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Michelle Obama Greeted By Chants Of "Obama Ye-Le-Le" In Botswana!

Michelle Obama, along with daughters Sasha and Malia arrived in Botswana to a rousing welcome as 25 school children dressed in animal hides danced and chanted "Obama Ye-Le-Le."  See the pics inside...

FLOTUS, who's been in South Africa since Monday, arrived in Botswana as part of the second leg of a week-long goodwill visit, after flying in from Cape Town.  She rocked an orange pantsuit and graphic belt by Tory Burch as she watched the amazing greeting:


The excited school children danced and performed for the First Family shortly after their arrival in Gaborone, Botswana.


Later, 50 school children gathered around the First Lady waving U.S. flags.

The first family will also enjoy a private safari over the weekend.


While there, Mrs. Obama visited an AIDS clinic that services over 4,000 children and their families.  And met with president of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama (above).  Nice.


Photos via AFP/Getty Images




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u ignorant fools!! that's the

u ignorant fools!! that's the traditional dance of Botswana! the same way u have Spanish , Portuguese pple having traditional dances and wearing traditional attires for those dances that's what happening here.but i guess for people who do not have a culture and have no sense of belonging such things are a mystery to you!!! ROCK ON!! PEOPLE WHO STILL HAVE AND PRACTICE THEIR CULTURE!!
Anonymous's picture

After reading some comments

After reading some comments here, I can say that some people have never been at school. And if they did, then they haven't learn much. Africa that you see today is due to: 1) Slavery; that put a stop to our (African) evolution. African, European, Asian, Arab and so on...we were all at the same evolution one time (some were a bit advance at technology, science, guns, etc). But when the White people came in Africa, they put a stop to everything to us: evolution, technology, science...EVERYTHING! For almost 4 century. Do you imagine youself making a new start while you're centuries behind? 2) During the 50's and 60's, a lot of brothers in Africa had the courage to speak right to the White people, say what they think and they also had motivations. They were heros, like "Lumumba" (he's like Malcolm X or Mather Luther King). But what happend? He got kill by another brother. Why? The White "new-colonizer" couldn't let his "stolen land" go...So he choses a dumb brother to kill one and promise him a lot of things, so he can still get his profits. And what about the evolution of Africa? Still no evolution. We are now in 2011 and that "game" is still" going on. Aids is made in Africa BY A F*****G American scientist! If you don't believe me, search "The origin of aids" on the Internet. In Congo we haven't got ONE GUN STORE, but people killing each other. Were do those guns come from? I'm African and I will like to have some changes, positive changes, in my country, which is one of the richest (by his land: gold, diamants, oil, copper, coltan...) in the world, but if they are still dumb brother who don't understand that if you shake the devil's hand to work with him (I don't mean the white people, but those who don't give a damn about us) Africa while still look like theMiddle Ages!!!
Tshitenga's picture

Cultural, ancestral pride or

Cultural, ancestral pride or not, what I'm seeing in that picture is definitely not a good look and not something to be proud of. It is time that Africans get rid of such primitive practice. I would love to see all African countries do well. Again it was primitive display like this that encouraged the Europeans to steal African lands and slave its people.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, it was the dancing that

Yeah, it was the dancing that made the Europeans steal gold, diamonds, and copper, and enslave people. Had nothing to do with out and out greed. (insert sarcasm)
SweetDivaT's picture

As soon as I read the post

As soon as I read the post title, I knew some ignant comments would ensue. It's sad that I'm never wrong about that. What's even worse is some African people in America don't want to know their OWN culture.
INTS's picture

Correction: Africans and

Correction: Africans and African-Americans I LOVE AFRICA! I LOVE MY ANCESTORS!
Joy's picture

I LOVE IT!!!!! These photos

I LOVE IT!!!!! These photos bring tears to my eyes. This is so meaningful to Africans and African-American's. You may not know it now, but you'll get it eventually. Natasha, thanks for being committed to covering this very meaningful trip. A word to the wise: It is a useless practice to argue with ignorance. "Educate" and move on.. Happy Sunday Ya'll!!! Peace, Love and Progression...
Joy's picture

