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VIDEO: Willow Smith Performs "Whip My Hair" On "Ellen"+Mariah Talks Pregnancy+More


Willow Smith makes her national TV performance debut today on "Ellen," and we have her performance before it airs today.  


Watch the video inside, plus we have a preview of Mariah Carey's sit down with Ellen, and the deets on the new black actors added to the cast of "Gossip Girl."


Ms. Willow belted out a bit of Rihanna's "Only Girl" track at the beginning of her performance.  Then went on to whip it.  You feelin' it?

In addition to performing live on television for the first time, Willow Smith sat down with Ellen to talk about her hit single. Ellen gave her a cute neck brace...just in case she whipped her hair too hard.  Watch the interview snippet here:



Mariah Carey also appears on "Ellen" today where she talks about her pregnancy and promotes her new album Merry Christmas II You.  Here's a preview:


"Ellen" airs today at 4p ET.



The CW's "Gossip Girl" will be a bit more colorful this season. The show is adding Tika Sumpter, who also currently has a recurring role on the soap opera 'One Life To Live,' to the cast starting early 2011.  Tika will play the role of Raina, the smart and savvy daughter of Russell Thorpe (played by Michael Boatman--pictured below), a powerful business tycoon and a former associate of Chuck's father, Bart. 

Michael and Tika are the first African Americans to be given speaking roles on the show.  And if you're a "Gossip Girl" stan like me, you know this ish is big.  They straight played Nicole Fiscella and didn't give her nan a speaking line other than grunts and sighs as Blair Waldorf's minion.






Both President Obama and Gabrielle Union are encouraging you to get out and vote today.  

Gabrielle says that "every seat is important" for the benefit of our country and to help Obama create "Change."  She stresses that it won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

For his video, President Obama says voting is important for the future of our country's economy, health care and job market.  He ends by saying change comes from the bottom up and there is a lot of work to do.  "Together we can keep moving this country forward."

Watch the videos here:





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Anonymouskingjack's picture

she is so much like her

she is so much like her father...even how they interview...this girl is going places....she just has it...hi haters...i mean look at the amount of comments she is already generating....we can never get enough of light-skinned girls/young women/ women...first, beyonce, then rihanna, now willow smith....it is always a sign of success when your posts generate on average 100 comments
Anonymous's picture

She didn't Lip sync the whole

She didn't Lip sync the whole song.. watch it closely. you can hear the difference between the recording and when she sings.. You can hear her actual voice.. also when she steps away from the mic you can tell her voice isnt as loud. It was a pre recording, but she was also singing parts of it..it sounds like it was on top of the track tho
ghjk's picture

GO Willow!!!! Great job. At

GO Willow!!!! Great job. At least she sounds like the record.
Tamika's picture

Old ass, hatin' ass, wack

Old ass, hatin' ass, wack ass, poor ass adults. She's nine. Get a fucking life. You just mad because your kids are ugly as hell and you can't pay the light bill this month.
ItstheQueenBitch's picture

Not Bad At All, she got my

Not Bad At All, she got my support, and what's really great is that we won't be forced to watch her degrade around the stage in her skimpies. Since she's young with fairly decent parents maybe we'll get to enjoy an artist finally relying on their dance and music to sell tickets. Maybe kid singers are better because their priorities are on important things like dance and creativity. Brandy wore lots of clothes, vests and hats all at once and she was successful. I'm just saying, if kids are the one's that are going to work on their vocals and focus on giving good stage performance then maybe they need more of the contracts, because buying tickets to watch someone grind around with bad vocals ain't happenin'
how i feel 's picture


Anonymous's picture

Oh My! some of the posters on

Oh My! some of the posters on here sound truly ridiculous. Willow is a cute girland she has a nice voice she is targeted to the small kids and tweens. i don't see adults going out to buy her music except for their kids. Rihanna's target is the teens and the adult market. to be honest both artists need some vocal coaching at leas they would sound a bit better, Rihanna in particular needs it badly. The SNL and X Factor performances were major fail.
Anonymous's picture

Im impressed. Willow sings

Im impressed. Willow sings very well. Good performance!
deeefabolous's picture

There is major marketing

There is major marketing strategies behind the product we call Willow Smith. She has her very famous parents and everyone else who are well-trained at presenting a product people will buy. Willow is a talented child. This 10 year old has many people working for her. My only hope, as stated before, is that it will last. The music industry will catapult you very high and drop you just as quickly. Hopefully people won't get burnt out and will continue to be fans of Willow for years to come.
Teri's picture

