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WHOA: Rihanna Taps CHRIS BROWN For Her "Cake" Remix....More Details On Chris Attending Her Birthday Party?!

Things just got real interesting.  There may just be a reason afterall that Rihanna's been hanging out real heavy with her ex Chris Brown.  And it's all because they're allegedly "Cake"in...musically and somewhat physically.  Deets inside...

The homie Miss Info just dropped a musical bomb.  Her longtime industry sources just revealed that Rihanna has made her "Cake" single collabo partner official....and it's none other than Breezy himself.

Rihanna announced weeks ago that she is dropping a full remixed version of her "Birthday Cake" track (from the Talk That Talk album) on her birthday next week.  But she's only hinted as to who she's tapped to join her on the track.  She tweeted that the person is hot....dirty (in a good way)....and male.

The song's producers, Da Internz, told MTV today that the artist she brought on is "gonna shock the world"...but didn't reveal a name.

And "shock" is an understatement. 

Miss Info confirms the cameo will indeed be from Chris Brown.  And he's already recorded both a rap verse and a singing verse.  No word on if one or both will appear. 

This all would explain why both Chris & Rihanna were spotted leaving the (alleged) same recording studio right before the Grammys last weekend.  Hmmm...

And that's not all...rumors flew last week that Chris Brown hit up Rihanna's private early birthday party in L.A. (since she'll be in London on her actual birthday) a few days ago.  There was no proof before...until now. (The cake above is from her party--and it's Rih Rih in lingerie riding her spliff.)

Some party goers who decided not to answer Chris' demand of signing confidentiality agreement have spilled the beans.  People tweeted he was indeed there--along with Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Chris Martin and plenty of Rih's other friends.

Reports claim today that Chris not only showed up to the party, but was spotted canoodling up to Rih Rih damn near all night.  And it didn't appear strictly platonic to others.  Other party goers said the same.

Meanwhile, Chris, whose people still deny any type of romantic hook up with Rihanna, jetted to Miami yesterday with his girlfriend Karrueche*eyebrows raised*






I can care less what they do.

I can care less what they do. I just want to see a vid of them doing the dirty #dontjudgeme. Ya act as if ya didnt see teh rayj and kk vid lol
Exactly's picture

America has such a

America has such a judgemental culture. Just because everything happened doesn't mean that they can't be friends. Yes, what happened is an unfortunate but we can't expect her to write him off completely. I am sure that there are a lot of great qualities in Chris. Forgiving is forgiving. People forgive abusive parents, fights with their friends, siblings, etc. all of the time. Why is this any different. I wish people would live their life and stop worrying about what other people do. Real talk!
Ms Rosie's picture

Omg, who gives a f*** what

Omg, who gives a f*** what they do. It's their business. I don't understand why folks are so caught up with what these celebrities choose to do with their lives. If Rihanna forgives him, more power to her. If Chris Brown is "canoodling" with Rihanna, more power to him. At the end of the day, They're going to do whatever the f*** they want regardless of what other people have to say.
Anonymous's picture

I agree, ppl should just

I agree, ppl should just leave them alone they are both grown. Look how long the incident happened. I like them together! Rihanna and Chris brown just get back together plzzzzz.
Anonymous's picture

I agree, ppl should just

I agree, ppl should just leave them alone they are both grown. Look how long the incident happened. I like them together! Rihanna and Chris brown just get back together plzzzzz.
Anonymous's picture

Bottom line is these two are

Bottom line is these two are being rewarded to do what they do from a professional standpoint and personal one as well. They are terrible role models and everything about them is sexually charged and chemically motivated. He beat the s.h.i.t out of Rhianna and then she actually became a BIGGER star and so did Chris Brown ironically, even winning a coveted Grammy award. This is all part of the plan to make minorities who look up to them engage in this same destructive behavior and believe that it's OK and everybody does it. They are both detached from reality however; it is they're life and it doesn't affect me in anyway, because I can see past the Hollywood BLING and see the bigger picture!!
customcalendars4u2's picture

Love this comment!!!

