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LaLa Anthony: I'm NOT All Wrapped Up In Carmelo's Life



LaLa Anthony covers the latest issue and inside pages of "Today’s Black Woman Style Report Magazine" where she does a little girl talk inside about her marriage with NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony, her stint on "Love, Loss, & What I Wore," and her style. See the highlights inside....

A lot of people want to have it all, but, according to LaLa, aren't willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get such desires.  In the December 2011 issue of Today’s Black Woman Style Report Mrs. Anthony dishes on what she wants (and still desires) out of life and how exactly she went after it.  Here are some of the highlights:

On her overall approach to success:

“You have to set a goal and really work towards it. A lot of people say, ‘I
want to do this, I want to do that,’ but what are you doing to get to that
goal? If you want to act, are you in acting classes? It takes that kind of
commitment to get better at a craft, and people see the final result; but
they don’t know the work it takes to do these kinds of things.”

On her acting career:

“I just wrapped Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which is based on Steve
Harvey’s book. I’m really excited about that one. It’s really funny but has
a great message.  There's an incredible cast; you have Taraji Henson,
Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart
…I mean the list goes
on and on. To be a part of a cast like that is awesome.”

On having a successful AND balanced marriage:

“You need to have your own thing going on,
so you can live in your world as well as in the world of your relationship.”


Read LaLa's full interview on magazine racks now....

By the way, “La La’s Full Court Life” season finale Airs Monday, October 31 at 9pm ET/PT.  In the finale,  La La and Carmelo’s new home finally seems within reach but with the end of hotel life in sight, the couple are presented with a new surprise.  Tune in to find out what happens.   

Photos via Robert Ector




Glad LaLa career is going

Glad LaLa career is going well. I remember when I met her TRL when she was a VJ. She has come a long way since then. My cousin was an intern there and I got to stick around when she was doing an interview about how she wanted to branch into acting. Glad her dreams are coming true
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Anonymous's picture

I am soooooo tired of LaLa

I am soooooo tired of LaLa saying she is more that Ms. Anthony ....I don't need Carmello juice...UGH!!!!! Chile please....let's be real NO ONE.....I mean NO ONE was really checking for your behind before him or after him for that matter.....just roll with it and enjoy the ride....
prwizzzz@aol.com's picture

Interesting...I didn't know

Interesting...I didn't know LaLa was black. Thats cool.
Anonymous's picture

She's not

She's not
Air-rih-kah's picture

Yes she is. How is this not

Yes she is. How is this not obvious to people?
Anonymous's picture

im not gonna lie, i didnt

im not gonna lie, i didnt know she wasnt black until THIS YEAR. Her skin tone, contacts, hair,and LAST NAME, had me confused. but now that she's has her reality show, and i see her more often (love the show!) i have a closer look at her hair, and i see she's light skinned african american
keisha's picture

Her skin tone is like any

Her skin tone is like any other black person's and her hair is fake like her.
Ortiz's picture

I'm loving the burgundy

I'm loving the burgundy velvet suit. Nice for the office christmas party. Hey...Hey....Hey....Hey
Anonymous's picture

Who cares about if she's

Who cares about if she's Puerto Rican or Mexican she's still negro. LOL you people are aruging over her heritage it's really stupid. Also i don't see hispanics out putting her on there magazines etc... People keep calling her latin but does she even speak a second lanague you people sound like silly tawts. She looks negro to me 100 percent. She's posing in a freaking suit and all people can talk about is race patheic.
All this nonsense over where she was born's picture

You KNOW! So ship full of

You KNOW! So ship full of Spaniards goes to Africa and abducts a tribe of people, drop some off in Caribbean islands and some off in southern part of Americas and she isn't black? I'm a bit confused at the logic of her (and other Puerto Ricans) spoutting that "I'm not black" hogwash and saying it with such disdain in their voice as if its worse to be black than to lose a limb. Guess what? Without American black civil rights, there would be no civil rights for all those descendents of AFRICANS that swim there way over here from those raggedy little islands that no one cares about except for drunken debauchery on vacation during summer months. Because lets face it, if this was 1932, her @ss would be using the service entrance too. Maaaaaan gtfoutta here with that "not black" nonsense. If she not black, I'M not black--and my hair is real. Just saying.
Anonymous's picture

