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Halle's Boyfriend Olivier Physically Attacks Paparazzo To Protect Halle?!

Drama at Mirabelle's!  Halle B. and her booski Olivier Martinez hit up Mirabelle restaurant in L.A. for lunch Friday.  And, after arriving in separate cars, the two had a run in with the paparazzi on the scene.  And Olivier had to hold it down for his woman.


Pics of Olivier scuffling a pap to the ground, and Halle having to be escorted out of the restaurant by the owner, when you read on...


Halle started out her lunch date with Olivier smiling.  But ish quickly went left when reportedly the paps on the scene were harrassing Halle.  A nasty scuffle happened after the "Dark Tide" co-star couple coudn't take anymore of the foolery. 

According to Gossip Girls:

Showing his machoism, Olivier walked around his car and got in the face of the photographer before proceeding to shove the shutterbug violently.

Yelling profanities as he hopped in the car, Martinez reportedly backed his car out of the property at a high rate of speed which caused the photographer to fall to the ground.

Insiders tell that the Los Angeles Police were called to the scene, with the belief that Olivier might just get into a bit of trouble for his aggressive driving.

Is it just me...or is there something so sexy about a man who will fight a random ass person on the street for you...and does it in a french accent?


Halle was escorted out of the restaurant by the owner.  Well that was an eventful lunch...



Now one remembers B*A*P*S?

Now one remembers B*A*P*S? Great movie. And NPR just did a report this weekend that her and Queen Latifah are thought to be the only marketable black actresses by Hollywood.
Anonymous's picture

Typical black people,

Typical black people, thinking a total stranger owes you something. Why the HELL should Halle pave the way for anyone? That's why we as black people can't come up! We always think someone owes us something. It's not Halle's responsibility to pave the way for anyone especially black people that sit up and talk shiz about her all day on the internet. I'm starting to see why some black people hate their own race. We are the most jealous, spitefull, envious race out! We got to do better. This is why blacks have the most problems. Why would God bless someone with so much hate and jealousy in their hearts?
Anonymous's picture

Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you! There is a sane person in here. That spiteful attitude is passed down among Black folks who are mad at how f-ed up their lives are. But instead of being mad at everybody else they need to have a look in the damn mirror ughhh.
Sassy Lady's picture

Black people LOVE hating on

Black people LOVE hating on eachother! No wonder we are the bottom feeders. It's cool to have your own opinion, but to call someone a B and say they can't act is hillarious! That Oscar and multi-million dollar paychecks say Halle can act. So sit your baby momma, stretch mark, d$ck breath azz down!! Also, all my relationships FAILED with black men because of baby momma, laziness, abuse, stupidity.. So I crossed over and I will never go back!!
black_hate's picture

@fred Halle Berry is NOT a

@fred Halle Berry is NOT a great actress, AND she is not paving the way for black women in Hollywood. The black women that came BEFORE her paved the way for black women. Halle has not increased the amount of roles black women are offered, and she does not EVEN do "black" films anymore.
gigi's picture

Ummm, sweetie if Halle is in

Ummm, sweetie if Halle is in the film, it will be seen as a "black film".
Carolina's picture

Also, Halle has JUST started

Also, Halle has JUST started to get roles again. She CHANGED agencies earlier this year because she was NOT getting roles. Furthermore, don't shit on people like Whoopi she came BEFORE Halle, so she paved the way for Halle Berry, there is no need to belittle other black actresses to put Halle on a pedestal. Halle is NOT better than anyone.
gigi's picture

@fred Halle Berry is NOT a

@fred Halle Berry is NOT a great actress, AND she is not paving the way for black women in Hollywood. The black women that came BEFORE her paved the way for black women. Halle has not increased the amount of roles black women are offered, and she does not EVEN do "black" films anymore.
gigi's picture

Halle Berry is not Lena Horne

Halle Berry is not Lena Horne but whose gonna win another Oscar? Gigi how much are YOU getting paid honey? There YOU go again.No wonder we are ALWAYS in the back of the bus.YOU need to read that article Gigi honey it would do you a world of goods. Like YOU said doing "black" movies gets you NOWHERE and it does NOT get you rewarded. No wonder since Denzel and Halle and Jamie won;NOBODY has gotten close to the Gold man for lead actor or actress. You cannot call yourself an ACTOR and do "black" movies alone.Way to show your range.Way to limit yourself. Hollywood don't take Tyler Perry seriously cause all Hollywood sees is a man in women's clothes doing comedy. MOST of Queen Latifah;Gabriel Union movies are ALL comedies.Are black actors gonna play the jokers to make white folks laugh not with us but at US? Plantation days are OVER! A real actor can play comedy;drama and everything in between I don't see white people doing "white" movies. Halle " left" Hollywood for 3 years to give birth to her daughter and yes she has better expectations for herself so no wonder she changed agency.After a minute you realize;you're not being maximized to the limits. Ask black actors and actresses any day;anywhere and everywhere and ask them if they were not proud of Halle and Denzel for winning the gold man and ask them if that didn't encourage them to aim HIGHER not lower? We've lowered our standards so LOW it's no wonder folks like YOU bitch and moan that Halle don't do "black" movies. This is so damn sad but like I said predictable! Good sunday to you Gigi.Cannot and will not waste my time with you.
Fred's picture