Love this comment!!!
Anonymous's picture

Can't wait for this song

Can't wait for this song #TeamNavy LOL!
Anonymous's picture

its probably Beyonce, J-cole,

its probably Beyonce, J-cole, nas, trey songz, rkelly,drake,nicki M, lil wayne...
ihatewhitepeople's picture

Beyonce would never do a song

Beyonce would never do a song with this talentless slore!!!
KingBeysus's picture

Bey is a good performer but

Bey is a good performer but she's not up there either. Now, if you mention these artists next to Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Sade or Prince then you can call them talentless slore. R kelly is a good songwriter and singer. Nas is also a good rapper.
anon's picture

Okay! SO if they are "CAke

Okay! SO if they are "CAke In" physically, nobody should really be upset with Chris Brown anymore. yes what he did was wrong. i excepeted that....NOWW WTH?! is RiRi doing?! If there "relationship" goes sour there is nobody to blame but her azz! #TeamChrisBrown
Anonymous's picture

Fuck Karrueche! Who cares if

Fuck Karrueche! Who cares if a relationship between a black man and a non black woman goes sour? Chris ain't married! Dont be mad a Rih, he was hers first. Yall ain't mad at that hoe AKeys (who broke up a whole marriage) how can you even question Rihanna?!
Girl Bye's picture

I really get a kick coming on

I really get a kick coming on here seeing you dumb asses argue over ppl you know nothing about..All yall doing is reading all the different blogs and putting your info together..I find it hard to believe she's with Matt and he's letting her be all up in Chris' s face and vice versa..But I digress.. What I do want to say is that 90% of yall need to get a life and a F'n job...So until Tuesday... because unlike yall I have a job and a three day weekend and I will not be looking at the fuckery that is this website for three whole days...But it makes for great entertainment at work...Deuces..Oh and I'm off early today... Get out and go do something with yall lives...Sheesh
Tay tay's picture

How about while you're at

How about while you're at work you earn your pay?
say what?'s picture

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Check out my brand new single "Insane" http://youtu.be/NYgQaRlIhAg
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BelleFemmeFashions's picture

@Furious Styles re:11:15 am

@Furious Styles re:11:15 am -- "I told people MONTHS ago these two were dating behind the scenes." You ain't tellin' nobody shit! They're NOT dating! This is just publicity for her "Cake" single. She/Def Jam saw what having a Chris look-a-like did for "WFL" and everyone NOW sees $$$$$$$. Fact is, she's BACK with Matt Kemp: http://www.terezowens.com/matt-kemp-back-with-rihanna-the-two-spotted-in... ..AND she also spent New Year's Eve with him too, as was reported here on YBF: http://theybf.com/2012/01/01/rihanna-hits-up-diddys-nye-bashwith-ex-matt... Now you may ask "why?". I'll tell you "why": http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20397717,00.html <-- Is Rihanna putting a curse on Matt Kemp? You see, what even YOU cannot deny, nor rewrite, is history: HERstory/affect on the men in her life. EVERY MAN who publicly consorts with Rihanna then fails badly and suffers near-career-ending bad-luck! ..First it was Chris (luckily, God for blessing HIM with talent and the energies to now make an epic return), now, it's Matt. Before Rihanna, Matt was well on his way to baseball superstardom. In 2009, he JUST missed making the MLB Allstar team. In 2010, after he's officially "coupled-up" with your fave, he then suffers THE absolute worst season of his career. ..THEN came that video of him picking-up groupies outside that L.A. club: no more Riri/Matt. WITHOUT Rihanna in his life, and come the 2011 baseball season, he then enjoys T-H-E absolutely BEST season yet. ..And now that he's dumb-enough to be back with her?! Well, that's why they're trying to keep it all on-the-hush. You see, in this way, They're hoping NOT to make Rihanna a target, ONCE AGAIN SHOULD HE FAIL! ..But you know what? Rihanna's affect on the men in her life is "set in stone" and there's no amount of spin, nor arguing that'll resolve that fact. And, rest assured, history will AGAIN repeat itself and he WILL fail!! But only THIS time - I'll be there to present proof - and fan the flames on the Dodger blogs - as to who is directly responsible for their bad luck and strife(your fave): Rhianna Fenty..!! When I'm done, I'm gonna have the Dodger fans run her outta L.A. - just you watch; I don't do it as a part of "Team Breezy" - I have my reasons: shit JUST got personal..!! X,Y,"and Z" -- "Q. "Conan, what is BEST in life? A. "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!!"
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

