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AD FAB: Cassie And Solange Knowles' New Carol's Daughter Ads


Solange Knowles and Cassie are starring in a new ad campaign for Carol's Daughter and we have the ads for you inside....

The pair are helping promote the new Macadamian Heat Styling Collection. 

And both ladies have been doing a lot of modeling lately, Solange for Rimmel London and Cassie for various magazines.

And just in case you pass your local Carol's Daughter storefront window display, it might look something like this.



Photos via Carol's Daughter/Cassie-Ventura.com 




Her products are truly

Her products are truly OVERPRICED and this is due to the celebrity endorsements so she has an image to maintain. I used them for one year and if you are a natural, STAY AWAY from Carol's daughter. Imagine how many trips will you make for a $18 shampoo at just 8oz!!! I have been there and done that! No way I'm going back. I hope all those celebrities pay her well after all the BLACK women leave for better pastures!
Anonymous's picture

It is so wack that there are

It is so wack that there are so many HATEFUL people that comment on this site. The best way to put black people and culture in a positive light is to hate on every other ethinicty that isn't black?!?!? OBVIOUSLY there are black people that appreciate Latino culture and other cultures, beauty, people, etc. and VICE VERSA so WTF is everyone's problem? How about embracing all cultures and colors and stop hating all the d@mn time! Not everything has to be black and white and about color. But just keep complaining and hating on other ethicities and then cry racisim when someone says BOO about the black community. LOL. ENOUGH.
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Products I use that has been

Products I use that has been proven effective: Creme of Nature Shampoo Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner Dudley's DRC 28 (use every 3 weeks) Olive oil
Anonymous's picture

Oh yeah, I do not understand

Oh yeah, I do not understand why Miss Jessie's products are so expensive, especially when they use cheap petro-based ingredients
Ode to my naps's picture

Products that I use: 1)

Products that I use: 1) Castor oil from the Caribbean 2) Olive Oil 3) Njoi shampoo bar 4) Yes to Carrots conditioner 5) Kinky Curly leave in conditioner 6) Aloe Vera juice 7) Coconut oil 8) Brazil nut oil 9) Njoi moisturizing spray
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Brazil nut oil (purchased

Brazil nut oil (purchased from e-bay) makes my hair very soft, Nutiva coconut oil (Vitacost.com 8.88-56.03) makes it shiny and it is a good natural heat protectant. The Macadamia nut series is intented for everyone that needs heat protection. I will not purchase the products because Lisa has moved away from using only natural ingredients. Here are the macadamia heat protection gloss ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alcohol Denat., Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Silk, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sprout Extract, Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate),Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum)
Ode to my naps's picture

I'm not trying to down a

I'm not trying to down a sister who's making's making money either, but I am very sad about how Lisa changed her company and transformed it into a big money machine. At the end the day I get it but I am sad. She started her company in her Brownstone in Bed Stuyvesant Brooklyn, running it out of her home. People came from afar to buy her products, like out of state. It was that good. We were all happy when she got Spike Lee's old store in Fort Green as her first commercial store. I started my locs in the early 90s and discovered that her loc butter could be purchased for 15 for the LARGEST size. I used it for years but then I stared to see how her vision changed once she opened up the store in the gentrified Harlem location and prices went up (15 dollars for the SMALLEST size loc butter). I cut my locks off in 06 and stopped using her products because she has to admit that she HAS compromised her original mission and vision in order to reach a global market. I get it, but I guess we have to keep looking for the small upstarts--as I transition to nautual hair yet again in my life. I do love Kinky Curly products too, but since she has product placement in Target it is also bit on the expensive side. In this recession, I will look at the real natural profucts that people used to used back in the day before soemone put a label on it and charged you big money (castor oil, olive oil + honey, egg yolks, aloe, etc--not all together). R.I.P. carol's daughter, I used to love you.
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It's so funny I was in a

It's so funny I was in a Carol's Daughter about a week ago and came thisclose to purchasing some of my favs of their products before I remembered that Cassie is now a spokesperson for them, lol. Not with my dollars! I have nothing against her at all, I just have nothing for her and if they're going to sell me an over-priced product at least don't do it with an overhyped nontalent. At least spend some real money on someone worth it!
Twilightey's picture

