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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: June Ambrose Premieres "Styled By June," Dishes On Her Clientele

The haute June Ambrose stepped out in NYC last night for her premiere of her upcoming VH1 show "Styled By June."  And with friends...who happen to also be her clients...like Jay-Z stopping through, it was a fab occasion indeed.


TheYBF.com caught up with the styling guru last night to find out about her most difficult clients, and if any members of The Carter Family will be making an appearance on the show...


June looked fantastically feminine at her NYC premiere at the Crosby St. Hotel last night in a Spring 2012 Cynthia Rowley colorful floral detailed Cynthia Rowley cocktail dress, bronze Brian Atwood pumps, Henri Bendel silver python clutch (she dished to us she loves mixing her metallics) and a silver Hermes cuff.

She's the CEO of her own company, Mode Squad, Inc.  And was the style architect for the US version of "X-Factor."  So, of course, we had to sit down and get the goods on who will (and won't) be making an appearance on the make-over focused series, who are the most difficult clients, and if she co-signs on youngins like Willow Smith having so much style freedom.  Check out our NYC correspondent Ashley Ennis on video with June during last night's event:


On whether The Carters will be making an appearance on the show (since she was spotted with cameras in tow styling Jay for his Carnegie Hall concerts)

"No! [Laughs] Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Mary J, all of those clients, they don't need this show.  They are GOOD!  Jay doesn't need this process.  In this show, the process is about the emancipation, the rebranding...he's good.  The story line you see in this show is a lot more raw, it's so honest, and it's people you love and you want to see win at the end of the day. At the end of each episode you have a better understanding of what the celebs have to go through to become the Jay-Zs and to be the Alicias."

On who were her most difficult clients

"Everyone had difficult moments.  I had to deal with each one differently.  Some were more difficult than others.  Brat was difficult.  Um, Shanna Moakler was.  But every situation was a difficult process.  But that's what goes into it.  I mean, if it's not difficult then the work isn't really being done."

On staying fabulous at all times, despite juggling 2 kids, husband and hectic career

"I call it the wake before the quake.  I don't let my kids tap on my forehead like an earthquake is happening.  Don't wake me I'll wake myself, so that I'll feel nice.  By the time I'm dealing with you, 2 hours later, I am HAUTE.  [LAUGHS]  That's how you balance it.  You take time to work on yourself both mentally and emotionally.  I think you're a better parent and better partner that way.  I love cooking.  It's therapeutic for me and I love taking care of my family that way."

On styling her own family

"Styling my husband [Marc] is the worst.  He's very naturally fashionable.  My kids--the worst.  I hate styling them too.  [My son] Chance doesn't want to be styled.  And [my daughter] Summer is so headstrong and has such a great eye for pieces.  I put things in their reach that I want them to have on.  That's the psychology.  Like with my celebrity clients--I take things out of their closet that'll wreck what we've been working on."

On if she would give her own 11-year-old daughter (her daughter Summer isn't quite that age yet) as much style freedom as Willow Smith

"Parenting is not easy.  [Will & Jada] do things their way.  And I think they're amazing parents.  I'm not going to tell anyone else how to raise their kids.  Nor am I going to have an opinion about it.  Creative freedom is so important.  We're from an artistic place.  I think there are boundaries.  But whatever they're doing seems like it's working because [Willow] seems like a very well-rounded child."

"Would I let MY child shave off half of her head?  No.  We're just coming from two different places.  I don't judge."


More pics from last night's premiere:


With Deborah Cox

Fab! "Styled By June" premieres March 19th at 9:30p ET/PT on VH1.

Video Correspondent: Ashley Ennis



Sorry June. You're not FAB.

Sorry June. You're not FAB. This is a subject I know personally. This woman is not a good stylist. If your best clients are Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Mary J, Da Brat and Steve Urkel???? you're not a RELEVANT stylist. PERIOD. Sorry. This woman does not have a style that you can even pin point or recognize. All she does is pull high end labels and literally throws them on these people. Alicia Keys (who I love) 9 times out of 10 never looks good in the clothes she wears. I try to chalk that up to the fact Alicia is interested in other things BEYOND style (which is fine). Rachel Zoe is 100 times better and more relevant. Rachel has a look as does Jen Rade. When you see these women's clients you see something innovative and new. When you see June's fashion disasters you see recycled looks and designers that don't elevate the personalities that they are on. Like what does it take it to put Jay-Z in Tom Ford? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Part of being a good stylist is forecasting and June is locked in the late 90's. June is a "HIP HOP HACK" and she has no personal style to speak of. You never see anyone of her clients killing it or showing good style off or on the red carpet. Just throwing on labels is not being a stylist. One of the reasons why Rihanna is a STYLE ICON is because she surprises people....she takes RISKS. Riahnna also wins on the red carpet as well as off. June is suffers from the same limits that BET and most people in the urban community suffer from and that is a lack of imagination and risk tasking. Look at Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz those women have STYLE and it's not about expensive labels. Most people like June lack of understanding that STYLE is not exclusively found in well known labels but new designers that are less well known. It's like when Kanye West showed his fashion line...the best his mind could come up with was basically leather and fur re-creations and fashion is FAR more expansive than that. There is a lot to be said about VISION, CREATIVITY and Imagination.... qualities that June Ambrose clearly lacks.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Obviously, no one listened to

