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Want A Peek Inside Rihanna's $11 Mill Home?

Rihanna recently purchased a laid out pad in L.A. for 7 million pounds ($11,502,543 for us Americans).  And the pics of inside her palace meant for a S&M pop duchess are under the jump...

A British tabloid showed off Rih's brand new pad, and it's too bad she's about to go on a world tour and can't even sit down and enjoy this fabness.  You feelin' it?


Source: UltimateRihanna.com




wow anonymous thats whats

wow anonymous thats whats wrong with people today they are always judging people really have u ever meet her how do u know she hasnt donated any money to anything she has been ripped off by people all her life leave her alone until u actually know her

FIRST OF ALL, there is

FIRST OF ALL, there is nothing wrong with homeownership. I wish more people were afforded the opportunity to purchase a home. We ALL should strive to OWN a home rather than renting. Homeownership is an INVESTMENT on your future. The only reality that comes with homeownership is you have to MANAGE your finances FIRST and FOREMOST. The biggest mistakes our young men and women do is give up control and access to their finances to OTHER people who do NOT always have their best interests at heart. The reality is, is that often times, its the lawyers and accountants who are "skimming" these young men and women blind!!!! The reason is, our young men and women are NOT educated on how to manage their millions. Majority of them are too young and NEVER been exposed or taught HOW to manage their finances. I mean just think about it. One minute your making $500 or more every two weeks if that, AND then all of a sudden your making $100s of thousands of dollars in one week or sometimes in ONE DAY!!!! That's mind boggling and very, very stressful. Most young men and women LOSE THEIR FREAKING MINDS!!! Can you blame them? NO one has taught them HOW to manage their money. When you're famous everyone WANTS A PIECE OF YOU!!! Everyone is your friend when the money is flowing.... everyone is a "kiss ass" and "suck up" your "Yes man or woman"..... that's the UGLY NATURE OF THE FAME BUSINESS!!! Bottom line. I just wish and hope that our young men and women coming up the ranks THINK LONG and HARD about protecting their MONEY! It's okay to say "HELL NO" you're not getting access to MY MONEY!!! It's okay to tell family members, "HE'LL NO" you're not going to use and abuse me now because I'm famous. It's okay to tell those closest to you that although you will "help them out" you will NOT be used as a cash machine while they all sit back and do nothing, or bring NOTHING to the table. More times than not, family members are your WORST enemies when you become famous. They start feeling themselves and thinking you "OWE" them everything under the son. This includes parents too! Some parents get downright GREEDY and feel they are entitled to everything their son or daughter has made!!! Some parents even go as far in thinking they are the ones who are famous, NOT!!! So I'm happy for anyone who is blessed with with opportunity to buy a home, be it a home worth $100,000 or a home worth $25 million or more. Homeownership is ALWAYS GOOD THING. I wish more people were blessed to do so. We should never loose sight that with everything blessing comes a certain level of responsiblity and good'ole common sense. Often times we loose our minds and become a materialistic "monster" in thinking that spending ALL our money will somehow make us happy and wipe away all our problems. NOT!!! Money is the root of ALL evil. If you allow it to control you, it will DESTROY YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU! Money makes people lose their minds to the point of suicides, drugs, alcohol and even MURDER!!! So like my momma always use to say. Be careful what you ask for....because you may just get is and MORE than you ever bargained for!!!
Gracie's picture

Home Ownership is always a

Home Ownership is always a GOOD thing. Rihana is in an income bracket where she HAS to spend this kind of money on a home. MY only concern is I wish our young African America musicians, athletes, actors/actresses SAVE their money and CONTROL who has access to their money. How many times have we heard stories like these only to hear a couple of years later they are in FORECLOSURE or worst BANKRUPT!!! I mean I'm sick and tired of hearing about the 10 cars, the many million dollar mansions, etc. when these young men and women are NOT PROTECTING their investment or putting a PLAN B in place "just in case" their financial status changes or they suffer a life-changing crisis and can't perform or make the money they use to make. EVERYONE should have a PLAN-B. Fame is not guaranteed for life and the reality is, with fame and money comes BIGGER responsibilities such as the IRS, Mortgage payments, etc. What everyone in life calls BILLS, BILLS, BILLS!!! Honestly, you can only drive one car and live in one house at a time. Does anyone think about the future? The What if? What happens if I can't sing, rap, act or dribble a basketball or throw a football? YEAH, exactly.
Ellie's picture

uhm ithnk it a great

uhm ithnk it a great beautiful home and all of yall sayn she dnt need this big house she is wastin money wht celebrity doesnt have a big house and if not more thn one some celebrity have like five house in the same state it her moneyshe can do whtever she want wht it................ and for all of u sayin she is whorin around no tht yall she happen to have a carrer as u can see if tht yall pay yall cheap ass apartment say so but dnt blame it on her
cassie's picture