If you've ever had good toe

If you've ever had good toe curling dick then you'll understand why Rhi-Rhi can't let go. Plain and simple.
Mirabella Tells the Truth's picture

One thing about me I keeps it

One thing about me I keeps it REAL. You can't deny, gooooood dick will make you do some SHIT!!! And I saw pictures of this young man... He can slap me around a time or two! LMAO!!!!!!!
PrettyNic's picture

Have you ever had your Face

Have you ever had your Face Beat Black/Blue...No Dick is Worth that,I Don't care how Good it is,I want RESPECT! If a Man Respect you he will Never put his Hands on you,that should be one of the First Rules a Mother teach her Son ,Never Hit A Woman!
Anonymous's picture

@Mirabella re: 12:05 pm -- It

@Mirabella re: 12:05 pm -- It also means that Matt Kemp is..."weak", and not entirely.."measuring-up" to "Allstar" standards. And yes, she's back with him: Matt Kemp pictured spending New Year's Eve Together: http://theybf.com/2012/01/01/rihanna-hits-up-diddys-nye-bashwith-ex-matt... And she was seen in London with him. And she was going to strip clubs with him. X,Y,"and Z"
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot; 's picture

Soooo they were both at the

Soooo they were both at the same party...and? Sweetheart you are reaching for the moon and stars right now. All because Rihanna is back with Chris? What you think she's gonna put a Barbabian curse on him that'll make him lose his Grammy?  Please....
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous: re:12:55 pm

@Anonymous: re:12:55 pm -- "Sooo they were both at the same party..and?" It wasn't "JUST only" "ONE party" - they also traveled to London together; partied together, and then spent, as reported and pictured here on YBF, New Year's Eve together. And as those in the Sports World ALREADY know: "Singer Rihanna is spotted leaving Stringfellows Club in London. The Pop superstar was spotted leaving the club with Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp…I’M BEING TOLD THE TWO ARE GIVING IT ANOTHER GO now that Matt’s season is over…Kemp could never seem to shake this girl…We all know Kemp put up MVP type numbers WITHOUT her in his life…Maybe she’s just someone he can date during the offseason. -TO" Read more at http://www.terezowens.com/matt-kemp-back-with-rihanna-the-two-spotted-in... Rihanna is BACK with Matt Kemp. She/Def Jam is now only trying to use Chris - as they saw what that CBreezy look-a-like did for "We Found Love" - to create buzz around "Cake". Sorry Riri/Def Jam, we might have been born yesterday, but we have really fast browsers and those servers NEVER forget..!! X,Y,"and Z"
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

@Anonymous re: Feb 17th,

@Anonymous re: Feb 17th, 2012, 8:38 am -- "Actually that is not in the official police report. Go over to TMZ and do a search on the official report." <--O~o Sorry, "Actually," IT IS! What I'd cut-n-paste is TMZ THEMSELVES quoting their LAPD sources (close to and involved with/in the case), who THEN quoted from what was on T-H-E "OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT". What everyone is now quoting from - is the very same that was used/quoted from back in March 2009: AN APPLICATION FOR A WARRANT TO GET THE CELL PHONE RECORDS! An "official statement" is one that bears the signature of the officer taking the statement, and most important - the "victim" making the claims (as thus stated in said statement)! Everything else is mere speculation and "HEARSAY": not admissible in a court of law!! Again; what REALLY happened in that Lambo on Feb 8th, 2009: "Sources say Rihanna WAS THE FIRST ONE TO STRIKE -- slapping and STRIKING Brown "NUMEROUS TIMES" while he was driving, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown. We're told much of this is reflected in the OFFICIAL police report BASED ON WHAT RIHANNA TOLD COPS" Here's the link, pull your head out of the sand and have a read: http://www.tmz.com/2009/03/09/brown-wants-misdemeanor-plea-no-jail-time/ X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

