaws to the floor as to why Lasers has been held up to this point and why it’s not coming out. I can’t tell you that. We’re in a space where we’re still negotiating and some stuff isn’t meant for the public."

The rapper continued saying,

 "I literally put it in God’s hands. You know what, Lasers is a record I poured my heart into. I was actually making my own music, in the studio making the songs, and rapping on them. And at the same time, making the music more acceptable. Not making it more poppy, but making it more popular. Putting it in the position where more people can understand it but at the same time still satisfy my hardcore fanbase."


I respect Lupe for sticking to his vision and not making an overly commercial album. Hopefully this can be resolved so both parties get what they want.


One TV show isn't enough for BFF's T.O. and Ochocinco. The Bengals receivers now have a weekly TV talk show called the "T.Ocho Show."  The show debuted this past Tuesday on the Versus cable network as a part of the "Daily Line" which is a sports show. The "T.Ocho Show" will become its own half hour show starting October 12. The NFL stars will discuss their views on the NFL, Twitter, and highlights from their reality show. Oh joy...

With all these TV shows and all other off the field activities, I hope T.O. and Ochocinco perform great on the field or there won't be anymore TV shows. These two have been all over the media this summer. Can't knock their hustle...



TO and Ocho Cinco are on the

TO and Ocho Cinco are on the down low 4reel....why did they leave the game together privately right after it was over...i understand they lost but still suspect fagg shit.....all these damn shows and all of a sudden t.o on the bengals....publicity stunt plus under cover in da closet lovers
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T.I grow up and get your ish

T.I grow up and get your ish together; Chad/TO need to GO SAT DOWN somewhere they are COONS; Lupe is one of my fav rappers hope he and the label can come to some type of agreement I really want to hear lasers album.
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TI deserve...I was rooting

TI deserve...I was rooting for but he played himself T.OCHO??? Vomit in my mouth....I am sick of both of them I know more about them b/c of their TV lives then their actual jobs...are they still bringing to the field cause this getting too much Lupe you will always have me as a fan...leave it in God's hands and it will be done
Anonymous's picture

Loves lupe!!! I love the fact

Loves lupe!!! I love the fact that he won't dumb down his music just for it to sell and i will support anything that lupe does musically because food&liquor and The Cool were 2 of the best albums that ive heard in a long time.
Anonymous's picture

I was really rooting for T.I

I was really rooting for T.I went he came out. now. not so much. OCHO and TO are getting on my nerves. Lupe, do you boo
nycgurl's picture

Lupe, Don't change ur real

Lupe, Don't change ur real fans love ur music. Lord knows we don't need anymore auto-tune music.
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Shiiiiiiiiid!!....I love t.i

Shiiiiiiiiid!!....I love t.i but I think he deserves whatever set backs come his way right now. His actions were nothing short of irresponsible.
Anonymous's picture

We busy hanging our heads

We busy hanging our heads over T.I while Paris Hilton is busy convining everyone that the coke wasn't hers. Why are we never allowed to hear our people side of the story? Why are they automatically guilty and heading to jail or villianized everytime something negative is said about them or they do something? What, have we become so sensitive as a race, we make it easy for the white folks to throw our people's sins in our face every minute? Brett Favre makes it a habit to waited until the last minute before he said yes to playing with a team, yet, there is no real villianizing of his actions. LeBron chooses to go to Florida and he is made into a villian because of his choice. Tiger Woods cheats on his wife and he is villianize by the media, while the white golfer Greg Norman, continues to break up marriages like he did his own. Now you have Paris Hilton getting busted with coke in her bag and she is all but let off the hook. But T.I and his wife gets busted with what looks like ecstacy in the car and already he is heading back to jail. Can't we discern right from wrong and not be preceived as promoting bad habits? I would like to hear T.I.'s side of the story, just like the media has allowed Paris to tell her side. He should be allowed to speak, and if it was his stuff then he needs to get help. Why are we so quick to accept our own going to jail when everyone else get probations and rehab?
tellmeaboutit's picture

Yea yea yea....let's cut the

Yea yea yea....let's cut the crap....we both know good and well at least one of those things belonged to him. Its not like he was in a car with 200 people!
Anonymous's picture

TI is about as tall as a

TI is about as tall as a bottle of Axe....FREE LUPE! www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture

I KNEW KNEW KNEW that would

I KNEW KNEW KNEW that would happen to TI! I'm so upset over that situation!!!!!!!!!!!
Ari's picture

