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Sheree Whitfield's Doctor Date Is A FRAUD!


As expected, the drama of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is starting up already.  And we've only seen two episodes.  The "doctor" Sheree Whitfield went out on a date with on last night's episode is a fake doctor.  And he's been fired from jobs and outed as a fraud as far back as 2005.


The drama when you read on...

So on last night's episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta", Sheree's friends set her up on a date with a "psychiatrist" (she said psychiatrist, not psychologist, on the show) named Dr. Tiy-E.  Dude showed up to meet Sheree at some jook joint style place with random bald spots in his head and some "grocery store flowers" (Sheree's words, not ours).  All this after Sheree bragged to her "stylist" Lawrence about this blind date of hers being a fabulous psychiatrist.

Dr. Tiy-E revealed he's a divorced man.  But what he conveniently forgot to reveal is that he's a fraud.  And has been outed as such.  We've learned that this is the same dude who used to be the guest doctor on "The Ricki Lake Show" and a contestant on "The Real Gilligan's Island" as the professor.  He was outed as a fraud in an Atlanta Journal Constitution article back in 2005.

Tiy-E Muhammad claimed to be a psychiatrist and claimed to have a doctoral degree.  Clark Atlanta University fired him from his real-life professor gig after his resume didn't check out and the school he claimed to earn a degree from claimed otherwise.  He ended up removing certain claims from his own website about who he is because reporters started to out him.  Here's the AJC article in full.  And after all this, this dude is still claiming to be a psychiatrist:


The former Clark Atlanta University associate professor turned castaway on TBS' "The Real Gilligan's Island" has called himself a psychologist on his Web site and book jacket covers, yet he is not licensed to practice psychology in Georgia or anywhere else.

Kara Sinkule, a spokeswoman for the Georgia secretary of state's office, said Muhammad, known as "The Love Doctor" on a local radio station, could face misdemeanor criminal charges.

Claiming you are a psychologist without a license is illegal, she said.

Muhammad, 35, says he's a doctor, but he didn't earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the school from which he has said he graduated, school records show. In fact, he attended Southern Illinois University for just one semester as an unspecified graduate student, said SIU spokesman Tom Woolf.

Muhammad said he left Clark Atlanta, where he was an associate professor in the psychology department for four years, because he wasn't paid enough and he "no longer felt that spark" from teaching. School officials said he left after they discovered his credentials were bogus.

A nonprofit that wasn't

Muhammad said that in 1999 he founded a nonprofit organization called "Man II Man Inc.," which his Web site states is "dedicated to uplifting, motivating and educating inner city youth." Actually, the organization is a for-profit company, said Cara Hodgson of the secretary of state's office.

Muhammad said he had not "filed the paperwork" to make the corporation nonprofit. "I'm still forming the board of directors," he said. On Tuesday, the Web site was changed to describe the organization as "community-based," rather than nonprofit.

Muhammad has said he was a psychologist in Illinois, where he was originally from, but a search on the state's Financial and Professional Regulation Department Web site and a check with the department's spokesperson revealed no evidence to support that claim.

On Saturday, a nattily dressed Muhammad was signing two of his self-published books, "The Secrets Men Keep," and "My Mind, My Body, My Spirit," at a Barnes & Noble in East Point and dishing dirt on his stint on "The Real Gilligan's Island."

Advice about love

The "Survivor"-style show, which airs Wednesdays on TBS, pits two teams of castaways against each other for a top prize of $250,000. Muhammad fills one of the two "professor" roles. The heavily promoted show debuted June 8 and will run through June 29. It was taped in 2004 and has an average weekly viewership of 1.7 million people, studio officials said.

Wearing crisp white pants, an embroidered denim blue shirt and black leather Gucci sandals, Muhammad signed two of his books on relationships — published under his own Man II Man Inc. imprint — and autographed black-and-white headshots of himself labeled "Dr. Tiy-E Psychologist/Author" in large letters.

