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"RHOA" Stars Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas' Wedding Pic, Cynthia Talks Peter's Bad Temper & Money Woes


It's the wedding that will end this season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" with a bang.  Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been fighting all season about money woes, drama, and Peter's temper.


We've got the first look at the couple's wedding photo, plus Cynthia's new Black Voices interview where she admits she let's Peter dominate the relationship.

ESSENCE mag grabbed the first look at Cynthia and Peter's wedding photo.  Cynthia donned a very non-traditional stunning silvery  gown with a neck wrap and bow.  While Peter looked dapper in his light gray tux.  But it was a long road for the couple to get there.  The photo appears in the current issue of ESSENCE, and more pics of the couple's wedding will be on the site February 2nd.

On last week's episode, Peter popped off about shutting down his Uptown restaurant without letting Cynthia know, causing the couple to be strapped for cash.  Cynthi still wants her $10K back she loaned him for the venture, and is upset her wedding is at risk.  Viewers thought it was shockng how Peter's temper gets the best of him often, and Cynthia seems to let him get away with it.  By the way, Peter reportedly used to date Nia Long--which is how Regina King, her bestie, knows him so well.

So Black Voices chit chatted with the ATL Housewife about it all:


BV: Let's keep it real. You have the only real strong-willed husband on the show. Phaedra's husband, Apollo, follows suit with what she says, too.
CB: I think Phaedra has a lot of control in that relationship. It comes across like that on the show. I'm not trying to be negative with my castmates, but the dynamics of those three marriages are very different. I think with mine and Peter's, he is the man in the relationship. I give him that respect. I think he is a complete jackass sometimes, but he wants to handle things well and to be able to pay for things and not stress me out about anything, but that just wasn't our situation. I wish we could've been balling out the whole season, but it didn't happen that way.

BV: Another thing that some people love about you, Cynthia, is how you've showed this whole phenomenon in which women give their men money to build their careers and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Do you regret giving Peter money for the restaurant?
CB: I support Peter's vision and who he is. I supported his decision. I didn't say I was going to partner with him. I said, 'Oh you need this? I am going to give you that.' It was a business transaction. That was his thing, and I was doing my thing. I thought no matter how much I was in love, I need to get my money back and they didn't have anything to do with each other. I may be 60 and say, 'Are you going to give me that money back from Uptown from 30 years ago?' When you say I need to borrow it, it's a loan. A loan is a loan. Nothing changed we just got married. I still want it back.

BV: Wait. You still asked him whether he was going to give you the money back?
CB: Yes! I just asked him yesterday. I don't know when I am getting that money back, but he's going to have to give me something.

BV: A lot of people think you should work out your financial challenges before tying the knot. Many people believe a relationship can't last with something so major causing disagreements before a wedding.
CB: When we started the process, our wedding wasn't so expensive that we couldn't do it. The more involved in the planning I was the more I wanted it. Who wants to go through tastings and menus and then go to the courthouse? I've never been married before. I just wanted it. It's mine to want. We just had problems in the end.


Check out the rest over at BV.

BONUS: Cynthia is on the cover of UPTOWN mag's Weddings & Travel mag rocking a wedding dress:




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Anony's picture

I really think that Kandi,

I really think that Kandi, that black and ugly House Negro, and her bitter witch craft throwing mama killed AJ. I really really do. While, I know that poor brotha already had mental health issues along with tremendous pressure for having so many baby mamas and so many children, Kandi and her mother finished that poor young brotha off. Also, kandi had to do with his relative being in that car accident that left him in a coma. I wonder what happened to him. I bet she forgot all about him since AJ died. Yeah, that black vodoo negro was/is bad luck for AJ and his family. And for her to do that portrait of being in a car accident was disgusting and a slap in the face to the family;however, she said it was to call attention to drinking and driving. You all just do not understand. That Kandi and her mother are two black vodoo witches!
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you are a moron. Plain and

you are a moron. Plain and simple minded. You start off calling the woman a house negro which can only mean you are jealous and broke. Then you call her mother a witch which means you are have no idea what one is. But to add insult to injury you actually try to blame the many her for losing the man she loved? I knew the world had slime like you but do the world a favor crawl your ignorant nasty insignificant and useless live back into that anus of the dog that craped you out. If Kandi is indeed a witch she will know how to curse you. Oh, nevermind I just did. Idiot.
Anonymous's picture

Such a racist and ignorant

Such a racist and ignorant statement! Please know the facts before you open your mouth to speak jack ass....
Anonymous's picture