As long as her talent and

As long as her talent and diversity grows along with her age, she will be fine. The average music artist has about a 5 year life span in the industry. As long as she branches into other forms of the entertainment industry (such as acting), she'll be fine.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

@Colonel - more power to her

@Colonel - more power to her and only time will tell.
Teri's picture

Are people being serious

Are people being serious about Willow Smith? I get the sense of a nod and a wink from most of these comments. Willow is just ok. And I'm not sure Will or Jada fully thought out this situation with their children. It seems to me that they are putting them out there now because they have a cute kid factor working for them. I hope this does not backfire on them but when I see Willow I don't see much true talent there. The same thing with Jaden. These kids just look the part and they seem willing to go through the motions but this is nothing special or even good. This is called nepotism. Because if it were not for Will or Jada nobody would give a dam.
DaHonestTruth~Always Keepin It Real 's picture

1) How do you know "Will and

1) How do you know "Will and Jada are just putting them out there?" How do you not know this is what the KIDS want to do themselves? Where is your proof? 2) America is based on looks; period. If you look the part; you GET the part, promotion, exposure, etc. Not saying that it is right, but it is the society we live in. Nepotism is the basis of American entertainment.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

I am 200% shocked that all at

I am 200% shocked that all at all these adults and maybe teenagers that are making negative comments about a little girl. Why does she bother you so much? I mean for real? Please don't use that fake concern about her childhood, her education or her parents because you don't know the deal on any of that. I smell nothing but jealousy and old school messiness.
Niecy's picture

Ninety-nine percent of the

Ninety-nine percent of the comments are positive. In fact, people are practically falling over backwards in favor of Willow. Why are you shocked? Willow's parents thrust her into an adult world. Everyone isn't going to be favorable, Niecy. Instead of throwing out the "jealousy" line, which, in my opinion, there is no proof of such, it would be nice to try and understand where others are coming from. Personally, I think she's talented, but growing up during the 70s and 80s, MY perspective of talent would be different then that of this generation. I don't see anything unusual about Willow. That's not to say she's not talented. If you wanna call that "old school messiness," be my guest. In my opinion, I believe the music industry is now full of people who NOT talented, but marketed very well in that people buy into them (i.e. Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Wacka Flacka). It doesn't take much to "make it" in nowadays. In my opinion, again, I think Willow is more talented than all those I've mentioned, but still, she's not out of the ordinary to me. That's my take on it.
Teri's picture

ellen has posted a better

ellen has posted a better video. http://ellen.warnerbros.com/videos/?autoplay=true&mediaKey=e4d98b4b-dadb...
kntmusiclvoer's picture

Teri, all of that writing is

Teri, all of that writing is nothing more than your opinion. You are entitled to it but do not try to use lengthy dialogue to make your opinion appear superior or right.
Poised 4 Greatness's picture

Poised, of course it's my

Poised, of course it's my opinion because I wrote it. What's the problem? Thank you for allowing me to be entitled to it, but I never said my opinion was "superior" or "right." Those are your terms, not mine. Instead of getting something out of "my opinion," you came back with a very defensive stance. What part of what I said offended you?
Teri's picture

One true sign of maturity is

One true sign of maturity is being able to discuss in an intelligent manner a subject and being open to other's interpretations of said subject. I see a lot of name calling that is uncalled for. If you are a fan of Willow's and you like her style and music - WONDERFUL. If you are not, that's wonderful too. People, everyone isn't going to like the same people you like. Why are the Willow fans being so defensive of those who aren't. Calling someone a "hater" or "jealous" really shows the lack of maturity because instead of comprehending someone else's thoughts and feelings, emotions get in the way and that causes many inaccurate assumptions. People believe Will and Jada are the perfect parents based on what they've seen on TV, yet don't know the inner workings of that household. You assume Willow will emerge from this adult world unscathed. Hopefully, she will, but when you look at the lives of child stars (and trust me, MANY of them had great parents), it's eye opening. Also, the entertainment is an adult world people. Will and Jada have hopefully prepared her for it. People aren't all going to be as favorable to her as many of you are. You have to overstand that. Quit being so defensive. I wish Willow much success throughout her life and hopefully, she's grow up to be successful in whatever endeavor she chooses.
Teri's picture

