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FEISTY GALS: Kenya Bell SAYS "I Didn’t Want To Hurt Evelyn On National TV” + Rihanna Gets Testy When Asked About Love Life...AGAIN


Feisty chicks Kenya Bell and Rihanna are kicking a$$ and taking names....in interviews at least.  Kenya is talking trash about Evelyn Lozada in a new interview where she reveals she COULD HAVE hurt Evelyn....but did her a favor by not responding to the bottle action.


Meanwhile, Rihanna shot down yet another reporter's interview after she was asked about her love life.  Deets inside....

In a new interview with "Juicy" Magazine, Kenya Bell reveals that she's a bad ass chick from Detroit and could have easily opened up a can on Evelyn Lozada......but she didn't want to hurt her!  Check out the highlights of Kenya on Evelyn, Kesha, Tami & her estranged husband:


Juicy: What was going through your mind when EVELYN threw that bottle at you during dinner?

KB: I've been professionally trained to fight thanks to my Dad. I have no fear of any of them and all of their bullying, negativity, and pure haterism. It's sad that as women, they aren't supporting my efforts to be independent as a woman and a mother, especially after I spent years helping my husband make it to the NBA and he's chosen to ruin his life. [The cast] can talk all they want, as long as neither of them put their hands on me, they have nothing to fear.

Juicy: Speaking of your husband, what was the plastic surgery claims about?

KB: He's decided to try and ruin my life by telling lies to the media about plastic surgery, etc. in attempt to ruin any possibility of me having a career. It seems that the women of basketball wives would be on my side seeing what I'm going through.

Juicy: What made you invite Keisha to your video screening after she threw you under the bus?

KB: Actually that's the result of editing. My video screening happened BEFORE the bottle throwing incident. I haven't seen Keisha since she started the fight between Evelyn and I.

Juicy: You seemed to be taking the girls' criticism very lightly at the screening...

KB: I'm a very cultured individual. I've worked in corporate America and shook hands with the President. I know the difference between what's good and what isn't, so when someone tells me something is horrible and I know it's not, it's laughable to me.

Juicy: The girls seem to think you're jacking they're style. What's your response?

KB: In response to me "jacking" their style......I've been me since birth, and although I'm younger than most of them (oh wait I forgot, I'm 40 according to them!), ask those who know me the best, I haven't changed.

Juicy: To set the record straight, when it comes to JEN do you adore her the way the girls claim?

KB: Jen has been the only person in the group that has been consistently nice to me and I appreciate that. Because of that, I consider her someone that I can become friends with. It's soooo sad that they have a "mob" mentality and because Jen refuses to "join the crowd" and hate me like they have decided to do before they even got to know me, all of a sudden they say I idolize her. It's their way of trying to make Jen not like me. I'm so proud of Jen for being an individual.

Juicy: What are your current thoughts on TAMI?

KB: I'm very surprised to see the footage of Tami talking bad about me behind my back. I still feel that she has a good heart, that's why she stepped in between Evelyn and I. Because of the supposed "stabbing" that my husband accused me of, I really didn't want to have to hurt Evelyn on national television, so I appreciated that. But as a fellow mother of two, it's very disappointing that she was so mean and hurtful knowing she went through the same things I'm going through on the show.



In other feisty interviews.............

Rihanna showed her attitude in Australia as she promotes Battleship.  We know she doesn't like to be asked about her love life...but a reporter STILL tried it.   This time, Rihanna ends the interview (at 3:15...though a walk-out isn't shown, the news reporter says Rihanna abruptly ended it).  

*Kevin Hart voice*  You gone learn today....




the name of the show is

the name of the show is called ("BASKETBALL HOES WHO DYING 2 BECOME WIVES SOMEDAY" ).
Anonymous's picture

Rihanna might as well get

Rihanna might as well get over that. They're going to ask. No point in getting an attitude about it.
Anonymous's picture

Awwww, how cute of Rihanna

Awwww, how cute of Rihanna walking out of an interview like she's actually ashamed or embarrased to be called out on her BIRD ASS choices. There's a difference in being private and knowing that if you talk you'll be humiliated because you don't make good decisions.... CONSTANTLY. The main ones always hollering about how they "DON'T GIVE A F*CK!" are usually the ones that have allllllll the fucks to give and Rihanna's must be finally crashing down on her.
Anonymous's picture

She might as well get over

She might as well get over that. They gonna ask. No point in getting any attitude about it.
Anonymous's picture

Chile please...something is

Chile please...something is clearly off with her re: Kenya
Monique!'s picture

She might as well get over

She might as well get over that. They gonna ask. No point in getting any attitude about it.
Anonymous's picture

I feel she would have hurt

I feel she would have hurt Evelyn too
Anonymous's picture

oh ok.

oh ok.
Anonymous's picture

Kenya looks pretty on this

Kenya looks pretty on this pic. She doesn't need all that make-up. She is actually prettier than all the rest.
Anonymous's picture

I m ay be in the minority

I m ay be in the minority when I say this, but I like Kenya Bell. Ok sure she's a little flaky but I admire the fact that she stares Bully Evelyn in the face and stands her ground. I also think Kenya looks good for her age (I'm assuming she's between 34-38). I could be wrong about that. She looks pretty and she stands up for herself which I admire.
Ethel's picture

First off, Kenya looks pretty

First off, Kenya looks pretty in that picture, and if she wants to hold on to the last bit of sanity she has left, she should run for her life and leave reality tv. As far as Evelyn is concerned, I don't care much for her at all. She is still just a high school bully. No wonder people will continue to get harassed at school, the bullies are on tv with tons of money and get to be old without ever catching an ass kicking.
AnonYmousse's picture

Spot on.

Spot on.
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