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Amber Rose Shoots Scenes For Her Reality Show + Reggie Bush's New Girlfriend Is A Kim K. Look-A-Like

As if we need to see and learn even more about Amber Rose, she was spotted filming a reality show recently which means we may see her on TV in the fall. 

See the pics inside plus get the deets on Reggie Bush and his new girlfriend Melissa Molinaro....who looks a lot like his ex-Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose could be coming to the small screen really soon.  Wiz Khalifa's girlfriend was spotted on the beaches of Santa Monica playing volleyball and filming for a reality show. Sigh.....

Amber's new show "Behind Her Shades"  is expected to air on VH1 and will follow Amber as she embarks on a business venture to open her Sunglasses store.

"You’ll see the process that I have to go through in order to get it (the shop)…it’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come. My show is going be an open book of my life, my family and my businesses and it’s called Behind Her Shades because usually I have shades on and it’s everything that’s behind them that people don’t know about, but they’ll learn."


Will you be watching?


In other news....

Reggie Bush has bounced back nicely from his breakup with Kim Kardashian but he still stuck to his "type."  Clearly....he likes brunettes.  And his new ladyfriend bears a STRONG resemblance to his ex.

Sources say Reggie and his new girl, actress and singer Melissa Molinaro, has been going out very quietly since last summer and they met two years ago. 

You may remember Melissa from an Old Navy commercial from a while back....when she first drew comparisons to Kim as everyone mistook her for the reality star. 


Reggie seems to be smitten and sources say he even flew to London to watch her perform one night. How...sweet.

Photos via Flynetpictures.com




That girl looks nothing like

That girl looks nothing like Kim K, I don't know why people keep saying that. And to whoever asked, yes that is the girl from the Old Navy commercials.
Anonymous's picture

Funny how the YBF mentioned 2

Funny how the YBF mentioned 2 pimps in 1 thread (Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian)
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

Video of Chris Brown's homies

Video of Chris Brown's homies chasing down Frank Ocean: www.msjamerica.com
Anonymous's picture

Amber is like a burger away

Amber is like a burger away from chunky...she looks good but you can tell the difference between her early days with Kanye and Now... Also, I don't know hwere I've been bt I have never heard this chic speak...I mean ever so I guess I'll watch the show...I just want to her how she sounds...All I see are pics but never any vocalization.
Anonymously Speaking's picture

OMG! I said the same thing, I

OMG! I said the same thing, I don't think I have ever heard her talk before. What does her voice sound like. Im just glad I'm not the only only one. LOL.
Anonymous's picture

I love amber's look but Im

I love amber's look but Im sad to say she talks like a chickenhead. I didnt expect that, and was very disappointed cuz that wouldve been so hot if she was well spoken.
Anonymous's picture

Some say Melissa looks like

Some say Melissa looks like Nicole Scherzinger, if Iam not mistaken Melissa S looked totally different when she was on the search for thenxt pussycat dolls, hmmm looks like someone really is a Kim K fan, and paid the plastic surgoen a visit!
lambdahling's picture

I'm sorry but get off the

I'm sorry but get off the gas. She looks nothing like Kim K. She is a beautiful girl though.
Anonymous's picture

Good for you Reggie. You

Good for you Reggie. You definitely have a type. Reggie is FIIIAAANEEEE. He looks better than Hump. Hump looks weird to me. His features are just funny looking. He has a good body and height, but Reggie definitely beats him in the SEXY and Good looking department. I do not see the comparison to Kim K. She looks like Brittney Gastineau more than Kim K for sure. Kim looks plastic with her injected face. This girl has a more natural face and looks cute. Definitely reminds me of Brittney G. Kim K's BFF (one of them).
Anonymous's picture

Amber Rose is one sexxiiii

Amber Rose is one sexxiiii hot bitch...you can tell she works out because her stomach is toned..... As far as Reggie Bush's new girlfriend....it's no surprise...he has a type (non-black).

I think she looks better than

I think she looks better than Kim and she has REAL talent. Congrats Reggie!
Taisha's picture

Actually anyone who follows

Actually anyone who follows Melissa on twitter, will know that she has been dating Reggie for a while. She has twitpics of them. Not to take anything away from Kim, but Melissa has a better, toned body than Kim. Melissa has amazing legs. her music video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nTuHFMZsrs
Anon's picture

Melissa has talent, Melissa

Melissa has talent, Melissa was on Making the Band season 2, and that Pussycat dolls show
Gail's picture

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ninago's picture

Amber is cute, SEXY

Amber is cute, SEXY
Tammy's picture

I'll be watching Amber's

I'll be watching Amber's show. I like her!
kEISH's picture

Amber stopped smoking so thts

Amber stopped smoking so thts why she gained weight. She just needs to pull back from the carbs & she'll be str8
ShreveportShawty's picture

Amber Rose is not all that

Amber Rose is not all that anymore... And Reggie Bush... UGH! BTW Am I first?
SickofTV's picture

Isn't that the chick from the

Isn't that the chick from the Old Navy commercial a little while back that everyone compared to Kim K. (Same chick who auditioned to be a New Pussy Cat Doll).
Anonymous's picture

OH yeahhhhh I remember her

OH yeahhhhh I remember her now. She did audition to be in the Pussycat Doll group! I knew she looked familiar.
Anonymous's picture

reggie sale out amber cute

reggie sale out amber cute first
Anonymous's picture

She's much, much prettier

She's much, much prettier than Kim. Good for you Reggie!
Anonymous's picture

right...i dont even know

right...i dont even know whether kim is pretty or not with all that heavy makeup on her face and this chick dont even look like kim one bit
Anonymous's picture

Totally agree with you!

Totally agree with you!
Anonymous's picture

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