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Jay-Z Hooks Grandma Up For Her B-Day+Ashanti Speaks On Nelly Denying Her

Jay-Z has always spoken about his close ties to his grandma.  And this week, he and the Mrs. laced her with some sweet birthday gifts.  Details, plus Ashanti's take on Nelly denying their relationship when you read on...

Shawn Carter knows how to dote on his granny.  He and his wife Beyonce threw his grandma Hattie (pictured above at the Yankees game) a lavish 85th birthday bash this week--that included a Rolls Royce, fab eats, and dancing.  According to the NY Post:

Jay-z is a good grandson. For the 85th birthday of his grandmother, Hattie, the Brooklyn-born hip-hop mogul and his wife, Beyoncé, picked her up in a Rolls-Royce and took her to the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, a space with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty. The guests were entertained by dancers from the Boys & Girls Club when they weren't dancing themselves or devouring the Southern cooking.



In other news, after we posted this interview of Nelly denying ever having a "relationship" with Ashanti, it spread on the net like wildfire.  Now, Ashanti herself feels the need to throw in her two cents.  She decided to co-sign everything Nelly said:


Sigh. Honestly kid, we don't believe you either.  You need more people.  But we just don't really care enough anymore--so all this protesting makes the situation even more lame.  Just sayin'.





Anonymous's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Kizz's picture

If the rumor was not true,she

If the rumor was not true,she would have not said anything,Alot of people have things said about them that they worry about addressing it. Because it's not truth. What she did was just prove that she is hurt because she knows they had a relationship,And he refused to admit it, And that makes her look bad.He was wrong for that,But hold your head up Y ou can do better anyway.
Anonymous's picture

What type of girl is Ashanti?

What type of girl is Ashanti? Is she really so stupid to have much success? She totally settled for a lame. I know, believe me, I know we are trying to eliminate the N word (I think?), but this is the best way to describe Nelly and his attitude. He is pure shit! Ashanti needs to grow some balls. I would drag Nelly's *** to the ground and make him feel like pure shit about himself. I would straight deny that mf*r and make it seem like he isn't my type. Childish games.
Lacey's picture

I like how you put

I like how you put it....lolol
Baby J's picture

now i got to do that "word

now i got to do that "word verification" crap. THANKS SPAMMERS... Anyways it's obvious Ashanti feels a way Nelly denied that they were ever together just a year ago they were in our face with their relationship. But Nelly wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. And what the hell does Nelly look like anyways with his bleached out face...
YadaYadaYada's picture

Ashanti is stupid! I like

Ashanti is stupid! I like her but that video just made her look like a complete Bitch...getting all defensive...everyone knows they are together, they just wanna keep it private...but damn...u gotta get all hostile Ashanti!!
Anonymous's picture

at LAST, someone finally said

at LAST, someone finally said some thing that make since other then all these ashanti haters. They are tryna make a come back in the music business ( obviously), and the last thing they want to stand in their way is the ALREADY PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP. I will do the same if i had to, because come to think bout it they owe no one explaination bout their lives. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT THEY ARE NOT 2GATHER. This girl cirl is one of the MOST POSITIVE BLACK WOMAN i know she is never tryna to bring another person down not even another artist. We all (black people, especially US, BLACK WOMEN) should be proud od her and support her. matter of fact, she sound better then most so-call-singers in the business. LEAVE ASHANTI AALLOONNEE.
priscilla's picture

I just saw Nelly and Ashanti

I just saw Nelly and Ashanti in the club in NYC last night. They fooling all of yall! The are definietely togtha! I saw them w/my own 2 eyes. And they had Chris Brown with them. Epic fail Nelly and Ashanti. The public been bamboosled.
Anonymous's picture

Actually Ashanti its

Actually Ashanti its "denied"...not "confirmed" a confirmation means that you guys ARE together. smh. All around confusery.
Cesty's picture

Nelly is chanelling "Usher".

