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FIGHT NIGHT In Italy For The "Basketball Wives" Tami & Meeka!

And it's round 2 for Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton!  The "Basketball Wives" trekked it to Rome for an Italian vacay.  And last night, drama popped off again with Meeka catching a punch to the face.


The drama when you read on...

Remember when Tami and new cast member Meeka (and we can already tell her ass is messy as sin) got into a fight at a Polo match a couple months ago?  Looks like round 2 went down in Italy last night.

TMZ reports all the ladies hit up a club in Rome last night and Tami decided to confront Meeka about her messy group-dividing antics.  Ish didn't go over well, and a brawl began.  And supposedly Tami ended up punching Meeka dead in her face!  Tami tweeted this morning:

Meeka is not a victim! She wanted 2get it poppin w/me 2 impress Evelyn. If I feel threatened, I have a right 2 defend myself.

I knew ish was about to go left when Tami told this chick on last episode that putting her hand in her face was a mistake that will get her popped. No serious injuries.  But all the girls were all carried out the club.  Stay classy ladies....



i have to say from day one

i have to say from day one meeka wrote a check her ass couldn't cash, she went behind peoples back talking about them, and she put into play a lot of shit by telling suzi, hell everyone told her if you tell suzi, she will tell the person you talking about. Yet and still she kept talking about people to suzi, so i say she wanted to get popped by tami so people would pay attention to her, if not she would have stopped talking about people to suzi. so i say congrats to tami , hell she kept asking for it , and she got it. Go Tami
Michonelle's picture

I think Tami was wrong for

I think Tami was wrong for hitting her but then agian Meeka was being very MESSY and 2 FACED.... And as far as making black women look bad every one is responsible for there own action did Charlie Sheen make all WHITE men look bad????? Soon as a someone BLACK do something that someone dont like everyone think its making us as black pple look bad but you fail to realize that WHITE pple do some mess up stuff to on TV what about JERSEY SHORE does that make all white pple look bad or "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY, or "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS.Come on now really. TAMI keep doing your thing and let the HATERS hate cant wait till the next season start!!!!!!!
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Susie is à bytch Fuk up teeth

Susie is à bytch Fuk up teeth ass! She talk to much, tamia wrong for that shyt! Cx some of that shyt was said! And shonnie messe to
timmy's picture

Tami is the worst kind of

Tami is the worst kind of bitch there is a bully.I dont care what Meeka said Tami didnt have no business putting her hands on that girl because all of them are messy as fuc- and have talked about someone on that show(Tami and Evelyn even had a fight and now there friends,real bitches dont get down like that!!!!)That hooker Royce had the nerves to say she wouldnt care if one the ladies were in contact with one of her exes for business( which one she changes dudes like a female get they period once a month,lil midget tramp).She the second reason monday was my last day watching them tired ass bitches.............Tami 1st of course...........but I commend Meeka 2 the fulliest,me,myself,and I would have went and put the vaseline on,the rings on the fingers,the gym shoes and would have been taking fades with Tami 1st, than Suzie,than Evelyn,and than the ring leader of messiness Shaunie.....yes them hoes would of had to line it up and take fades........so again Meeka is very much commended for hitting Tami where its going to hurt because now she wont have money for them bad ass wigs she have the nerves to where on national tv(and damn Tami got some lips on her thats probaly the only thing any man every liked about her and thats why she is so bitter)
chi-town all day's picture

Susie is à bytch Fuk up teeth

Susie is à bytch Fuk up teeth ass! She talk to much, tamia wrong for that shyt! Cx some of that shyt was said! And shonnie messe to
timmy's picture

When you go to a foreign

When you go to a foreign country it is important to respect the people and their cultural traditions. Don't go there thinking you can act and dress the way you do without upsetting others. It is disgusting that the majority of the cast behaved as the stereotype that the African American community has been fighting hard to reject for centuries. Refinement is important when you travel abroad and these "women" should have been deadly scared of behaving the way they normally do because their mannerisms and speech never exist in any European country. Europe is the birthplace of sophistication and refinment in the West. You cannot go there wearing short-short dresses and stripper shoes. It's like...Jesus Christ! Verbally fighting, verbally being rude to one another, bullying, antagonizing and eventually physically fighting are all unacceptable in any European nation, especially Italy where the majority of the population is religious and conservative in behavior. I expected violence and drama between the participants of the show but did not expect Shaunie to let it escalate to an extreme level. She has no one to blame but herself. If any African American association/organization asks her to be a guest speaker then she would respectfully decline. I don't see her as being a positive role model for young African American girls. I see Poet Maya Angelou, Actress Whoopi Goldberg, Liberator Harriet Tubman and First Lady Michelle Obama as positive role models.
Padma's picture