Also, don't forget that Halle

Also, don't forget that Halle won an Oscar for allowing Billy Bob Thorton to caress her breast, and for being nude on camera. Isn't that the TYPICAL way Hollywood views black women, oversexualized? So how much better are Halle's roles than Queen Latifah's? Hmm they are not!
gigi's picture

What has the Oscars gotten

What has the Oscars gotten Halle? She still is STUGGLING to get roles, and does not pull in big money at the box office. Will Smith has NOT won an Oscar and his movies make OVER 100 million EACH, and he is pulling in a solid 20 million a movie.
gigi's picture

@Fred do your research about

@Fred do your research about Whoopi Goldberg, not only is she an Oscar winner, she has started is several of her own blockbuster hits and was once in the 90's the highest paid actress, not black actress but HIGHEST PAID ACTRESS.(Period)
Anonymous's picture

She was in the Color

She was in the Color Purple Ghost with that Patrick Swayzy and Demi Moore Sister Act Academy Award for LEAD actress: Halle Berry Emmy Award: Halle Berry Golden Globe award:Halle Berry BAFTA Award:Halle Berry Academy Award for SUPPORTING actress Whoopy Goldberg Golden Globe: Whoopy Goldber Emmy Award:Whoopy Goldberg right now Whoopy holds the edge for winning a Tony Award since she is doing work on Broadway but like I said Halle is heading to Broadway herself and she might win her own Tony Award come 2012 so she will not only equal Whoopy but surpass her time to move on from the 90's since this is 2010 and we are heading towards 2011 real soon and do yourself a favor and read the NPR article on the state of black actresses.NO mention of Whoopy Goldberg and I am sure the writer of the article meant NO disrespect towards Whoopy but he was being real. I ain't hating on Whoopy.I love me some Whoopy and I watch her on The View every day but let's be real now
Fred's picture

Fred, you are spot on. Halle

Fred, you are spot on. Halle is the only chic paving the way for us. The rest of em just lay down. We never bash the white stars, only the blacks. People need to wake up and get a life. Go Halle and her man. The prob with us is we break up with a guy and die until another one comes. Halle shows that hey, i'mma keep it moving and she does. Live life to the fullest, seize the day.
I luv MZ Berry's picture

Halle has been on the casting

Halle has been on the casting couch before. I don't understand why Halle's stans want to bash other black actressess, to put her on a pedestal.
gigi's picture

Olivier is a BOXER and his

Olivier is a BOXER and his dad is a WORLD CHAMPION in boxing. It's SAD and PREDICTABLE how black folks tear other black folks down.She is hated for being with white men after Justice to beat the crap out of her. Snipes punched her in the ear and she lost her hearing in that left ear.Sad when folks support an abuser.Benet cheated on her and claimed "sex addiction" and had the audacity to sue her for her OWN MONEY ! It says more about YOU than her! So she made a movie sleeping with a white man.SO WHAT? Black men sleep with white women ALL the time in movies when they aren't playing pimps and drug dealers and gang members and NOFARKINGBODY says CHYT about it.NOBODY.You don't hear CHYT.NOT a goddamn word! Folks hate her cause she won the Academy Awards;claiming she didn't deserve it;she ain't good enough;she ain't better than this or that other actress.The Academy voters who KNOW BETTER than ALL Ya'll DISAGREED and gave her the prize. When was the last time a black actress produced their own movie and was lead actor in a movie? NEVER! it ain't Zoe Zaldana it ain't Kerry Washington it ain't Taraji Henson and NEVER will it ain't Alfree Woodard it ain't Whoopy Goldberg it ain't Viola Davis it ain't Mariah Carey it ain't Janet Jackson.Janet is good enough to make Tyler Perry movies.NO Hollywood director is crazy enough to hire Janet. it sure as hell won't be Vivica or Jada or or Gaby or Gabrielle Union. Only Queen Latifah and Thandy Newton got some game in the business but even they can't top Halle Berry. Halle stares in and produces her OWN movies.She gets double the awards.It's okay haters gonna hate! Halle has her own line of perfume and has had for 3 years now.She making MILLIONS while sitting at home not acting taking of Nahla. Haters gonna hate! You see Halle struggling to open doors for black actresses behind the scenes and she never fails to mention those who came before her but haters hate. EVERY single time you see the same actresses.Angelina Jolie doing the role of a biracial woman in the Daniel Pearl movie.Black people mad as hell but that's all they do yell and scream but do NOTHING! Renee Zelweger Cameron Diaz Jennifer Aniston Kathrine Heigl Nicole Kidman Julia Roberts Keira Knightly Penelope Cruz Michelle Williams Reese Whiterspoon EVERY has these white actresses but you moan and beetch but do NOTHING but bash THE only actress that Hollywood see talent and money.Haters gonna hate but Halle is doing her thing.If she wins another Oscar;as expected black folks gonna do some more hating.That's ALL ya'll do. Ya'll PREDICTABLE year after year after year after year;sad but true
Fred's picture

