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An "All-Black Version" Of "Steel Magnolias" On The Way? + The "Mahalia!" Production Company Says Sorry To Fantasia

Steel Magnolias, the classic 80's flick starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts is getting the "remake treatment"... with an all-Black cast.  Get deets on the Kenny Leon-directed LIFETIME movie inside and find out what the producers of the Mahalia Jackson biopic said about Fantasia NOW....


As if news of the Sparkle remake wasn't enough, producers over at LIFETIME are, according to Deadline.com, digging in the crates and dusting off the 1989 film Steel Magnolias.  One of my faves when I need a good cry by the way.

The film, about a bunch of strong and sassy Southern women, originally starred Sally Field, Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton along with an all-star cast.  But this go-round, producers are switching things up by throwing race into the dynamic and setting the film in Louisiana with an all-Black cast.  Yes, I'm side-eyeing this one for now.

The project will be directed by Kenny Leon (who also directed Diddy and Phylicia Rashad in the 2004 Broadway revival for tv "Raisin In The Sun" and currently directing Angela Bassett & Samuel L. Jackson in Broadway's "The Mountaintop.")

Sally Robinson has signed on to write the new Steel Magnolias script and is expected to base it off Robert Harlings' screenplay for the movie. 

Now that we know LIFETIME wants to mimic the classic film and use an all-star cast, it begs the question....who should star in the remake?  Better yet...who SHOULDN'T.  We have a few to list for the latter.

Of course names like Angela Bassett, Alfre Woodard and Loretta Devine are likely to be thrown in the mix, but what about the newbies on the rise like Tika Sumpter and Tessa Thompson?

Who'd be in your all-star cast?


In other movie news....


We told you earlier that there was a lot of drama surrounding the "casting" of Fantasia Barrino as Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film, and now the production company behind the film has come to the defense of the singer.

In a statement issued today, the company clears up the rumors about the movie's financing and how the Jackson family feels about Fantasia.

Here's their statement:

Double Dutch Productions, LLC. (DDP) extends apologies to Fantasia Barrino for the inaccurate, non-factual and disparaging statements of Ms. Barrino’s reputation, character and image, that was stated in the October 7, 2011 article of the NY Post’s Page Six column. The comments made in the article by financing broker Adrian Taylor, were not authorized, approved or condoned by the producers of DDP. The information and comments expressed within this article regarding the project were solely those of Adrian Taylor. Taylor is not an employee of this production company nor an active participant of any facet in the producing of this film. Taylor has been reprimanded on two previous occasions for speaking to the press about this project.  He was told that he was not a spokesperson nor a producer of the film, nor involved in the production or publicity of the film. Mr. Taylor’s credit of Executive  Producer will be valid only pending a final contract for financing. DDP and its producers disavow any statements or comments attributed to this article that were inappropriately made. Mr. Taylor does not speak for this company or the production of this film.

The Mahalia Jackson family has not made any negative comments non-what-so ever about Ms. Barrino and her participation in this film project.

We at DDP want to assure Ms. Barrino that in no way are we responsible for the information that was included in the article. ANY FUTURE COMMENTS FROM OUTSIDE PARTIES REGARDING THIS FILM THAT ARE NOT DIRECTLY PROVIDED BY DDP OR ITS PUBLICIST WILL BE DEEMED AS VOID, BOGUS AND INACCURATE.


Well.....I guess that clears up things.  And from the tone of the letter, seems as though they are indeed still trying to get their money right like Fanny told Wendy Williams this week.





Amber Riley needs to play

Amber Riley needs to play Mahalia Jackson in the upcoming biopic Mahalia! Amber would kill it if she play that part. She can sing and she got the acting chops to do it justice. I love Fantasia but I want Amber Riley to play the late Queen of Gospel.
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Anonymous's picture

Steel Magnolias was

Steel Magnolias was originally a play. I'd love to see it on the stage with an all-Black cast.
SweetDivaT's picture

No more remakes!!!!!!!!! If

No more remakes!!!!!!!!! If you claim to be soooo talented come up with your own movies!! No sparkle remake, no steel magnolias remake, Just stop it!! watch the classic movies with actors/actresses at their best
Anonymous's picture

Bad idea. We dont need a

Bad idea. We dont need a black version of movies, just new movies with a black cast. I love the original movie, hollywood just needs to stop with the remakes.
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Anonymous's picture

Bad Idea....the movie is a

Bad Idea....the movie is a classic for a reason...just let it b
Sallyone's picture

Creating a “black” version of

Creating a “black” version of any successful movie is degrading to African-American culture and art in general. How would we feel if there will be a “white” remake of roots? Bad idea. Degrading actions. I hope they crap it ASAP.
Jenny's picture

well i think i get what you

well i think i get what you are saying but how would it make sense for white people to remake roots? but what would you could have is a reimagining of american slavery. read Steven Barnes' Lion's Blood. which asks the question: What if African's discovered America and brought eurpeans over as slaves to work their land? what would the politics, religion, culture be if that were the case? How would Africans treat their slaves...It's interesting and can be done, if we're not afraid to look at things from different angels.
Anonymous's picture