Hahah I agree with you! I

Hahah I agree with you! I would be a damn fool to take advice about natural hair from a woman with a half-shaved head!!!! Lisa Price is really depleting that quality personalzation. Time to look for smaller companies who are not all marketing to CELEBRITIES and ignoring the rest of us!
Anonymous's picture

its so sad that folks hate

its so sad that folks hate the way they do. So what if she's not a musical talent, she's a beautiful woman and model and looks absolutely stunning in her pics.
Anonymous's picture

ok i am still so confused as

ok i am still so confused as to what these products are doing for Cassies hair??
girlbye's picture

so what and so funny. How

so what and so funny. How many models out here are really using the products they advertise...NOT MANY! Get a life!
Anonymous's picture

Damn, what did I miss, when

Damn, what did I miss, when did Latinas/o and Puerto Ricans start making folks so angry, Is it because of basketball wives Evelyn, is her disgusting behavior the reason for this sudden strike against them?
anonymous's picture

Puerto Ricans aren't Latinos,

Puerto Ricans aren't Latinos, Latinos are white. Puertos are Puertos and Evelyn looks like an ape Puerto like all the rest of you. Sofia Vergara is a beautiful Latina.
Oxamara Garcia's picture

Puerto Ricans ARE

Puerto Ricans ARE Latino...get it right. And if that avatar is any reflection on how you really look, you should not be talking about who looks like an ape LOL. Hater...
Anonymous's picture

Go Ladies, both of them look

Go Ladies, both of them look beautiful. I'm loving Solange in these photos. Look like a natural beauty, the hair is amazing!
3481hollywood's picture

Dear Anybody from Solange's

Dear Anybody from Solange's team that may be reading the blogs, I really enjoy solange as a soulful artist, I think she goes good with that Floetry, Jill Scott, Mos Def, Common area and she should be marketed that way. Solo Star had some nice "earthy" tunes and I really enjoyed "Sandcastle Disco, I Decided and T.O.N.Y- all nice songs and videos" Sucks that Solange's soulful music has to stay shelved, I really thought 2008 was going to be her time, but of course her sister had to drop sasha fierce and shut solange down. PR team maybe you should get Solange on tour with Jill Scott and have her re-release Hadley Street Dreams, her sister re-releases all the time so why not Solange, That was a good album.
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BLACK WOMEN MUST EXPOSE THE LATIN COMMUNITY'S DISCRIMINATION TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE. Until then ......NO MORE LATINAS ALL OVER BLACK MEDIA!!!!!!!Please go find My block: Puerto Rico which aired on Mtv. Listen carefully as Tego Calederon tells Sway that Puerto Rican mistreats the dark/black latinos. This issue should have been addressed BEFORE black male RAPPERS began making latinas the face of black media. It's way past due for the latino community to show us where are they employing blacks at the same rate that black ppl are employing them! Latinas are NOT the queens of the black community. BOYCOTT BET FOR HIRING 2 LATINAS TO HOST 106PARK! ROSCI SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR WALKING OFF THE SET DURING TAPING! BOYCOTT ALL BLACK MALE RAPPERS,SINGERS THAT USES LATINAS IN THEIR VIDEOS. CB, TREY SONGZ,RICK ROSS ETC ARE ALL GUILTY. I don't care what nationality of women black men date but......THEY DONT HAVE A RIGHT TO USE OUR BLACK CULTURE TO EMPLOY THEM!!!!!ALL OTHER RACES EMPLOY THEIR OWN WOMEN ON THEIR NETWORKS!!!! LOOK HOW THE SELFISH BLACK RAPPERS,SINGERS MADE SURE TO KEEP THEIR BLACK FACES ON TV.You don't see them including latino MEN, brazilian MEN etc to cut in their pockets!!!! Latinos have about 200 ch., black ppl only have 2 (white owned BET and tvone). Check your local latin networks and you will see that latinos have it ALL.. news,talk shows, game shows,soap opera etc. BLACK WOMEN TAKE ACTION AND DO SOMETHING!! BET took away the news because they don't want you to focus on real issues like the rising rates of HIV,black women in fed prisons etc.!!!!!!!!
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