I wish TI all the luck and as

I wish TI all the luck and as for TO and Ocho they need to invest there time in all the kids they have and stop focusing so much on there selves wanting to be seen I lile TO but he seemed to becoming a follower.
Anonymous's picture

Fuk the record label!! I want

Fuk the record label!! I want my LUPE ALBUM!!!! Put that ish out and if it "fails" then let it, let the fans decide. That's what's wrong with music now, these companies steady tryna manufacture hits. They want to dictate what will be fail or succeed and they've totally ignored the audience. Screw them!!! I still luv you Lupe.
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Anonymous's picture

Listen to Lupe's "Dumb it

Listen to Lupe's "Dumb it Down"........stay strong Lupe!
Really Though's picture



Man, have yall seen the AXE

Man, have yall seen the AXE commercial talking about "how to clean your balls".....I was like....WOW.....this is crazy......I couldnt believe my eyes or ears......sex sells
Anonymous's picture

Lupe stand your ground. Go to

Lupe stand your ground. Go to Warner, Murs is there you can get on too. Fuck the maistream if they dont wanna comply. Record companies tryna pimp your art THATS WAR!
SheSpeakS's picture

T.O and Chad are ugly ninja

T.O and Chad are ugly ninja turtles They are more then friends trust me on that T.I god bless you
Opinionated's picture

that is my EXACT thought

that is my EXACT thought process when seeing these two "suspects" with one another....all this dating shyt is a front like a mug....who y'all foolin'....specially T.O. i know some ish abt his azz....
YNV Me's picture

Lupe's label is just as wack

Lupe's label is just as wack as all the other labels. We all know he could shit on the wax and as long as they pay to play he'll be fine. Everything we hear from Usher is not hot, but it's in rotation every 10 minutes, so it gets charted. T.O. and Ocho need to play football. There is a reason why they call the NFL - Not For Long! Get a ring and stop all the madness. Still SMH at TI - - you're in my Whitney Houston "Crack is Wack" pile boo.
Dearabby's picture


TWO DAYS AGO I POSTED THE LYRICS TO LUPE NEW MUSIC AND NO ONE PAID ATTENTION, NOW LUPE HAVING ISSUES BECAUSE HE SPOKE OUT AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND ILLUMINATI HERE ARE THE LYRICS AGAIN AND THEN YOU DECIDE WHY HE HAVING TROUBLE WITH HIS RECORD LABEL. ALSO GO TO THE VIGILANT CITIZEN AND FIND OUT THE REAL. ve often been asked if Lupe Fiasco is “Illuminati”. Giving definite answers to those questions is always difficult but, as they say, “Judge a tree by its fruits”. So here are some of Lupe’s fruits and judge for yourself. BMF Freestyle Lyrics from Lupe’s “BMF Freestyle” Nigga, wake up, don’t join the Army Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis And they ain’t even real, or are they? But you wouldn’t even know, because you partay Too fucking much, if you start to doubt They already in your mind, and comin’ out yo’ mouth It’s not a trick, nigga, it’s a trap Survival of the fit, is what they aimin’ at And niggas ain’t fit (nope), fat as hell (yep) Fat in mind (yep), body fat as well Who use most the drugs? Americans! What’s in Afghanistan? Heroin! You think that’s by mistake? They can stop that? Don’t think you safe though, because you not black Greed is colorblind, so I’m colorblind They gon’ fuck with yours soon as they done with mine They say I try too hard, verses overwhelm I learned most of this, from niggas sittin’ in jail Where you think I’m from? From the streets, nigga Triple OGs, told me to teach, nigga And that ain’t made up, that’s a fact They say that gangsta shit, is the shit I rap No World Order Lupe yelling out “No World Order” on David Letterman



1st i feel bad for lupe...but

1st i feel bad for lupe...but if he wanna make his label happy he should oblige, idw him 2 have the same problems as kelly clarkson did,,,,,2nd they r gonna suck this year w/ all these damn tv shows,,,,smh
Anonymous's picture

Axe his stupid azz! As for

Axe his stupid azz! As for oh-no-negro...SHUT THE PHUCK UP! NO ONE GIVES A GRIG AS TO WHAT YOU THINK, WHO YOU PHUCK OR WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS U GOT GOING ON. UGH! Can't stand these uncle tom sell outs!
Lockstress's picture

lupe is good :)

lupe is good :)
nkrumah land's picture

Now T.O. and Ocho can spend

Now T.O. and Ocho can spend even MORE time together! I love seeing couples collaborate together.
cheriaxe's picture

