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PRE-WEDDING FAB: Tamera Mowry & Fiancé Adam Housley Get FABULOUSLY ROMANTIC For Engagement Shoot

It's officially wedding season!  Actress Tamera Mowry showed off her fabulously romantic engagement photoshoot with her fiancé Adam Housley.  The couple is preparing for their May 2011 wedding date, and we've got the cutesy pics when you read on...

YBF chick Tamera Mowry is getting married next month near Napa, California.  So her and her fiancé Adam headed to southern Cali recently for there nature filled romantic photoshoot, done by wedding photographer Jose Villa.

Tamera recently dished on the wedding deets:

“I’m so excited,” she tells E! News of her engagement to Adam Housley, a Fox News correspondent. “It is going to be a big wedding, probably 400 people with seven bridesmaids and groomsmen.”

Twin sister Tia Mowry is her maid of honor, her brother Taj is a groomsman, the dress is by Vera Wang and the wedding location has already been secured.

“Adam’s family owns a winery in Napa, Calif., but the wedding will take place at a nearby estate,” the former star of “Sister, Sister” says. “We want this wedding to respect us. I was courted in Napa and fell in love with the city. Wine has become a big part of our life together.”

Check, check, and check.  Along with her twin sis, Tia, readying to pop out her baby in a month or so, it's going to be a busy summer for the sisters.  More pics of the Mr. & Mrs. To Be:

Awwww!  I am SUCH a sucker for romance and photos within live nature.  And loving that they kept the wardrobe understated and muted to match their setting.  Tamera looks gorge.

They look uber happy and head-over-heels in love.  Not mad at all.

Gorgeous photos.  Congrats again to the couple!




That's not a horse black

That's not a horse black woman....
LetsGetItt's picture

love it, love it,

love it, love it, loveeeeeeeee it! some Black women are too BITTER! Who cares if she is marrying a white man? its 2011 and people still have a problem with that? BULLSHIT!. Tamera do u boo, i am happpy for u. :)
Anonymous's picture

Her father is white, why

Her father is white, why wouldn't she identify or be attracted to a white man? Or black? Love is where you find it.
Anonymous's picture


www.travelhousetz.blogspot.com Wow.. Beautiful couple
Anonymous's picture

LOL at people getting mad at

LOL at people getting mad at a black (BIRACIAL) woman marrying a white man. Her father is white. That's part of who she is. As long as he's good to her, who cares?
JBee's picture

Thank you!!! If our Bi-racial

Thank you!!! If our Bi-racial President was married to a white woman or my lawd folks would be in a uproar about that! LOL!
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This is the black woman's

This is the black woman's dream "The White Knight In Shining Armor" they hero the white man!!! Im promoting interracial relationships, If you tired of brothas!! like you black women claim you are. Then leaveee, take your ass over there to the white man!!We'll be free at last, no drama or nothing You black women saying "Love see no color" so that mean love don't see your black ass. But go on over there to the white man it's more of them than it is us!!If you think you wasting your time dealing with black men . Live life and go get your master white man!!You black women aint down with us anyways so peace out!!!If you black women start dating white men. Maybe we'll live longer and wont die young because of stress and a damn heart attack dealing with your nagging asss.
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Oh please...the brothas do it

Oh please...the brothas do it ALLLLLL the time. Don't hate. LOL
Anonymous's picture

What makes you think im

What makes you think im hating. Im promoting thisss..Its beautiful, black women can gone over there to they dream white man.
LetsGetItt's picture

You sound so angry and

You sound so angry and bitter....would you date you?! You're forever downing black women....why would the black woman want to date YOU (specifically not black men in general). Swallow your pill and get used to seeing black women with someone other than a black man. Lord knows we been doing it for years. How about you try to gain some respect on this board and stop being so bias by making a comment on a picture where a black man with his "lilly white princess" *sarcasm*
j2's picture