I think the behavior of these

I think the behavior of these so-called adult women are pathetic and it saddens me to see adult women conducting themselves this way and have children. What could they possibly teach their children in terms of dealing with certain situations when not dealing with things properly themselves. Instead of counting their blessings for being able to have this sort of lifestyle they show that "You can take the bitches out the ghetto but, you can't take the ghetto out of these bitches. So Sad......
Anonymous's picture

Seriously Tammi needs to grow

Seriously Tammi needs to grow up. At first I did not care for Meeka but I am seeing that they all are fake including Tammi. At first her and EV were at each others throat and now they are close consulting with each other give me a break! Why don't they like Meeka? Is it because she is dark complexion. I do not think she is ugly. She a dark complexion african american woman. The rest of them are high yellow or white. If you don't go along with their program they don't like you. Meeka is not and should not back down to Tammi! Who is she? Real!! Really? let her go to the hood with that BS and she will learn to stop running her mouth fast. Meeka is not letting Tammi talk mess to her and Tammi don't like it. Episode 8 has not aired yet. But from what I see in the previews Meeka is holding her own. Looks like she is beating Tammi.
Anonymous's picture

Meeka started alot of the

Meeka started alot of the issues herself. Yes all of the women have issues. Meeka came in wanting to play sides. Tami was going to make things right until she was informed by Evelyn and Susie of Meeka still running her mouth. She got more than she bargain for. Remember this is TV and drama makes the dollars.
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i LOVE MY BIG DAWG TAMI!!!! she dont take no mess n she hood 4real! Evenlyn def got some hood in her 2 and she a real pretty classy sometin 2 dats my girl! Jenifer live in a fairy tale world she act she some popualar high school student she need to get da stick out her behind can somebody say VAIN! but she be dressin cute tho i must admit! Shaunie be in her own lil world everybody b comin 2 her 4 advice she b doin her own thing she probably b laughin at them hoes in her mind! Suzie and Meeka r FOLLOWERS and Suzie is scared of Evelyn haha! Meeka u tryin 2 hard boo and u made a fool of urself at the polo event cause Tami aint even say nothin 2 u and Royce i honestly just dont know. . .
Anonymous's picture

I think they should lick each

I think they should lick each others pussies...I will start it off
dadilawngstroak's picture

lol get it poppin

lol get it poppin
Anonymous's picture

I love Tami, she is too

I love Tami, she is too real.. Yal can talk shit about how she ghetto an all that otha shit but tha bitch keeps it 200.. An tha show is very entertaining to me don't feel ashamed at all
Simplybeautiful's picture

Like someone mentioned all

Like someone mentioned all the girls bring something to the show. We all like one character more than the other. it is great entertainment with some realness and for those that think it's an embaressment to black women , we all could do a show similar to this on some level we all have a variety of friends and situations. (a lot of you use to look at All my children,etc and could not wait for the next episode and those characters were mostly white ) Excuse the spelling .I am at work ,you know how that is . Enjoy the show I know I do.
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CYD's picture

STOP drinking all that

STOP drinking all that HATER-AID with the big homie Tami. She clearly said that she dont like fake B!@#*es and thats 110% real. Erry1 that watched last weeks show immediately disliked meka for being fake and 2 faced in her very first episode. And i'm not sure if Evelyn even has a fan base with her styrofoam/garden tool azz...Tami kept us all watching The Real World back in '91 or '92 & she still keeping us tuning in for more with that beat a b!#@* attitude (lovin it). People wake up and realize that fights are going to break out when you have a couple stainless steel utensils placed in a ziplock bag with plastic sporks (Evelyn, Meka, etc.). Tami bringing that extra edge to the show and I'm thrilled to see her return to reality tv. Reality has no place in TV without some drama....
Nod's picture

Classy, on that show, NOT.

Classy, on that show, NOT. That's how they get their ratings, that's how you get picked up for another season. The producers & exec producers(Shawnie) know how it goes down. And what to allow to get ratings and raises, LOL..SHAME ! Some of BW are so immature. My goodness have little class about yourself.
Jae's picture