Record Exes...Release Lupe

Record Exes...Release Lupe Now
Anonymous's picture

T.I. should have known the

T.I. should have known the endorsements would dry up , I only pray that he and his wife get the help that they need for the kids if nothing else. As far as TOand O NO ,they need our prayers,nothing else will help but Jesus, Nuff said........... Blessings and Peace....................
Anonymous's picture

So many praying on another's

So many praying on another's downfall. Damn shame.
Anonymous's picture

According to boxoffice.com

According to boxoffice.com "Takers" was just estimated to do OVER $47.5-Million, come this week's end. T.I. just signed a 3-picture deal with Sony. He had prominently placed Reagan Gomez in one of his more-popular videos. He, Ice Cube and Tyler Perry, I-hope-them all well. T.I. is based in Atlanta; more work for that area's YBF actors, writers and behind-the-scenes folks! You'll say, "Oh(X,Y,Z), you're just crazy/stupid/without-moral compass." And I'll THEN-say: "I CAN separate art from reality/fact from fiction!" T.I. won't be raising any of MY children(when I have some), that'll be MY JOB/RESPONSIBILITY. T.I.'s ..."demons" are HIS own; I wish him the best. But whatever his personal life, that WON'T prevent me from supporting a film with/by YBF folk, ABOUT YBF folk that was/is produced, or had any-to-do-with Grand Hustle Productions/Entertainment! With decades of misogyny(wife/girlfriend beating/shooting)drug arrests/abuse and sheer debauchery, to HIS pedigree, Charlie Sheen's 2 1/2 Men is on the Neilsen Top 10 TV-ratings chart(s). Mr. Sheen is, as of today, one of TV's highest-paid actors! If the Mainstream can-look-pass, and-through-to, "the art," then, can't we? X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Just because "mainstream" can

Just because "mainstream" can overlook white actors demons, we can't afford to do the same. Why? Because blacks entertainers have a hard enough time getting jobs in the industry, and whenever one of us does something stupid, it effects other black entertainers. The director of Takers took a chance on T.I. and Chris Brown for even casting them in this movie, and T.I. has the nerves to get arrested the same weekend it made #1. Ish like this gives white Hollywood a reason to say "I told you so."
Get it Together Black People's picture

@Get it Together Black People

@Get it Together Black People 2:08 pm Sep 9, *10 -- In any OTHER case, you'd be correct. But, in THIS case, YOU'RE NOT! T.I.(Will Packer/Rob Hardy) were the producers! The producers have the "final say-so," NOT the director! T.I. could have, if-he-so-chose, replaced John Luessenhop! And the director, John Luessenhop, had "personal issues" he-too had to "sort out." This movie was the success (as of tonight: $41.4-Million; projected $47.5-Million come week's end according to boxoffice.com) that-it-was, largely BECAUSE OF T.I.'s marketing it to an URBAN AUDIENCE! T.I./Idris Elba/CBreezy sold this picture to black folk and black-folk supported it; which surprised- the-hell-outta Hollywood! ($5-$10-Million were the projections) But DON'T take my word for it, have-a-read, from an Industry-Insider blog/site: "But this is why Sony Pictures pays marketing/distribution czar Jeff Blake the big bucks: He sent rap star T.I. on 10-city, 20-day tour to promote the pic. According to my sources, Matt Dillon was scared to do publicity for it, Hayden Christensen hated the pic, Paul Walker was busy making Fast & Furious 5. So that left Idris, Chris and T.I., who'd just signed a 3-picture deal with Sony and whose Grand Hustle Entertainment was Taken's producer along with Wil Packer's Rainforest Films. "Screen Gems told T.I., 'We're going to market this movie on your back.' He went and busted his nuts." Idris personally hosted nearly 15 screenings in major cities around the country in the days leading up to the opening." <--Here's the Link:www.deadline.com/2010/08/first-box-office-last-exorcism-takes-the-takers/ I'll say again: I-care-not about "T.I.'s drug-of-choice!" His upcoming 3-films that'll hire YBF-folk; that'll be about YBF-folk is what I'll support! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT...!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

How di dthey take a chance on

How di dthey take a chance on casting them??? Because the production was in full effect before any of their incidents occurred..... I'm just saying.
sohochick's picture

Negative. Production for

Negative. Production for Takers started in 2008. T.I was busted for guns in 2007 and Chris Brown was arrested in 2009. The directors put off the initial release date of the movie because T.I. was in jail, and they weren't sure how CB would be received.
Get it Together Black People's picture

