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BIG KISS: Shaq Lays A Big One On Hoopz In Public

The now retired NBA baller Shaquille O'Neal was spotted out in Calabassas with his live-in girlfriend, reality chick Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander, over the weekend smooching it up for the cameras.


The duo spent the afternoon seeing Planet of the Apes, then had a mini-smooch session for the paps.  Pics inside....


Shaq's known to be a silly guy, so it's no surprise he gave his ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal a run for her cuddly paparazzi pics money after these shots of her and Marlon came out days ago.

Shaq and Hoopz have been dating for a couple years now, and seem to be closer than ever.  Who'da thunk it?




Don't drag someone into the

Don't drag someone into the mug to prove a stupid point. It was completely unneccesary to bring in india Arie and Tiny or anyone else. From my own point of view those two women seem nice, which is more of a positive emotion coming from the inside, which will always win over anything external which is in the eye of the beholder amongst others. they win to anyone shady superficial and otherwise anyday, especially a mother who raises good children to put back into the world. It's uncalled for on many levels to enertain anyone who voices unfounded opinions based on a any personal issues, and moreso to bring in innocent parties. this skin color thing needs to be put to rest, People like Oprah and Tyra and others love to have tea over it claiming whites have no clue when in dded they created it with the house acceptible black. It's up to you to allow your mind to be freed,and to encourage your children about this in a good manner as best as you can.
Anonymous's picture

lmao @ annonymous! when you

lmao @ annonymous! when you rite-u rite-just like in the videos-if you want a beautiful bad chick-they obviously choose the light skin-if you want attitude and a big butt-they choose the dark trick-just the way it is-its america-for the half jap/half black bitch-youre jus stupid-you make no sense-anonymous you are not alone-ill rep with you for the light skin! all the darkies talking shit-prob had there man taken by a redbone-so sorry we just look better thats all it is to it
thebaddestchick's picture

lol-youre making my side

lol-youre making my side hurt-im sure your imaginary range is as black as you are-its ok-I wont continue this war-I have better things to do-uhh say a career-but if we ever meet face to face-of course the lights would have to be on-otherwise I would just see your crooked a** teeth-you would know what's up-you can say what makes you feel better but we all know light skinned is the best!! thats the truth-always has/always will- deal with it-but im sure your prob pretty for a dark hoodrat. see there is something for you to be proud of lol-
Anonymous's picture

LOL we have this idiot on

LOL we have this idiot on here taking up space about light skin girls look better than dark skin girls hehe... Being light skin doesnt guarntee u shit... I see plenty of ugly ass light skin girl daily... Im mix with japanese and Black and have a nice bown complexion.. With that said I am very exoctic and beautiful if I shall say so myself. Thats like saying just because a hoe has a big butt she's bad and no hun u not... if ur ugly ur ugly dark skin and yes LIGHTSKIN too. now I've waisted to much time with this gow up and get a life
Anonymous's picture

black men-would you rather

black men-would you rather Lisa Ray or India Arie-exactly!!!
Anonymous's picture

Or better Kenya Moore or

Or better Kenya Moore or Tiny? it's not the shade its the beauty you don't have it neither does India/ I'm sorry, but unlike you she has a good heart and is sensible, sensible ppl don't talk shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

how could I forget nor does

how could I forget nor does Tiny, who's prob your twin!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

ok-lol we'll got to leep-dumb

ok-lol we'll got to leep-dumb *ss- I could go their with my masters (that means college)-or no kids- but if it makes you feel better cause youre on welfare and got a billion kids-do what works-but when I go home to my beautiful house (you know diffrent than the little hut apartment you live in-I will think of you- it's almost the first; dont you guys wait on a check or something-hilarious-oh im sorry that means funny-there I go with my college education again!
Anonymous's picture

The only master you have is

The only master you have is in physics bitch, spreading those legs from poin A to point B. I will not even tell you how i live, theres just no need BUT I drive a Range rover and live in a house 5 bed 3 1/2 bath...and all light skinned girls feel that way cause I know honey, you are a bed mate get over it. Truth huts is what that name should be.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I meant DONT, you so dumb

I meant DONT, you so dumb have ppl typing in error. And are so not worth it.
Anonymous's picture

OMG @truth is getting too

OMG @truth is getting too much right now, making it seem as if all light skinned girls feel that way. Ugh. just making people look bad. I bet you look like 10 steps down version of A keys, pink pimples evrywhere, cellulite, and no appeal to any real man, who isn't looking to get laid that second stank as$ skeezer. You're mad cause no one wants you, and you're living a cyber lie. . You'll never get married and will or do probably father more than 4 kids with different dads. The highlight of your life will be when you fall for some man, who will "wife" jusy to pimp you out as an income. Go on with that BS . Beautis a gift and you certainly do not have it cause if you did you would not be makin a mockery of ppl you think want to marginalize themselves over some shit. Hoopz looks like Pu$$y material not wife like you dear, go to leep now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

