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[VIDEOS] Soul Train Music Awards 2010: R. Kelly, Erykah Badu, Keyshia Cole, & Ne-Yo Perform Tributes To Ron Isley & Anita Baker

The 2010 Soul Train Music Awards aired last night with show opener R. Kelly performing a medley of hits and special musical tributes to Anita Baker and Ron Isley.  See the performances and winners list inside...


The 2010 Soul Train Awards took place at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia with Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson as hosts.  We gave you the red carpet coverage weeks ago, now here's the performances that aired last night.

R. Kelly opened the show with a nine minute medley composed of “Bump N’ Grind,” “Your Body is Calling,” “When A Woman’s Fed Up,” “Happy People,” and “When a Woman Loves.”

This dude isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Erykah Badu performed "Window Seat."  Loves her.



Cee-Lo performed his smash (and my adopted theme song as of late) "F*ck You."


Ne-Yo sang "Champagne Life/One In A Million."

Anita Baker was given the Centric Legend Award with a tribute featuring Goapele, Chrisette Michelle, Tamia, Faith Evans, Kem, Rachelle Farrell, Lalah Hathaway and Dionne Farris.  Check the vid:




Following Ms. Baker, Ron Isley was given a tribute that included Eric Benet, El DeBarge, Freddie Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson and Keyshia Cole


Love seeing and hearing real singers.  It rarely happens these days.

Here's the full list of winners:

• Legend Awards: Anita Baker and Ron Isley
• Best New Artist: Melanie Fiona
• Best Female R&B/Soul Artist: Alicia Keys
• Best Male R&B/Soul Artist: Trey Songz and Usher (tie)
• Song of the year: "Nothin' on You" - B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars
• Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year: "Love the Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna
• Album of the Year: "Raymond vs. Raymond" - Usher
• Record of the Year: "Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)" - Alicia Keys, Aubrey Graham (Drake), Kerry Brothers Jr., and Noah "40" Shebib
• Best Reggae Artist: Gyptian
• Centric Award: Janelle Monae
• Best Gospel Performance: Marvin Sapp
• Best Dance Performance: Ciara - "Ride"



So I guess EVERYBODY is just

So I guess EVERYBODY is just going to ignore the fact that R. Kelly was NOT singing????????????? The "performance" was good non the less but let's not act like he actually "killed" it. SMDH
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I only caught the tail end of

I only caught the tail end of R. Kelly's performance, but from what I caught, it was outstanding. The tributes to Anita Baker were lackluster to say the least. Something about the vocals was off to me, particularly Faith Evans, who is generally a good singer. *shrugs*
Lisa's picture

Hello Stray Thongz you did

Hello Stray Thongz you did see the legend R. Kelly at work didn't you?...LOL Robert Kelly showed everyone why he is the King of R&B! The perfromance with excellent! Hello American Music Awards that is the type of performance you need to open up a damn award show! Rihanna? WTF? Anita Baker & Ron Ron will always be the best! Glad they were recognized for all they have contributed to music! Now these awards were rigged. I hate the Michael Jackson passed for many reasons one is this hater, Usher! He has been gased up by everyone including Gay-Z to think he is the next MJ. There is no next MJ copy that Usher! You better be happy being Justin Bieber's savior! You will never be the legend MJ was! Stray Thongz should have won that award. Not a fan but he did do his thing this year! They just had to give SERIAL WIFE BEATER FEminem and that filthy lying redhead whore Rihanna an award now didn't they? There are so many more Rap artists who did it big and deserved it more. I guess this is what you get when WHITE PPL OWN YOUR BLACK NETWORK! I love how his wife beating is not a problem. He performances on TV, is on the cover of every magazine, they play his music, they promote him on WHITE & BLACK radio and tv. Humm, I GUESS being a 37 yr old male with WHITE SKIN means you don't have to suffer any professional consequences but a 21 yr old Blk kid can never perform on tv or grace the cover of a mag again...LOL I love the double standards? I bet you a dollar if WHITE FEminem wanted to perform they would have rolled out the blonde carpet for him! Blk folks are too dumb and weak to be believed sometimes!
BET_Centric R WHT Owned's picture