Nelly is chanelling "Usher". He will get his. County bumpkin. The lack of disrespect for another artist like, not to mention a female shows he is nothing but St. Louis trash. When he was out frontin trying to raise money for his sick sister he came off as human. How soon we forget. Move on Ashanti.. recognize the game. The media has already established and validated your relationship. Anyone willing to deal with the clown going forward can expect the same treatment.
Bull%$*&^*'s picture

Annnnndddd - why do we care?

Annnnndddd - why do we care? All I can say about Ashanti is; limit the use of air quotes. Not needed for every OTHER word. He said she said. This shouldn't even been newsworthy. *YAWN*
LibraDiva's picture

Ashanti is pretty but she

Ashanti is pretty but she seems arrognat and really evil. I remember her on PUNK'D too and she was acting mean as hell. NELLY IS UGLLLEYYY!! BEY and Jay are sooo sweet!!
Anonymous's picture

I remember watching Punked

I remember watching Punked and Ashanti attitude was stank, I dont think she is a very nice person I didnt have to listen to the audio. I agree keep your mouth shut, silence is golden. Whats up with the word verification now????
215girl's picture

Ashanti got life ass

Ashanti got life ass backwards. Beyonce is on break. you need to take this opportunity to promote something like..uhh a NEW single or album. nobody even cares if your screwing Nelly. Neither of you have been hot since my Middle school days. so stop.
International.'s picture



Note to Ashanti: You haven't

Note to Ashanti: You haven't been HOT since the early 2000s and you come back to 'quote, unquote' say who you're friends with? Brush off that bitterness and write a good heartbreak cd while Bey is on break. Thats what you need to be doing!!!!!!!! Im sure you got bills to pay and apparently your 'good friend' is not paying them for you. So do you and try and make that money SON.
why you gotta be Anonymous's picture

Well Ashanti you were the one

Well Ashanti you were the one screwing Mr. TipDrill....Next time find out who a Man is on the inside first...2nd you also need to check yourself sounding like damn DMX....Really?
Chi-Town's Finest's picture


forreal's picture

Ashanti, you sound mad as

Ashanti, you sound mad as hell. you need more people.
Jasmineee's picture

Are You ladies serious on

Are You ladies serious on here,Grow the fuck up an stop saying negative comments about Ashanti.why in the hell don't women stick together! its sad to see how we as women are so quick to pass judgement.this is that bullshit i dont care if its a regular person or celebrity.an u ladies wonder why men treat u the why they do because you'll dumbass co-sign on their behavior.
forreal's picture

@forreal....When a person is

@forreal....When a person is wrong it is what it is....This has nothing to do with sticking together...This is not a" We Shall Over Come March"....Nelly didn't claim her, so Ashanti need to check him not the world....So the real Dumbass is anybody that would condone her behavior on this tape....Women can set the record straight w/o sounding like a Damn Thug!!!!!!
anonymous's picture

That's cool. Jay, Bey, and

That's cool. Jay, Bey, and Granny Jay out kickin it. As far as the other stuff..........uh...........ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

giiirrrllll pllleeaassee if

giiirrrllll pllleeaassee if you werent an item he was DEFINATELY getting some. cmon son!
myMAMAsaid's picture

Ashanti you a red bone/

Ashanti you a red bone/ "mixed on down the line recently", why you acting so ghetto, ashy and aggressive and shit. You black women are getting way out of hand. That's why a brotha don't want yall asses anymore. We need a woman that acts like a woman. Not like some NY gully asss negro in the street, keeep that shit out there, don't bring that shit to tv. But it is B.E.T, that silly ass network so it is what it. But yea black women cut that aggressive ,neck snapin , finger pointin, eye rollin shit out, its not a good look. But then again you Black bitches like to think that ignorant shit makes you "A STRONG BLACK WOMAN"or you'll say "Black Men Can't Handle Strong Black Woman". Being nagging , loud , aggressive and rude is a sign of strength to BLACK BITCHES and im tired of it. But hey don't get at me black women You Know It's The Truth!!!!!!!
Letgetitt's picture

