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3 YEARS & COUNTING: Beyonce & Jay-Z Get ANNIVERSARY FAB In The Bahamas

Cue up the Tony! Toni! Tone!  The Carters are celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary today Caribbean style.  The couple skipped over to the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas for some low-key R&R.


Pics of the fab twosome when you read on...

Beyonce was spotted arriving to the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas in a big floppy hat shielding her face from the ever-present paparazzi eyes.  She rocked a cute aqua short jumper as she hopped off the plane with her hubby Shawn Carter. 

The couple is celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary today.  And what better way to do so than some fun in the sun with your boo.

Both will probably be headed back to the states soon as Bey is prepping her fourth solo album release for this summer, and Mr. Carter is dealing with issues with the NBA and a lawsuit over his Roc logo.  His collabo album with Kanye West, Watch The Throne, is supposedly dropping soon as well.


By the way, Sean Paul denies rumors that he's written a book with dish on dating Beyonce in the past, which supposedly led to Jay banning him from ever performing with his Mrs.  In fact, Sean Paul says he hasn't written a book at all.  So there you have it.



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thats cool jay ..........

thats cool jay .......... cheers
nii's picture

i love her so am ok wit her

i love her so am ok wit her choice...
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*sniff* *sniff* what's that I

*sniff* *sniff* what's that I smell? I think someone is hating
Robyn's picture

congrats to a fab couple

congrats to a fab couple
rasheeeda moore said &quot;pause&quot; lol's picture

dang the paps are good, they

dang the paps are good, they be everywhere getting pics of celebs http://www.natoyaebony.com/
Anonymous's picture

She ain't hiding her face;

She ain't hiding her face; ya'll just ain't post the better pics yet: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/206690_10150200474951882_... She looks the same here as she did in 2003. No big changes but a lil less weight. They seem happy, work hard and are good people in general, so I'm very happy they've got 10 years together and three years of matrimony behind them. I hope they have a blessed anniversary day- and I hope I find that kind of love in my life too one day. NO hate here!
Happiness In 2011's picture

Sounds like a payoff.

Sounds like a payoff.
Karlee's picture

good to see...they're lasting

good to see...they're lasting the test of time.... Like Taking Money from a Baby - Easy Money - http://goo.gl/lHl9l Like Taking Money from a Baby - Easy Money - http://goo.gl/lHl9l Like Taking Money from a Baby - Easy Money - http://goo.gl/lHl9l Like Taking Money from a Baby - Easy Money - http://goo.gl/lHl9l
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Jayonce seem like soulmates,

Jayonce seem like soulmates, good for them cos in that industry its hard to find long lasting love
lambdahling's picture

happy anniversary!!!

happy anniversary!!!
Miss GQ's picture

Some of Y all comments are

Some of Y all comments are crazy! lmao Well....Congrats on the three years....that's a big accomplishment these days in that business... without some crazy jumpoff in the media braggin about havin his child and wanting her child support....good for them I bet we are about to get hit with non stop Beyonce talk!.....lol
JustNastyNotBey&amp;Jay's picture

there is something really off

there is something really off with Bey these days. Her hair is blonder, she looks overly thin and she is always hiding her face now. She has never been camera shy even far out into the ocean she finds a way to smile into a telephoto lens. I think she is recovering from some form of facial procedure. Plastic surgery mark my words.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah i think the same thing

Yeah i think the same thing something is not right ,maybe she was pregnant had the baby and they ae hiding that fact? This pic for sho is not Beyounce!!!
Anonymous's picture

SMT.. they might as well

SMT.. they might as well didnt come here,, lookin like bums,, people didnt even know who they were, especially how beyonce is white as chalk and jay z looks like he was hi.. LOLL.. they didnt even talk to the locals.. if people supporting your music u cud atleast take pics with them etc.. smt...
k's picture

Only could be American

Only could be American papparazzi following them in Abaco...Trust me, photogrphers in the Bahamas can't make no money off being papparazzi here so they don't even bother with celebs, they may take one or two pics but the novelty of celebs wears off REAL quick for Bahamians.
Zetty's picture

long life and happiness....

long life and happiness....
minerva's picture


Anonymous's picture


TEENA's picture

Why Ms.Bleachy trying to hide

Why Ms.Bleachy trying to hide her face?
Kb's picture

It is going to be such a

It is going to be such a pleasure watching these two grow old together. I am confident that these two are going to be together until death do them part. I'm 100% confident. Jay z is so grounded. New York Nigga's trust their girl more than they trust their man. They will be the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, I am 100% confident about it. btw I have a crush on your man Bey, but I know thats your man 4 life.
TheFashionistachic's picture

SMH............you have much

SMH............you have much to much time on your hands, SMH.