Why does she need 8 bedrooms

Why does she need 8 bedrooms it just shows how insecure she is and how she feels money makes the person. Ha she's evil
Anonymous's picture

u just a hater shut yo gay

u just a hater shut yo gay ass up u jus made cuz she aint gone give u pussy ha
Anonymous's picture

no ijus thnk she has money

no ijus thnk she has money why not buy a big house wht do u want her to live on street
cassie's picture

people aren't haters because

people aren't haters because they don't like this girl there is plenty not to like and not very much good coming from her. If you can't see that you're just a tacky hipster. lol fools
Anonymous's picture

too bad she didn't buy a two

too bad she didn't buy a two million dollar house and donate the rest to something good after all how much is she really home she's just a greedy talentless pig like everyone else and people that buy into all of this mainstream might as well be retarted
Anonymous's picture

r u serious???? HATER!!!!!!!

r u serious???? HATER!!!!!!! u just made ur self look real stupid...spend less and give to charity...u think this is alll the money she has...u think she's not donating...she worked for her money...she can buy whatever she wants...HATER...jelousy is a very ugly thing...let it go hater...
Anonymous's picture

first off let me start off by

first off let me start off by saying i love my sistahs and i'm not trying to negative at all but damn! that's too much money right about now to be dropping for anything and it's just plain distasteful. i can honestly say if i had money i would not flaunt it in times like these. you would think these young people would be learning somthing from everyting that we're going through right now. why would you buy a 11 mil dollar home right now? she could live just a plush in a 4 mil dollar home. i hope the irs don't call next year and tell her she owes 10 mil becaue she's going to be force to sell that house at a major loss just like how many other young dumb black celebrities are doing right about now?
Anonymous's picture

U Negroes are as bad as the

U Negroes are as bad as the Birthers, you go to any lengths to discredit this woman. What business is it of yours if she owns or rents. Most of you are on here talking shit while sitting in your section 8 housing, pissy hallways and broken windows. Hate all you want just like Obama aint going any where despite how Donald Trump and the Birthers discredit him , sorry to tell ya, all your lies, embellishments and bullshit aint going to stop her shine. As Chris Rock said Nigg*s aint shit.
Anonymous's picture

the title says 11 million

the title says 11 million DOLLARS and the news print say 7 million POUNDS
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Waste of money!!! Better

Waste of money!!! Better used for research for cures or homelessness...a BIG waste.
Anonymous's picture

When last i check it wa her

When last i check it wa her money she made from supposedly having no talent. Maybe people like you should take her example and try to do the same instead of always talking shit. And the only research she needs to invest her money in , is to find a cure for hate and jealousy. Black people too damn much with themselves.
Anonymous's picture

If Rihanna paid $11M or $7M

If Rihanna paid $11M or $7M for this house in 2009, she has already lost considerable money on the property, as the value of the house now is $2.5M. I could post the address of this property but if Rihanna has bought the house, I will respect her privacy and not post the address. Whoever owned the property prior to the selling it in 2009 only paid $2.6M for it three years prior to the sale. The house structure is 46yrs old and it is not unusual for buyers to gut out the interior and remodel the inside to their style. The previous owners must have done a lot of visual and ornament work to increase the value to $11-7 million in 2009. These pictures show the property interior when the house was placed on the market for sale. If anyone is associated with a realtor or know how to search the LA/Beverly Hills property records for property on market for sale, can pull up this property. Media love to put an extra spin on the truth.
Anonymous's picture

and by all means keep

and by all means keep right on calling rihanna's fans/stans out of their names that is a good thing, you see i am having fun because i am double tasking while getting my time in on the clock since i am where i can type and talk to the rihanna haters and still draw a check that is great. see i do not hate on a single soul i like people in gereral and if its a artist that i do not like their soup then i hang out with the ones whos selling stew its as simple as that haters and another thing rihanna just has to be doing things right with retard like zyx pasting/typing/posting different links to try and get his grade points up by other haters chiming in you know what XYZ if they wanted too you noticed that i said if rihannasnavy wanted to they would drag yor worthless retarded arse down the tracks so fast that they wouls make your wheels roll of and make your behind burn rubber but you are a retarted psychotic lame who only i am capable of waisting work time on and having fun rihannasnavy do not have time for the retards and lames sometime they do and most of the time they could care less you see we already know that RIHANNA IS LETTING HER ACTIONS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS SPEAK FOR HER DID YOU GET THAT HATERS?????????????????????
Anonymous's picture