Then again, I like it in my

Then again, I like it in my a$$-so I hate all women! And that's the truth!!!
Letgetitt's picture

Come on man that shit aint me

Come on man that shit aint me stop faking black ghetto coutry stupid ass bitch.I wish they could bann black bitches with fake names
Letgetitt's picture

You need to educate your

You need to educate your mother first...fucker!!!!...lolol.NOW!!!..Fall off a bridge.......deuces....
Another strong man's picture

@Another strong man

@Another strong man aka"Legetitt"....Another Ignorant little boy....And it's obvious your mother failed you.....
anonymousToo's picture

I love how you DECLASSIFIED

I love how you DECLASSIFIED her by calling her "red bone" but tried to CLASSIFY her as being held as a BLACK WOMAN. "Black bitches like th think that ignorant shit..." Well you must be an ignorant MAN. Nobody mad at you boo, just who would want you? You point has no strength, and you are demeaning a culture by suggesting that she is "red bone". So does the COLOR of blackness make you better? So you say that we need a society where women act like women, well - I pray that you get on board and act like a MAN. Never mind that BLACK WOMEN is the race that birthed this nation. Who are you to come at US suggesting thats why a "brotha" don't want US anymore? If you feel that way, take your useless mindset to a different race. Let's see if they can season your collard greens, comb your baby girl hair, or understand you when the MAN at work is getting to you. BROTHA please.
LibraDiva's picture

Damn baby i never said red

Damn baby i never said red bone makes you better or different shit its still black!!!! just a lighter and more attractive black... loll im just playing. But hey i agree with you BLACK WOMEN DID BIRTH THIS NATION, But So did BLACK MEN. You black women just turned your black on us, kicked us out of the household , let the white women boost your damn head up with the feminist movement saying you dont need a man and shit, and guess who benefit in the end , yep you guessed it right WHITE WOMEN and they left with your man on they arm . Meanwhile you black bitches have a naggin ass attitude and no longer want to support a positive black man or play the role of a woman in the household.. Because you don't take nooo shitttttt from a mannnnnn.And look at us now in the worst fucking position everrrrr, all because of the black woman. It ties back to you like i told the previous young lady Black women are the backbone of the community so when they fucked up we fucked up. But yea what black woman you know now daysssss seasoning collard greens, or understanding is when the MAN at work is getting to us.Ill wait....shit or even combing the kidsss hair, they to busy shaking they ass on youtube or hitting the club up. Creating and putting the same mindset within the childrens mind, but its the black man fault????lmao. But dont get mad at me You Know It's The Truth!!!!!
Letgetitt's picture

I agree with BET being a

I agree with BET being a "silly ass network," 'The Game' is not on there any more either. SMH. And everyone can be mad all they want. This cock-eyed fool does make a point. He could've left out calling all black women b*tches though. At least black women don't cut off their men's penis and kill you in your sleep. When you wake up and your d*ck is gone cause snowflake cut that sh*t off, you'd be wishing she would've just nagged and rolled her damn neck at whatever she was mad at you about!! You know its the TRUTH!!
why you gotta be Anonymous's picture

All the men on "The Game"

All the men on "The Game" were fine to me, baby. I would've got down w/ any one of them. That's how I do it!
Letgetitt's picture

"The Game" was a wack ass

"The Game" was a wack ass show to lol, But baby listen not all white women are crazy like that, thats a stereotype. I ts just like saying all black women get mad and throw hot grits on a nigga when he sleep see what i mean lmao. But the reason i fuck with white, mixed, and latin women is simply because they had a wayyyyy better upbringing and they know their roles as women in a household, majority that is and black women don't.But i wont lie though, even when im with a snowflake ill always love and mess with black women on the side, even though yall make me mad. Don't get mad at me... You Know It's The Truth!!!
Letgetitt's picture

@Letgetitt...I dont think you

@Letgetitt...I dont think you have to worry about any sistas getting at you.....We all know that you are a White Racist!!!
anonymous's picture