Right ON Fred...Why can't we

Right ON Fred...Why can't we celebrate our own..Why can't Halle be Great??? She love who she loves at least she doesn't turn her back on her people because of who she loves....
Secret's picture

Hold up, I do not see Oliver

Hold up, I do not see Oliver wrestling anyone to the ground. and that collage of pics isn't even cleverly placed to even insinuate a scuffle. Come on you all are getting like MediaFakeout.
Anonymous's picture

Every paparazzo that is

Every paparazzo that is attacked by a celeb files charges. They love that ish. Its a guaranteed paycheck, especially when there are other paps filming the whole thing. Olivier is going to have to pay up I'm sure. He should have just kept his cool.
DC Chica 's picture

he might as well thrown the

he might as well thrown the money the court is gonna make him pay at him too
Anonymous's picture

Halle and her man exude

Halle and her man exude sexiness.
Tonya's picture

Thats right Oliver, put those

Thats right Oliver, put those paps in their place when they get out of pocket and disrespect your woman. The paps know wassup now, lol
so_necessary's picture


Anonymous's picture

This DIRTY looking Little

This DIRTY looking Little dude Needs to Sit his Ass down and just be happy that someone is taking their Pic!
That's Right!  's picture

All I know is, some charges

All I know is, some charges better be filed. Cuase when Kanye did it, it was a problem
yoyo's picture

I love Halle! Leave her

I love Halle! Leave her alone paps!
BlackVesper's picture

the paps just do too much.

the paps just do too much.
Lawd da Mercy's picture

Halle looks very sweet so

Halle looks very sweet so someone must have said or dome something to make her boyfriend upset and he must have been defending her.
CyberBoss's picture

You know whats so funny? The

You know whats so funny? The same people that are in this comment section claiming "Halle loves the paps" or "it was unnecessary to attack them" are probably the same people going off when a friend or family member takes a picture of you before you were ready or takes a picture when you ask them not to. Now times that times 100. There have beem plenty of times when I have seen Halle Berry mind her business and not be effected by all the cameras in her face. They must have done something really offensive or made them feel that they were in danger in order for her boyfriend to feel as if he had to protect himself and her and the manager had to help escort Halle outside. There are two types of paparrazzi...the ones that simply take your picture and let you go on your way and then there are the ones who stalk you, talk a bunch of BS and invade your space to get a picture. Im going to go with the second group as to why Oliver reacted the way he did. No one likes thier space invaded, I dont care if you're famous or not. Some of these people actually want to live their lives off the red carpet. People like Halle Berry are already super famous and dont need all the outside attention to stay relevent, so save that nonsense for all these reality tv stars who call the paps in order to get their picture taken. Some of you sound ridiculous telling these people they shouldn't be threatened by a bunch of strangers blocking their car or getting in their face. Get a d@mn clue.
Anon02's picture

Well, that's the price you

Well, that's the price you pay for fame. These celebs know what the game is, and they decide to play it. If the pap were being unreasonable, maybe someone should call the police. I have NO pity for them whatsoever.What good would this man 'defending Halle" be if he ends up in jail for assault? Maybe YOU should be the one getting the "damn clue."
Ann Droid's picture

Its the "price of fame" to

Its the "price of fame" to have people blocking someones car and harassing them? They cant go to lunch in peace because they make movies? The paps already got a picture of them going in so why did they need to be up on their car? God knows what they did to set them off because there have been plenty of times her and her boyfriend have had the paps around them and they didn't react. You act as if its your man that will pay the price...and perhaps you should read next time because the police were called. Some of you do nothing but sit around the internet judging situations, you talk a lot but say very little....unless you are actually in that situation you really dont know what you would do.
Anon02's picture