Anonymous's picture

i like what Anita said when

i like what Anita said when she said everyone here today is actually singing. Which means she notices the way everyone is lip syncing nowadays. And R. Kelly was the bomb. I didn't see the whole show, but will check it out on replay.
Coco's picture

this website can be really

this website can be really whack! i try to give it the benefit of the doubt and support the black community, but come on! Be sure you have the rights to upload videos before you put them on there!!!!! uuuugghhhhhh.....
Anonymous's picture

What! R kelly is still

What! R kelly is still singing? what happen to this guy? ever since the allegations of him having sex with a minor and having gone to court and winning the case, it is like he just fell off the music scenes and now doing music that is not making it big.
Anthony 's picture

Lala Hathaway. I hope I

Lala Hathaway. I hope I spelled her name right. Beautiful voice. I have her dad's song on my ipod. Never thought about listening to any of her work, until now. When Chante' Moore, R. Kelly, and Mr Biggs!!!! That did it for me.....aaahhh, the good old days, when music made you feel good. Stop bashing Kells! He made a mistake, you are suppose to forgive. Stop throwing stones. I'm pretty sure some of you made mistakes at work. If your boss was not the forgiving type, you would have probably been fired after that first mistake. Like they say, Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me. Bush flew over New Orleans while people were drowning, people forgot about that. Just forgave him. Cheney shot another man, just forgot about that. Lindsey Lohan ran over a dudes foot, took them and their vehicle on a high speed chase, cops found crack in her pocket. But was forgiven, or portrayed as the victim, "Oh, she needs help, poor thing. Its her parent's fault". Even that movie producer who raped that young girl back in the day and fled. But because he was a well known movie producer, you had hollywood fighting to keep this dude out of jail. But R. Kelly, C. Brown, even M. Vick(yea, I said it Mike Vick) they can't be given a second chance. Once guilty or accused, always guilty....
Ann's picture

Shut up!! You must be ultra

Shut up!! You must be ultra conservative and White. Because a black person would know the history and make an informed comment instead of the ranting of someone whom is judgmental, dont know anyone's situation, dont know what the truth is, and looking from the outside in. STFU
Anonymous's picture

Personally you sound like the

Personally you sound like the white conservative...
Anonymous's picture

LMAO..Really he/she does!!

LMAO..Really he/she does!! Who cares, we all are sinners, and we cannot judge this man, and you da*n sure cant deny his talents..Here take some tissue, get that egg off your face and you STFU!! Sappy arse comments..LMAO!!
MsGottahavit's picture

No to Chrissette Michelle,

No to Chrissette Michelle, she just tries so hard to sing, she looks like it takes all her energy...going online to get some Tamia CD's cause that was AMAZING
over it's picture


Anonymous's picture

This was the best award show

This was the best award show in years. All the performers were great. Letgetitt is right. Ms. Badu is so preggers.
Mrs. BondBond's picture

R Kelly betta SANGGGGGGGG He

R Kelly betta SANGGGGGGGG He KILLED it! I didnt see the award but all day people have been saying to just go see his performance and man were they right! He did a great job I loved the energy and most importantly the VOCALS were on point! Can some singers of today take note?? We all know what happened in 2002, but some of you guys are the same ones that think people shouldnt ever be forgiven. This is not about his PERSONAL affairs but about his MUSIC--2 separate things. Ya'll are probably the same ones that cant forgive Chris Brown. Please learn to separate the personal from whats for the public. Everyone should be able to enjoy music regardless of how you feel about the artists. This is why they say R&B is dying...SMDH
Misty's picture

