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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Host Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman, & More For Keep A Child Alive Benefit

Alicia Keys is continuing her charity work with her groups who benefit children with AIDS.  She, along with husband Swizz Beatz, hosted her 8th Annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC tonight.


And we've got the pics of the fab folks who attended inside...

Mr. & Mrs. Beatz hosted their celebrity friends tonight for Alicia's annual AIDS benefit for children in Africa and beyond.  And this year, Alicia wanted the focus to be on India.

Alicia, who also performed tonight, told MTV News this week:

The theme is going to be all about India because we've moved into helping to serve India in regards to what they’re going through with the AIDS pandemic, just like we do in Africa.  It’s going to be beautiful, the music is going to have a little Indian style to it as well, which is super fun for me to explore.”

More pics from the red carpet:

Alicia Keys wore a Stella McCartney Winter 11 Cream Suiting Jacket with a gold sequin top and Black wool tailoring trousers.


Supermodel and 'ANTM" host Tyra Banks looked stunning in a purple strapless mermaid style evening gown with bow-tie detail:

And paired it with a red lip.

Kerry Washington made a lovely appearance in her white stripe-on-tulle dress and nude Louboutins.  Very interesting. 

And I love it.

The Anthony's showed up in matching all black...and LaLa with her head piece on.


And besties La and Serena Williams kicked it inside.

And Serena looked nice in a black gown with gold belted hardware and cut-outs near the bottom.

Queen Latifah put on her black suit and hat and looked pretty damn dapper:


Model Chanel Iman looked nice in her black and white number.  Looks like the halter was about to hang to low and expose her goodies though.

And will.i.am and Gayle King were there to help celebrate in the benefit as well.



cheater keys just had egypt

cheater keys just had egypt 14oct 11, so he just turned 1, so perhaps she still has weight from that pregnancy? are you all counting down the demise of this marriage? i am. swizz cheated on all his partners! swizz cheated on prince's mom nicole with mashonda. swizz cheated on kaseem's mom mashonda with his mistresses jahna & mistress AK, swizz cheated on his mistess nicole's mom jahna (the russian in London) with AK, swizz cheated on his mistress with another mistress, AK. thus HE WILL cheat on AK.
lk's picture

love alicia's lipstick. i

love alicia's lipstick. i usually don't like lip color that bright but this has me ready to find a similar color & she looks great. tyra, re: the baby hair: #stopit
Anonymous's picture

I love Tyra & her forehead

I love Tyra & her forehead makes her even more beautiful. I just want her stylist to stop it with the baby hair because its not needed. Just brush it back and stop trying to frame the face like that.
Anonymous's picture

ALL of the Ladies look Great,

ALL of the Ladies look Great, except Latifah.
ME's picture

Alicia does not look good

Alicia does not look good because to me she looks fake, she looks embarassed and also suspicious, i wldn't trust a bitch wid a smile like that round my man, damn da bitch look like she dnt even trust her damn self, purlleeeze, how the hell u make a man bring you 2 dat alicia, shit like dis makes me dislike her more, to think she thought she was securing her future, man i never seen the triflin bitch loook so damn insecure pa ha ha pathetic, i dnt care ow much money u got or gettin not a good look from my eye amma change my name 2 realist nex year cause i need to differentiate myself from all the fake fuckers deluding our morals, communities and children
Black Girls Rock's picture

lol abt the smile lmao!!!

lol abt the smile lmao!!!
Anonymous's picture

Speak on

Speak on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blackskin's picture

she looks cute..hmmm is she

she looks cute..hmmm is she preggers???? if so Congrats!!!
trutH!!'s picture

tyra don't forget to send me

tyra don't forget to send me that dress in my size. please and thank you. GAWGUSS
Anonymous's picture

Tyra is smizing I see. Gail

Tyra is smizing I see. Gail got a new wig!!!! WOOOO HOOO I love it. I guess, LaLa...
Anonymous's picture

AK is so original,

AK is so original, self-assured and beautiful.
Kd's picture

Kerry looks fabulous. I love

Kerry looks fabulous. I love to see her on the red carpet.
Anonymous's picture

This beautiful and talented

This beautiful and talented couple raised 3 million dollars last night. They are truly a focus and a powerhouse. I admire Alicia.
Cara's picture