Meeka is messy she shoulda

Meeka is messy she shoulda just rolled with Evelyn and that circle in the first plc.Tammy is messy and a bully she think she run ppl wit her ghetto a** go on girl get ya self a life please n stay off Evelyn. N its funny alot of ppl like Evelyn when she was single but as soon as she gets Chad all this hate come towards her get the hell over it she got that nigga an that's that.Royce has the nerve to call someone a hoe she one and she ain't gettin no respect set up there and held out for 6months and then gave it up thinkin he was gonna marry her dusty a** and where he at now GONE that's where lol. Evelyn gave it up to Chad on the first night and she got a ring out the deal sh!t Royce didn't get no ring cuz her cookies r garbage n Evelyn did so guess her cookies r nice and warm something a nigga wanna keep eating and keep. PPL need to see it for what the show is HATers never go far and in the end I'm Team Evelyn all day because she is a classy chick n that's how I roll too n if I wanna get down with someone on the first night best believe he will b stickin around not holding out for half a year n once he get it he gone maybe Royce should follow suite cause her way aint workin at all!
Gottasayit's picture

lol.. correction.. Nobody

lol.. correction.. Nobody could really give a damn about Evelyn and Chad! Majority have disliked Evelyn from the jump.. She is a lying, contridicting, gold-digging hoe.. And if she really thinks she has a solid fondation and a guaranteed long-term marriage to Chad.. U can add delusional to that list!
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GTFOUH! When white women

GTFOUH! When white women fight on TV it's ok and cool but when black women fight they are ghetto? Which one of those women are from the ghetto? I mean everyone gets angry and at times we all want to slap the hell out of someone. I work in a corporate office and today this one young lady almost pushed me over the edge to slap the hell out of her. However, I recovered and had to remember I have a lot to lose but I almost hit a Tami on her behind and I was not raised in the ghetto but was about to "act" ghetto for a minute.
Anonymous's picture

This is why I can't watch

This is why I can't watch this show. These ladies are trash - and going to Rome and taking their hoodrat classless behavior too? So appropriate that the Jersey Shore cast was just there too. Go 'head ladies, add to the stereotypes. SMDH.
DC Chica's picture

Tami is relevant, because for

Tami is relevant, because for those that know before Shaunie decided to do Basketball Wives...Like in 2001 Tami wrote basketball wives and wanted to turn it into a series for some odd reason i believe her friend (Shaunie) stole her idea everyone knew about it back then in Los Angeles. So it didnt surorise me when she joined the cast.
Anonymous's picture

This doesn't surprise me -

This doesn't surprise me - Meeka is so high school. You could tell from the beginning that she was trying to be cool with Evelyn from jump. I guess that's what happens when you're too eager to impress - You get knocked on your ass...
Anonymous's picture

nobody really knows what

nobody really knows what really went down in itally so to my point of view we can't say who's right who's wrong... 2 for i don't know what reason i love the new girl at first i didn't like her but she did n interview whit charlemagne something n she said that they make her look like a fool ... n i believe her... to me shaunie try to make her friend (jen & eve) look good on camera and make the others look dumb (she try with evelyn but that girl is such a b**** it didn't work)
thats me saying 's picture

I saw Meeka's interview too

I saw Meeka's interview too wiith the breakfast club, but they can't edit what she doesn't say. She said it, and now she is looking like bird too.
Anonymous's picture

This is black site Young

This is black site Young Black and Fabulous - get it WTF would we talk about Jersey Shore. These women are the REASON black men won't date sisters. There is no reason to be acting like a violent thugs.
LOLOLO's picture

Whatever you sound like a

Whatever you sound like a a$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!
SexyD's picture

stop talking shit, i'm a

stop talking shit, i'm a black guy and i would still date black women. sheesh not all black women get in drama. And when are people like you going to start seeing people as individuals? the fight between tami and roman don't have anything to do with all black women, they both made themselves look bad not the whole race.
anonymous's picture

*tami and meeka i meant.

*tami and meeka i meant.
anonymous's picture

To Hell with all these Hoes

To Hell with all these Hoes including Shaunie. FAKE
Anonymous's picture

Y'all have to remember these

Y'all have to remember these women are not friends they were all brought together to bring the drama. That why Terrible Tammi and Messy Meeka was hired. Personally my women friends as most women friends are not. REMEMBER TV DARMA AT IT BEST.
Anonymous's picture

Why is Tami on this show? She

Why is Tami on this show? She is such a non mutha****** factor, as is Royce and greasy azz Meeka.
Taisha 's picture