And so do you for

And so do you for commenting...
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to one of my

Congrats to one of my favorite celeb couples!
DiosaMorena's picture

Get insider info on Beyonce &

Get insider info on Beyonce & Jay's wedding day PLUS a HOT giveaway from their longtime manicurist: http://blackbridalbliss.com/2011/04/04/happy-anniversary-to-beyonce-jay-...
Anonymous's picture

So how much money do you

So how much money do you think they spent on this trip? My guess is probably around the same amount some people like to spend in gentleman clubs. There isn't anything wrong with a person spending their money on things they enjoy.
Superduperman ie the guy who is better than superman's picture

Errabody wanna say dey dated

Errabody wanna say dey dated Bey! My brother date Bey..(U know what I'm say'n). He bout to write a book bout how they use to hook up ..(U know what I'm say'n). Yeah they went to middle school together ..(U know what I'm say'n) He said she use to tell him how Mathew beat them and make them sang..(U know what I'm say'n). They need to STOP...every year or so they try to connect Bey with somebody or say Jay harrassing somebody!!!!STOP
Montgomery-Mika's picture

beautiful!.I'm so happy for

beautiful!.I'm so happy for them marriage for celebrities never last!..truly real love!.I'm happy for them!.luv u be and jay!
keisha's picture

Am I the only one who is

Am I the only one who is still trying to figure out the attraction to this man? No body, no good looks, looks smelly, and talks funny. Okay so that leaves______________. And trust that don't last too long in a marriage. That article where Bey was talking about what she does to keep the sex life spicy I just wonder why she has do do all that for a man who doesn't even comb his hair. I hope for the best for the both of them. Strong marriages come a dime a dozen now a days.
Anonymous's picture

I heard he's charming as h*ll

I heard he's charming as h*ll and he smells great according to Oprah. I expect him to smell great w/ all his money. Hair that isn't combed does give the impression of not being well groomed, but I do believe he smells great! It's not all about looks - she can have a fine looking man if she wants one.
Happy Lady's picture

"Okay so that

"Okay so that leaves______________." Does your blank happen to mean sensitive, caring, provider, confidante, best friend, etc... there is much more to a book than just the cover. Let's not forget, you don't know these people...
Alrighty Then...'s picture

Never said I knew them.

Never said I knew them. Don't care to know them I'm stating my own opinion on what I see in pictures. This man wants to keep Bey yet he looks like a bum. Every woman wants her man to look good in public. She wants to show him off. If she come out looking like a bum he would back off and start cheating saying she "let herself go" So why can men look like THAT next to their gorgeous woman and we allow it? Everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs a physical attraction to the person they are with. You don't walk into a room and by looking at a person of Jay Z's stature and say oh he is sensitive, or confident, or he will be my best friend. You look a a person and say oh nice eyes, or lips, or clothes are nice, or he smells nice. My point was he has nothing appealing come first look. Yes I know to each his or her own. Everyone see's everyone differently yada yada yada. The stuff your talking about takes talking and time to to know.
Anonymous's picture

Sounds like your speaking

Sounds like your speaking from personal experience. Instead of being on this blog making broad generalized statements about what "EVERYONE" needs, maybe you should go get therapy and yap away about your failed relationships there. Obviously you are NOT married and you probably will never be with that attitude. People do NOT get married for physical attraction because anyone with a brain knows that it will eventually fade. There are much more important things an individual can contribute to a long-lasting/healthy marriage such as character, personality, goals, morals etc. That alone can create a strong attraction to one another. Now have a seat ALLLLL the way in the corner.
Chile, please.'s picture

What’s on the inside is more

What’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside!
Montgomery-Mika's picture

Cue the "Why she ain't

Cue the "Why she ain't pregnant yet?" from the 19yo baby momma's.
Flohno's picture

Not every couple that get's

Not every couple that get's married has a baby right away...Can't understand why their decision to wait has to do with anyone else.... Just because you've probably gotten knocked up by every man that looks in your directions doesn't mean that everybody else has to follow in your footsteps!!! Glad she's going to be a wife when she does get pregnant and not some guy's baby momma....
ChellyG's picture

I love this couple....and

I love this couple....and they are in my country.....

Now Beyonce and Jayz are seen

Now Beyonce and Jayz are seen as a couple because Beyonce is promoting her new cd, Same shit a different day.
Anonymous's picture

um so that past year when she

um so that past year when she wasnt working something but they were still everywhere was what? build up. I dont get some of you people.
Anonymous's picture

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Boj Oil's picture

congrats...luv u B!!!!

congrats...luv u B!!!!
Anonymous's picture

*Shawn Carter.

*Shawn Carter.
Anonymous's picture

Hmm...People are saying

Hmm...People are saying things like "They're Love is Real" How would u know??? We don't know The Carters we ONLY see their FAKE image on SCREEN!!!
Anonymous1's picture

Their image has nothing to so

Their image has nothing to so with how much they love and care for one another... How would you know if anyone's love is real unless you live with them day by day...What we can say is they're still together and that has to count for something...It's some lonely ass people on here.... Glad I'm married and happy, so that I don't have to sit on my PC and hate on people with money....
ChellyG's picture

Happy Anniversary to my

Happy Anniversary to my FAVORITE couple! 10 years dating and 3 years of marriage. And they said it wouldn't last? HA! I love it!
*TyFierce*'s picture

I always thought it was odd

I always thought it was odd that they got married on the anniversary of Dr. MLK's assassination.
Anonymous's picture

Um wtf. Completely and

Um wtf. Completely and unnecessary random comment
Lola's picture

We human beings have been

We human beings have been around long enough, that I'm pretty sure something historical occurred on each and every calendar day.
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