After reading a good number

After reading a good number of comments I am saddened. Let me school some ( not all) of you. Many African countries hold true to their respective cultural traditions, whether it be dance, dress, etc. It is not a sign of backwardness, but a sign of cultural pride. Some may not understand this because slavery did away with that bit of cltual identity. Next, Botswana is NOT a poor country by any stretch of the imagination. Up until the fall in diamond value, the Botswana Pula was stronger than the American dollar...I will let you digest that. It is a country where the government will pay for your college education...with the economic downturn, I believe now they provide 80% payment. Now call Sally May and see how they can pay off YOUR loan! It is quite possibly the only African country (subsaharan) to build it's own wealth. The British left thinking it was a barren dry piece of rubbish...then diamonds were discovered. The Batswna built their own wealth POST colonization. This is not a place that anyone should be bashing, but a place we should be proud of as black people from anywhere in the world. I am half Ugandan and half Motswana so I know what poor African cow try looks like and what a developed African country looks like. I suggest we all expand our minds before we start looking like what some people wanted us to become. Some of this is truly sad and hurtful.
Anonymous's picture

*****Poor African country,

*****Poor African country, damn this iPad!
Anonymous's picture

This is painful to read

This is painful to read becaus the so called "AMERICA" they are defending is a WHITE MAN COUNTRY ur ancestores got shipped there thats why u are there now it would make sense if it was a white person saying this but u being black and talking nonsense about ""AFRICA" which u should know is a continent are a damn fool. get some education in you and then u can talk shit. Yours Truly PROUD AFRICAN!
Anonymous's picture

Alot of the commentary on

Alot of the commentary on this blog and especially on this post you would expect from middle-aged, Confederate flag-waving white folk who grew up in the 1940s or '50s. These are not the things you would expect BLACK people to say about other blacks in other parts of the world, least of all those from Africa. How can you refer to yourselves as "African-American" yet criticize the very same heritage from whence you came? Your ancestors were brought to America from the continent of Africa and with them came traditions - many of which your younger generations have successfully eradicated! After reading these remarks, I am convinced that many of you are some of the most self-hating, hypocritical, judgmental people on Earth. You are literally your own worst enemies. You condemn those who are different from you - those whose customs and traditions have more to do with showing love, honor, and respect than it is to shake your ass for a buck fifty. You sneer, mock and jeer at those who don't drive the same cars you do or live in the same homes you live in, or go to the prestigious schools that your children attend, or wear the same designer clothes that you do. You pretend to be your brothers keepers, but you are nothing more than snakes in a pit, full of venom and ready to attack. Dr. Martin Luther King MUST BE PROUD! It is times like these that makes me proud of who I am. African by birth, brought up in the Caribbean region where many old customs still exist. I've lived in America for years....and though you may be relatively blessed, economically speaking, you are PISS POOR morally. I wish Natasha would see fit to delete these offensive, derogatory comments. This site is rapidly becoming another MediaTakeout!
LNP's picture

"Behind a successful man,

"Behind a successful man, there is a woman" Vice-versa in this case *Exceptions are always there. :)
certified nursing assistant's picture

many places in africa are

many places in africa are beautiful, South Africa, Namibia,Kenya,Morocco etc. dnt believe wat u see on TV .they are always showing bad places
Anonymous's picture

Some of you HAVE GOT to be

Some of you HAVE GOT to be joking. These ignorant comments are the sole reason why, not only Africans, but African Americans suffer today. Has no one studied the effects of colonization? EVERY SINGLE African country was CRIPPLED by European dominance and corruption. To read some of you saying that the display of African heritage is embarrassing, embarrasses me. It is marvelous that these types of things continue to survive. Have you ever been to an African country? I have. The beauty is remarkable. Get your lives together...smh.
The Ignorance's picture

You think Michelle got her

You think Michelle got her some of that good ole african dick while she was over there? I know Barack too busy to show that pussy some good loving.
Big dick's picture

Do anyone thinks this is

Do anyone thinks this is entertaining or something to be proud of? This is freaking embarrassing 2011 after Christ and Africa is still so far behind. these freaking bushmen still dressing and dancing like animal in front of our gorgeous first lady. Can someone please remove that freaking embarrassing image from the site?
Anonymous's picture

no babe you see us in Africa,

no babe you see us in Africa, we are enslaved by the whole white world but i think we better than black americans, we dont see celebrating our culture through dance as backward... infact most of you hear always talkn abt 'nappy hait' as if its somthn negative.. This is who we are we are Africans, we dont hv anythn else but our cultr our dance, we are nostalgic... we are tryn to develop but we nt forgetn an important part of our heritage.. do u rather we were flat caps and baggy jeans is tht being adavanced...jus to open your mind....those people dancing dont dress like tht everyday, its an occasion.
Anonymous's picture