I agree

I agree
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Anonymous's picture

Ok, Steel Magnolia's was/is

Ok, Steel Magnolia's was/is one of my fav movies from back in the day, and if it must remake a CLASSIC, then they need REAL actresses like Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashaad, Sanaa Lathan, and Nia Long!!!! Real Black actresses who have spent years perfecting their chops, not some singer or reality star!!!!
Anonymous's picture

yea nia long and sanaa

yea nia long and sanaa reaallllyyyyyyy have acting chops lmao. black ppl are funny. are expectations are beyond LOW for ourselves and our entertainers. sorry, nia is cool, but a 'great' actress who has 'perfected her craft?' dont think so. & just to give u insight into how little REAL HOLLYWOOD thinks about sanaa, she had a part in Contagion (w/ Kate Winslet and a slew of other BIG names) and guess what? no one even knew she was in the movie until she popped up on screen with about 10 lines. now those two actresses are great in love & basketball and Love Jones, sure. But I dont think they have the level of range/ability etc to take on Steel Magnolias, this isnt another TP film with shotty writing this is a CLASSIC, that overshadows 'race relations' Besides, Julia Roberts character is supposed to be in her EARLY TO MID 20'S, nia and sanaa are 40 + And for the love of God NO DAMN MEGAN GOODE, jesus
Not impressed's picture

Really y'all. You guys must

Really y'all. You guys must really be bored, focusing so much attention on what someone else is doing. I love Fantasia and I'm happy for her success, her career, her opportunities, her new found love, and her up coming endeavors. I can't get anywhere in my life focusing on others moments of sin and their down falls in life. When you can be happy for others and love them regardless of their sins, nothing but good things will come on to you. Leave this girl alone. None of us have to deal with her life-style. If she likes it I love it. If she's happy being what you guys consider GHETTO then let her do her. As long as she is loving herself and no longer in a suicidal state of mind, I don't care what she does. Be happy Fantasia! Noone has to live your life but you. Tell these miserable folks to get all up out of your business. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE WITH ALL THIS MESS!!! FOCUS ON YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE AND LEAVE FANTASIA'S ALONE.
Anonymous's picture

O my goodness, I really wish

O my goodness, I really wish this trends of remakes would die. We don't need a remake of Steel Magnolias. I know one thing.........nobody better remake Beaches.
Anonymous's picture

love that movie too

love that movie too
NYbabe's picture

LOL! I'll cut a bitch about

LOL! I'll cut a bitch about my Beaches
Anonymous's picture

shit i ain't seen the all

shit i ain't seen the all white version..yet ... Apple Giving away iPad 2's in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. http://goo.gl/FfRx4 i just went ahead & got 2..lmao Apple Giving away iPad 2's in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. http://goo.gl/FfRx4 i just went ahead & got 2..lmao Apple Giving away iPad 2's in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. http://goo.gl/FfRx4 i just went ahead & got 2..lmao
Tamra's picture


Ok, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY does it have to be a remake?! It can be similiar, but these people really need to leave classics alone. It's killing me.
Anonymous's picture

It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see a "black" version of Steel Magnolias which is my favorite movie of all time... But since it is going to be on Lifetime, I am not holding out much hope
Lydia's picture

see thats why u have to take

see thats why u have to take everything u read on blogs with a grain of salt...too many times they come back a few days or week later oh btw this story was b.s because blah blah blah
Anonymous's picture

All black cast to remake

All black cast to remake Steel Magnolia's will be a tragic mess, whenever black people make over great movies the end result is usually not good. They need to stick to Soul Plane and Baps.
Anonymous 's picture

what black remakes are you

what black remakes are you referring to? I know The Wiz was a black remake of Wizard of Oz with an all star cast and high profile producers and people loved it
NYbabe's picture

Wow, either you're not black

Wow, either you're not black and a racist or a low opinion and self hating Negro who feels anything white is better. No wonder this country is regressing to the 50's with attitude like that. Sad
Anonymous's picture

wtf? are you talking about?

wtf? are you talking about? what movies were redone by all black casts that were not good (if not better) than the original...The Wiz? Polly: Commin' Home? Carmen Jones? (ok that was an opera, but we killed that) those were all great... The only thing I can think of is "G" That awful all black casted, remake of the Great Gatsby...
Anonymous's picture

im guessing you're not

im guessing you're not black...why dont you try perez hilton, or US weekly.com or somethin...phuk outta here
Anonymous's picture

Fantasia, GIRL, you are a hot

Fantasia, GIRL, you are a hot ass mess LOL
Anonymous's picture

Dolly Pardon: Taraji P.