Goddamn black woman!!!You

Goddamn black woman!!!You don't see all these women on here dogging black men, saying they wasting they time with us????But you see my comment, and want to tell me about myself. This just goes to show you how feminism have destroyed the black community!!!!!!!The black man and woman will never be at peace together because the black woman don't respect us. But you respect that white man. This is why i say go over to that white man i promote it. And leave a brotha alone ,cause you black women on that bullshit!!!Shit im used to seeing the black woman be a MAMMY TO THE WHITE MAN. On the job , in pubic, etc. So i aint got to get use to shittttt. I aint mad at black women goneee over there to the white mannn. I tell black women this all the time you been doing it since slavery giving it up to the white man.We know black women aint loyal to black men!!!
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i really like you, its SO

i really like you, its SO TRUE what you're saying
lalaTAYLOR's picture

I feel bad for people like

I feel bad for people like you commenting on these blogs. You must not have any love in your life. In the past i've dated white men, latin men but I am married to wonderful black man. I don't understand why you and others are so caught up on skin color?? I haven't seen or heard anything like this until I started coming onto blogs..
Anonymous's picture

Im not caught up in skin

Im not caught up in skin color. I promote interracial dating!!!!!If the black woman feel that black men is a problem. Take your silly ass over there to the white man. Brothas will not miss your mutha fucking ass. Well even be happy for you!!!Shit im not stuck up on color, i love latin and white women.
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Too Bad they DON't Love your

Too Bad they DON't Love your MOnkey Ass!
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Wow a black woman calling a

Wow a black woman calling a black man a "Monkey" . This is how i know that the black woman have a pact with this racist ass white man. Yall belong together!!!The two are notorious for destroying the black male here in America. SHAME ON YOU SISTA!!!!SHAME ON YOU....They don't want me yet i got one riight here watching me type this shit to you. If u don't believe me come to tinychat and see
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If you love Latina and White

If you love Latina and White women....good...they can have you! And she is half WHITE so....what's the big deal??!!
Anonymous's picture

lmao im not making a big deal

lmao im not making a big deal out of it at all!!!Im responding to black women dogging brothas on here...
LetsGetItt's picture

WOW! You black women are

WOW! You black women are funny. If this was a Black MAN or even HALF BLACK MAN yall would be calling him all types of names. HAHAHAHAHA. Whatever.
Justme's picture

OMG the pics are sooo cute. i

OMG the pics are sooo cute. i am happy for her. who cares what color he is? as long as he values, loves, and respects her that's all that matters. black men do it all of the time is time and dont give 3 shits. if i were to ever marry again my next husband is gonna be white!!! and i wont give a damn who likes it as long as i am happy!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Kindly make corrections as

Kindly make corrections as follows. I have placed the incorrect words in parenthesis: So she and her fiancé - not "her" and her fiancé recently for their - not recently for "there" ------ So her and her fiancé Adam headed to southern Cali recently for there nature filled romantic photoshoot, done by Thanks for the pics. Good looking couple. May their union last more than the usual Hollywood minute.
Justin's picture

You must be single. Since u

You must be single. Since u wanna get nit picky though, allow me to help you out a tad. Who knows, maybe there are YBF readers who find nit picking sexy! There were no parenthesis used in your statement, and you should have used a semicolon after "follows" You know... since you want to sound smart and all...
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Anonymous's picture

These are some gorgeous

These are some gorgeous photos. The Mowry parents deserve a bow for having raised such beautiful children who live principled lives. Best wishes to Tamera on her upcoming nuptials and a live filled with all that is beautiful on the earth.
Starla's picture

Y'all of full of SHIT!!! When

Y'all of full of SHIT!!! When it's a black male celeb and a white woman, it's all negative comments. But now that it's a black woman and a white male, it's all gravy?? STOP IT B!! Always some sort of double standard.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

Yes she is half white and

Yes she is half white and comments are not as negative when it's a half white brotha dating a non-sister plus like I said before to Furious it's all numbers the more brothers date the other the more negative comments because it is becoming standard for black men and not black women. Black women as a whole still stick to the brothers and when you see a sister dating outside her race it is more likely that there are scarce brothers to go around but you can't say the same for a black man.
the-one's picture

Her mother is black and

Her mother is black and father is white!!! Love is love period!
pbcqtpie84's picture

Absolutely gorgeous!