Serena dress looks Cheap also

Serena dress looks Cheap also the dress looks too Old for her,the Belt is not helping LOL! Lala needs to Quit trying to look like Kim Kardashian SMH,I feel like Lala is doing what Kim did to Paris Hilton. Lala is learning from Kim how to Dress and be a Media whore,but the catch with Lala she is not Greedy like Kim and she has the Husband and Child. If Lala was White Kim would have seen her as a Threat,and they would Not be Friend,but since she Not,her and Kim get along. Kim can't Stand someone having more than her,Money ,Attention ,etc. My Opinion
Anonymous's picture

If lala was white she would

If lala was white she would also get more attention in the media,she has the baller husband,child,decent body even if it is fake lol,she would be america sweetheart .Lala is drama free she is a good role model for women,too bad the mainstream media don't give her her props ,only urban media give her attention.
Anonymous's picture

in my Mama voice: "...LaLa

in my Mama voice: "...LaLa [Side Eye], put that NECKLACE back 'round yo neck."
Anonymous's picture

La La needs to be original.

La La needs to be original. Alicia Keys already wore a head piece to her Keep A Child Alive benefit, last year or the year before!
Anonymous's picture

Lala is that the recycle

Lala is that the recycle headpiece from Kim K wedding, it didn't look good on her and it doesn't work for you boo boo. I can appreciate the attempt but the execution is a #Fail.
justathought's picture

Is A.Keys preggo?

Is A.Keys preggo?
Shy's picture

Alicia is probably

Alicia is probably pregnant..great if she is... and Queen L looks very butch..fitting I guess.
Anonymous's picture


LILYLOVELY's picture

Tyra and Latifa (Dana Owens)

Tyra and Latifa (Dana Owens) FIERCE!!!!!!1
moonpearl's picture

lala is so copying kim

lala is so copying kim kardashian with that headpiece
Anonymous's picture

y must u say she's copying I

y must u say she's copying I thought thats how fashion trends start. One person does it and other fall along if the like it they wear it. There friends but I'm sure Lala has no reason to copy her life is doing damn well as we know.
Anonymous's picture

Alicia is simply beautiful

Alicia is simply beautiful and Swizzy is simply just into her. Look at his body language that's how it's done. Tyra always fabulous and always a model. Kerry simply stunning. The Anthony!s looking good. Serena...O'Boy! Its either a hit or miss with you and here we have a another miss. Queen Latifah looking very dapper. Chanel Iman looking model fabulous.
Daniel from the 'D''s picture

Alicia looks nice. Tyra looks

Alicia looks nice. Tyra looks nice also. Serena has been looking unfortunate lately. Hope she feels better. Kerry looks a hot mess. Like some bridal showroom reject. Lala looks old and the headdress is a period piece which doesn't match the dress. Queen looks like King. Some of your fashion sense are un-amazing. I love the bandwagon effect on here! Monkey say, Monkey amens it! lmao
Anonymous's picture

Alicia looks wonderful...why

Alicia looks wonderful...why are ppl so worried about her being pregnant, if she is so what!!!
Anonymous's picture

Yeah - Alicia looks pregnant

Yeah - Alicia looks pregnant - Congratulations!!!!!
Miss Paul's picture

I'm sorry, but, Serena looks

I'm sorry, but, Serena looks like a man. She needs a stylist. Someone to help her figure out what she needs to wear with her manly physique. Those arms should be covered. That hair has to go. Also, she should never wear a big belt like that because she doesn't have hips. That big belt threw it all off. I can't!!!!
Anonymous's picture

i so so agree this is not a

i so so agree this is not a good look
Anonymous's picture

Serena looks better than the

Serena looks better than the last time we saw her "trying to pay homage to Janet jackson" (BBM hand over face) lol. But she still needs more work O_o
WTH's picture

OMG Alicia looks like she's

OMG Alicia looks like she's slimming down nicely!! and her cap toe pumps are gorge!, i dont care for Tyra's dress, but she SURE DOES rock a mean lacefront#WorkItB!tch lol *snaps fingers* Kerry's Louboutins look sooooo fab, but OHHH EMMM GEEE Serena looks soo rediculous in her dress. its not flattering at all. Last but not least, i give LaLa a "B-" for effort, but that head piece is a #Fail Her makeup is nice, but To carry off a head piece she needed to wear a more flowy or Griecan type of dress. Something with a lighter color or Bohemian-esque #SheTried
keisha's picture

Serena you look like a man.