I feel sorry for that Karaoke

I feel sorry for that Karaoke girl cuz if Rihanna ever decides that she wants Chris back, he's gonna drop her like a bad habit. Sad cuz i think she's a cute girl and Chris needs somebody not in the spotlight. Ri may be using Chris cuz he's hot again right now and putting him on her Cake track will stir up more publicity for her...well actually for both of them. I know Chris if prolly telling his girl that it's strictly business with Ri, but i would not be happy about it. I know how i would feel if my man was spending all this time with his ex (5 hours in her Grammys dressing room, her bday party, hours in the studio, etc), and that feeling would NOT be happiness:-/
Anon's picture

I told people MONTHS ago

I told people MONTHS ago these two were dating behind the scenes. Now it's out in the open. Chris winning the GRAMMY was all they were waiting for. Now that Chris has been "forgiven" by the establishment they think it's ok to publicly date now. I'm happy for Rihanna. I don't trust Chris Brown but I understand that they were torn apart mostly by the public. Chris will never do what he did again (I hope) and Rihanna can handle him. Chris Brown is just not my type of man but like with Bobby and Whitney....the laws of attraction are what they are. I will always support Rihanna. I think in time she will bore of the FELON. But even if she does that....it's her life. #Rihannanavy4life
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Chris does not want Rihanna.

Chris does not want Rihanna. She is trash. She can't move on with her life and she has proved that thru her messages on twitter. Rihanna probably paid him a lot to appear on the track. It's a business move for Chris.
KingBeysus's picture

I don't think Chris hits

I don't think Chris hits Karachute(whatever her name is), so he's learned his lesson Team Rihanna and Chris. Miranda, the country singer is just mad she's didn't win any award.
ANON's picture

Media does not care, they

Media does not care, they like drama. It's between Rihanna and Chris, if they want to remain friends, so what? It's the past, and they are trying to move forward. Maybe, this is her way to say, she's forgiven him since the media like to be negative about Chris
ANON's picture

Chris leave that girl

Chris leave that girl alone!!! She's your Competition.......
Anonymous's picture

We shall see...if its

We shall see...if its true...MY YEAR WILL BE MADE!!! :D
lovinricb's picture

Rhianna Riding a

Rhianna Riding a Spliff....HOW CLASSY IS THAT???? On another Note...Some women LOVE getting Beat the Fuck Up by Men....SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!!! Wake the Fuck Up Rhianna before your OBSESSION takes you 6 feet UNDER!!!!! SMH!!!!

I think this is all a lie..I

I think this is all a lie..I think she collaborated with George Michael. hot, dirty, will shock the world..yeap it's him..
Anonymous's picture

cuz he already put his name

cuz he already put his name on it....cake cake cake cake....it not even my birthday...but he wanna put his name on it.....lol
chrissy17's picture

Its all a Lie...its just for

Its all a Lie...its just for publicity. Do your really think she can get away with making a track with CB?! Her label would not approve of that shit. You fools believe any and everything
ihatewhitepeople's picture

You are right in that this is

You are right in that this is for publicity. Now that Chris is a Grammy winner, I'm assuming they think this will be a good look for her. This is shock and awe, Rihanna is notorious for that, just listen to her music and watch her videos *google her charges*.  However, you are wrong in thinking the record label will be against it. Not only did the label approve of it, but I'm almost certain the idea was conceived by them. Where do you think she got the funding to pay Chris and to also pay for studio time? These artists cannot do anything without the label approving. 
Anonymous's picture

Let them be! Let her be...Let

Let them be! Let her be...Let Chris be...its their life...and its up to them if they want a life together or not...not our choice...As Chris Brown would say..DEUCES
Ateya's picture

*Yawn* You never have an

*Yawn* You never have an opinion on anything, do what you do best- making YouTube videos. GTFOH Ateya!
Anon's picture

When I was watching the red

When I was watching the red carpet for the Grammy's last week, one of the commentators quoted Chris Brown saying that he and Rhianna were back together, but they were keeping it quite for now, and that they were working on music together. I thought that was kinda weird, so I had to press rewind just to make sure I heard correctly, and I did!!! I was surprised no news/media source has really commented on it. Not really sure how I feel about it yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will have lots of negative and positive opinions.... I'm curious to see how this will play out.
HoneyDIVA's picture