Kandi and her mom are not

Kandi and her mom are not witches she took that photo to show everyone what happend when people drink and try to drive you dont understand most of them that are out with friends and family of that night get killed by drink drives after coming home from a bar and get ran over person do not reaily it that they ran someone over until the next day watch what you say or post when one of your family member get hit by a drunk driver DONT WHINE ABOUT !!! they are not vodoo witches
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Anonymous's picture

YBF is definitely picking and

YBF is definitely picking and choosing to reprint. I went and read the entire articla here - http://uptownmagazine.com/2011/01/peter-thomas-his-side-of-the-story/3/ and I think many of his statements (because they were chopped up) are being misconstrued. For instance - here is his whole comment on the "she can't tell me no" thing - SHE CAN’T TELL ME NO If I need her to do something for me again, she better step up. That’s part of her duty as a wife. Because she’s never gonna call on me and I say no—never. It’s my duty as a husband to provide whatever support to [help] her go forward. The show that I’m on is called Atlanta Housewives, not Atlanta Husbands. I’m not getting paid to be on the show. But I have to do it to support my wife. So I just gotta bite my lip, swallow my spit, and call it a day. drastically different than the cut and paste number Natasha pulled. She's trying to shape people's opinions by giving only partial details! That's some type of Fox News tactics! SMH...
I hate misinformation's picture

Good post! I don't know

Good post! I don't know what's happening with this site. I used to love it here, but now it seems like it's turning into one of the cattiest places on the net. Had this been an interview Jay did about Bey, Natasha would have word for word, facial expressions, sighs and pauses alike. Reading her post made me dislike Peter, but after reading the whole comment that you posted, I can understand where he's coming from and respect what he said. Hateration is in full swing on this article. Shame on natasha.
MyOpinion's picture

Cynthia I did not think you

Cynthia I did not think you were that dumb. Why would you even consider marrying an old, grumpy, broke ass man. He showed you his true colors before you married him. What were you thinking. You will be miserable..............
Texas's picture

YES, he is a loser and so is

YES, he is a loser and so is she! I want her to just disappear from the television show--PERIOD. I am so sick of this beat down negro female
goddess's picture

peter is old,ugly,broke and

peter is old,ugly,broke and five kids??? gal hell no!!
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afgtte's picture

I agree that the metallic

I agree that the metallic wedding dress is gorgeous, and I understand exactly where she was going with it. At least she's nt trying to go down the aisle in a dress that tradition wise was not meant for her situation. Too many women sliding down the aisle in white, that need to sashaying down in red.
Anonymous's picture

Cynthia is so whiney, I mean

Cynthia is so whiney, I mean this chick cries at the drop of dime. She's been in the business for too long to not realize that somtimes you win and sometimes you lose when it comes to investments. In this case they both lost as a unit point blank, because I am sure if he had it she would've got it back plus interest.
Ms. P's picture

We need more black men like

We need more black men like Peter on TV. I so over seeing every black man on reality tv being effeminate, silly and passive. His swagger is very attractive.
Anonymous's picture

i agree..he's very attractive

i agree..he's very attractive with his swag..
bliss's picture

Peter is a man's man. I

Peter is a man's man. I commend Cynthia for not being that "typical" black woman and not know how and when to be submissive. I don't think he is controlling he just wants this woman's attention when he gets home from work. Your friends come secondary to your husband and peter only popped off when she was always on the phone with NeNe. I do think he was wrong for not letting her in on the closing of Uptown but being a man's man he said he would handle it and they are married which means obviously he did.
TSmith's picture

Love the dress and she was

Love the dress and she was walking the cat walk on the show.
Light Seeker's picture

Everyone's on Peter's back,

Everyone's on Peter's back, but did you guys read the part when she said that she's going to continue years from now to ask for her money, so maybe Peter's rage stems from her harrasing his a** for her money....lol. The less obvious is often what the problem is and what they dont show is the real ish. How would any of us know what the hell really going on after all the editing they do for ratings. They probably and Im just saying, edited her in "b*tch mood". Stop believing that one person in a relationship is a problem and for some reason you guys always want to blame the men and Im a female. Hope you guys feel the same way when the man is your son. By the way none of you know what the original agreement was with the money issue.
Anonymous's picture

All I wanna know is who made

All I wanna know is who made that dress...it is too damn fabolous, making me re-consider wearing white on my wedding day
Anonymous's picture

She looks stunning.