You said "people believe that

You said "people believe that Will and Jada are perfect parents" and that is not fact. They actually provide a good example for couples out here today. They one of very very very few African American couples that are still married, so that's a plus. AND they keep their private life PRIVATE.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

how are they such a good

how are they such a good example to black couples? and since when are they so private in dealing with marital subject matters? They remain married because they have an open marriage. that's neither private, because the public knows about it, nor a 'good' example because i doubt you or other couples are willing to handle their relationships the same ways. Im not commenting on Willows talent or will and jadas parenting style because i dont know them or how they raise their children. What i do no is child stars DO rise and fall fast, so i do not think starting their careers now was smart. As a media studies student in university, i am not just pulling this out of my ass but speaking truths on the way north Americans handle entertainment and the star system.
ty's picture

@Colonel - When celebs get in

@Colonel - When celebs get in the public eye, they learn how to manipulate. When on television, all looks dandy in the Smith household, but unless individuals know them, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. In the public, celebs live one way. Behind the scene, they CAN live a whole other life. Yes, they are still married, but I have a friend who's been married for 22 years and she is miserable, so staying together doesn't mean anything. Again, I'm not saying they aren't a wonderful couple, but Colonel, I don't buy into hype, and I'm able to think outside the box and realize that Hollywood is fake. Also, you are saying, "they are one of the very few AA families that are still married." According to whom and what? What are you basing this on. There are a lot of AA families that are still married, but you never hear about those, Colonel. You only hear the negative shit regarding black people. So again, where are you getting your facts?
Teri's picture

You have a point, but at the

You have a point, but at the same time, there is a level of disrespect not to be crossed when you are speaking on a child. That is the basis of my differences with some of these posters.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

Colonel, you are absolutely

Colonel, you are absolutely right. I just wish parents in our community understood that. I hear mothers talking to their children like they are dogs. Not only that, but abusing them as well. I believe in spanking, but what I see from some parents (especially black women) would make you cringe. However, unfortunately, I don't see what disrespect you are talking about. Some people just don't like her.
Teri's picture

Get it Willow beautiful

Get it Willow beautiful singing voice
blacque navy's picture

UMM did you people really

UMM did you people really watch that video and realize how dope Willow actually is???? I mean OMG she is absolutely amazing and CRAZY talented I can't believe she is only 9 years old she can dance and sing live already and has confidence up the ying yang she is going places I'm really trippin'!!!!!!
claudette's picture

Rihanna sure does threaten

Rihanna sure does threaten the life of alot of jealous women in the world!
drama4what?'s picture

TYRA BANKS who is BLACK had a

TYRA BANKS who is BLACK had a speaking role on Gossip Girl and the other chick did have a few minor lines here and there. If you're a stan, know your facts.
Anonymous's picture

Truth is that Nicole Fiscella

Truth is that Nicole Fiscella just can't act! She's a model who lucked up on a recurring co-star role on a series and either didn't or flat out couldn't better herself as a performer. I bet if she showed them even an inkling of acting ability, she'd have maybe a little more to do. Not saying she'd have a love interest, but she'd be more than just the window dressing she is. I can't take how cute Willow is. It was a little disconcerting to see those grown-assed dancer with her, though. I hope Will and Jada know what they're doing with this and protect their daughter.
Akimbo's picture

If some of you spent as much

If some of you spent as much time praising and uplifting the children in their families or communities as much as you spend hyping up Willow Smith maybe the children today would have a fighting chance to have a bright future as well!
gina's picture

Gina, I really hope people

Gina, I really hope people are.
Teri's picture

Haha, whut. How'd you crunch

Haha, whut. How'd you crunch those numbers? It's not quite adding up for me.
Akimbo's picture

WOW!! Like Hello World, My

WOW!! Like Hello World, My name is Willow SMith, and I'm here to stay.....very good. She has talent and has naturally gotten a lot of help from her famous and well-connected parents. But, she is talented enough to seize an amazing opportunity. We are going to be seeing a lot of her. HEr swagger is a 100 thousand trillion. ANd as much as it pains me to say this, she is a better performer than Rihanna already. Rihanna just is not bringing it. When she (rhi rhi) was young, it was okay to do lackluster performances. But now, nobody wants to watch a grown ass woman look like a fool on a stage time and time again. I predict a steady decline of rih rih's career. Once, the catchy pop tunes dry up (and they will) we will be like Rihanna who?
Anonymous's picture

