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Whitney & Bobby REUNITE For Dinner With Daughter Bobbi Kristina...After Bobby, Fiancée Alicia, And Baby Boy Cassius Hit The Streets

It's been umpteen years since we've seen these two together out in public.  But everyone's favorite poster couple for that Hollywood Hood love...Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston...are totally different people now.  So the twosome reunited for a normal dinner with the only daughter they have together, Bobbi Kristina.


Bobby was also spotted out with his fiancée, Alicia Etheridge, and their baby boy Cassius.  Pics inside...

Bobbi Kristina is looking all grown up in her mini skirt and tights and navy boots as she went to dinner at a trendy Beverly Hills eatery.  She turns 19 next month (just made myself feel INCREDIBLY old as I vividly remember when this chick was born).  And looked happy as pie to be kicking it with her parents-drama free.  Well isn't that sweet.

Whitney, who won custody of Bobbi Kris following the divorce with Bobby having visitation rights, left out the restaurant alone after Bobbi left out with her dad to head home.  And now that Ms. Bobbi Kris is officially an adult, she's free to do as she pleases...especially when it comes to spending time with both her parents.

Earlier in the day, Sparkle star Whitney made a run to the doctor's office:

And was all smiles as she waved to her fans.  But looked suspiciously out of it once she got into her awaiting car:

Pretty ring.

Meanwhile, before dinner, Bobby B. was spotted out with his new fam--his fiancee Alicia Etheridge and their 2-and-a-half year old son Cassius:

Aww little Cassius has grown up so much.  Cute kid!  And hopefully Bobby's still on board for the upcoming New Edition reunion tour the group is planning...




Ummmmmm, spell it right

Ummmmmm, spell it right though....the word is HOLE (Did you people sleep-in on homonym day?!?!?!?!)....
Anonymous's picture

rihanna, see your future,

rihanna, see your future, minus the respect talent and accomplishment
Anonymous's picture

A perfect example how 1 "man"

A perfect example how 1 "man" can screw up your whole life. Their daughter now has the addiction gene (i pray for her)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™'s picture

That's why i ONLY date olive

That's why i ONLY date olive skin white guys. 100% great times:) Mmm........Yummy
Black Barbie's picture

That's the adolescent

That's the adolescent ignorance I hear from your mouth...any man of any race can or may have caused dysfunction in their family unit...therefore destroying all involved in,some way...You need to rethink your priorities and get the facts before saying anything...
Anonymous's picture

I 2nd that.

I 2nd that.
D to the...'s picture

See What The Dysfunctional

See What The Dysfunctional Friends Meagan Good, Terrell Owens, Draya Michele & More Was Sippin' On! [Ingredients + Photos] http://www.gossipwelove.com/2012/02/see-what-dysfunctional-friends-meaga...
Olivia's picture

The crack mustve did

The crack mustve did something to the tongue because Bobby has that side tongue & now so does Whitney..... #sayNOtoDRUGS
CincyChic's picture

Yeah Bobby's mouth is still

Yeah Bobby's mouth is still twisted from smoking. How embarassing!
shieroc's picture

Is that a hole in Bobbi K

Is that a hole in Bobbi K tights
Anonymous's picture

That damn Bobby Brown's jeans

That damn Bobby Brown's jeans are strong! The lil one has his daddy's look all over him!
Tarinah's picture

you mean "genes" as in DNA

you mean "genes" as in DNA not "jeans"
Anonymous's picture


Tarinah's picture

What a MESSY family! I used

What a MESSY family! I used to think Whitney was so beautiful. Now look at her. DRUGS are terrible. And poor Bobby Christina. That horrid WIG/WEAVE and she looks messy. This is tragic. It really is. Whitney's voice is totally gone due to poor choices. And I will never understand the Ray J situation.... MESSY!
Furiously FENTY's picture

this whole situation looks

this whole situation looks crackish
Anonymous's picture


DEAD & ROTFLOL! O.M.G. Hilarious! Still laughing.....Wooooo chile....too funny!
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if u want to look and act

if u want to look and act liek whiteney, go head and vote for obama. followers resemble the so called "leader." if obama is to lead again, 95% will all turn to crackheads. so lets vote for ROMNEY 2012
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if u are not yt or 1% romeny

if u are not yt or 1% romeny already consideres u a crack head. get a clue Obama might not be the best but atleast he doesn ot hate me like the racist rich republicans!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Yeah...Nobody looks like that

Yeah...Nobody looks like that now and he's been here 4 years. Matter of fact, even Whitney got her act together.
Anonymous's picture

Bullskit!!!! Go ahead and

Bullskit!!!! Go ahead and vote for Romney and once you get 'fired' and hit that unemployment line, we'll see how much crack it takes to get you through.
ThatChick's picture

"Love & Hip Hop" Not Having A

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Anonymous's picture

Do we see that ring on

Do we see that ring on Whitney's finger!?
Anonymous's picture

o_O everybody looks so

o_O everybody looks so crack-y. even the baby!
steelo's picture

I hate you!!!! lolol

I hate you!!!! lolol
Anonymous's picture

Oh wow...Whitney Sucks her

Oh wow...Whitney Sucks her finger
Anonymous's picture

I noticed that too... this

I noticed that too... this post is sad sad sad.
Anonymous's picture

I noticed that too... This

I noticed that too... This entire post is sad sad sad!
Anonymous's picture

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