THey both look pretty I just

THey both look pretty I just saw a pic of trey songz in his boxers at http://kelsnetwork.blogspot.com/ ... he looks so hot!
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Anonymous's picture

cassie is so stunningly

cassie is so stunningly beautiful.....a natural beauty like rihanna! solo looks gorgeous as well
beystan's picture

"natural beauty like rihanna"

"natural beauty like rihanna" hmm,i dunno about that one. i genuinly don't find rihanna beautiful. and it's not me being jealous or anything. to me she just doesn't strike me as a beautiful woman. but i love her eyes and mouth shape :) but i agree with the rest of your comment!
BeBeJuJu's picture

whhhhhaaaaat you really dont

whhhhhaaaaat you really dont find rihanna beautiful??! personally she is the best lookin female in the game right now...she even got my girl bey beat on most levels!! she does now at least...rih is tall perfect shape full lips sexy eyes even wit that forehead she kills it lol girl is just a natural she doesnt have to try at all
beystan's picture

Sorry but she is NOT on the

Sorry but she is NOT on the Same Level as Cassie in the looks department. In fact, Rihanna is Only Cute!
Sorry's picture

Latino networks do not employ

Latino networks do not employ dark-skinned Puerto Ricans and will not allow them on the air. You would never see the likes Of Lala Vasquez, Evelyn Lozado on Latino TV.
Latin Networks Do Not Employ Puerto Rican women's picture

You ugly island darky Puertos

You ugly island darky Puertos are tiresome. You look like slaves compared to real Latinas. Two words: SOFIA VERGARA! You darky Puertos would kill to look and behave like an authentic Latina woman but you fail in every category now go scrub my toilet that is all you are good for. I so enjoyed seeing you island darkies still on the plantations in Latin America on that PBS documentary because that is where the Puertos belong.
Oxamara Garcia's picture

And you never will, sorry but

And you never will, sorry but that's how things work in the Latino world. Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Selena Gomez, yes, yes yes!!! Lala, Evelyn, Rosario, Rosie Perez, no, NO! NO! they will never be acceptable to WHITE LATINO society. Sorry guys, but that is how it goes.
WHITE LATINA's picture

Evelyn, Rosario and Rosie

Evelyn, Rosario and Rosie Perez obviously don't need the white latino world because they've been successful w/o their help. Why are you telling us something we already know? You're on this site talking about complexions? You have issues!
Happy Lady's picture

That's true. White Latinos

That's true. White Latinos hate and despise Puerto Ricans and Dominicans alike but we don't like to admit it. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans cleave to black culture because we really don't have our own cultures to express out emotions. White Latinos still consider us as slave property and act as id slavery never ended. Blacks In Latin America only scratched the surface of how deeply ingrained white Latino prejudice is against dark-skinned Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. We need to stop copying black culture because they don't really like us, and develop something on our own.
Roldana-Zavala's picture

LIAR! Even if that was true

LIAR! Even if that was true the black community does not owe latinos anything. Where were latinos during the civil rights movement??????? Latinos have about 300 channels to express themselves. Black people ONLY have 2. I am very aware of puerto ricans, dominicans racist culture towards blacks so lets not play games. IGNORE THE TROLLS. LATINOS DO NOT EMPLOY US. WE HAVE MORE UNITY WITH WHITE PEOPLE THAT EMPLOY BLACKS
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

so I guess Latinos owe YOU

so I guess Latinos owe YOU something bc you claim the Black community only has 2 channels?! LOL Really? Are you even Latino to state you KNOW the racist culture with Puerto Ricans and Dominican people?
Anonymous's picture

What is the is special hair

What is the is special hair type that seems to be indicative of mixed people? Seriously this idea that mixed race people are some group that needs products specially designed just for our "special needs", is the new come up. And what mixed group are they talking about afro latinos, blasians, or black/white, and i'm to believe we all have the same hair type because we are mixed, and i need to buy your product for my special hair, really? Most hair types needs a proper protein/moisture balance and products that are either heavy(creams) or light(serums) the rest is technique.
Charlene's picture


