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FAMILY AFFAIR: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange & Kelly Rowland And Her Boo Grab Post-Fundraiser Dinner

After a big night at the Obama 2012 fundraiser at Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, Beyonce met up with hubby Jay-Z and sister Solange and bestie Kelly Rowland.  The crew grabbed diner at Nobu and went back to The Carters' residence blocks away so Kelly & her boo could visit Princess B.I.C.


Pics inside...


Looks like we weren't the only ones loving Bey's sleek navy Victoria Beckham frock.  Mr. Carter kept his hands on his wife as they navigated through the street crowds to and from dinner last night.  Not mad at that.  Beyonce and her fam had just made an appearance at the Obama 2012 fundraiser at the Greenwich Hotel.

She stepped out for dinner in navy & black Nicholas Kirkwood sandals and a sparkling Lanvin necklace with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Loves the exposed back zipper.



First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted leaving the fundraiser and headed to dinner as well.

Kelly Rowland made her way out with the Carters...with her own man in tow.  Loving her nude Louboutin flats and grey woven bag with her pantsuit.  Great casual chic look for Kel:

They were also spotted at Bey & Jay's residence visiting Blue Ivy.

And Solange stepped out for a post-fundraising family dinner in a vintage style white open sleeved blouse and black/white/silver floral pencil skirt:

Gorgeous tan!

Ok we see you Mama Tina.  She's looking great these days style wise.

Robert De Niro's wife Grace Hightower (the couple recently welcomed their baby girl Helen Grace via surrogate) was spotted leaving the Fundraising event.


And so was co-host Star Jones.  Fab times all around!




Awww King Bey is soooo

Awww King Bey is soooo pretty!
Anon's picture

I love Solange's lipstick and

I love Solange's lipstick and Michele's dress.
Star 's picture

First Lady, you are a queen.

First Lady, you are a queen. Beyonce and Solange look beautiful. Kelly is just sexy without trying. I see you Mrs De Niro. It's great to see black people supporting each other.
anon's picture

I dont think anyone noticed

I dont think anyone noticed Jay-z mother exiting the car right behind Tina Knowles... lol ... aww she gets no love
Breezy Nas's picture

I like Star's shoes, but I

I like Star's shoes, but I wonder how her toes were doing!
Star 's picture

lol...me too!

lol...me too!
KinkyCurls's picture

Beyonce has been beautiful

Beyonce has been beautiful out the gate and has grown into a beautiful woman. So beautiful that people are more envious of her than the female who stole their Man. SMH. Michelle's dress is the bizness! Mama Carter looking better than ever and Tina was one of the co-host and clearly came to play and looking the part. Solo's tan couldn't be gotten at any machine on the Jersey Shore - naturally beautiful. Beyonce looks fantastic and I'm glad she's back to bring REAL music and talent.
True Beauties's picture

Really Jay? Jeans and

Really Jay? Jeans and sneakers... I can't. I just can't. And Beyonce, why didnt you wear a House of Dereon dress? LMAO! She promoting Victoria Becham but not her won clothing line?
QueenSafira's picture

Dear Schmuck: Jay was across

Dear Schmuck: Jay was across town performing at the Darby and met up with her for dinner afterwards. She can wear Victoria Beckham since she wears her own line and has been pictured in it numerous times as well as for photo shoots. You don't see her everyday to see what name she's wearing unlike you from $10 shops and clothing bins. Fact check before you get spit in the face like you just did.
Fact Checker's picture

B wear House of Dereon? When?

B wear House of Dereon? When? Where? Not those ads. I mean in real life. And in regards to Jay- oops. I thought he went to the fundraiser like that. I wouldnt put it past him. And dnt try me. U dnt know me. I dnt shop from bins but I do live within my means. Not everyone is ballin. You stans kill me. Bet ur ass spend u rent money on House of Dereon and Bey ish. Newsflash: She dnt care about u. Just your money!!!!!
QueenSafira's picture

Could be wrong but that

Could be wrong but that actually looks like a piece from HOD new collection. Very VB inspired piece though so I can see the confusion.
Shola's picture

I'm going by what the site

I'm going by what the site says. But then again Natasha be gettin ish wrong all the time.
QueenSafira's picture

Kelli looks great!

Kelli looks great!
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nina's picture

I love Solange style!