She looks stunning.
Dez's picture

I wish them the best,

I wish them the best, although as others have mentioned, there have been red flags with the money, temper, controlling issues. If Cynthia is happy with Peter, that is all that matters at the end of the day. Plus, unlike some folks on this thread, I think Peter is a beautiful black man, and they make a stunning couple.
Teena Marie fan's picture

Is her husband rich he is

Is her husband rich he is much older than she is.
Rock Your Boat's picture

Hell NO...that nigger is

Hell NO...that nigger is Broke!..btw, he is Not that much older than she.
Anonymous 's picture

Im sorry, but did I miss

Im sorry, but did I miss something. It seems like these comments are written by close friends and family. It seems like everyone here have actual footage or has actually witness abuse in these people relationship. I have seen men (Island Men as well) display rage and tempers in a relationhip an never been abusive. Speaking from experience, 15 years experience. No ones perfect and no relationship is. Find the perfect person and the perfect relationship or marriage and then come up here and talk sh*t about peoples relationships. If she's willing to accept him and think she could deal with it even if he's abusive or not that's her business. You might forgive your partner for coming home and giving you an STD and someone else may say they cant accept it. You might forgive your partner for having an outside child and someone else might say, "Get the hell out my house". To each its own and everyone has control over their own life and destiny. People stop being so judgmental and stop thinking you know exactly what the "F" is going on in another person's life. Stop trying examine other people sh*t and deal with your own. Congrats to them! and to the rest, "ANALYZE YOURS".
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I think lot of these comments

I think lot of these comments are from very young people with no real life experiences. We all wish we could handle matters of the heart or other life experiences so cut and dry, but it is not that simple. Also, I agree just because a man raises his voice does not mean he is physically abusive. Peter could stand to be more gentle when he addresses Cynthia, but it is insulting to assume that he is abusing her. People take blog talking a little too far sometimes.
Honesty's picture

Cynthia he is not giving you

Cynthia he is not giving you your money back. You'd have to see him in court for that money. I do not like these two as a couple. I wish ppl were more up front with Cynthia and instead of telling her to postpone the wedding telling her to RUN. He is controlling and I don't like the way he talks to her and he needs to handle his business if he expects her to not talk on the phone when he's around. #dead When you say your ex/baby-dad is the person who knows you best and who you can really talk to, HOUSTON we have a problem. Cynthia knew she should not have gotten married. But what she wasn't willing to face is that she needed to END her relationship with Peter.
Juanita's picture

WOW!!! hadn't even thought

WOW!!! hadn't even thought about that!!! cause her ex/babydaddy is Leon...what went wrong there i wonder...plus Peter is too old! its like a clech'e, model marries old "rich" guy....well at least she thought he was rich....
Anonymous's picture

Cynthia is a class act no

Cynthia is a class act no matter what and she could teach her castmates a thing or two about that. I am old school so I remember Cynthia very well in Essence and Ebony magazines frequently and on runways. I also remember her being with Leon for many years and I knew they had a child. I thought they got married because they were together for like nearly a decade. I wish her and Peter the best though. Although he could tone down the harsh way he communicates with her, it seems like he really means well and does not want to hurt her. Alot of that is the Jamaican man in him. They are dominating and speak with alot of authority. Again I wish them the best because real black love is beautiful. Btw, they look beautiful together on that picture.
Ms. AKA1908's picture

i love these two but i am

i love these two but i am praying for their marriage and FYI Cynthia...YOU ARE NOT GETTING THAT MONEY! girl, please. u's married now and what is yours is his and what is his is yours. get over it.
myMAMAsaid's picture

I like that one, "U's Married

I like that one, "U's Married know". Funny!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture


MAJOR RED FLAG FROM THE BEGINNING! If you smell smoke early in the relationship, fire will almost always follow. Cynthia...what are you thinking. Some women get to a certain age and get real desperate!
Anonymous's picture


IT'S SAD SOME WOMEN THINK PETER IS BEING A REAL "MAN". It's ok to be strong and direct, but when your spouse (Cynthia) has helped keep your business going, I think a man (Peter) should be a bit more humble and grateful. On the other hand, Cynthia is a weak and insecure woman for sacrificing her happiness for a wedding.
Anonymous's picture

Out of all the RHOA marriages

Out of all the RHOA marriages I like Peter and Cynthia's the best. Im sorry but Apollo's fine azz is nothing but a stepford husband to Phaedra (aint nothing wrong wit that cause if I came home to him every night I would be knocked every 10 months LMAO) and NeNe and Greg's relationship is done. Yes Peter is aggressive but most women want a man that can take charge I would rather have that then a passive husband anyday. I dont know about u but I can get outta line sometimes and its nothing like a man that can control his woman. Cythia had faith in Peter and the restaurant and I think she saw that. If they get a divorce thats fine but you can see that he is ambitious which is more then I can say for most black men
Reesethe's picture