BOYCOTT VIACOM, MTV BET FOR TRYING TO DIMINISH Rihanna's rising career. BOYCOTT MTV AWARDS for not giving international superstar Rihanna any nominations for the 5 videos she dropped for her Loud album. BOYCOTT SONY/COLUMBIA RECORDS because their newly signed white female rapper named Kreayshawn has used the N word . Go to youtube and look at white female rapper Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" video. Kreayshawn just signed with Sony/Columbia records a few months ago and does NOT even have an album out. Due to Nicki Minaj's success , they quickly signed Kreayshawn to compete with Nicki. MTV awards has nominated Kreayshawn for an award for her "Gucci Gucci" video. MTV awards has given Rihanna ZERO nominations for her Loud album. Viacom/MTV/ BET knows that they can continue to snub Rihanna because the Black community will will NOT defend her. They know that many of you will be happy at the shade being thrown at Rihanna, that you will NOT focus on what you're suppose to focus on.... which includes: 1. MTV would NEVER treat a white female artist at Rihanna's level this way 2. There is not enough black female artist nominated by MTV 3. All Black female categories (rap,group etc.) has been eliminated from most award shows. This is due to all the Black male rapper/singers who have DESTROYED black music culture by promoting latinas as the face of all black media. 4. Throwing shade at Rihanna = one less black female that gets an award It does NOT matter if you love/hate rihanna.. Black women must defend her. Kreayshawn must be attacked for using the N word. She already admitted to using the N word, but now her team is trying to cover up by making her deny it. Her video Gucci Gucci has only white females (Kreayshawn's so-called white girl mob) and black males dancing like coons used to cosign her. The same way Puffy/diddy cosigned JLO which opened the door for latinas to flood black media. Most latinos do NOT consider themselves black. BOYCOTT RAPPER DRAKE and any rapper that works with her after she has used the N word. There is only one black female rapper out.. Nicki Minaj. If there was only one black male rapper out, black male artists would NOT run to cosign a white male rapper that has used the N word and does a video with only white boys and black girls in the video. BET 106 AND PARK NEEDS A BLACK FEMALE HOST.!!!!!!!!! Rosci said that she is NOT BLACK! I am NOT a racist. But I am very aware of the ANTI-BLACK WOMEN PROPAGANDA THAT IS TAKING PLACE. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

Rosci hates Hispanics which

Rosci hates Hispanics which is why she is never seen with them, same thing for Lala. Rosci could never get a job on Telemundo that's for whites only. They don't want Puerto Ricans considering themselves to be Latino so we are not included with the White Latinos.
Loiza, Puerto Rico's picture

LIAR!! Rosci has always said

LIAR!! Rosci has always said in interviews that she is a latina NOT black. There are plenty of dark latinos working on your 300 latin channels. You think black people owe you because latinos are taught that they are superior to blacks. If you want more shine ..go to WHITE MAINSTREAM. GO TO INDIAN, KOREAN, CHINESE NETWORKS, ETC.
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

I have never seen Rosci in

I have never seen Rosci in the company of a Puerto Rican woman or man because she thinks she is too good for them.
Roldana-Zavala's picture



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i think the reason carol's

i think the reason carol's daughter is targetting "mixed" black girls is because their hair is different than any other. I consider myself black but my hair seems mixed. I can't use just any product because my texture its wavy but super thick. So if you have mixed hair u need to use a product that works for ur hair.
Anonymous's picture

But WHO exactly can use "just

But WHO exactly can use "just any product"? Straight haired woman can't use just any product. Curly haired woman can't use just any product. And it amazes me that you think your hair "seems mixed". Black people come in all different hair types and are "just black and FROM black".
NeverAgain's picture

There is no such thing as

There is no such thing as "Mixed Hair" hair is straight, curly, wavy, nappy or kinky. Only dogs who are mongrels are mixed.
Queens's picture