And when your life palys out

And when your life palys out exactly the way i've said i hope you will come back to this post and refreshen your memory and keep in mind that when you think somethig make you stand out in a crowd think it on your own and refrain from thrwoing others in a fuckin boat they never claimed to be on in the first place out loud for that. You are a disgrace and a fucke up idiot to proudly accept "house nigg#$" statues cause that what you've done. look at hoops facial features and botoom legs? and try and convince a real and honest man that that is ideal to even partially qualify that as cute nevermind anything more? Hooz probably will fit that criteria naked and bent over in a dark room, Shaq knows that and thats why he's with her.
Anonymous's picture

I bet Hoops will be all y'all

I bet Hoops will be all y'all asses. She 's a little too short, but down to earth and cute. Don't seem to be a gold digger, and in a rush to be a baby's mama. I personally like them together. More power to them.
krazy's picture

They look like a dad and his

They look like a dad and his daughter.... Sick
AnonymousYuy's picture

They look like a dad and his

They look like a dad and his daughter.... Sick
AnonymousYuy's picture

women who walk around w/o a

women who walk around w/o a purse annoy me...
Anonymous's picture

well, that's just strange...

well, that's just strange...
tiny texan's picture

You ppl got on something

You ppl got on something stupid......anyway. I like them as a couple, they seem very happy together and obviously have a strong union. I really don't remember him looking this happy w/Shaunie. Hoopz has already seemed to keep it real and if she was really after his $$, she would pull a amber rose.
ohsotrue's picture

chick is a mess and far from

chick is a mess and far from cute, but hey ... if he like it, who are we to judge his choice? lol don't have to be on the "she's cute" bandwagon tho. she looks horrible and could pass for a tranny. Never thought she was cute. But ... she is far from stupid. she is gonna make sure she never has to work if it kills her. Since flavor of love hoopz will be with ANYONE of status and with money. Not impressed and nobody else should for that matter.
lonnie's picture

What do you mean she's far

What do you mean she's far from cute? She's built like a midget she has a very strong jaw line and she's lite skinned. You mean you don't like her Bakers shoes and her outfit from Rainbow? Oh ok. I guess Shaq wont let her touch his money this girl be lookin a mess
Keta's picture

Odd couple indeed! But love

Odd couple indeed! But love is beautiful, carry on :)
anaboo's picture

That just looks all kinds of

That just looks all kinds of strange.....yuck!
Rihanna's Nails's picture

Totally agree. She's so

Totally agree. She's so small that she looks like his little pet dog or something. It also looks quite pedophil-ish.
But_I'm_Clevah's picture

Every light skin person who

Every light skin person who thinks they are better looking because they are light is extremely sad. If you haven't realized already it is because most of you guys are people who are from places that were colonized by the British, and most are descendants of slaves. White people have taught you to hate your race, and I'm 100% convinced you all wish you were white. How as a black person are you honestly going to put another black person down because of there skin color??? How much sense does that not make. We all come from Africa, even if you guys were born in America, btw you are probably light because your ancestors were slaves raped by the WHITE owner. And to the people who say "i've never met an ugly light skin chick"....there are plenty! So please stop putting darker skin black people down because of their color, they get a lot of that from other races, why would they need that from their OWN RACE!
StopPuttingBlackFemalesDown's picture

shut yo ass up nobody put

shut yo ass up nobody put dark skin girls down i simply stated the TRUTH which is all light skin girls are pretty. stop babbling because you just wish you was light like us. we just have better features better hair better skin period. dont believe me ask lil wayne and every single rapper out there....matter fact just ask every man in the world lol no one is going to pick dark skin over light skin sorry that the truth hurts your feelings dont take any offense to it.
truth's picture

Turth - You can say what ever

Turth - You can say what ever you want, it's your opinion, but in my experience the girls who go on the most about Light Skin this, etc, etc are normal the Ugliest light skin girls. And they are normally hood trash from the ghetto anyway. I didn't grew up in the ghetto, (and I'm not saying if you did your trash). But I'm sure you are not on my level, not only physically but on a class level. I would never even want Lil Wayne or any other rapper. For what reason, so they can treat me like a piece of ass and throw money in my face when I complain, like I'm a stripper or prostitute. Look at the girls in their videos, why who would i want to be half naked and bent over. I already make a good amount of money and I'm in college, my parents both make over 400,000+ each. Why do I need to be on the arm of a rapper??? If you're only asset it your looks, or I guess skin color, that fine for your, but it's gonna fade really soon, and I'm sure what ever you look like, your type is a dime a dozen and can easily be replaced.
StopPuttingBlackFemalesDown's picture

lol-thats so right-the saying

lol-thats so right-the saying is "youre pretty for a dark girl" ummmm why would people say that- because its rare! you never hear nobody saying that abt yellow chicks-cause its a given; I'll go toss my long beautiful hair (that's non-weave to all that don;t know)-that brotha's love to play in-now im done with the subject.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Both arguments are stupid.