Dearest Cynthia, If you are

Dearest Cynthia, If you are reading this. You will NEVER get that money back. So, stop asking, chock it up as a loss and do not focus on that money. I've dated an island man before and he was abusive. Peter may not hit you but he does not respect your opinions if they counter his. You will never be an EQUAL to him on business, finances, or career. End of story. Focus on yourself, making back the 10K you loaned and the money you spent on the wedding. DO NOT EVER GIVE PETER MONEY LIKE THAT AGAIN. I'm in my forties. Too many of my sista friends gave men money and they ended up in flat broke and bankrupt. Starting over financially in your forties is a BIOTCHHH. Your finances with this man NEED to be seperate until you see he knows how to handle his business. PLUS YOU NEED TO ORDER UP A CREDIT REPORT EVERY SIX MONTHS, to make sure he is NOT abusing your credit. Peter seems like the type of man to do that, not tell you, because "you couldn't handle the truth". Again, he doesn't respect your business or financial sense and will do things like that because he feels entitled to your money without your input. Cynthia, you are a sweet weak woman just like your mother. I'm afraid you made the mistake you most feared. Peter is just a paler version of the man who controlled and abused your mother. You just don't see it. But everybody else does. Peter is not a strong man. He is an complete rude, bullying, disrespectful, mess.
Anonymous's picture

co-sign! I believe she

co-sign! I believe she shouldn't have married him. A) he doesn't seem her speed and B) he doesn't respect her or her opinion not only as his mate but as a business partner. He seem to controlling and that is something she didn't want but there are to many MAJOR red flags
binks's picture

Well said!

Well said!
Juanita's picture


Monique!'s picture

I think Peter beats Cynthia.

I think Peter beats Cynthia. Too many times has she looked so downtrodden, and not in a stressful way. And when they were in Miami, she looked like she'd come from a fight.
Anonymous's picture

What's wrong with this

What's wrong with this society? Women have been too busy making relationships with men such a competition or an adversarial thing that they've forgotten what a real man looks like anymore! Peter is a MAN, plain and simple. Sorry he's not like "Miss Lawrence", Derek G or Phaedra's husband, Apollo. Peter is secure in his manhood and isn't afraid to take the lead in the household. Isn't that what a man is supposed to do? Cynthia is a great example of a woman who knows how to let a man be a man. There's nothing abusive about their relationship. The only thing I don't get is Cynthia trying to make the loan a business thing. He's your husband and you are supposed to help him. Asking him to "pay you back" is a little ridiculous in my opinion and casts a negative tone on the marriage.
Anonymous's picture

I Like them both and wish

I Like them both and wish them the best. Peter is fine
Anonymous's picture

I dont think they should have

I dont think they should have gotten married in the first place. Too many problems they had BEFORE the marriage!
miss infamous's picture

Is it just me but doesn't

Is it just me but doesn't Peter looks out of place in that pic with Cynthia...his suit should have been more formal to match her couture gown, I think.
Bajan Beauty's picture

Peter's accent is so hot.

Peter's accent is so hot.
Anonymous's picture

i 2nd that. very!

i 2nd that. very!
KaramelKisses's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Shelll's picture

A "man" is a person who

A "man" is a person who shares with his wife and yet is strong enough to be vulnerable with his feelings -and yours. A healthy relationship is one in which you take care of each other with love and respect. There are (and were) so many "red flags" in this relationship and Cynthia- you saw these but it was more important that you get what you wanted, which apparently was that wedding. Peter is not going to get better and you know that, too. Peter always made me wince because of how he treated Cynthia because he was always clearly abusive. To watch Cynthia be cowed was a sad sight to see. You will never see your $10,000 again because you never made him sign a legal contract. The fact that you had so many problems before you got married should have been a clue. Cynthia- you'll end up getting a divorce because abusiveness only escalates- and he is clearly abusive. And you'll be the star of your show- not Ne Ne, and how pathetic is that?
Auraphile's picture

I guess she didn't run after

I guess she didn't run after all. I like Peter. Especially when he put that big mouth Nene in check. Shut her down flat. My type of guy. He will not go out of the way to be disrespectful but knows when to spot bull crap and put a stop to it. He was right about Nene too. Misery loves company and Nene was only looking to pull her into her depressing state with Greg.
I love Gossip!!!'s picture

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