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VACAY FAB: The Obamas Arrive In Hawaii For Christmas


The Obama family is spending the Christmas holidays in Hawaii and we have a few pics of First Daughters Sasha and Malia and First Dog Bo out playing on the beach.  See the pics inside...


After a 10-hour flight, The Obamas arrived in Honolulu and Sasha and Malia were spotted outside their beach home playing.  They arrived a little bit ahead of their dad: 


Looks like Christmas fun on a sandy white beach.

Photos via Splash News





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I LOVE THE FIRST FAMILY!!! Hey ladies, check out www.KarensClosetNY.com for some fierce blazers, cute tops, sexy leggings and of course DRESSES!! :-) Happy Holidays!
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I love the Obamas.

I love the Obamas.
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I don’t understand why

I don’t understand why some people are hating on the ObamaS the man has done everything he could to create jobs and make America a better but unfortunately some of us are too stubborn to see. He ‘s working his heart out to future for all Americas. It is not his fault that companies are outsourcing their jobs; if you have something to complain about create a blog and address these hard-headed/heartless republicans who do not give a damn about the middle class. Stop hating! Stop talking trash! Read a book about political book Science!!! The riches elitists/ make the rules. They choose the type of books we read in school, the type of close we wear so stop Judging P OBAMA because he’s trying to elevate y’all ashy asses

Thank you ....thank

Thank you ....thank you...thank you..... the man had to make compromises so that those receiving unemployment can continue to get it for another 13 months (correct me if i am wrong about the amount of months but that is not the point)...He wanted to raise taxes for those making over $250k a year ($500k for couples). In my opinion why shouldn't they pay a little more taxes to get this economy back on track and to help pay for some of the benefits. Now they are getting tax breaks along with the poor or middle class....He had to give a little to get somehting for the lest fortunate. and how the hell can the president create jobs? Give out applications at the white house? These companies are outsourcing the work to these thrid world countries. My company just outsourced the IT help desk to some Indian country because everytime you need help with an IT issue you get some Indian or pakistanian on the phone. with the language barrier and them not being familiar with the different software we use to do our day to day work....it is frustrating to say the least....so for that 150 american people who were round the clock IT technician lost their jobs a few months ago. I guess they are collecting unemployment now too...So blame the big companies who have Republican's lobbying for them in DC to get them all kinds of tax breaks while they outsource the work. But a holes like those who blame the president think it is his fault. If most of them got their azzes up this past Novemeber and voted for a Democrat then maybe he wouldn't have had to compromise. We all are going to pay for this later.... Hope you saving your coins cause your going to need them when you retire.
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i second that

i second that
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LOVE this family!

LOVE this family!
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Damn that girl looks just

Damn that girl looks just like her father. The oldest girl is his twin!!! I am so sick of the Obama family. Obama is so busy flying his azz and his wife and kids around the world but still has yet to create jobs and come up up with solutions to a better economy.
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WTF R U Doing to create some

WTF R U Doing to create some jobs? In the words of President Kennedy...Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What Can YOU Do For Your Country. Hello?
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Do you finish all your work

Do you finish all your work before you go on a vacation? Don't think so. How can Obama fix unemployment over Christmas. Now the Republicans and Democrats have extended unemployment benefits and given tax breaks, hopefully the private sector will do its part and create more jobs. The Republicans purposefully withheld jobs until the friday after the mid-term election. President Obama is doing the best he can.
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@idomind I am so sick of

@idomind I am so sick of assholes such as yourself that want to continue blame the first family for this f**u**c**k up sistuation that he happen to get after taking office and it was not by his choice, but he has and still is trying to get this country back on its head from what the last asshole of a President did to this coountry, almost causing proverty from being unbelievable and almost unbareable for the now President to correct. Also who are you to say our President and first family can't take a needed vacation for the holidays.
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They are such a beautiful

They are such a beautiful family, love them so :) Did not realize Bo was that big, I was thinking he was a little dog for some reason.
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Love the girls. Malia is so

Love the girls. Malia is so tall and Sasha's dress and nail polish is cute. Sasha also look like she's starting puberty with her little breast buds, she's going to look like a little woman come 2012.
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I love that family!

I love that family!
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now this is how our young

now this is how our young girls should look and behave .They have all the time in the world to look and act grown it's not a race they should glide through childhood
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God I would loooove to be in

God I would loooove to be in Hawaii right now. Its colder than a Pimp's heart out here! Sheesh! Merry Christmas Obama's! May God bless you with another year of prosperity, health and continue to direct the country in a positive light regardless to what the haters and the nay sayer's have to say! Peace and blessings to you all here at YBF as well!
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I love the Obamas.There just

I love the Obamas.There just so inspirational to look at..
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Also I am happy the First

Also I am happy the First Family will get to rest and enjoy the holidays. President Obama have all those fools on Capitol Hill scratching their head trying to figure how he pushed through his agenda in a lame duck session. He slam dunked and stuck his tongue out Jordan style yesterday at his end of the year press conference, it was a thing of beauty!
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Michelle is such an

Michelle is such an inspiration, I can't wait to have a family...
KEKE's picture

Although I love them, it's a

Although I love them, it's a shame they can't have a single private moment. The children should be off limits.
anonymous's picture

I'm jealous of the fact that

I'm jealous of the fact that they can wear shorts while I'm FREEZING in the NORTHEAST!!! Good for them - love that family!!!
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I love the Os. its amazing

I love the Os. its amazing how Mrs. O ensures that the family maintains such a normal life amidst all this chaos and pandemonium...they are such a thrill to watch... loves them to bits
Ada's picture

those are going to be

those are going to be BEAUTIFUL women, i wish michelle would drop a barack jr. tho!
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Can they please adopt me!

Can they please adopt me! Love them!
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this is hat families should

this is hat families should be...have time for one another during the holiday season
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Nice :)

Nice :)
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