The black community did

The black community did nothing when Chris Brown made insulting jokes about dark skin people on twitter which is viewed by the world. So...... CB took it to another level by calling a couple of dark skin artists APES on twitter. This is the typical scenario of what keeps the black community down. The black community does not put black males in check . If CB was bashed when he had made the dark skin jokes on twitter, he would have never taken the step to attack dark skin people again. DO NOT BUY THE MUSIC OF RAPPERS/SINGERS THAT DO NOT SUPPORT YOU. USE THE MONEY TO BUY THE MUSIC OF BLACK FEMALE ARTISTS LIKE ALICIA KEYS,MARSHA AMBROSIUS, JAZMINE SULLIVAN, LEDESI, ESPERANZA SPALDING ETC. The people that control the media do not want black women seen on TV in a positive light, and the black male rappers/singers are a part of this plot. This is why you hardly ever see black women looking classy in videos in 2011.. when that used to be normal back in the 80's. There is video footage of rappers/singers including CB, Fabolous, Trey S. saying that they have COMPLETE CONTROL over which women are picked to be in the videos and how they are presented. So they choose NOT to use black women, and on the rare occasion they use a TOKEN black female.... they make sure that she is on the sideline looking trashy and have the white,latina,brazilian females playing the LEADING LADY looking classy. All latinas, brazilians do NOT consider themselves black regardless of their ancestry. It's not for diversity not for diversity because... why don't they include latino,white, brazilian MEN??? BOYCOTT ALL PEPSI PRODUCTS LIKE AQUAFINA, MOUNTAIN DEW ETC. FOR THE RACIST SUPERBOWL PEPSI MAX COMMERCIAL. Look how they portrayed the dark black female as angry, jealous at a time you hardly see dark females in commercials. THINK. Lauryn Hill just started doing some promo shows and blogs are already portraying her in a negative light. Why don't they report how she thanked her fans, great performances etc. They don't want dark, natural conscious female artists to win. If you think she acts crazy... then why do you support Kanye West, 50, lil wayne, etc when they act crazy? CB was on twitter making jokes about dark skin ppl and dark skin girls. were saying he was only kidding. BE HONEST... if Rihanna or any light skin FEMALE artist made jokes on twitter about dark skin ppl for the world to see you would have bashed her for life. This is why black women do not get any respect from media,rappers etc. You NEVER hold black men accountable for anything. BOYCOTT CB, SLIM THUG,OCHO CINCO, FABOLOUS FOR LIFE. Look how black ppl are telling blk girls to forgive CB....CONDITIONING them to be future domestic violence victims. Do you think J LO, Paris Hilton, KIM KARDASHIAN PARENTS prepared them to accept/forgive abuse? CB is rich. Why don't you teach these blk girls to get their money/education and to NOT have premarital sex which can lead to pregnancy, hiv, AIDS etc. The media,rappers will continue to bash black women as long as you allow it. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING, USE YOUR MONEY TO SUPPORT BLACK FEMALE ARTISTS, BLACK FEMALE BIZ, ETC. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK MALE RAPPERS/SINGERS GAVE AWAY BLACK MUSIC CULTURE ON A SILVER PLATTER. THEY DESTROYED ONE OF THE VISIBLE FORMS OF MEDIA THAT BLACK PPL HAD ...MUSIC. In the 90's, 80's black ppl/WOMEN played a major role in music entertainment...videos setting trends etc. In the 90's we had a several black female groups like en vogue, tlc, brownstone, escape,swv,jade. ...as well as black female singers,rappers, reggae artists. Black people could have DOMINATED the music scene had we remained united. No one could have complained that blk male rappers/singers only have black women looking classy in videos. All other races/ethnicities do the same thing. Look at other networks.. white, indian,korean, latin men use the same women in their race for their videos,movies etc. Once THEY realized that selfish black rappers/singers were willing to destroy black women....the MEDIA ran with it. Do you realize the days of black female artists/groups are practically gone FOREVER. No, it's not due to internet downloading. The face of black male rappers/singers have remained the same. They made sure NOT to include any other men. BOYCOTT THEM ALL. EITHER THEY RESTORE BLACK MUSIC CULTURE WITH BLACK WOMEN ...OR DESTROY IT ALL. TELL THEM TO REMOVE THEIR BLACK FACES AND REPLACE IT WITH WHITE, LATIN, INDIAN MEN!!!!!! I don't care what race of women blk men date or marry. The issue is the EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES that they took away from blk women. The black music culture that was built on the blood, sweat,and tears of blk ppl should not used by blk male artists to make money for themselves and invite OTHER WOMEN to PROFIT. reply BOYCOTT THEM ALL!! Look at all the ppl that are getting mad because I am trying to get black females to open their eyes. You have to remember that every race, cnn fox news ,KKK,ETC comes to blk blogs to stalk blk ppl and get info. DO NOT FALL FOR THE TOKEN DARK/BLK FEMALE ANYMORE! Puffy/Diddy started the latina trend when he started dating J LO IN THE LATE 90'S. Don't believe me....I challenge you to go back and find a latina playing the LEADING LADY in any video B4 diddy put J LO in his Been around the world video around 1997. I tried to get black women to protest back then because I new that other black male artists would start ding the same. Do you realize that if black women had given J LO a fraction of the HATE that you give Rihanna, nicki,and other blk female artists you could have STOPPED the latina, brazilian trend. Again..all latinas/brazilians do NOT consider themselves black regardless of their DNA. I am soooo angry at all the blk women who grew up in the 90's,80's and allowed this to happen! You know darn well that you did not grow up seeing OTHER women in almost every hip hop RandB video. They are attacking the new generation. You have young black girls who have hardly seen any black females looking positive in these videos for their ENTIRE life. They want to keep black women down. That's why every other day their is some random post about how insecure blk women are. It's 2011 and black women you have LOST a lot. Black women had more positive images in the media in the 90's,80's. It's only going to get worse until you BOYCOTT EVERYTHING! Go natural, make your own clothes if you have to. Stop giving the world your money. SUPPORT BLK WOMEN INSTEAD. Diddy's conscious must have bothered him. Yes, dirty money are black .. but look at the LEADING LADY in the videos. They will use a TOKEN black female to keep you quiet. Don't fall for it. IF CB tries to have blk girls in his videos now because his team stays on these posts.... still BOYCOTT HIM, it's too late. LET me see them use black females for the next 10 YEARS LIKE THEY HAVE USED NON BLK WOMEN FOR THE LAST 10. Things should have remained the way they were in the 90's. BOYCOTT 106 and park on BET!!!There should not be any black girls sitting in the audience laughing when BET DOES NOT WANT A BLACK FEMALE TO HOST THE NUMBER 1 SHOW ON A BLACK NETWORK. Rosci said that she is NOT black. BOYCOTT Check your local latin,indian, korean networks. They do NOT EMPLOY BLACK WOMEN. BOYCOTT!
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture


ATTN ALL SELFISH BLACK FEMALE PROFESSIONALS/BLACK WOMEN WHO REMEMBER THE 90'S,80'S,70'S ETC. when there were NO latinas all over black media.. It is your responsibility to take ACTION to bring back black women to mainstream media. Stop being so selfish. Call/email/twitter bet, debra lee, stephen g. hill, black rappers/singers, etc and DEMAND that they promote black women in a positive light. Why do you think that black male rappers do NOT, include latino MEN, brazilian MEN,etc in music videos? ANSWER: Because all hell is going to break loose if diddy, lil wayne, 50 cent, rick ross, gucci mane, waka flock, young jeezy etc have to look like a latino or brazilian male model to make money. WAKE UP!!! The face of the men in black music has remained the same. The majority of black male rappers/singers are dark skin and they only look out for themselves. Black women laid down like a bunch of fools, doormats , suckers and allowed these backstabbing rapping coons to remove your faces from black media and replace it with latinas!!! WAKE UP ALREADY!! FIGHT BACK!!!! YOU OWE IT TO ALL THE BLACK WOMEN WHO WERE BEATEN, VIOLATED, KILLED IN THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM WHEN THERE WAS NOT A LATIN MALE OR FEMALE TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!
Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

Spanish speaking Television

Spanish speaking Television does not employ Puerto Ricans or Dominicans. Telemundo and Univision is for white Latinos only.
WhiteLatina's picture


Latin networks do NOT employ Black women/BOYCOTT RAPPERS's picture

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