Black ppl can be such trained

Black ppl can be such trained monkey's! They will always forgive whites mainly because white America supports their own and never attempt to crush and destroy their ppl! Ppl want to talk about PEDOPHILES okay how about the great and most beloved JERRY SIENFELD who at age 35 dated 17 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL STUNDENT SoShawna Loiensten (sp?). This was during the height of his TV Show. Remember that he was just on OPRAH WINDFREY'S show and she gushed all over him calling him her favorite comedian! WOODY ALLEN, super producer adopted his daughter at age 11 then married her at age 18 after his wife the child's adopted mother Mia Farrow found nude photos in compromising positions at ages 16 & 17! Actor ROB LOWE was caught having an orgy with a 16 yr old girl! Now these of course are WHITE MEN so there careers have never suffered! Nor have their reputations! EMIENM beat the hell out of his wfe KIM MATHERS many times! He wrote multiple songs about killing her and his mother. He continues to speak ill of women as a whole and constantly blames his hatred of women on everyone but himself. He even made a rap about how much he HATED BLACK WOMEN! Maybe,I'm mistaken but didn't he win an award on the SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARDS? Wasn't it for LTYYL the song he did with that female abuser and constant liar Rihanna Fenty? How can BLACK PPL FORGIVE A MAN WHO HAS BEATEN HIS WIFE SEVERAL TIMES BUT continue to abuse 21 year old CHRIS BROWN who had 1 (one) fight with Rihanna 2 (TWO) years ago as a TEENAGER! Can anyone tell me where his MUGSHOT is so we can all see what type of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HE SUFFERED AT HER HANDS? BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL MENTAL SLAVES! THEREFORE THE CRUSH AND DESTROY BLK MEN SCHEME WILL ALWAYS WORK! Ppl make mistakes let them move forward. Who is anyone to tell another soul that they cannot move forward especially the YOUNG!
Blk Pride's picture


Wisdom2's picture

BET stepped their game up

BET stepped their game up this year huh??? R Kelly is the man!
Katt's picture

Actually it was Centric and

Actually it was Centric and BET need to take note. Everything was professional and just right from beginning to the end. Job well done
Anonymous's picture

Soul Train Awards was great,

Soul Train Awards was great, finally no Nicki M, no Drake. Soulful and mature performers!!!!
sexylegs's picture

R Kelly did such a GREAT JOB

R Kelly did such a GREAT JOB I cant stop listening to it!!! BEST PERFORMANCE HANDS DOWN THIS ENTIRE YEAR!
makeup's picture

He stay putting TROLLS on his

He stay putting TROLLS on his post.........Shame on you guys selling your souls for money. You know better than anyone of his pedophile behavior. Satan is gonna get you.
Wisdom2's picture

R. Kelley should keep his

R. Kelley should keep his hair that way and never touch braids again. He looks sophisticated.
Tagirl27's picture

poor trey songz .... loved

poor trey songz .... loved all the musicians that sang
andrea's picture

Loves R KELLY and

Loves R KELLY and celo....lol....
baby j's picture

The Anita Baker Tribute was

The Anita Baker Tribute was fantastic! Real Saaaaangers! I loved it! R Kelly killed it...fabulous performance!
Melody's picture

I'm sure no one has forgotten

I'm sure no one has forgotten about R. Kelly's past but the fact remains: THAT was a show opener!! Hotness AND he can sang! Loved it....maybe because Im an old school R fan and he sang some of my faves... Anita's tribute was hot too. Woulda LOVED to hear her sing...
Anonymous's picture

Hands down R. Kelly's

Hands down R. Kelly's performance was the best of all time, I hope after seeing this.... people will stop comparing Trey Songz to him. R. Kelly is the king of R n' B and Trey Songz will never come close.
Anonymous's picture

E.Badu was whack! She is

E.Badu was whack! She is getting less and less authentic and more and more complicated.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

R. Kelly is extremely

R. Kelly is extremely talented. He has a very soulful voice. I will always be a fan and support this talented brother. I also loved Erykah Badu.
Anonymous's picture

B.E.T had to tone it down

B.E.T had to tone it down with that coon shit , because EVERYBODY WAS THERE and Watching. Shit CNN, MTV, Radio Show Personnels. Have to tone that coon shit down. And they did And it was a great showw
Letgetitt's picture

So are we putting Erykah on

So are we putting Erykah on the preggers watch list
vintage girl's picture

Great award show (finally)

Great award show (finally) with some very talented singers. Everyone did their thing and I have to say I forgot how much of a good performer and singer R. Kelly is until yesterday.
fabwtalk's picture