I don't think that's hot at

I don't think that's hot at all! I dont like trouble
lilou's picture

Actually, she looks a bit

Actually, she looks a bit embarrased because you know all this will do is cause them to mess with her and Olivier even more. It's clear they haven't learned a thing from what happened to Princess Di.
tellmeaboutit's picture

Halle is no longer attractive

Halle is no longer attractive and her acting skills suck! Her boyfriend looks like a homeless man
Anonymous's picture

Yes. Tasha. The fact he will

Yes. Tasha. The fact he will stand up is hot!
starless Fame's picture

Is it just me guys or does

Is it just me guys or does Halle always seem very subservient whenever she is with her man? I don't know but I'm kind of get the feeling she often lets a man walk all over her.
Jessie's picture

Yeah unless some details are

Yeah unless some details are missing he probably should have kept his cool. Now if someone said or did something offensive then he had every right to defend her but the paps are doing what they do..... harass celebs! I have seen the paps at work first hand and they are TERRIBLE but when you're in front of the judge and he/she is asking why you assaulted someone you can't say....."because they took my picture". Nope. Not gonna work.
RedGirl's picture

Paps have no boundaries and

Paps have no boundaries and that fine french man showed them where they are. Love it!!! Sexy man.
Al's picture

Halle seems to hate being

Halle seems to hate being famous. Quit your job and be a full time mommy, no one will care about you enough to want to take you pics. She always have problems with the paps taking her pic whether they're in her space or not.
Anonymous's picture

So you think if she quits

So you think if she quits acting the paps will just walk on by her when they see her at the grocery store????? Yeah right, it's too late! They will always take her picture! At least for another 10 or 15 years! She hasn't had a movie in the theaters in about 2 yrs or more so that goes to show you that it will take a lot longer to forget about her. And the paps are invasive! Remember the video that leaked where they blocked her door and she couldn't get into her car???? That's crazy! I would be annoyed too!!!
Anonymous's picture

Paps better back the F#$% up.

Paps better back the F#$% up. Oliver don't play. Way to protect your boo boy!
Mrs.Pincince's picture


Halle IS NOT TOO THIN. Why are black people soooo obsessed with having err-body fat. Can't stand those big-butted video vixens. NAOMI CAMPBELL has a perfect body. That's who black women SHOULD model their figures after. FAT IS BAD - wake up, my people.
southerncheerleader's picture

I hear what you're saying and

I hear what you're saying and kinda agree, but there has to be a middle ground. Extemes in either direction aren't healthy. I do think that we black folks do need to update our idea of what is a healthy body, having a body like ma'dear aint cute no more.
Carolina's picture

You must be one of those 8th

You must be one of those 8th grader-shaped chicks whose ass and back blend in w/ one another; in case no one's told you, that's not cute either but more importantly, it's proven to be just as unhealthy as being overweight if one doesn't consume the proper nutrients. Grab a textbook and understand how the body works before you begin to judge, please and thank you.
futuredoc3's picture

You do realize that Naomi is

You do realize that Naomi is not waif thin right? She's got some on her bones too, she's just tall and her upper half deflects from her curvy hips. How about YOU wake up?
Anonymous's picture

* meat on her bones

* meat on her bones
Anonymous's picture

Halle loves the paps. She's a

Halle loves the paps. She's a Leo and she craves the attention. She's also a nut. Olivier is a nut too. But Halle loves the paps that's why we see her so much. Celebs who don't want the constant pap don't get it. This chick is photo'd damn near everyday lol. Her insecure ass loves it. I love Halle, but chick is a mess lol
Anonymous's picture

There are plenty of celebs

There are plenty of celebs who have higher profile careers than Halle and they are not constantly photographed like her: Matt Damon and Julia Roberts to name a few. Matt Damon stated he moved to New York from LA for this specific reason. He said he is able to walk his kids to school and not be harassed, Halle is known to be extremely insecure which she herself stated so to the above I agree. Halle does love attention and she knows exactly what she is doing to try to stay relavent in Hollywood because lets face it if her movies don't do well at the box office the rolls will stop coming and yes Halle makes more than other black actresses BUT she does not make more than Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and many other white actresses.
Anonymous's picture

Halle your run ins with the

Halle your run ins with the paps are getting really really old. You have been in this game for over 20 years. You should know how to stay away from paps by now. This is just your constant craving for attention. Note to Halle, please stop doing the high profile pap infested restaurants OR take the back entrance. I'm tired of seeing your face scowling in every picture we see of you when you are not on the Carpet. The public is very fickle and your stunts are stale
Ms. Eye's picture

Shut the phuck up bitch..if u

Shut the phuck up bitch..if u dnt want to see her dnt watch ur tv n keep the phuck off the net..she should stop her life for fools..she is an A lits celeb..what do u expect!!Get off..u irritate me!!
Deh Yah's picture

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