No, you just want me to be a

No, you just want me to be a White man, since black women lovee massa!!!!!! Just look at all the interracial promotion sites ...Who are they OWNED by ??? BLACK WOMEN!!!Im a black man baby damn and love it, shit if i was a white man i would've said so lol. You prolly wouldve try to hit me up so you can role play "massa and the bed wench in the wood shack and shit like that since thats how u black women get down with white man . And its been that way for yearsssssss and u black women loveee it
Letgetitt's picture

@Letgetitt....I notice that

@Letgetitt....I notice that you're always making reference to Black Women Slaves sleeping with Massa....Well do you really know your history....Of course you don't bcuz if you did Uncle Ruckus wouldn't be your avatar AT ALL. IN SLAVERY THERE WERE A FEW BLACK WOMEN THAT SLEPT WITH MASSA SO THAT THEIR KIDS AND THEMSELVES WOULD BE TREATED WITH LITTLE MORE RESPECT....BUT, THE MAJORITY WERE FORCED OR RAPED BY MASSA....SO DON'T MAKE IT SOUND LIKE SLEEPING WITH MASSA WAS FOR PLEASURE....NOW ON THE OTHER HAND, BLACK MEN SLEPT WITH MASSA WIFE FOR PLEASURE BCUZ HE DAMN SURE WASN'T THINKING ABOUT PROTECTING HIS FAMILY.....You're using a White Supremacist as your avatar bcuz you are outta touch with who you are, like Uncle Ruckus....So don't use part of our history as an personal attack aganist your own cultural.....When you really take the time out to study African American History"My Major" then and only then will you be able to embrace our Black Sistas....Black women are still the strongest woman I know....And alot of sistas "like myself' are supportive of their black men....But first you as a Black Man need to be supportive of your own dreams, goals, and destiny!!!
anonymousToo's picture

You think i give a damn what

You think i give a damn what you majored in or if you have your "Massa's/Master's degree" . Im very in touch with who i am. It's you black women that are not. If you black women were as strong as you say you are , the community wouldn't be in the position its in NOW like i said before...Bitch we in America the fuck you talking about culture???We no longer have that it died long ago, because black women focused to much on being WHITE and making they black man and children feel bad. Who you think was telling they kid ,ew boy you black, ew boy you have nappy hair, and point at the mixed or white boy or girl and say that's how u should look It was BLACK WOMEN who sold out black men for welfare and threw them out of the household???Black women....Who let the feminist movement control how they think and feel about their own men ...Black women. Ill even go back to Africa..how did most civilizations in Africa fall??? because the white and arab man came in and had relationships with the BLACK WOMAN. so behind our destruction it always the black woman who have a pactttt with the enemy and our demise.And you might just be supportive, but damnit its not enough of you that are.And when i talk about the black woman and the white man im not talking about slavery im talking about now you never catch a black man changing shit up for a white woman but you black women damn sure will change it up for white men and be so submissive and family like i guess it all goes back to that pact you had with him back in time it all makes sense now. Once you have the woman you have the civilizations since she is the backbone. so fuck the black community shit is never going to change anyways, i might as well keep my white woman and have my kids grow up around them since its no type of progression around black women . But don't get mad at me black woman You Know It's The Truth
Letgetitt's picture