First of all, fuck you. What

First of all, fuck you. What is wrong with you stupid Americans and your narrow-minded view of the world beyond your borders? So quick to judge yet you don't know a single thing about an earnest and humble humanity. That's why you get terrorists attacking you every 2 seconds. Smh. Acknowledgement of our past and tradition is what keeps us grounded in this wacked out world (you being an example of "wacked out"). Botswana is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with infrastructure and wealth beyond which your non-existent intelligence could even dare to muster. Your dumb-ass American mentality is what's so far behind. You probably haven't even been to Botswana have you? And yes, it's BOTSWANA - the country - not Africa - the CONTINENT. Clearly geography as well as current affairs is lost on you. Once again FUCK YOU, ignorant shit. Sincerely, a proud girl from Botswana who's probably smarter than 95% of your redundant country AND your masculine looking 'gorgeous first lady'. Asshole
Anonymous's picture

Very well said, sista! And

Very well said, sista! And yes, over here, there is no fawning over Michelle Obama. She does look manly. And the Americans cant see that she is enjoying one big vacation to all these countries on their taxpayer money? She does this under the guise of reading a speech here and a photo op there of her painting a wall for 2 secs or gardening for 3 secs. Thank you for purring another ignorant american in their place. and fuck you to the original writer. I lived in the US for 13 yrs and when I say something about America, I know WTF I am talking about. I have moved back to Africa. the original writer hasnt even been to Africa. B*tch, shut the hell up!
Anonymous's picture

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Fay Johns's picture

It's one thing for Anglos to

It's one thing for Anglos to come on black blog sites with their racist rants, but when our own people get here & do the same, it makes me pretty damn nauseous. If you're a black woman & you don't feel a sense of pride when you see our First Lady, I really don't think any hope for you in life, period. Whether or not you think she's pretty really has nothing to do with it. It's seeing a woman that we can all relate to..a woman that looks like US in such a high, respected position of authority; honored, respected & admired by millions of people across the globe; blacks, whites, Asians, and a host of different races, ethnicities & cultures. My First Lady is a symbol of elegance and class; an intelligent, down to earth intellectual who dances with us, sings with us & laughs with us, with the most beautiful, genuine smile I've ever seen. You guys can talk smack all you want, but you can't deny that she has such a refreshing charm & charisma about her..THATS what determines true beauty. Americans are so simple & close minded. The rest of the world is in LOVE with First Lady O... & our own homegrown can't get this distorted perception of what beauty really is out of their heads. Shame on you all...got the game allllllllllll messed up.
Anonymous's picture

Its gets no better than black

Its gets no better than black baby. Oh, and I guess people have forgotten Africa is the richest continent in regards to natural resources. Best diamonds, best gold. Africa is IT. Don't be fools.
QueenAleecia@twitter's picture

Then why are all the

Then why are all the countries there so far behind in everything? There is not a single freaking country in Africa to be proud of. Nigeria is one of the largest oil producer in the world, still Nigeria looks like a dump. South Africa is at least OK, again this is due to the British.
Anonymous's picture

Stupidity is not a virtue

Stupidity is not a virtue neither is ignorance a good trait ! Nigeria looks like a dump? you've got to be kidding me. Believe all you see on tv ok? have u been there? Educate yourself honey, it would make you sound clever other than like someone ridden with idiocy whos only source of information is the drawing on a bottle of water asking you to donate a dollar! I'm out!
Nigerian Gal's picture

ethiopian brothas.. cant wait

ethiopian brothas.. cant wait to be back home..
hubesha's picture

sexc africans.. proud of them

sexc africans.. proud of them selves.. sup to east-africa.. most beautiful of them all!!!
Anonymous's picture

love our first

love our first lady.........she is wearing that suit something serious with the scarf tie around it, luv it
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some of the ignorance in this

some of the ignorance in this post is astounding. and from my own people. SMDH i thought this was exclusive to YT. apparently not...
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Yes! I'm ready to go to my

Yes! I'm ready to go to my home in Liberia West Africa...I cannot wait to go!
Love Jah's picture

Mastermind, you are by far

Mastermind, you are by far most superior among the population of JACKASSES that exist in this world. For you to make such fallacious comments in reference to another person's culture is beyond me. Take a look at what is going on in the Middle East before he calls us terrorists! To my fellow African from Botswana...no need to further address this imbecile!
LostNParadise's picture

*before YOU...