I know it's fine and all to

I know it's fine and all to forgive people but she is the one still running behind him. How pathetic she is. He had a number of women after their incident and now seems to be happey w/ that "K girl. If he was able to move on how pathetic and deperate of Rih to still want him back in the worst way. They were toxic together but her ego want allow her to accept the fact that he is maybe in love w/ a reg girl. I have a friend just like Rih she could not get over the fact that this guy she liked dumped her for a nobody little nurse and she was a first year Dr in her mind she just could not get over the fact that here she was this Salli Richardson looking person w/ hair to the butt and this plain jane liitle nurse stole this man's attention from her. This is Rih too how could he put the face of this unknown nobody new girl toy on his arm. When I am Rih the Super Star w/ millions in my bank acc. This is Vanity and having a over blown ego in the worst way! These type of women grew almost obsessive about getting their men back at any cost. It still blows their mind that the men they wanted so bad have moved on. It's soooo pathetic! I have lost respect for her now. I was never a Chris Brown Basher. I never liked the way the media always seemed to taunt him . I was still always team Rih. Even though she does not have a great voice I liked her and her music. Her music is good for working out but now I can't support her any more. This girl I see is just like the 'Bey' stans were saying all the time an untalented unworthy underserving island trash girl! Dying your hair to compete w/ the "K girl. To tell the truth Rih and the "K girl look better w/ darker hair but Rih looks worse. It draws attention to her nose making her look Ms Piggy like and a night walker! Just prepare to loose fans over this. Your career will surely end quicker now. Chris has a Grammy and really does not want or need you. He has worked his way from the bottom to the top without you. In the end you will be the one going down in flames and rightfully so! What a disappointment you are to all your fan. News flash to Rih find a new man without all the baggage and move the hell on! Put the bruised ego aside!
LovelyGirl's picture

I thought this comment as

I thought this comment as many others were very out of place. See what people fail to realize, is another persons love life is just what it is, there love life. It's people like you and the media you fuel such negativity. I am a person who like music, all kinds of music that is. I appreciate the artist who perform the music. As far as there personal lives, that is just none of my business or yours either. Who are you to pass judgment on anybody. I don't pass judgement on nobody, that is not my place it is the Lords! Before you go around quoting your feelings about something that does not affect your day 2 day. Try picking up the bible and finding yourself.
gcomp1577's picture


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON...?!?! (Ron Isley voice)
Anonymous's picture


BETWEEN THE SHEETS IN MY HOME!! LOL UGH whatever let them be.....
Flaca's picture

LOL! And yes, I agree... they

LOL! And yes, I agree... they know what they're doing, but I would like to know also LOL
Anonymous's picture

Rihanna is full of shit. She

Rihanna is full of shit. She made a big deal when Chris bust her ass. Not saying that Chris was right. But a lot of people turned their back on him because of her. Now all of a sudden she want to work with him smh. She is something else. With her no talent ass. She better thank god that she is pretty because if she was fat and dark skin she would have never made it!
Anonymous.'s picture

So true. Forget the fat; had

So true. Forget the fat; had she been darker, she wouldn't have a place in top 20 anything as often as she does.
hmm's picture

That cake theme is NOT CUTE.

That cake theme is NOT CUTE. As far as her and Breezy hooking back up, it's a recipe for disaster for her PROFESSIONALLY. But she courts controversy in her song themes, lyrics and videos (eg Man Down, S&M) so her handlers prolly feel she needs a controversial shock right now to get those album sales flowing again.
Anonymousity's picture

I can't say i'm

I can't say i'm surprised....it was bound to happen that they'd work together or get back together. I don't really think they've ever stopped messing around with each other and I think Chris and Rhi's partners after that debacle knew they still loved each other. Not surprised at all
Anonymous's picture

So is anyone going to ignore

So is anyone going to ignore the elephant in the room...that cake is very disturbing. It's starts off with weed and then she goes through a traumatic episode and starts abusing the more serious drugs. Is that a syringe I see next to the cake? What kind of sick joke is this. Her record label is setting her up for failure.  This is how Whitney got her start. I'm just saying. Her fans, friends and handlers think its cute, but when she's strung out 5 years from now everyone will be saying "where we're her so called friends"?
Anonymous's picture

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