@Letgetitt....Almost all of

@Letgetitt....Almost all of your ignorant rants refer to slavery just like this one you posted at 6:55p.m. yet you claim that you're referring to right now....culture is simply customary beliefs that all ethnic backgrounds possess....Now it's obvious that you weren't raised with any culture but, I was and many african americans educate, nuture, love and encourage their children....This is why I can respond to you ignorance w/o using profanity or degrading anyone....Its' called home training.....And not to down play my brothers, but the truth is the black man was not sold out for welfare...The Black man walked away from their families because of frustration, depression, drugs, and selfishness and white society which had nothing to do with the sistas....Keep in mind when Massa came and took us from africa it was the Black Man that allowed this to happen not The Black Woman.....And as far as the feminist move as you call which, I think you're speaking of Women's right Act....White women initiated that and Black Woman weren't considered to be a part of that movement because of the color of their skin....We were still be treated like 2nd class citizens....And you're abosolutely wrong about civilization....Africa lost their civilization because the tribes allowed the White Man to come in and take over, Tribes Kings were men not women.....Have you ever taken the time to watch Chaka Zulu and even read the book? There are many books on how the civilization of Africa failed....And it sounds like you either grow up in an enviroment or you live in one now where all you see and hear is Black Women verbally abusing their children...That's not America....That's your Neighborhood or Household....Now if your preference is White women than so be it...But when are you as a MAN going to start taking responsibility for your life, your way of thinking, or way of living....GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
anonymousToo's picture

..That's why a brotha don't

..That's why a brotha don't want yall asses anymore. ^ umm ok. because the majority of black males are GAY, INCARCERATED, FELONS or UNEMPLOYED. yeah, Im good on the other side.
Jasmineee's picture

Here we go agian with this

Here we go agian with this shit , stop using the white supremacist media to downplay black men. You black women do this a lot . We as black men are trying our best to find the woman that completes us and that happen to be Latin and White women. But our heart will always be with the black woman, but they constantly acting a asss and being stupid and fucking with niggas they know are dead beats and thats what creates the [b]GAY, INCARCERATED, FELONS or UNEMPLOYED[/b] niggas, its a cycle. It all ties back to you black woman and your discussion making. Because it plenty of good men out there millions of us!!!! but you black women decide to go with the dumb ass fools and you get dumb asss result and kids out wedlock from it to.But don't get mad at me You Know It's The Truth!!!!!
Letgetitt's picture

@Legetitt....How can you call

@Legetitt....How can you call anybody out about using White Supremacist Media, When your avatar is Uncle Ruckus....You don't even know who you are...SMDH!!!.....Don't know why you're on YBF when your a Racist.
anonymous's picture

How am i racist, you don't

How am i racist, you don't even know what the hell a racist is.I just speak the truth, and i used this avatar because a bitch on here called me uncle ruckus so i said ok i guess ill use that as a avatar :)
Letgetitt's picture

@Letgetitt....You are a

@Letgetitt....You are a Racist....And the worst kind you hate your own ppl....In particularly Black Women....I have Brothers and they wouldn't dare degrade or disrespect any woman...They were not raised that way....It's really sad when Black men in particular are not raised with morals, respect, or integrity....This Uncle Ruckus character is a racist and you're using it as your avatar...So what else would one think...DUH!!!....Now if you didn't know what Uncle Ruckus represents, which I highly doubt then you should've done your research!!!!
anonymousToo's picture

yall may have been friends

yall may have been friends with benefits but definitely not friends. for all the stuff yall were doing together and cameras caught it all. girl go browse the internet. ashanti girl u aint fooling nobody but urself
I like my tea's picture

O! my! All aggressive and

O! my! All aggressive and rough! SON! I would "claim" your ass either, SON!
You can get one at Wal-Mart's picture

um okay Ashanti, thanks for

um okay Ashanti, thanks for your confirmation, I mean we were all holding our breath....file this under: BITCH PLEASE!
OMG's picture

That's nice of Jay and

That's nice of Jay and Bey. Ashanti.. girl please, you still look stupid.
Miss GQ's picture

To All YBF Bloggers....If at

To All YBF Bloggers....If at all possible please don't waste you time responding to @Legetitt ignorant rants...He has Uncle Ruckus as his avator on YBF....And Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character that tries to escape his own identity as a Black Man...This Character is a White Supremacist in a Black Body....Saddddd....This is why @Legetitt is always on YBF degrading Black Women....So please don't respond to this Black Racist KKK member wannabe!!!!
anonymousToo's picture

I love Ashanti! But I don't

I love Ashanti! But I don't believe her ONE bit lol..smh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TruStar's picture

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