God bless you

God bless you
Anonymous's picture

@ anonymous @ 315 and

@ anonymous @ 315 and anonymus @ 308 thats what your problem is worrying about rihanna and her pass,,,,FYI ,,,rihanna buried her pass in a unmarked grave and its nutt cases like many haters who are forever trying to rehash old mess. well i will tellyou what you wash your arses in that old mess real good now and suck hard on the fact that rihanna did get beat down and could have been killed BUT RIHANNA is a survior and she have given this up she has cut the strings and buried her bad oass and yes she did get BEAT DOWN but rihanna has since SAID GOOD BYE TO BAD RUBBISH and you small minded people can keep talking out your arses and keeptrying to deport her because the fact is RIHANNA IS A U. S CITIZEN and them united states is her home just like its you hateful americans homes, WHO SITS @ your project/library computers taking your spite out on that KEYBOARD stupid idiots. dam read a book go to the park and get yourself some fresh air so your air head simple minded arses can try and live without rihanna making you have to stay medicated all if the dam time, dam i love how rihanna keeps peoplemedicated and on bed rest because shes just got itlike thatlmaf @ lames,retards, haters, naysayers and doubters such a waiste of space but keep your meds close because rihanna is doing her dang thing, and oh by the way correct the mistakes that i made and flunk me in english its all good this is a blog and that is what people who comes to these sites do is blog, now XYZ its back to the drawing board for you because hopefully ybf will post on rihanna while shes jet setting accross europe on her brand new venture with NIVEA, xyz bitter much haaaah
Anonymous's picture

its not rihannas fault

its not rihannas fault that the mostsophisticated & top magazines in the world wants her on their covers. it does not matter how people talk about her hair, head, voice, body, stage persent none of that bullmean a darn thing to the people with $$$$ who love rihanna including her fans/stans around the world. XYZ thers some things you just can't take from rihanna like her great looks, talent, her mind which is staying focus on her career, you can not make people hate her who already loves her no matter what you type are say. you are the hnic of the tb cult who goes after rihanna and tries to stay under the radar. you and your goons goes so far as to talk really nasety and disgusting about rihanna on twitter. you and your goons are bitterbecause she made that great song"love the way you lie" with emeine, you are bitter because shes friends with jayz & beyonce you are always spewing hate on theses fellows whoshe works with and you know you are green with envy and jealously, you will be back at your favorite spot spewing hate and yiu always goesinsane and psychotic when rihanna achieves a new milestone. as long as your fave are touring in australia you are proud and posting stats and as soon as rihanna salesout are do something great it makes you lose your dam mind well guess what you will always be a loose cannon becauerihanna is here to stay and shes not going no place. and thanks YBF for posting this pictureof rihanna's home and XYZ typein rihanna's 10million &&&& home and bring up a page and clickunder the first header and loose your rabbit arse mind for real,,,psychotic, retarded, lame & slow air head!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

@ anonymous,,, you can

@ anonymous,,, you can agree with XYZ all you want to but trust this go to rihannas net worthy get that $$$$$ number then check with live nations and see that her europe tour is sold and checkout rihanna & nivea,,,,rihanna & renault,,,rihanna & gucci,, rihanna and groupon,,,,rihanna & kodack and theres more her perfume line shes getting ready to do her second perfume look at the shows she has done recently do you think that she did the shows for popularity???? xyz is a jelous retarded fool who always tries to keep rihannas fans/stan worked up but xyz U lose you jealous retard and by the way what is your fave doing thats so great????? and ALSO haters remember that rihanna has passed the billion mark on youtube and she has a ad on vevo and you get $$$ for youtube views now you can think what you want to think i speak the truth and nothing but the truth,,,,xyz always hate and spread slander on rihanna and every one shes connected to and/or with sprews hate all day and all night,,,xyz what have you to say about rihanna jetsetting around europe for nivea??
Anonymous's picture