I enjoyed the show,

I enjoyed the show, especially the tributes (Tamia really shocked me, she's so underrated). The only problem I had was with the choppy editing and the crazy amount of commericals. As for R. Kelly, though he's immensely talented, I really don't see myself being able to support him any more. It does surprise me that so many people are quick to condemn other artists, especially women for certain things, but then give this man a pass for doing something so sick. Sure we may not know all the details, but the fact that he married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old says it all to me. Hopefully he's getting counseling, and I know God is merciful, but I will never feel comfortable supporting a pedophile.
Anonymous's picture

Damn u had to have something

Damn u had to have something negative to say. Please GONE with all that mess. Damn he was found NOT GUILTY in a court of law, i believe over 2 yrs ago. I see shit happening in the hood all day, so get over it. Were there to witness what ever supposed to happen? Damn, some of u ppl get on my nerve with all the B.S. Let the pass be the pass. He tore the stage up last night. He is very talented. Only God should judge him and not u. Its a trip how ppl who live in glass houses always trying to throw the first stone! I guess you'll keep talking bad about Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and R Kelly for the rest of your life huh? Get over it. U sound like you just mad kuz it wasn't u he s'posed to pee'd on huh?
Anonymous's picture

Guess that's why u had so

Guess that's why u had so much to say with your ignorant arse. It's past NOT pass. They taught us that in 3rd grade but u must have missed that! Dummy.
You Shouldn't Be Talking's picture

R. Kelly performance was

R. Kelly performance was outstanding!!!
BlackRose's picture

R Kelly was FIRE. He smashed

R Kelly was FIRE. He smashed it. Despite whatever he does in his personal life he is the King of R&B and is extremely talented as an artist and really respects and loves music. You can hear it in his voice and read it in his lyrics. So glad he's back!
Anonymous's picture

Amen! Trey who? Take note

Amen! Trey who? Take note Lil Kim --this is how you make a statement to the clones. Rob shut everybody up with that performance.
Anonymous's picture

I second That. F what they

I second That. F what they say about Kells, he's still the best to do it and last night only proved it. That was so bomb how he remade that song and sounded exactly like the 50's. He is the S**T. His performance was the best other than the Anita Baker Tribute. He shut all the haters up. I bet TRey song cant even make a song that sounds like a oldie or even an 80's era song like Kell's did. I missed him and i'm glad he's back. Don't care what he does in his personal life. All them other performers got skeletons too. R's just let his out the closet
tayjavue's picture

This is why child

This is why child trafficking/prostitution continues.......
Wisdom2's picture

Now this is how you do a

Now this is how you do a fucking Tribute B.E.T!!!!!!!!! Yall finally stopped that coon shit and that old silly ass music and put some real shit on that muh fukka...And black women get off R. kelly we know wtf happened , we seen the tape , but he said it wasn't him,and he also was acquitted , and the girl didn't say he did any damn thing to her if she was so damn sexually abused by R. kelly her ass would have came out like them boys did with Eddie long by now. So shut that shit up. That young black bitch was smiling while sucking some dick so obviously she wasn't traumatized. R. Kelly keep doing your thing man always loved the music family But man this was a nice award show, everything was cool, and Ed gordan come on right the award show..Man thatsssss the shittttttt , B.e.t must see tv1 and centric as a threat so they have to tone down on that coon shit. But hey they still owned by the crakka viacom , and u know how they love exploiting niggas Anita Bakerrr and Ronald Isleyy two of the bestttt everrrrr
Letgetitt's picture

I think B.E.T owns Centric or

I think B.E.T owns Centric or Viacom owns both of them thats why it aired on both channels. It was originally aired on Centric but since B.E.T is its sister station it aired on both. Centric is more like TV1 and more for the older crowds. B.E.T is more bull crap for the younger crowds. They show movies like Baby Boy all day and Cemtric will show movies like Cornbread Earl
tayjavue's picture

yooooooooooooo centric played

yooooooooooooo centric played cornbread earl????? i havn't watched that shit in a longgggggggg time
Letgetitt's picture

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you maybe not in those words but your own it!
Anonymous's picture

hey im just keeping it 100

hey im just keeping it 100
Letgetitt's picture

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