Serena you look like a man. You need to wear wide sleeved shirts to hide those yolks and get a better weave maybe. you are making yourself look worse than you should look. Why wear a waist belt when there is a prego pudge when you turn sideways? either suck it in or change that fit. Everyone else looks nice. Lala don't really like the head thing eaither. just keepin it real
Anonymous's picture

Serena hands are really big

Serena hands are really big for a women.
Anonymous's picture

LaLa ass is not real also

LaLa ass is not real also making fun of your friend is really low.
Anonymous's picture

A. Keys has always been

A. Keys has always been pretty, but she looks stunning in the pics! Love suits her well. I'm a fan of Carmela and Lala as well. They look fab.
Kristin's picture

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helleni's picture

Serena, Serena,

Serena, Serena, Serena...gurt, let's talk. I know those arms have won you over a dozen Grand Slam tennis championships, but they gets you ZERO points for fashion Mama! When are you going to learn that your look instantly goes tranny when you go sleeveless? Say it with me, Serena...Sleeves are my friend.
DesignDiva's picture

We are some beautiful black

We are some beautiful black people. I love love love this black support for one another. Alicia looks stunning, Leona Horne like!
cmon now's picture


Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Why is LaLa wearing Kim K's

Why is LaLa wearing Kim K's head piece from her wedding? I hate that dress and the head piece. It looks like a necklace that she wore as a head piece. I really don't like Carmelo's suit either that vest is ugly. Kerri dress looks fab Serena is starting to be shaped like a man. She is falling off to me, what is really going on. Tyra is my chick and I love her dress
Anonymous's picture

LMAOOOOOOOO I was saying the

LMAOOOOOOOO I was saying the same thing about LaLa's headpiece
EntertainmentsFuture's picture

Kerri Washington and Chanel

Kerri Washington and Chanel Iman killed it! Team Skinny! Kerry could use some lotion on those elbows tho. LaLa looks a hot ass mess, A keys looks aight
Amanda's picture

There should really be more

There should really be more information on the charity in these posts
Susan's picture

Everyone looks so lovely and

Everyone looks so lovely and happy to be there to support Keep A Child Alive. I know a few of her fans also went to support. Ms. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are a gorgeous and positive couple. I really adore them together.
Elizabeth's picture

Alicia and Swizz LOOK LIKE

Alicia and Swizz LOOK LIKE BROTHER & SISTER.....WTF me no likey likey, Lala has way toooo much makeup on and shes not rocking that headpiece correctly, the fit is wrong! And this dress looks ill-fitting on Chanel, doesnt look good at all! Kerry Washington looks like a princess! And Tyra looks washed up with her gel-d down unnatural baby hairs. Love the Queens Ht, she rocking the ish out of it!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Hand on Alicia's belly Swizz?

Hand on Alicia's belly Swizz? Baby no.2 on the way maybe...As for Serena, her body looks like Wesley Snipes' character in Too Wong Foo.
Susie's picture

Kerry and Chanel-Iman

Kerry and Chanel-Iman completely dominated! LaLa is trying too hard, as usual and Tasha, those "nude" Louboutins are not nude on us, they're just beige.
NY Seedy's picture

Let me say everyone looks

Let me say everyone looks FAB! When i read these comments everything is always so negative and mean and hurtful. What is going on in your own lives to make u feel this way toward people? This was a charity event for AIDS research and help. Bringing awareness to this cause. And all u can do is criticize the people that were there? So many people made donations and helped. I personally witnessed Swizz, Carmelo and La La, and Serena give from their hearts. Lets not lose sight of this.
Anita Murrad's picture

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