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COUPLEDOM: Brandy & Boyfriend Ryan Do Valentine's Day Dinner

Brandy spent Valentine's Day with her new boo Ryan.   The cute couple hit up Nobu Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills for some cutesy quality time.  Pics inside....



After a rough weekend of Brandy losing one of her idols, her cute boyfriend doted on her with Louis Vuitton gifts and a romantic dinner to celebrate V-Day:

We're loving this sparkly blazer.

Looks like somebody knows how to cheer her up.  Maybe she's got a keeper...

Pics: BrandyFans.com





BRocka! Love this girl.

BRocka! Love this girl.
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Brandy looks beautiful! Her

Brandy looks beautiful! Her and Ryan complement each other nicely.
JD's picture

they look cute together.

they look cute together.
Anonymous's picture

Brandy looks pretty and

Brandy looks pretty and happy. Her bf does not look too fond of the paps but is still handsome and protective of his girl. Really feeling them. He looks like he could be the twin brother of Laz Alonzo. =D
college_fab89's picture

Exactly stop hating @ Y . I

Exactly stop hating @ Y . I hate 2 read chicks coming on her judging ppl. You only showcase ur own insecurities by putting some1 else down.She's beautiful and so wld u if u start appreciating other ppl.
Caramelle's picture

Brandy looks cute, glad to

Brandy looks cute, glad to see her smiling despite losing her idol this past weekend. Im happy she finally found a good guy
Shay's picture

Brandy's been looking real

Brandy's been looking real good lately! Happy for her! Love this chick!
Dith's picture

He seems to much more

He seems to much more together than that "producer" dude she had a baby with. What a slob he was! Glad to see happy.
Anonymous's picture

Cute. With that symmetrical

Cute. With that symmetrical box face he looks so masculine. lol
yooooooo's picture

CUTE COUPLE...i hope this is

CUTE COUPLE...i hope this is a great year for Brandy...marriage and #1 album
Anonymous's picture

You Go Brandy-I'm lovin it-

You Go Brandy-I'm lovin it- happiness looks good on you
arealblkwoman's picture

Brandy looks very cute and

Brandy looks very cute and she looks like she is happy! Her bf is cute!! Go girl!!
Jonnae 's picture

She is too damn old to be

She is too damn old to be rocking a mid-drift! Brandy wears a lot f make-up and lacks natural beauty but she looks pretty with all of that makeup on.
Why?'s picture

How is she too old? I guess

How is she too old? I guess Janet Jackson is too old as well? and all women who show they tummy? brandy is naturally pretty I've seen pictures with no make up on and even as a kid, she has amazing features.. but then again thats your opinion.
dannu's picture

@WHY, I agree with you on

@WHY, I agree with you on that one. Brandy is not a looker but you must remember, most black women who are not mixed are not lookers therefore they pretend that those like themselves are beautiful. To put it simply, these bitches lying.
Anonymous's picture

Where do you hang???? I've

Where do you hang???? I've seen more STRANGE looking mixed people than a little - flaming red nappy hair on a sweet potato looking face, white lips on black faces, big breasts with no back, OH I COULD GO ON..... TRUE Black is beautiful sweetie - from Lauryn Hill, Kelly Rowland, Kelly Williams (Laura from Family Matters), Debbi Morgan (soap actress), Maia Campbell, Kenya Moore, Meagan Good, Vivica Fox (before the knife), Nia Long, Whitney Houston, and that hoe Gabby Union, to classic beauties like Phylicia Rashad, and Diahann Carroll to name a few. WE just don't get the exposure of "mixed chx" bc prejudice STILL exists, and many people (even other Blacks/mixed with Black folk) give more shine to anything but us to keep us thinking we're substandard. HOWEVER, as an ALL BLACK chick who has been asked since birth whether I was mixed with anything (NO), had all-Black parents (YES), or modeled (1st, I'm too short, and 2nd, Heck Nah, I use my brain & am highly educated), I am here to state that TRUE BLACK needs to come BACKKKKKKK (My ALL-BLACK husband & I are training our FINE, EDUCATED, & ATHLETIC son & daughter who are chased by all races to know the beauty of a TRUE BLACK mate), and be MORE FIERCE THAN EVER!!!! Get it Brown sistas - We it!!!! Make 'em recognize!!!
Tee's picture

Stop hating!!

Stop hating!!
Jonnae 's picture

YEa, hating on Brandy.

YEa, hating on Brandy. yea...........right. I don't think nobody in their right mind is hating on Brandy. Now, if she looked like Halle.............then yea.
Why?'s picture

um fyi, halle had a nose job

um fyi, halle had a nose job so even halle doesn't think halle is the standard of beauty you dumbass
Tired of Furious's picture

She does not need to look

She does not need to look like Halle. She is absolutely stunning as she is. Since when Halle is the standard for beauty. Beauty comes in all type. Stop being so ignorant!
mo's picture

Go ahead, admit it. You're

Go ahead, admit it. You're like 12-years-old right? Because only someone with a young mind and mentality could say something like this. You do know that Halle Berry isn't the standard on beauty right? And guess what? Not everyone thinks Halle is the "be all" to beauty. Brandy is beautiful. Just because your simple mind can't see it, doesn't mean it's not true.
Anonymous's picture

And u must look like a dark

And u must look like a dark busted monkey. Brandy is naturally unattractive. If you need weave, MAC, lashes, etc to look decent................your ass ugly! Also, when did BRANDY become stunning? lmao............
Why?'s picture

Really? Dark busted monkey?

Really? Dark busted monkey? Your ignorance just keeps seeping through. And "naturally unattractive". What kind of oxymoron is that? I guess that's like calling you naturally dumb or naturally ignorant. You were born that way, eh? So I guess Beyonce is ugly, Nicki Minaj is ugly, Rihanna is ugly. Because every one them has used MAC, lashes, etc...to look decent.
Anonymous's picture

I can't cosign on your

I can't cosign on your "looked like Halle" earlier comment, but I do agree with the assessment that if you need weave, MAC, lashes, and my addition = booty lifts, and over the top flashy dress so we don't focus on your face enhancements -------------------------- YOU MIGHT BE UGLY!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!!!!
Hmmmm./...'s picture

Im sure your Unattractive

Im sure your Unattractive thats why its so easy to come off so negative lol no one considers you cute do they? Brandy is beautiful with and with ought the makeup...
dannu's picture

Brandy was cute b4 the

Brandy was cute b4 the weave..lashes and mac...even on Thea with her ate up lil bob...and by the way..give us your facebook or twitter so we can see how you look...I GUARANTEE you look a mess....we're waiting
Anonymous's picture

shut down!!!! yes were

shut down!!!! yes were waiting......
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