*before YOU...
LostNParadise's picture

michelle looks stanky

michelle looks stanky
Anonymous's picture

So are all you guys don't see

So are all you guys don't see any beauty in these pictures....really? are you that shallow?
pharmacy_technician's picture

After reading most of the

After reading most of the comments on here, the little respect I had for alot of Americans has dropped even further. This is always the problem with people who arent educated and no that doesnt mean going to a government high school and standing behind your classrooms smoking a joint. It means seeing beyond the stupidity that CNN has to offer you. Firstly, how many times do you have to be told that Africa is a Continent? Its NOT a country for crying out loud. Secondly, We happen to still have a culture regardless of all the efforts the West has tried to make in robbing us of it or should I say "civilizing" us.There is a great difference between Civilization and Westernization and some of us know which to reject. Thirdly, for all you ignorant and senseless folk who come on here talking about the man in the picture looks stink, I can do none but shake my head at the level of sheer stupidity and idiocy. So Rick ross dont look stink? He doesnt look like under his boobs might need some cleaning? This is coming from a country with people that rarely have a proper shower. Fourthly,to the clever Mastermind who said "Africa" doesnt have malls and all of that. If you would get a good paying job and quit sitting behind a computer all day everyday or at least make proper use of google, you would stop to ask yourself how if "Africa" really doesnt have schools and malls and things like CNN and the other "rescue rangers " who take all your money under the guise of sending Aid to a Continent like your 1 dollar could do that, then how come people can come directly and start of in Uni like the rest of the American populace and even do way better than the Americans? Its either they are telling you a lie or your education system is faulty as hell. They show you on CNN and FOX a couple of kids that are dressed in panies running around, well what do the Caucasians in your country do in summer? Its bloody hot and kids want some air, so why then cant they run around in panties if they want to? How many of those kids do you see crying and wailing about the government not giving them grants or their daddies not being around to raise them? How many of them do you see getting knocked up at 15 without an education or walking around with jeans touching the ground or "pants on the ground" and showing off their underwear in the name of fashion, or holding guns killing each other just cos they feel like they were "disrespected". Get off your high ignorant horses and see the truth. Emanicipate yourselves and free your mind instead of swallowing all you are fed by the media hook, line and sinker. Your First lady being a sensible person looks like she appreciates the fact that she was even welcomed at all. Its not her right, its just people being courteous ! With love, An unabashed African !
Nigerian Gal's picture

Well said. You have made your

Well said. You have made your point.
JustSaying's picture

These MOFOS do not watch nor

These MOFOS do not watch nor know what 'CNN' is
Anonymous's picture

i was with you until u

i was with you until u started spewing the same stereotypes that you're so upset about. many africans look their noses down on african americans just as much as you think we do. it's ridiculous because neither group is in a position to feel superior to the other. we're pretty much all in the same boat no matter what continent we're on.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

Of course Im not that

Of course Im not that ignorant to believe what is shown in the Spike Lee movies and all that. I just wanted to show how irritating stereotypes could be. Im glad my point has been made.
Nigerian Gal's picture

well well well said! We need

well well well said! We need more conscious comments from people like you to drown out the nonsense which these idiots post.
lioness's picture

Tell m sista!

Tell m sista!
trish24's picture

lolol@ these comments. the

lolol@ these comments. the people of ybf are very opinionated. always makes for a good debate...except when the idiots and haters start yapping, of course.
Anonymous's picture


shannon 's picture

Our first lady looks so chic

Our first lady looks so chic with the red suit and printed belt! FABULOUS
Stush's picture

ok in tht 1st pic tht dancer

ok in tht 1st pic tht dancer look real stink!!!!
Sallyone's picture

at : You ignorant

at : You ignorant uneducated You ignorant uneducated asshole, he is not an albino, he is the President of Botswana and he is biracial. His mother is an English woman married to the past President, his father. Stay to fuck off gossip sites and read a fuckin book. LOOK AT PIC TWO YOU PSYCHO!!
Anonymous's picture

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