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Foolywang Video: The "Other" Man In The Mister Cee Arrest Speaks Out

We previously reported that Mister Cee was arrested for getting it popping with a male prostitute...and now the man in question is speaking out.  Watch video of the "other" man inside....

The first thing we learn from the new video posted 20-year-old Lawrence Campbell, aka the "other" man in the Mister Cee arrest, is that he is not who people think he is.  He is a self proclaimed drag queen who goes by the name Brooklyn (the Pink Lady). And for the record, he says "Nothing indeed happened in that car."  So why he was in a parked car in a dark alley at 4am with a grown man making "oral sex motions" with NOTHING going on is beyond me.

We go on to learn a lot in the short clip that Brooklyn decided to put out today.  Aside from the many questions we have surrounding this vid--specifically this weave--he says he does not live his life as a woman and he has been going through some things he is now working out.  *eyebrow raised*

He adds that he does not need to sell himself for sex because he makes money other ways (though he doesn't say how).  *other eyebrow raised*

He says this incident is part of a big entertainment scheme to make money.  But, just who benefits from the "business" of a radio DJ hooking up with a drag queen at 4am? He does not say.  But according to Brooklyn, there is a market for that. 

Since the incident happened, people have invited him to host parties and things of that nature, but he does not want profit from his arrest.  He says he feels like people are turning him into an infamous celebrity, yet he does not want to be famous for something he didn't do.


Watch the vid in full here:



We don't believe you!!! I

We don't believe you!!! I wouldn't be surprised if somebody paid him to do this. He's not even convincing. This is not the first time Mr. Cee has been caught with a tranny or gay dude. He likes what he likes and he needs to just come out with it already.
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Mr. Cee is gay. Even if he

Mr. Cee is gay. Even if he was looking to pay for some ass, he woulda known when this dude started talking, he's a dude...
Deeno's picture

The most fake performance

The most fake performance ever!!! And talk about inflated opinion of himself. Turning him into a celebrity? Asking him to host parties? - are people really that interested? Really, all this dude had to do was say nothing and keep his head down. Oh, I forget keeping his head down is what started this.
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yea this hurt Mr. Cee.

yea this hurt Mr. Cee. Because now all real niccas can see this was no accident. Dude was catchin neck from a man girl
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So he's being paid by Mister

So he's being paid by Mister Cee's people to lie. Moving on ...
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i smell Bullshit way over

i smell Bullshit way over here!
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looks like a paris hilton to

looks like a paris hilton to me..hurts your eyes and ears
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FIRST! there's her/him

FIRST! there's her/him version, and there's Mister Cee's. the truth is a combination of the both
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Dayum!!!!! man my eyes hurt

Dayum!!!!! man my eyes hurt just from lookin!
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