I love Solange style!
Jboogy's picture

Julius always finding ways to

Julius always finding ways to keep his hands on Beyonce. He knows Beyonce is a dime and looks great, see Jay putting his hands on her butt making his statement, this here belongs to me. It would be so great to see some new uploaded photos of baby Blue Jay & Bey.
Anonymous's picture

I think Solonge, Beyonce, and

I think Solonge, Beyonce, and Mama Tina should had swopped outfits with Solonge wearing the blue dress, Beyonce wearing the pants suit, and Mama Tina wearing the black and white outfit.
Anonymous's picture

Who is Kelly's guy?

Who is Kelly's guy?
James' wife's picture

Tim Weatherspoon!

Tim Weatherspoon!
Anonymous's picture

Tina must've introduced

Tina must've introduced Beyonce to her surgeon because this child's face is snatched. Her eyes are tighter and her lips are fuller. She's gorgeous but it isn't natural. I hope she doesn't become addicted like Kim Kartrashian and Lala. Plastic surgery ages women instead of making them look younger, i.e...Vivica Fox.
Anonymous's picture

its called makeup. i hate

its called makeup. i hate when people just make assumptions how do u know its not natural were u in the office with her
Anonymous's picture

Love Solange... not digging

Love Solange... not digging her style...everyone else looks nice.
Anonymous's picture

just when i thought solange

just when i thought solange was looking fabulous on that magazine spread that was posted the other day on this site, she comes out looking greasy and not very cute.........MY OPINION! Beyonce looks good, but the shoes are very 90's like something she would wear in her Destiny's Child days.
Anonymous's picture

I'm so sure you're

I'm so sure you're grease-free and very cute sitting there offering up your negative opinions about a 20-something, multi-millionaire sister that you don't even know, and will never. Good luck with that productive passtime. #jellyisfortoast
hellogoodbye's picture

I'm sure you're grease free

I'm sure you're grease free and very cute sitting behind a computer wasting time away, hating on and worried about the aesthetics of multi-millionaire divas in their 20's who don't know you and don't care to. Good luck with that productive passtime.
hellogoodbye's picture

Comments...negative hot mess

Comments...negative hot mess as usual...Bey, Mama Tina, and Star looked nice.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce look is just

Beyonce look is just flawless. You know that when the 3 mens from the back of Beyonce in that last photo is at a stand stop and foscus totally on her and her asscess(butt) with their jaws wide open with a huge grin on their face states Beyonce is hotttttt. Julius always displays that about Beyonce when at any given moment he's always touching her/trying to be in her photo's always. Jay is saying to all you want to be's This right here (Beyonce) belongs to me. See Beyonce sporting her wedding ring again, Jay where is yours? Beyonce don't need to be doing a world tour right now, also she has to many things coming up for a world tour. She do have that movie "ASIB" and she's doing 2 albums, 1 is a soundtrack for "ASIB" and the other is probably a re-release of her "4". Also she might be staring in the movie with BFF Gwenyth, C. Diaz and that Gee man. Jay-z I truly hope the rumors of you cheating on Beyonce with Rita Ora are just that rumors and not facts.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce looks great. For

Beyonce looks great. For those in doubt about whether she really gave birth, check out her hairline. It's not thin because of wigs/weaves. & it wasn't that thin a few wks ago. This happened to me a few months after giving birth. I wasn't bold enough to wear my hair pulled back tho.
She's picture

loves it!

loves it!
Anonymous's picture

Forget about all the Beyonce

Forget about all the Beyonce comments! No one said anything about how Star looks like a bobble head!!!
Anonymous's picture

So yesterday someone posted

So yesterday someone posted that they never see Shawn holding or protecting Beyonce and today there's a pic of him posted doing just that? Oh yeah....they read these blogs and they are driven more by the negative than the positive comments.
Anonymous's picture

"Oh yeah," you're psychotic

"Oh yeah," you're psychotic lol I've seen him doing just this in several pictures over the years. Where you been? Go back there, and stay. #crazinessisdangerous
hellogoodbye's picture