Im happy for Willow hope she

Im happy for Willow hope she does well. As far as Mariah I am happy she is pregnant but Im sick of hearing about it, she is not the first woman to give birth....just saying.
215girl's picture

These same people PRAISING

These same people PRAISING Willow will be talking much shit about her next year or years to come...it never fails build you up to break you down! You people don't love Willow...you are just using her to hate on someone who you championed for last year and years before but now you are spending your time hating on her...hence Rihanna.
people vs people's picture

you have it wrong...ybf fans

you have it wrong...ybf fans never like Rihanna since day one. I liked Rihanna but she has let me down so much on stage that I'm just about done rooting for her. No one wants to watch a grown ass woman on stage look stiff and sing mediocre (at best).
Anonymous's picture

LOL @ you being let down by

LOL @ you being let down by Rihanna on stage. I hope you are not a grown ass woman talking so childish. Rihanna has been the same from day one so you being "just about done rooting for her" have nothing to do with Rihanna but with your own insecurities and you not having the ability to enhance yourself. Why don’t you try figuring out away to do something of importance with life and maybe Rihanna's lack of stage presence would not cause you to hate on her for it!
Anonymous 's picture

That is so true! I really

That is so true! I really enjoyed Willow's performance. She danced really well and didn't let her nerves get the best of her. She is well on her way. I was also a fan of Rihanna's but I need more from her. In regards to Rihanna performing she needs a lot of work. She's been out for years and still seems unsure of herself and let's her nerves get the best of her. It's sad that whenever people tell how they feel all of Rihanna's ass kissers say they are haters.
Fancy's picture

WOW Willow Smith is amazing!

WOW Willow Smith is amazing! She is only 9 years old and has so much confidence and personality. She also have a voice on her. The Smiths should be proud! 100% agree with Gabrielle Union the Republicans are scared of the progress the President Obama has already made and will continue to make in the next 2 years. Every senate and Governor seat counts! These people will vote against or for the bill that the President proposes. PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE WE CANT AFFORD TO GO BACKWARDS!
Jay Rock's picture

*in NeNe voice* Goodness

*in NeNe voice* Goodness Greshous!! Willow killed it!
g's picture

Dead at willow sounding

Dead at willow sounding better than Nicki Minaja nd rihanna put together sad world
Mamma Mia's picture

LMAO @ Rihanna STANS so

LMAO @ Rihanna STANS so DESPERATE to Throw ROCK at the PRINCESS Rihanna's ONLY GIRL in the WORLD Single is number 3. Willow is not even in the TOP 30 singles charts. Rihanna is opening for the AMA's and she just did SNL. Willow is not even close to being on her level. But you sad STANS wish and dream that Willow is taking something from Rihanna. It's no wonder you fail at everything. Sorry that Rihanna REIGN just won't let UP. And I'm proud that little Willow wants to be Rihanna when she grows up. But the Only Girl in the World has sold more than Willow can ever dream to sell. But that's really not the point. Trying to have a child compete with an Adult will only result in failure for the child. And Willow Lip-synching on a National show only proves she can't live up to the false image they are giving her. This is not going to end well for Willow Smith. When she has a second single and can keep changing her image at 9 everytime we see her trust me it will take a toll on a CHILD her age.

go willow!*!!!***

go willow!*!!!***
*!Pearly!*'s picture

Ellen airs at 3:00 EST. I'm

Ellen airs at 3:00 EST. I'm watching it now.
Anonymous's picture

Willow sings a million times

Willow sings a million times better than Rihanna or Ciara or those other sing over my recording people live! Im impressed! TEAM WILLOW!
jena4rmthablock's picture



Gosh some respect Nicole

Gosh some respect Nicole Fiscella did not just grunt and roll her eyes. Yes I wish she had more lines but to imply she was just a mute is insulting. You should find a way to make your point without maligning others geez
Anonymous's picture

Williow is so cute and fresh!

Williow is so cute and fresh! Love her personality! I can see a ton of both Will and Jada's characteristics in her. So cute and I loved her performance! We normally don't see high energy performances like that unless the Queen Bey is in town.
MyOpinion's picture

Isnt willow singing Rhi's

Isnt willow singing Rhi's song in the beginning a message to the haters that she actually likes and admires Rhi? Please lets stop this comparison. Rhi may not be a powerhouse vocally but I think she is trying to do her best. Its obvious is God that put her where she is today and she will be there as long as he wants.
Anonymous's picture

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