Dolly Pardon: Taraji P. Henson...Has to be your sassy sexy and messy best girlfriend Sally Field: Angela Bassett...has to have a quiet stength Shirley McClaine: Whoopi Goldberg...has to be mean and nasty, with a soft side way down deep Julia Roberts: Nicole Beharie (girl from American Violet), has to be carefree and young but not too young, has to be a strong actess who would make us cry when she dies (so no KeKe, No Tiki, or nene, or fefe., no mess) Daryl Hannah: Lauryn London...has to be flighty, confused, a skank who has a come to jesus moment Olympia Dukakis: Jennifer Lewis...has to be southern royalty with a lot of sass
Anonymous's picture

You had me until the 'lauren

You had me until the 'lauren london' thing. lauren cant act her way out of lil wayne's video let alone take on steel magnolias. just bc a character seems 'easy' to play doesnt mean it is. lauren couldnt even play a young, money grubber/shopper with her small part of Single Ladies, you really think she can take on a role that requires her to have range? wow
huh?'s picture

if you think about Julia

if you think about Julia Roberts role in the movie, she was flighty, wistful, and maybe even a lil spolied and careless, she also had a great smile and a great gentle spirit about her with an infectious laugh, and I think we can agree that Lauren is pretty bubbly...also remember that Julia wasnt JULIA until Steal Magnolias happened. I think all she had really done was Mystic Pizza and other lil things like that...so you never know
Anonymous's picture

I completely agree! I don't

I completely agree! I don't know who Nicole BeHari is though. But the other ladies, absolutely.
JustMe's picture

I saw Fantasia in "The Color

I saw Fantasia in "The Color Purple" and she was really good. I hope this works out for her. I also hope she gets her personal life in check so it won't continue to hurt her image. People shouldn't care about her personal life but many people don't have a life of their own so they believe in most the gossip they read which is unfortunate for them.
Anonymous's picture

I wasn't impressed with her

I wasn't impressed with her acting in her biopic on Lifetime, but many people who saw her in "The Color Purple" had positive things to say about her. Her personal life DOES raise eyebrows, but I wouldn't say that there are any truly new developments since her pregnancy. The producers already knew that she had a child out of wedlock. And besides, the person who made the disparaging comments -- based on his job title -- stepped WAY out of line. He's a BROKER, meaning he gets the money together and that's it.
n_satiable's picture

Love SM, but if they are

Love SM, but if they are going to do a remake, then I want A-listed actresses, I want to see, Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett, Whoopi Goldberg (she would do wonders with the role by Shirley Maclaine), Paula Patton, please don't put any singers in any role. No more Queen Latifah (I love her but, time for some fresh blood). Keke Palmer (Julia Roberts role).
Anonymous's picture

I wish Fanny the best of

I wish Fanny the best of luck. We need to be praying 4 her and other women as well. Lord knows she needs em.
Laid it Low and Spread it wide's picture

I agree, I would never pay to

I agree, I would never pay to see Fantasia in anything. Regarding the remake.....sigh....can we please stop with the remakes. Is there no new talent out there who can write/direct something new and fresh? Not to mention reycycling the same actors over and over again. We have so many stories to tell and there are enough people in positions of power to make it happen. Stop forcing these crappy movies on us like we can't think outside of the box. I am so over this nonsense. I won't be going to see it. >=0(
Anonymous's picture

I'm just happy to see black

I'm just happy to see black actors, like myself get more roles! Whoop Whoop!
Kdot's picture

Way too much glue on the Lace

Way too much glue on the Lace Front girl!
DuHTruth!'s picture

i'm glad they hushed up the

i'm glad they hushed up the rumors that fantasia was dismissed from the movie, some get too much enjoyment out of bashing her .....
Anonymous's picture

what i want to know is, why

what i want to know is, why are they remaking all of these old movies? there must be a writer's or creativity block or something. come up with new story lines for new movies .....
Anonymous's picture

because they keep the writing

because they keep the writing spots to hollywood closed to the black writers. we bring creativity to everything we do, and god forbid there be equal/accurate representation of people of color on tv (cable or primetime).
Lady's picture

You know--some things should

You know--some things should be left alone. We wanna act a fool when white ppl steal our ideas (and rightfully so); but its ok to steal theirs? The original Steel Magnolias was good enough for me; Natasha is right. Its a tear jerker. Leave it alone. Come up with something NEW. SMH...glad Fannie was vindicated in that movie-mess. Nobody-NOBODY is perfect and they need to stay outta her biz.
Godiva-Diva...Obama 2012!!!'s picture

Why do they kept messing with

Why do they kept messing with classic movies? I don't care if it is an all black cast. It will NEVER be close to the original. All I can think of right now is the movie For Colored Girls. I'd rather not see that again.
Anonymous's picture

Amber Riley will be perfect

Amber Riley will be perfect to play Mahalia Jackson!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Let the Judgement begin!

Let the Judgement begin!
Amber's picture

I appreciate this..

I appreciate this.. Fantasia's pg should NOT be a basis for personnel action.. that is ILLEGAL and would be FOUL.. nor should her marital status, and her decision who to date or become impregnated by is HER BUSINESS. PBP
Anonymous's picture

I'm sorry but I will never

I'm sorry but I will never pay money to see Fantashia in a movie, concert, or other wise it's just not going to happen.
Anonymous's picture

And so what? Who cares?

And so what? Who cares? What have you ever paid for anyway? Some of us will pay to see some talent in action. She is talented and you cannot deny that. I am sure you are one of the trolls who took much pleasure in assuming that NY Post story was true. Bogus trolls
Errors galore....'s picture

Who cares?

Who cares?
mo's picture

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