Both arguments are stupid. My mom, darkskinned. My dad, ligthskinned. I took after my dad. So am I supposed to "hate" my mom because she's dark? It's just asanine. Period. I never grew up thinking I was better than anyone else, yet I was teased because I had long hair and my complexion by other kids. Called "white girl" "or you think you cute" or "you think you're white". So I stayed to myself. I love me some chocolate brothers. You do have mothers and fathers out there who father their children so they won't be dark, but they are few and far between. Please stop lumping everyone as the same, when those are not the facts.
Rihanna's Nails's picture

awww me 2 I am lite and kids

awww me 2 I am lite and kids made fun of me 2 calling me lite brite and white girl and saying i think i am cute ppl dont realize that lite skinn ppl 2 are tease by quote on quote "darkskin ppl" i think the teasing go both ways
Anonymous0089's picture

That comment was only for

That comment was only for light skin people who think they are better since they are light. And honestly I never met one till I went to college (I kind of think it's because I went to college in the south, and i've heard skin tone is more important over there). Some of my best friends have light skin, so I definitely don't think all light skin people think that way.
StopPuttingBlackFemalesDown's picture

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Anrfdtyer's picture

Shani did it last week with

Shani did it last week with her young boo and shaq is doing it this week with his young boo- and guess what he makes more $$ then his girlfriend as shawni does her boyfriend for the haters who had something to say about Shanie...let them both be happy-
heisafool's picture

he's trying to eat her

he's trying to eat her wtf.....she likes it too....gross.
talk about smothering's picture

Shaq is so big and dumb and

Shaq is so big and dumb and unattractive with an annoying dumb way of speaking that being with him seems more like a loss, he's rich but tolerating a big dummy is just too much for me, I couldn't stomach the cross eyes and dumb conversations and retarded facial expressions. Hoops is a slutty girl, but from what I saw on "Love of Money" she's not that stupid or childish, which makes her a certified goldigger for dealing with shaq
Anonymous's picture

Hoopz is gsy she dont want no

Hoopz is gsy she dont want no man shew was disgusted by Flav cant say that i blame her there but she was in love with Pumpkin off flavor of love and they supposedly hada threesome with TI after he leftg Tiny and she lost the baby i thionk they wont laast besides shaq a paymaster he dont give a fuck
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous1's picture

Let's give them the benefit

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt that they were in a hurry, or drunk, or typing in the dark, or.....help me out here!!!
skytel2g-Anonymous's picture

Good for them, they look

Good for them, they look happy!
BlackVesper's picture

awww, shaq found himself a

awww, shaq found himself a little lost boy with a wig on...hoops looks hella manly...point, blank period (tamar voice)
Anonymous's picture

Hoopz does look like a man in

Hoopz does look like a man in a wig. LOL She's a golddigger and she ain't digging with a teaspoon.
leonard mckelvey's picture

i like them...i can't wait

i like them...i can't wait for their reality show. http://www.natoyaebony.com/
Anonymous's picture

Wow, I can't believe the

Wow, I can't believe the comments about light skin being the best complexion. If that's so, then why do BOTH of my light skinned sisters and others think I'm the prettiest sister and I'm the complexion of Janet Jackson. hmmmm... First, I don't think I look the best, but I'm certainly not the worst either! I believe it's all about the features NOT the actual skin tone. I've seen plenty pretty and homely women of ALL complexions. You light skinned chicks who are making these comments, get over yourselves! I've been around you so-called pretty light skinned chicks where you'd think they're so secure about themselves until they see me. Not to seem conceited because I'm sooo not, but they get all insecure around me and I'll tell you why. It's because they think they're all that and when anyone comes around them who can give them a run for their money, they freeze up!!! Happens all the time and I'm a caramel lady.
Happy Lady's picture

janet jackson isn't dark,

janet jackson isn't dark, she's paper sack tan
Anonymous's picture

"...paper sack tan."

"...paper sack tan." Marvelous (in my nasty Nelson voice in Boomerang)!!!!
skytel2g-Anonymous's picture

janet jackson isn't dark,

janet jackson isn't dark, she's paper sack tan
Anonymous's picture

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tholei's picture

these two are gross

these two are gross
medschoolmelanie's picture

Dem girl you could take shag

Dem girl you could take shag , you can take anything won't wanna be you lol.
olumide Akinola's picture

Good point! You're a smart

Good point! You're a smart man!!!
Anonymous's picture

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