Obviously, no one listened to the interview. June's show is about the process of makeover and rebranding (usually with challenging clients. Rachael's show is about the realities of juggling career and life (notice June's family is not on the show). One story told from the perspective of the artist the other told by the artist highlighting their process in a given area. I hate when people cause friction for no reason. Both ladies tell a story and serve a purpose. Love them both... There's enough money for all and if even Perez Hilton realizes hating is sinister we all can.
Anonymous's picture

You spent a lot of time

You spent a lot of time writing this and you sound like your bitter , angry and possibly jealous. Spend more time working hard, less time putting out negative energy and maybe with some hard work one day THEYBF.COM may do a story about an accomplishment in your life. Its not too late hunty, you can do it.
Dragon Slayer's picture

I agree with some of what you

I agree with some of what you said tho...but you be going in....I dont like her personal style that much...
GTFOH 's picture

U doing tooo much. She gotta

U doing tooo much. She gotta be doing something right to have a show. Suck it.
GTFOH 's picture

i'm sure she did and so much

i'm sure she did and so much more! LMAO!!!!!!How do you think she got her own showLOL!
Anonymous's picture

RIGHT ON! I know this chick

RIGHT ON! I know this chick personally! Its smoke and mirrors! SERIOUSLY! The assistants are mere pawns in this game that June and her husband play. Go deeper with the husband! ITS LOADS of stuff about them that would cause them to RUN if ever released. June is EXTREMELY Jealous of Rachel. You guys have NOOOO Idea. Its eating her up. Remember when the 1ST Working title "June Ambrose Project" was released? June acted ALL surprised but her Husband n her released that. NO LIE! The answers are in the endless trails of assistants and employees who worked for her like: Becca Alexis, Atiba Newsome *splchk* etc- THEY KNOW
It's About Style's picture

Nonsense, The June Ambrose

Nonsense, The June Ambrose Project was a working title because Vh1 was still clearing Styled By June. Show titles have to be approved and trademarked. As far as assistants go I know Rebecca Alexis, Atiba Newsome and Roger Mckenzie , Eric Archibald and they are all still cool with June.
Anonymous's picture

Oh really???! Smoke n

Oh really???! Smoke n mirrors. They were treated like Shit! Whomever you are- You Reaching!
Yeah Ok's picture

I agree with you 100%!!

I agree with you 100%!!
ThatStylistChick's picture

First of all, the question

First of all, the question should've been will any of her notable clients make an appearance on the show. Not, will any of the Carters be on the show. That's why they think the world won't spin if they're not in it. At any rate, i'm confused by her answer. They don't need the show? Ok, so is the premise of the show is to give her d-list clients a name or to show the reality of being a stylist to the stars? And I would never ever in a million years admit to styling Alicia Keys.
Anonymous's picture

She .....like many

She .....like many celebs......has on TOO MUCH damn make-up. She doesn't even need all of that mess on her face b/c unlike many of the chicks who wear it........is naturally pretty.
LOL's picture

you really can't tell the way

you really can't tell the way its all caked up...and I'm sure she is not as old as she is looking...
dwifey's picture

too much makeup

too much makeup
dwifey's picture

See how GORGEOUS Jay Camel's

See how GORGEOUS Jay Camel's face is........Cray Bey Bey is REALLY IN LOVE with that Camel (or RICH guy who can HELP HER become a BILLIONAIRE <------ Bey's #1 GOAL IN LIFE)
Solange&#039;s Giant Friggin&#039; Camel Toe's picture

Really????????????? With

Really????????????? With crazy ass people like you out there, I would be swatted out tighter than the president himself, and to top it off, you are actually calling her crazy. I swear some people.
TK's picture

She is so FAB!!!!!!!!!!!

She is so FAB!!!!!!!!!!!
Paralegal 2013's picture

She looks like she could be

She looks like she could be the triplet sister to Tasha Smith & her twin;-)
Anonymous's picture

She says that her A list

She says that her A list clients (Jay, Alicia, Mary) won't be on the show because they don't need it. Well, she NEEDS them if she wants ratings. No one cares about Z list celebs which is what appears will be on her show. You didn't see Rachel Zoe working with Z list clients. OAN: I love what she's wearing here. So glad she didn't take her normal "over-the-top" route.
Elle's picture

ok, next

ok, next
Anonymous's picture

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your success Ms. Ambrose.
Janet's picture

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