@ Oxamara Garcia. For that

@ Oxamara Garcia. For that much hatred to come out of you, I'm convinced there's something wrong with you. People like you are very insecure and angry. I hope you get help. As far as I'm concerned Black Hispanics have been successful and have brought more attention to the Hispanic community. Soledad O Brien Celia Cruz Sammy Davis Jr Zoe Zaldana Alex Rodriguez Melissa de Sousa Tatiana Ali from Fresh prince Rosario Dawson Carla(scrubs) Carmelo Anthony Sessilee(model) Those are the ones i can think of my head but the list goes on Lala Anthony is one of them, so what are you talking about. I guess some people just want to be white. It's sad. The same white people that some aspire to be are the ones who tan their skin, get lip injection, get breast/butt implant to be curvier. Black Hispanics and Black people have that naturally. Big nose, natural hair, brown skin, full lips so what? Nothing is wrong with that. It's beautiful. I'm proud of being black, too bad you have low self esteem and you can't see beyond yourself.
Tia 's picture

Soledad is black biracial (

Soledad is black biracial ( as she calls herself) Celia Cruz is AfroCuban, Sammy Davis Jr. is African American he never identified as Hispanic, didn't speak Spanish and his culture was African American. Tatiana Ali is black and East Indian, so stop stealing African American people to bolster your list.
Anonymous's picture

great list but you forgot

great list but you forgot faizon love - cubano thru and thru!
pgrip's picture

she looks FAB!!

she looks FAB!!
Anonymous's picture

i LOVE this WOMEN! #teamlala

i LOVE this WOMEN! #teamlala
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Anonymous's picture

Average, definitely no JLO.

Average, definitely no JLO.
365's picture

Ummm, J Ho is average.

Ummm, J Ho is average.
Anonymous's picture

They slenderized her nose a

They slenderized her nose a lot in the picture wearing the white dress. She would look better in person if she had a nose job and her own hair. She also has a nasty shape with stick legs. I only find light-skinned Puerto Ricans with their own hair to be attractive not the slave looking ones. Just my taste.
Abejundio's picture

Preference or not, "the slave

Preference or not, "the slave looking ones" are still doing better than you. You're here commenting on her proves it.
 Ananymous's picture


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Anonymous's picture

Puerto Rico celebrate

Puerto Rico celebrate Emancipation Day on March 22nd. Starting is 1560, the small island of Puerto Rico began branding slaves on the forehead with a red hot poker stamp so people visiting the island would know that they belonged to certain Spanish people. They were bought legally and should not be kidnapped. The cruelty of hot branding was finally stopped in 1784. In 1866 Puerto Rico tried to free themselves from white Spaniards via petitions to no avail. Slavery continued until 1873 when a new law abolished it. Puerto Ricans celebrate March 22 nd as Emancaipation Day by dancing plena and bomba. So you see, Spanish people have never liked them neither do Latinos.
CastilianGurl's picture

Aunque la mona se vista de

Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda.
Oxamara's picture

Someone posted this link

Someone posted this link under my comment and I checked it out!! It is incrediable what plastic surgery can do! Lala was once ugly, now she is beautiful!! Chkout this link of ladies BEFORE plastic suregry and AFTER!! Woooooooooow What can we say...there are no ugly women, there are only poor ones...
It's Meeeeeee!'s picture

woops......here is the link!!

woops......here is the link!! lol http://email-junk.com/pictures/extreme-makeovers.html
It's Meeeeeee!'s picture

Lala is absolutely beautiful!

Lala is absolutely beautiful!
Anonymous's picture

I have nothing against her

I have nothing against her but she is not beautiful she is photoshopped as they do all magazines covers and she is wears heavy make up.
Ray's picture

With enough light makeup,

With enough light makeup, weaves and so forth my dog will look like this. Let's see what she looks like without all the extra help.
bianca's picture

I agree, she wears far to

I agree, she wears far to much make-up and fake hair.
Anonymous's picture

That certainly is a big weave

That certainly is a big weave she's wearing she is a very masculine looking woman and favors my housekeeper a great deal.
WhiteLatina's picture

Jealousy is a bitch ain't

Jealousy is a bitch ain't it!?
 Ananymous's picture

You must be kidding!!! This

You must be kidding!!! This woman looks like an overly made up TRANNY! She is fake from the top of her weave to the bottom of her web feet..a total mona and you know it!
Oxamara Garcia's picture

Now I know your delusional.