I wasn't expecting something

I wasn't expecting something so sparse. Actually, because it is Rihanna, I was expecting the walls to be covered in garish naked pictures of her. That seems to be all she is about these days. Seriously, where's her stuff?
Anonymous's picture

soooo 8 bedrooms?? what

soooo 8 bedrooms?? what exactly is she gonna fill them with? I cant imagine having a house THAT big and being single. I'd get scared AND she has no neighbors? This is a scary movie just waiting to happen..
chilly billy's picture

I think the house is worth 11

I think the house is worth 11 million not that she paid that amount. I can't see her spending that amount when she's hardly going to be there.
big Lips Big Nose Nappy Hair Tar Baby aka Coal Black African's picture

i ♥ Rihanna and the

i ♥ Rihanna and the house is gorgeous!
Memii 's picture

Yahsss, let the Rihanna

Yahsss, let the Rihanna haters come out and bash those keyboards showing how much Rih owns your fucking feeble minds!
KYLE_FENTY's picture

Oh believe me I can repeat

Oh believe me I can repeat with force and meaning: I AM NOT JEALOUS (of this little slut)! Drake, Justine Timberlake, Matt Kemp, The Lakers...lol is there a cluster of men this tramp has not tried? Glad Chris Brown got out before his d*** began to drip!
Anonymous's picture

I agree with X, Y and Z! The

I agree with X, Y and Z! The delusional Rihanna stans are always upset at the truth! Rihanna is a fraud whose "sympathy card" has expired! Gee, I wonder what the next JayZ generated "oh poor me" scheme will be? I'm sure the current success of Chris has JayZ seeing red again!
Anonymous's picture

Yes, lets all marvel at the

Yes, lets all marvel at the house lying and scheming on the back of Chris Brown bought! I love how these evil lowclass foreigners can come to this country and get over like fat rats! This psychotic whore should be deported ASAP! Along with her whips and chains!!
Anonymous's picture

yes these ''evil low class

yes these ''evil low class foreigners ''come here n they work their asses off while sit in your section 8 waiting for gov't assistance. U lazy ass african americans..u make me barf with all of that xenophobia meanwhile u whine abt the whites being mean to u guys...u deserve it..lazy ass irresponsible group of violent people..and yes i am african..n i cannot stand your ignorance
Anonymous's picture

o.k where is your $11 million

o.k where is your $11 million dollar house. She came here and bought one. You must be worthless
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

XYZ is not only a hater but

XYZ is not only a hater but can't possibly be employed, last I checked 10am and 12pm are work hours. Or maybe u work nights right? Sef Employed? Wealthy? On Leave? Mmhmmm -- Well with all of that much time on your hands to cross check property listings and mind Rhianna's financial business I'm assuming your situation must be impeccable. (Somehow I doubt this is the case) Hate, Jealousy, Envy is so sad just work harder than Rhi and U too can own a home like hers! Good day! :)
GoldenNestEgg's picture

xyz has his horse hooked

xyz has his horse hooked up to the wrong wagon, my bad!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

if there any doubt in

if there any doubt in your mind about where rihanna is on her way to take a minute and check out her net worthy?? xyz is bitter because he has his wagon hooke up to the wrong wagon that isn't going any place,,,, and besides that hes the main leader to a gang of cybro bullies who chases after every post on the talented artist to hate on her. it seems tome that retards like xyz who hates rihanna with a passion do all of this hard work looking up stats and work their behinds off to hate and are not getting paid for it, now that beats all that i have ever seen,,,, but then again the people who follows xyz lead turns right around after hating on the talented international super star they then turns right around and gives rihanna mad passionate love, you just have to love retards like xyz,,,,,
Anonymous's picture

heeeeeey haters she might

heeeeeey haters she might be ugly to your lameness and since many of you are retards its okay what you type which is all lies. just think about those of you with good heads on your shoulders if this wasn't rihanna's house why is it posted all over the net as her house look back at the posting and you will see that this happen a while back and shes still doing her thang XYZ and what are you going to do about rihanna's much success you looser??????why is rihanna owning a huge pad making you such a dam fool?????why are you so dam green with envy and hate for this mega star, rihanna just keeps right on trucking on her career journey while retards like xyz works over time trying to muddy the waters around her, tell you what xyz why don't you relax to you a tall glass of stfu,,,,,xyz what have you to say about rihanna signing that huge butt contract to ride with that billion $$$$ dollar company nevia what have you to say about her being in milan and the center piece of this billion $$$ compays huge celebration, celebrating 100 years in the skin care business you hater, looser and gutter rat,,,,,
Anonymous's picture