"If you go to bed at night not feeling comfortable with who you are, I feel sorry for you," he told the group of about 20 women, flashing a dimpled smile. "Everyone should love themselves."

In an interview with a reporter Saturday, Muhammad said he decided to leave Clark Atlanta in the summer of 2004 to pursue a career in modeling and acting.

"The job became a chore. It was a stale routine. It wasn't a challenge anymore," he said.

Asked Monday if he left the university because officials there questioned his credentials, he hesitated, then said, "I don't have a problem with that."

When pressed about the discrepancies, he said, "That is not anybody's business."

'Ricki Lake' regular

Charismatic and handsome, Muhammad first attracted national attention as a regular on the syndicated "Ricki Lake Show" as a "resident relationship expert" in 2002. He made numerous appearances on the talk show over the next two years while teaching at Clark Atlanta. School administrators would not comment on how Muhammad got his job with a faked résumé or why he was allowed to teach for so long.

Both Jet and Ebony magazines quoted Muhammad as a psychologist and relationship expert in articles dating back to 2001. In 2003, Ebony named him one of 26 "Best Bachelors of the Year." Ebony officials declined to comment this week, saying they had not had an opportunity to check into the matter.

Turner Broadcasting officials released a brief statement: "Tiy-E Muhammad met the professor criteria for the production company to cast him as a contestant on 'The Real Gilligan's Island.' They felt he was a good reality character."

Laura Mandel, a spokeswoman for Telepictures Productions, the show's producer, said, "We do not discuss the casting process."

Deception is unethical

Marietta psychologist Mark Roland, a board member of the Georgia Psychological Association's independent practice division, called Muhammad's use of the term psychologist "the worst kind of betrayal of the public's trust."

"This is the first time I've heard of someone taking it to this level," Roland said. "It raises legal and ethical issues."

Muhammad, who received a master's degree in guidance and counseling from Eastern Illinois University, said Monday he was unaware that claiming to be a psychologist without a license was illegal.

"I checked it out when I moved here. It's not against the law," he said.

But when a reporter read Muhammad the Georgia Law Code that relates to psychologists (Sec. 43-39-7), he said, "I'm a life coach, I say I'm a life coach. It makes things simpler."

On Tuesday, he changed his Web site, dropping the description of himself as a psychologist. He later acknowledged he had not graduated from Southern Illinois but said he had a doctorate from an unaccredited online university. He did not provide immediate documentation.

His own radio show

In the last five years, Muhammad has spoken on dozens of college campuses around the country, from Georgia Tech to Notre Dame. He said he gets 50 to 75 e-mails a day through his Web site, www.onelovepoet.com, asking for relationship advice.

He's turned "Secrets Men Keep" into a play that is scheduled for Sept. 6-11 at the Bois-feuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center, backed by local theater promoter Preston Elliott. Muhammad ran his own casting call in May and will play the lead. A promotional flier says the play is a "Man II Man Development" production.

Muhammad co-hosts with Ramona Debreaux on HOT 107.9 a Wednesday morning radio show on relationships.

General Manager Wayne Brown said the station does not refer to Muhammad as a psychologist or Ph.D. They call him "The Love Doctor."

"I don't think you need to be a doctor to have a male opinion," Brown said.

Former Clark Atlanta University student Ivory Jones, who graduated with a minor in psychology in 2000, said students often questioned Muhammad's teaching methods.

"It seemed more like he wanted to come across as a ladies' man and not as a legit professor," Jones said. "He's really attractive and well-spoken. I guess that's why he was able to carry it off for so long."

Delusion is VERY real in the ATL.