Actually it started in 2007,

Actually it started in 2007, because Riri used to be on set with CB while it was filming it. Get your facts correct hun, I know what I'm talking about. So like I said, they didn't take a gamble because the shit was already filmed.
sohochick's picture

Actually it started in 2007,

Actually it started in 2007, because Riri used to be on set with CB while it was filming it. Get your facts correct hun, I know what I'm talking about. So like I said, they didn't take a gamble because the shit was already filmed.
sohochick's picture

@Get it together Black People

@Get it together Black People 3:40pm Sep 9*10 -- T.I. WAS THE PRODUCER (along with Rainforest films). CBreezy was the executive producer. So if anything, the director was at THEIR-mercy! The PRODUCER has "THE final say," NOT the director. The producer CAN replace the director, NOT THE REVERSE! If T.I./Will Packer wanted the director "gone" AT ANY-TIME(?) ...POOF..!! And, if you'd read any of what I wrote, T.I. signed a 3-picture deal with Sony. So again, HE'LL be the "shot caller!" ...And the moral to the story? ...Produce/make your own shit, in this way, no-matter what, YOU'LL have the final say-so...!! But we're straying off-topic. I don't care about T.I.'s "drug of choice"; really, I don't! I'll be arbiter, oracle and prognosticator in MY HOME, NOT some perfect stranger! I'll raise my children, not a celebrity - thank-you very much...!! When Grand Hustle Films puts out ANY of those 3-films(?), I'll be there, ready to support it: "a YBF-film" PRODUCED BY YBF-folks who hired YBF actors/writers and behind-the-camera personnel! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT...!!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

So, as long as they're making

So, as long as they're making money-they can do whatever? That's the mentality that is messing this country up today. No one has moral values, anymore. They'll sell their souls for chump change. And I do mean sell their souls, literally.
imnotthatstoopid's picture

@imnotthatstoopid (12:16

@imnotthatstoopid (12:16 pm-Sep 9, *10) - YES, you are!! "So, as long as they're making money-they can do whatever?" <-- Heaven forbid! Where/when you find anyone saying, suggesting or intimating as-much; bring-it-then, to our attention, won't you? As I DID previously-post, as I'm NOW forced to-AGAIN-restate: "T.I. won't be raising any of my children(when I'm so blessed); that'll be MY JOB/RESPONSIBILITY"; will he be raising yours? Will he be teaching Sunday-School, to YOUR youngster(s)? ...And just who is "selling their souls," do tell? T.I. has HIS demons to deal-with; HIS vice/afflictions, to sort-out; HIS "cross-to-bear," not mine, nor yours! And how does HIS vices/afflictions/burden(s), concern anyone, but T.I. ...? ...It's painfully-obvious: you're lost-in/caught-up with "the cult of personality..!!" You can't, or refuse to, differentiate between "fact and fiction/fantasy and reality" And what is NOW, most-pronounced, are your "projections of yourself" onto the world around you. But that's NOT a result of an inflated sense-of-self! No, quite the contrary; you have no "sense-of-self." So you seek-it-out in the things you see in your everyday-life/world! You're weak, gullible, ignorant, easily-led, insecure, marginal, lacking, turned-out and ran-over! So there you are: "ignoramus near-vagrant class-warrior." Some "useful idiot" awaiting a cause; till such time, you make-yourself a nuisance... X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

ya know, sometimes, your

ya know, sometimes, your comments make sense lol
JMO's picture

I saw the AXE commercial with

I saw the AXE commercial with T.I. in it the other night and i was wondering when they were gonna AXE his endorsement with them. We knew it was only a matter of time. Oh wells..... I find it hard to ride for T.I. when he is grown enough to know better and should've learned his lesson the first time. Hope it works out for him & Tiny. I hear you Lupe.....I remember after his last album he was saying he was retiring from rap because of this same issue. The label wants him to dumb it down for mainstream so that he'll be able to compete with all this bubble gum rap that's out nowadays. I say Stick To Your Guns Lupe....dont sellout! Us REAL hip-hop heads can understand where you coming from. And T.O. and Ocho......CHILE PLEASE.....Lol!
Dezzi's picture

No need for me to comment

No need for me to comment because you said EVERYTHING I was thinking. For real.
Get it Together Black People's picture

T.Ocho Show o_0

T.Ocho Show o_0
What?'s picture

I will watch these 2 fools!

I will watch these 2 fools! If nothing else, they are entertaining! lol!
Anonymous's picture

Good for T.I. Chad & T.O. are

Good for T.I. Chad & T.O. are gay lovers.
cosmanot aka eggroll jenkins's picture

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