I'm on the fence. On one

I'm on the fence. On one hand, I ask myself: How can I watch a show that portrays women of color in such as sickening fashion? On the other, I ask myself: Why should I let one group of immature, tactless women represent my Entire Race? They do not represent myself, nor any of the women with whom I associate. It's just entertainment. I'm just not a fan of the "A handful of Black IDIOTS make all Black People look bad" Rule. When a white person messes up *cough* Palin *cough* Trump *cough* Gingrich... they do not represent their entire race or reflect their people as a Whole. They are held accountable as Individuals, and not representations of "how them there white folks are." They are exempt from the mass-stereotyping phenomenon. I think the only way We as a People will cease being victims of "The Rule" is by giving said rule zero attention, continuing to make vast individual achievements of the highest caliber, ceasing to care what the dominant culture thinks, and ignoring who they tell us we should Believe we are (therefore, in turn, eventually Becoming that thing). This "double consciousness" must end. DuBois is long gone, as should be that syndrome. It's time we redefined ourselves BY ourselves and stopped allowing outsiders to define who we are (mainstream media, dominant culture, etc.). We must support one another in this. Wow. I didn't know I was going to say ALL of that; I guess that's just what was on my heart! Any way, anyone can be whomever they want to be, however they want to be. The sooner We start believing in that is the sooner we'll see "a change we can believe in."
*lemonade*'s picture

Just an FYI Jeryshore, The

Just an FYI Jeryshore, The Real House Wives of Orange,Beverly Hills,New York,New Jersey are all White women acting messy so its not just black ppl it's all of the races on reality shows n they do it to keep ppl watchin so don't single us/our shows out cuz they makin foolery as well.
Gottasayit's picture

Np, the question you need to

Np, the question you need to ask yourself is why do you see their blackness at all. You sound like the type that expects BET to represent ALL the black people of the world. That is dumb...straight foolish thinking. There are all kindsa folks and all kindsa strokes...So look for the QUALITIES instead of the CLASSIFICATION- It makes you sound like a racist.
BlkBKNC's picture

Wonderfully written

Wonderfully written comment....touched on all points and in conclusion you are absolutely right!! #Respect
Aww!!'s picture

all the folks on here talking

all the folks on here talking about they are scum, messy, ghetto, etc BUT I don't hear SHIT about the trifling muthafuckas on JERSEY SHORE. GTFOH.
Mizz Me When I'm Gone's picture

When has theYBF posted on the

When has theYBF posted on the Jersey Shore?
Question's picture

Put all the bullshit aside,

Put all the bullshit aside, Meeka came into the click starting shit off the bat, so some one need to stop her ugly ass in her tracks and when I say ugly she is ugly, I know looks are not everything, but that puggie looking face of hers may need a punch to straighten it out for real, she is a kiss ass, Meeka did not come on the scene to talk to the Ladies so she can get to know them one by one, she had in her mine all along to kiss Evelyn's ass, and try to dogged out the ones that don't like or get along with Evelyn, is that why Meeka face is mashed in, because she kiss so many asses!
ms. vee's picture

You know what they say . .

You know what they say . . You can talk the girl out of the hood, but . . . why would you want your property value to go down.
MasterMind's picture

Meeka is messy as hell and is

Meeka is messy as hell and is def trying to be on Evelyns side Ladies check out www.KarensClosetNY.com for fierce blazers, hot tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry, plus sizes and of course DRESSES!
Anonymous's picture

omg really Tami.. wow is all

omg really Tami.. wow is all I can say!! I think ur really bitter about somethings and just need to get over it!! ur really starting to irritate me... Dnt get me wrong I f***ks w you but forreal just staop w all the madness... and I like Evelyn I dnt think your going to win that court battle and trying to own her business!! Go get one urself lady!!
kells's picture

Tami is def hoodie and ghetto

Tami is def hoodie and ghetto as hell always wanna fight. I've seen her fight and believe me if she came to our hood she would get a royal a** kickin. He** my 14 year old will stomp the hell out of her..... But overall I love her to death. Cause she is the most realist wife in the bunch.. Get some boxing lessons or something.
Anonymous's picture

Tami is def hoodie and ghetto

Tami is def hoodie and ghetto as hell always wanna fight. I've seen her fight and believe me if she came to our hood she would get a royal a** kickin. He** my 14 year old will stomp the hell out of her..... But overall I love her to death. Cause she is the most realist wife in the bunch.. Get some boxing lessons or something.
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Black Women in the

Black Women in the Media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P47jlFpHGGE&feature=share
Anonymous 's picture

But according to Meka's

But according to Meka's twitter she's in NY with her husband and kids so what's really good?
Laur's picture

Tami is justifying her

Tami is justifying her aggravated assault charges? This woman is a dead ringer for the unemployment line, and negative stereotype african-americans have in America. She will definitely reap the ramifications, one of these days. Either this is how she really is, and a black woman straight from the ghetto is going to serve her karma or she will definitely have a run in with the law. Grow the F**k up Tami Roman! You're damn near 40, if not already 40.
Anonymous's picture

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