Absolutely gorgeous!
louisiana  lover's picture

Let no hater put

Let no hater put asunder!!God bless them for sharing their love with us fearlessly.
MasterMind's picture

Lovely!!! I am not mad at

Lovely!!! I am not mad at dating regardless of color or background. Men do it all the time. Get it Tamera!!
Stacey's picture



Beautiful pics! They both

Beautiful pics! They both look so genuinely happy! Congrats to the couple!
BlackVesper's picture


Anonymous's picture

How old is he? He looks

How old is he? He looks significantly older than her. Or does she just look young for her age? Naw, cause the other twin's husband doesnt look old. Oh well, I hope they have a happy marriage.
yooo's picture

When you get to the age of 25

When you get to the age of 25 and beyond, it not a requirement to date someone that is a year older or younger than you. When you are an adult, you are an adult - period. I would date a 40 year old in a second!!!
Stacey's picture

Yea, I understand but if the

Yea, I understand but if the age gap is sooo significant, even if 2 people are adults they might be on 2 different phases in life. Kinda like the Jay Z & Beyonce thing with him wanting babies and her still wanting to strengthen her career.
yooo's picture

Pics are too cute!!! They

Pics are too cute!!! They look in love ...*sigh*
Everybody Panic's picture

Aww they look cute, but I

Aww they look cute, but I can't get over when she took a break with him to date Hosea from the Game. That was so strange to me.
LouLou's picture


Anonymous's picture

Love these pictures. I can

Love these pictures. I can feel the love. They look great together. I tell you love is in the Air. Everybody is getting married and I want to get married. Baby time to buy the cow no more free milk. Lets step it up my sisters. Don't hold back what you want what you feel. Maybe we need to write and create and star in our own storybook!
Light Seeker's picture

they are wonderful! i love

they are wonderful! i love seeing true interracial love becoming the norm, and i am so happy to be a part of it! reminds me of my husband and i's engagement photos! I too am a black woman and my husband is Puerto Rican and French!
Monique's picture

I too am Black and my

I too am Black and my boyfriend is Puerto Rican and we are very much in love ,I hate when people make race an issue . Love is love and love is the most beautiful thing in the word . I wish everyone can experience real love no matter the gender or race. Congratulations to them, I wish them happiness and lasting love.
sexylady's picture

Is he a white or black puerto

Is he a white or black puerto rican? is he a white or black french man? Do you get where I am coming from?Blacks are all over the world. Im not attacking you but, I want to be sure everyone stays educated. I am of Puerto Rican descent.Being from America makes one American as well, and Americans are of all kinds of colors too!
anonymous's picture

CLEARLY they're boyfriends

CLEARLY they're boyfriends are WHITE lol and i am too a black girl and very much in love with my scotish boyfriend AND YES DUMBASS HES WHITE GEEZ
lalaTAYLOR's picture

please be quiet about

please be quiet about labeling them as interracial.. Who freakin cares?! They are loving couple and that's just that! UGH!
Anonymous's picture

She looks so happy.

She looks so happy.
Tagirl27's picture

What HYPOCRITES! When it

What HYPOCRITES! When it comes to Black men.....95% of the women on here sprew HATE and RACIST comments. Now that it's a Black woman....it's "Beautiful" LMAO Ladies.....it's beautiful whenever anyone finds LOVE. That also applies to Black men. People have the right to love who they want. So stop with the BECKY comments because you sure don't have a problem with "MATTHEW" here. LOL I'm just saying stop with the racial hate. it's 2011 people can date who they want to date or marry who they want to marry. I'm also happy for Tamera. But these photos are SUPER CHEESY! LOL

There are negative comments

There are negative comments on this post also about him being white just read the other responder to yours who says they would like it better if he were black. It comes down to nothing but math when a higher percentage of "brothers" are going to the other you will have a higher percentage of negative comments plus since brothers starting going there first the end result would be more black women dating outside their race because scarce brothers are left......just simple math. What most people don't know thought is that roughly 75% of blacks still marry black.
the-one's picture

I agree. But I'm the type

I agree. But I'm the type that wishes he was a black man. But oh well. To each his/her own. As long as she is happy.
I'm just Saying!'s picture

Why would you wish he was

Why would you wish he was black when her father is mostly white and she has white grandparents? Any body commenting on these sites saying that black men or women need to only be with black men or women are retarded and mentally ill. We are all blended, at this point everyone has a white person in their lineage if they look into it. Stop being so biased.
Anonymous's picture

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