Tell or send a message to

Tell or send a message to Sheree Whitfields that a professional guy we know and have in our network would like to see if they can have something in common. All his skills and qualifications are all listed and available for the world to see without any fraud intentions attached. She needs to be real as he is real. Go there and check out LENNIOUS' location and lets us know. Thanks
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tazyaugmege's picture

After I watched "Real

After I watched "Real Housewives of ATL", I could not believe these women did not know someone can attain a Psychology doctor degree via online, OMG, come on, are they for real, or was this just for TV? And, I ask, why are these women & Bravo throwing Dr. Tiye under the bus, as we all can see, this man does have a couple of other degrees, a successful life coach, author, does semiars, and he been counseling for over a decaded. " Come on people " Think! What is the real reason someone is trying to destroy this Black man character, treating him as if he is a loser, and all we see his kindness towards Sheree' & her friends. Is it just editing , " Ratings ", or what is the real agenda???? Think People & stop being Program -- TV Programming!!!!
RoyalPrincess's picture

With all due respect.... no

With all due respect.... no one is trying to take what he has accomplished away. He should tell his REAL credentials and leave the FANTASY out because he is a very accomplished man in his own right. No one wants to be lied to about anything (educatoin or where u stay) especially when I let u into the real me, my home and meet my kids.
Anonymous's picture

Beware ladies in Chicago esp.

Beware ladies in Chicago esp. There's a whole group of 30+ year old black men in the Chi with the sexy 'Nation of-' type names who run game on black women and the black community as a whole. Some are already married-but-separated and claiming to be single, some are making kids with the promise to take care of them and the woman as long as they keep their mouths shut while they do what they want. Alot of them are fleecing the community of money by setting up bogus nfp's. and setting up events for people to come out to then cancelling the event without refunding people's money. I work with a couple of them, I dated another...they're all over. This is not a comment directed at any certain faith; these clowns do what they do and use the faith as a backdrop to get people to trust them and think they're 'down'. You notice that 'Dr. Muhammed' didn't dare take his GAME to a white institution of higher learning. He fleeced his own...the HBCU's.
Susan's picture

Damn, I love this shit, it’s

Damn, I love this shit, it’s entertaining as hell, but there are many well-educated and legitimate upper class Black women doing the damn thing. Of course they would never subject themselves to such nonsense nor should they. Don’t get it twisted these women are trying to provide a better life for themselves with what they have to work with or lack thereof. I can’t put anyone down because they have families to support. I’m just sad for the children…what about NeNe, Sheree and Lisa do they have education beyond high school? You can’t kick their drive though. Look at the socioeconomic situation in which they came from. Peace,
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jocasl's picture

This show is not gonna have

This show is not gonna have real men!!!! because birds of a feather flock together
Anonymous's picture

Okay I'm confused? Are you

Okay I'm confused? Are you people saying that if I know a gay person I'm on the DL????GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!
Anonymous's picture

i looked up sheree's net

i looked up sheree's net worth on celebrity net worth.com, that broad is worth 50k...really? broad walking aroung w/a 15k birkin.she needs to marry rich because she's gotta nasty shopping habit she definently can not afford. i aint mad at her lookn for a rich doctor, but cut that fake azz dr cause he aint it........ ***on a side note i rotfl when sheree said she liked kandi's sond but didnt hear the words...lolololol. kandi is worth 35m, nene 3.5m, lisa 100k,ed 5m, cynthia 8m, phaedra 12m & kim 1.5m.....
where the do that @?'s picture

Fake azz M.F.!

Fake azz M.F.!
D-Rock's picture

A PSYCHIATRIST is a medical

A PSYCHIATRIST is a medical doctor who went to medical school, did a residency, and can prescribe medication. a PSYCHOLOGIST has some type of graduate degree but is not a medical doctor and cannot prescribe medications. This fool sounds like he is neither!
allnatural's picture