Now I know your delusional. Web feet lol, racism is a disease, get help. And your insecurity still shines through no matter how many stupid insults you throw out. The fact that she can take time out of your life to make ridiculous comments...web feet (hilarious) shows how fragile your mental state is. There's also medicine for that too.
 Ananymous's picture

Please! I'm sure she looks

Please! I'm sure she looks way better than your white ass! Have a f**king seat!!!
Anonymous's picture

Be quiet you welfare mother

Be quiet you welfare mother of 16! Now go spend your LOS CUPONES at your nearest Bodega where you buy your drugs you lazy mona!! BURNT BORICUAS in BIG WEAVES ARE GROSS!!!
Oxamara Garcia's picture

And you're here hurling

And you're here hurling stereotypes about black woman having a ton of children, hilarity. The hispanic culture is the face of that stereotype..."mother of 16", when your culture is known to pop em out like tacos out the oven. The stereotype of coupon using and drug use, lol even funnier when you guys are known for your drunkenness, non english speaking ass in the welfare office needing a translator. Everyone has a stereotype sweetie, even the culture you're trying to praise by coming on a black blog to hurl insults. Your insecurity and jealousy is so visible that it's bleeding through the screen. You're a sad case.
 Ananymous's picture

No, I'm talking about P.

No, I'm talking about P. Ricans which is what Lala is and so are you. You spend the LOS CUPONES and have 16 children and are lazy and you know it.
Oxamara Garcia's picture

Ignorance is bliss and you're

Ignorance is bliss and you're the most blissful of them all. Being Puerto Rican or not really doesn't make a difference to sick delusional racist such as yourself. What you fail to realize is that those stereotypes I pointed out to you is hurled at all hispanics. Prejudice and racist people don't don't take the time out to make distinctions between the different countries when their hurling their insults as you did. So spending "los cupones" and having "16 children" and being "lazy" is a stereotype use to describe all hispanic people, including you.
 Ananymous's picture

I really enjoyed watching

I really enjoyed watching Blacks In Latin America, on PBS. I'm sure I saw you and Lala picking cotton in the fields where you still belong. White Latinos know how to treat you people in Latin America!! Big nosed, ugly Tarbaby ZOE ruined Colombiana that's why it tanked at the Box office!!! They should have given that role to the beautiful Sofia Vergara now they realize their mistake to late~!
Oxamara Garcia's picture

I am french and i live now in

I am french and i live now in LA and I can tell you without the shadow of a doubt that hispanic are at the very bottom of the totem pole. They are getting less respect than stray dogs. I have worked for a couple of major 500 fortune company and heard first hand how the white absolutely HATE YOU !! They absolutely abhor hispanic. I have heard call you people "wet-backs" which at first I didn't even understand until the VP of legal affair explained it to me laughing out loud. I heard american call you all kind of name. THEY DO NOT CONSIDER YOU WHITE PERIOD. Americans from all creed view you as lazy, extremely dirty, popping out kids like machine, destroying the welfare system, destroying the health system. My boss used to refer to you as roaches and maggots. I don't know why you are so racist. 99% of the people in this country treat you like inferiors yet to persist to refer to yourself as white even when those said white reject you with passion. I have come to conclusion that hispanics as a whole are some of the most racists people I've ever met. And some of the most uneducated. People come from all over the world and manage to do something for themselves...except for hispanics. I have met blacks, phillipino, armeniens, russians, indians, germans, algerians...and they all say the same thing: Hispanics are gross, uneducated, dirty with a gazillion kids, all illegals and basically lazy freeloaders who are destroying america. Just saying. Don't throw stone when you live in a glass house. And by the way. I now feel the same way too.
Anonymous's picture

So you think you're better

So you think you're better because you closer to the white race and taking on their hatred for blacks makes you feel better about yourself. Well, let me give you a little heads up sweetie, you are considered inferior to them too. Most of the insults and stereotypes hurled at white hispanics like yourself come from white people. The race you are trying to emulate, but no matter how many blacks you insult with big nose, nappy or picking cottons you WILL NEVER be equal to them...NEVER. That's why we laugh at you delusional hispanics who think you're on the same equal field as white people, because guess what, the whites hate you too. Oh Zoe Saldana is way more of an A list celebrity than Sofia Vergara, that's why she's not carrying a movie. Either way Zoe Saldana, Lala and all the other black hispanics that you take time out of day to hurl childish old insults at, are still doing better than you. Admit it or not you can't stand it and I'm loving it.
 Ananymous's picture

Black Hispanics like you are

Black Hispanics like you are not worthy of my time so leave me alone you nappy haired, big nose BURNT BORICUAS make me sick. White Latinos have no problem with the Anglos we only have problems with you darky Boricuas. White Latinos are accepted we have clout and jobs and history and culture you have none which is why you steal from the blacks in America. Rubio is going to be the next president now that is something a BURNT BORICUA can not even aspire to. White Latinos can cross over into Anglo society but you can't and you are jealous because of that singular fact you former slaves read it and weep!!! Coloreds In Latin America stink!!
Oxamara Garcia's picture

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