Oh please, you are a fool and

Oh please, you are a fool and a loser if you think a Nevia contract purchased this 11 million dollar home for RihTARD! How could she possible afford this property? Isn't this the same chick that sold her last concert tickets at a 2 for 1 discount in order to fill up an arena? Her last 2 CDs have barely sold 1 million copies. I will believe this story when pigs fly!
Anonymous's picture

xyz is so jealous of

xyz is so jealous of rihanna and her much success, its her house folks and she stole the house for a much better deal than the listing price xyz you can huff, and you can puff but you can't blow rihanna's big fablous house down no matter what you type, they are alllies, lies, lies hater
Anonymous's picture

Natasha you really need to

Natasha you really need to get off Rihanna's DICK even when you don't have a story you find a reason to post her pictures.
MasterMind's picture

Am I the only one that

Am I the only one that noticed the article said "her current squeeze Justin Timberlake" When did they state dating? How old is this article Natasha?
Anonymous's picture

Try 2009 basically, All these

Try 2009 basically, All these blogs copying and pasting info as brand new is pathetic.. original article. http://x17online.com/celebrities/rihanna/x17_xclusive_rihannas_new_10_mi...
JF's picture

Did anyone fail to notice

Did anyone fail to notice that the pool in the first picture is empty and round and the house is grey and the pool in the "detailed" pictures the pool is full, rectangular and the house is brown. I don't think that's her house. Not being a hater but the facts/pictures don't lie. Even the fact that it says she's entertaining Justin Timberlake sounds off. XYZ might be right on this one...this is probably NOT her house. Can she afford a house like this? Maybe? But for someone who is never home a home this size isn't a wise investment considering how much it cost to keep it up. It would be a waste of money considering there are other investments she can make with her money that would do more for her in this current economy.
Anonymous's picture

She's been inthe game over 5

She's been inthe game over 5 years she made 30 mil from her last tour. GGGB sold almost 10 mill. she has endorsements why wouldn't she be able to afford. she's a smart woman. she don't own a car ,but she owns a house. that tells you a lot. rent and mortage is not much different in LA. so if she has the down payment i don't see a problem
xedos's picture

Nice house, not over the top.

Nice house, not over the top. Not buying the Justin Timberlake tidbit in the story, though....
n_satiable's picture

Happy for u Rhi rhi..that

Happy for u Rhi rhi..that house is amazing..would love to come n chill with u Rhi..LOl..Im not jealous..Im happy for her!!
Deh Yah's picture

Niceeee..*in my Fabulous

Niceeee..*in my Fabulous voice*...it's a nice crib and yes i'm not jealous cause the insurance, property tax, mortgage and grounds maintainance on that home must be a bitch!
speaking of this ish...'s picture


NOT TRUE...!! NOT TRUE..!! NOT TRUE..!! (just more Camp-Fenty lies, hype and 'meandering hysteria'..) Here's the latest list of properties sold in Bel Air, California - http://www.trulia.com/home_values/sold/CA/Los_Angeles/90077/2056977/ <--NO such property, matching that price, physical dimensions was sold in Bel Air! Avril Lavigne bought a home in Bel Air for $9.5-Million from Travis Barker (he used it on his reality TV show) Lady Gaga is/was smart enough(given the economy)TO RENT the home she now resides in, while in L.A.; and as now Rihanna is herself: RENTING! (http://www.zillow.com/blog/2010-07-08/lady-gaga-renting-home-in-bel-air-...) (To reiterate..) There was NO HOME/PROPERTY SOLD FOR $11.5-Million (not according to L.A. County (Bel Air) Property Records) that had 8-Bedrooms/12-Bathrooms/10,000 sqft. (Kanye shrug... Just keeping it real, y'all..) X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

u need a man that will make

u need a man that will make orgasm hard
Porky Pig Eubanks's picture

If you were to read you know

If you were to read you know this house was purchased 2 years ago. Do you know how much the owner was selling it for??? NO so shut up!!!!!
St.Trendz's picture

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