Thank you I was about to type

Thank you I was about to type the same thing. Psychiatrist spend the last year or last couple years of residency studying mental health usually on a behavioral branch of the hospital a.k.a a mental ward. Psychologist are completely different and in fact most psychologist have a research based background meaning they don't have client's whom they see on a daily basis. For the psychologists who are not research based they usually have a Psy.D degree instead of a Ph.D. NOT TO MENTION ACCORDING TO HOW THEY MARKET THEMSELVES PSYCHIATRIST USUALLY MAKE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT MORE THAN PSYCHOLOGISTS. Check the record.
Anonymous's picture

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Kepp the

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Kepp the drama rolling :-)
Anonymous's picture

did that negro take her to

did that negro take her to blue flame??????!!!!
mariamaria's picture

Nope.. he took her to

Nope.. he took her to Ellery's..down from Greenbriar mall!! LOL!
Anonymous's picture

look where the date was set

look where the date was set up???? in a whole in the wall... that dude is trying to get a reality show.. fast talker with no money...check please
MzCECE's picture

I love this show. It is my

I love this show. It is my new Sex in the Gritty. The clothes, shoes, homes, ladyboys and suspect tatted up DL men is good for my curiosity and my drama free life.
Bronze_Duchess's picture


Anonymous's picture

I just said the same thing to

I just said the same thing to my aunt while we were watching. Everybody is trying to pretend like they all got it like that. Acting like all their bank accounts got seven figures sitting in it. Even the ones that appear to have money are living beyond their means. About to file for bankruptcy but driving around in a leased Bentley. Everybody is everybody's "friend" but they all plant a knife in the others back as soon as they turn around. Just a city full of movers and fakers.
Tearra's picture

First of all, I have to say

First of all, I have to say that I love reading the comments, more than the post. You all argue back and forth and say the most hilarious shit ever LMAO ... Second, just for clarification; Psychiatrist hold a PhD and an MD and can write Rx, Psychologist hold a PhD, and do not write Rx, but in some states one can get a secondary PhD in pharmacology and then can in fact write Rx.
PhD2Be's picture

Psychiastrist go to med

Psychiastrist go to med school and have an MD unless they also go to graduate school to get a PhD.
AnonymousJ's picture

That irked me too. The

That irked me too. The differences are too easy to miss.
Ann's picture

and this random balding negro

and this random balding negro can't fill out a prescription for generic Advil.
Bronze_Duchess's picture

Here are my comments

Here are my comments regarding last nights RHOA: 1) Phaedra's husband knowing Lawrence would make me nervous if I was his wife. Do you think he is on the DL? 2) Sheree (sp?) can get much better, I'm thinking the date was totally fake... 3) I'm going to still watch RHOA; love the drama!
JR Jade's picture

Huh? That's crazy. They all

Huh? That's crazy. They all know (and were close friends with) Dwight, who is as gay as it gets. All the men hugged Lawrence at the card party at Sheree's. Are they all on the DL, too, because they know him?
Anonymous's picture

Yeah I totally agree with all

Yeah I totally agree with all three. Especially number 1. I was like OMG when that dude was like "He's a friend of a friend". Oh wow. Ex con and on the DL?? I love this show! Lol.
Chantayk's picture

I agree with #1. If my man

I agree with #1. If my man knew a flamming gay dude and I didn't know that he knew him... Good nite and good bye.
Bronze_Duchess's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Yep. Tiy-E Muhammed also

Yep. Tiy-E Muhammed also taught at Morris Brown College back in the day. Easiest A I ever got. Everyone knew he was a fake. And he should've kept the locks. He looks a hot mess now!
Nic's picture

Dang ATL...yall are running

Dang ATL...yall are running neck and neck with Hollyweird with all this drama. SMH
Dearabby's picture

Hollywood is salad and ATL is

Hollywood is salad and ATL is greens with grits and neckbones.
Bronze_Duchess's picture

This stmt I can't agree w/,

This stmt I can't agree w/, cause you equated Hollywood with salad, which is healthy-& we should ALL know by now there's nothing but sick freaks in Hollweird!
imnotthatstoopid's picture