I don't cyber stalk these

I don't cyber stalk these people to know what he's been doing over the years. Obviously you have...so who's the crazy one? It's crazy fans like you that have memorized their every move that scares these people! Find a hobby Hello and GOODBYE!
Anonymous's picture

maybe you should consider

maybe you should consider cyber stalking you dumb twat..it would save u embarrasment ..dont comment on people if you dont have time to research them or read about them. your crazy
jennifer's picture

mmmm mmm MMMM. i would drink

mmmm mmm MMMM. i would drink beyonces bath water that woman is too damn FINE.
rick's picture

Everyone looks GREAT! I'm

Everyone looks GREAT! I'm glad to see KELLY looking flawless this time around!
SouthernBelle's picture

I agree @Furious...if it

I agree @Furious...if it weren't for Tina Turner, there would be no Beyonce PERIOD! She has taken a little bit from everyone, Millie Jackson, Whitney Houston, Josephine Baker, Madonna and most of all Tina Turner and created Beyonce. All of these women were pioneers, trail blazers and legends. They knocked down every door Beyonce has ever walked through and faced alot of the criticism and ridicule while they did it. Seeing as most of them still lived in a time where neither Blacks or Women were highly regarded. Beyonce does her thing, sure. But I'll never put her on this pedastal that her stans seem to have her on. She's done nothing great for music. She's stolen almost every video. Even her most memorable performance (IMO), her 2011 Billboard performance, was copied. So to me, she is just an ordinary of the moment pop star. I'm not a hater and I"m not taking anything away from her, but I'm not giving her extra credit either.
Anonymous's picture

I'm still trying to figure

I'm still trying to figure out how superstars paving the way for the younger generation is such a mind blower. Who cares. YES, stars of the past, present and future pave the way for stars of their genre who succeed them. Yes, they inspire them, and influence them. Is this supposed to be some earth shattering new revelation? Beyonce has even admitted being influenced by Tina and many others. There is virtually NO artist that is entirely unique, as they all have been influenced by something or someone. What's so intriguing or controversial about this? I think Beyonce is the only one who gets so publicly criticized for mimicking choreography, ideas, themes, etc. because the public is always sniffing behind her poots watching her lashes grow from the roots so they study, watch, and wait for her to do just that. #getalife #donthate #congratulate
hellogoodbye's picture

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Ladies check out www.KarensClosetNy.com from fierce blazers, hot tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry, plus sizes and of course DRESSES!
Anonymous's picture

Solange is FAB!! BEyonce's

Solange is FAB!! BEyonce's shoes are a big NO but she looked fresh faced and pretty anyway Michelle Obama AMAZING!! Kelly cute love the flats and bag Mama Tina is giving them FACE!!
anonymous's picture

Everyone looked radiant, even

Everyone looked radiant, even grandma Tina though she cant smile. I like the first lady's dress and her confident stride in it. BTW Is it acceptable to totally diss The First lady by omitting her name from the headline about an event that she hosted yet highlight her style choice?.... things that make you go ............
Realist's picture

Hmmm indeed

Hmmm indeed
Anonymous's picture

bey is so beautiful like oh

bey is so beautiful like oh em gee!!
Anonymous's picture

LMAO @ Beyonce being a

LMAO @ Beyonce being a "LEGEND" Beyonce is a good entertainer but she is NOT any singing LEGEND. Tina Turner....I can see that. She is very Tina Turner but she is NOT better or bigger sorry. Tina Turner is very much in line with Beyonce's skill set. But she sure can't dress.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

OMG!! I have no life, I need

OMG!! I have no life, I need help!! I am a depressed imbecile!!! Someone save me! I really do need to go to college and quit being a internet whore!!!!!
FuriouS StyleS™® 's picture


ALRIGHT QUEEN B!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!
TRUESHANDA's picture

Bey is here to stay in this

Bey is here to stay in this game. We are witnessing a legend;beautiful and talented,a modern day Tina Turner but Badder. Danm I like her
Sizzle's picture

THIS is comical! You can't be

THIS is comical! You can't be badder than the person you stole your whole performing style from!
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 1:16 pm These

@Anonymous 1:16 pm These people are a RIOT. I said the EXACT same thing. These comments are COMICAL. Beyonce is not better then Tina Turner when she based her entire routine on TINA. It's PATHETIC some of these comments. Beyonce also does not look GREAT here. She looks ok but far from GREAT. Michelle Obama has STYLE. Beyonce has bad taste as are clearly reflected in her poor choices of accessories. The shoes are WRONG. So is the necklace. And that ZIPPER. I can't.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

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