Phaedra's husband is a cutie

Phaedra's husband is a cutie tho I hope he's not on the DL. I really can't take her seriously though her style and makeup throw me off like she's needs an update on fashion ASAP!! And I never even put two and tow together about Nene's husband and Dwight sumthin shady for sure went on there and Nene didn't even know about it. I know her and Dwight made up last night but I wouldn't trust his ass anymore he got some skeletons in his closet and one might be her husband. And Sheree is still Sheree thinkin' she is all that and really aint even half of that which is no wonder she can't find a decent legit man who are these people she knows that set her up on a date with a fraud like this?? Obviously she has NO PEOPLE and the ones she does have are queens drama and drag NEXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
claudette's picture

Look how pretty he is.

Look how pretty he is. Somebody in the joint noticed it too!
Milly's picture

omg! now he said that he

omg! now he said that he would tell sheree anything that she asked him and she really seemed to like him. what a joke! he had too many bald spots to count and i didn't find him cute at all.
Anonymous's picture

Oh gee - here's someone else

Oh gee - here's someone else tryin' the play the role!!! What's up w/ folks being real? He should be more embarrassed now than if he told the truth even if it wasn't on a doctor's level. Damn - ppl - do better!!!
Happy Lady's picture

The Real Houswives of Atlanta

The Real Houswives of Atlanta is a FRAUD! Ain't nobody on that show a damn HOUSEWIVE and with the exception of Kim and Kandi, everybody else is BROKE. This show is a damn disgrace to Black women and I cannot watch another minute of it. Nene needs to take her horseface, big, ignorant ex-stripping self somewhere and hide! Geez...
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No somebody on a reality is a

No somebody on a reality is a fraud and fake who would have thought lol so many just put Dr next to their names and somehow that makes it so, and there has got to be more to the story with Nene husband and Dwight more than just money,and she was right to check her son and as a attorney, Phaedra couldn't find somebody else to marry besides a ex con No offense to ex cons trying to fix their life but this dude seem mad shady, but all these RHOA are a mess so I expect the Beverly Hills edition to be no different
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Anonymous's picture

You All are SO slow!!Of

You All are SO slow!!Of course that woman's Husband is on the Low..Ex-Prisoner in Atlanta with All of those Girly Niggas down there Ready and Willing to Suck somebody's husbands' Dick. Why do you think that Flaming one is Always hanging around this Pregnant woman acting like their Besties all of a sudden..Please he is Working his way to Her Husband's Dick the same way he did NeNe's Husband!
That's Right's picture


mkw's picture

In the words of Snoop Dog, "

In the words of Snoop Dog, " OOOO WEEE!" Great analogy. My DL/Gaydar must need cleaning cause I completely missed that one. Did you see Apollo, Camanche, whatever his name...look over at Mr. Ladyboy?? I was like...OOOO WEEEE somebody know something. Plus he rubbed me the wrong way praying over his food an chit. I'm like dude......stop it. But if Phedra loves it who can say otherwise.
Bronze_Duchess's picture

Why would someone praying

Why would someone praying over their food rub you the wrong way? You sound stupid.
Anonymous's picture

You've seen the show. It just

You've seen the show. It just looks pretentious. Especially with his background. So it is more than just praying over the food........he seems sneaky or even on the DL.....
Bronze_Duchess's picture

*gasping* shut up! I never

*gasping* shut up! I never thought about Nene's husband and Dwight!! It is kinda suspect that he and Dwight had a secret "investment deal" without Nene knowing about it!!!! Why would that be a secret??
Get it Together Black People's picture

lmao. yal r crazy. greg &

lmao. yal r crazy. greg & dwight probablly had something going on. wtf kinda business venture cost $500.00 to get in on???? apollo is a lady.
where the do that @?'s picture

Because UR Slow, Go have a

Because UR Slow, Go have a Seat way Down somewhere!..UR probably one of those women whose husband or "man" would be on the low without U having a Clue!
Anonymous 's picture

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