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MUSIC FAB: Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)" Video + Mystikal Ordered BACK TO JAIL + Maxwell Set For 2012 MINI-TOUR

Roc Nation artist Rita Ora just premiered the video for her debut U.S. single, “How We Do (Party).” Check it out inside, plus updates on Maxwell's new tour, Trey Songz's "Storage Wars" lawsuit and Mystikal getting ordered back to jail...

Shot in Los Angeles and directed by Marc Klasfeld, British blonde Pop-N-B chick Rita Ora's new How We Do (Party)” vid features her "partying & bullsh*tting" with her friends.  Check it out above. 

And if you're seeing nothing but Rihanna when you look at Rita, that may be because her boss Jay-Z told her he'd like to recreate Ri's success via Rita's career.

Meanwhile, there's bad news for the Cash Money Young Money crew.  Their new signee, Mystikal, was just ordered back to jail for 3 months after violating his 5-year probation by getting arrested this past February for domestic abuse battery.  Mystikal, government name Michael Tyler, was freed from jail in 2010 after serving a 6 year sentence for sexual battery and distortion.  And he's set to return May 14th.

The Washington Post reports:

On Monday, state District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a condition of the 41-year-old Tyler’s five-year probation in the extortion case because he was arrested in February on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery.

Tyler’s attorney says Marabella ordered Tyler to spend another 90 days in jail but is giving him credit for the nine days he was detained after his arrest.

Damn homie....

And on another note, Maxwell just announced he will return to the stage with a 6-city tour.  He will be performing his full albums for his fans.

The six arena dates will see two-night stands in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Newark.

The first night in each city, Maxwell will perform his catalogs of Urban Hang Suite (1996) and Embrya (1998), and on the second night of the live show, he will play Now (2001) and BLACKsummers’night (2009).  As well as a few never-before-performed tracks.  Loves it.

The Randomness:

1.  Trey Songz is suing "Storage Wars" participant David Hester for constantly using his trademarked phrase "Yuup!"  STORY




I have been waiting patiently

I have been waiting patiently for nearly THREE years for Maxwell's new album. I hope it is released very soon, I LOVE him. So very talented.
Angelba's picture

Rita Ora needs to GO

Rita Ora needs to GO AWAY...she is so irrelevant.. So glad Maxwell is BACK :)..I love this man :)
Anonymous's picture

Rita looks like a Kardahsian.

Rita looks like a Kardahsian.
WhiteLatina's picture

Trey sonz need to go seat

Trey sonz need to go seat down, “yuup “was not invented by him, even thou he says it a lot, he will not win that law sue…it can be all his trademark phrase like he said but I believe that word existed before he was even conceived ….how old is trey? My point exactly …Maxwell boo u are still looking find as hell, mistka I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you.
CASHIN' OUT's picture

Trey...that is not your

Trey...that is not your trademark saying! OMG! Get over yourself already. You can't sing. Every artist isn't trying to be RiRi but ok. I'm over the blonde period but do your thing Rita. Mystical...keep your head up and stay away from foolishness. Prison is no place for anyone. SAD.
PrettyBrownGirl's picture

Welp, I still havent heard

Welp, I still havent heard any of her music. I will prolly go home tonight and listen to something from her. I have heard one of Mystikal's new songs and I don't like the fact that he's still using his signature gruff and crazy voice that he used as a rapper in the 90's. That shit is old. He needs to find a new style in order to be successful.
Ethel's picture

RITA can never be RIRI she is

RITA can never be RIRI she is swag jacking riri style…no matter how hard she tries, she can never be riri….jay z what happen to the dark skin sisters? Why, you think they won’t make or sell good music , because all you artist are red bone and close to that, even your wife, not hating , am just asking…Rita will not last too long in this business, period….she is not original, and also she copy cat …if any new artist want to last long in the entertainment industry, you need to be ORIGINAL AND HAVE YOUR OWN STYLE GOING..when Indie aria came out..people love her because she was original and brought something new to the table….Rita your days are number I don’t give a shit if Jay z is your mentor.
CASHIN' OUT's picture

Oh no, i must disagree with

Oh no, i must disagree with you, originality in music has been dead and buried for years now. Artists nowadays need neither talent nor substance to survive and remain relevant. All anyone needs to make it in music is good public relations reps., extensive marketting, a willingness and drive to perform at concerts and deep pockets willing to fund it all (oh, and maybe a passable voice and some dancing skills, a dash or three of vulgarity if you're seriously lacking in the first two). Absolutely nothing original...given those realities i think she stands a really good chance of making it.
Zeva Ainka's picture

Trey Songz, Really Dude,

Trey Songz, Really Dude, Guess Need To Copyright "Okay" Cause I'm Losing Money.
Anonymous's picture

This girl acts like Rihanna

This girl acts like Rihanna
Anonymous's picture

Oh Rita is a copy of RIhanna

Oh Rita is a copy of RIhanna huh, then why has Rita had that look for 4 years now. How about you sit your hating ass down. You do realize Melanie Fiona, Jay Electronica, Santigold, Esther Dean, Sean Garrett, and Wale are all signed to Roc Nation. Last time i checked, none of them were light skin, stop your baseless complaining. As for Rita Ora, it's a good first single and perfect for the summer time. She will be really successful and once people hear her vocal abilities, all the stupid comparisons will end. The girl can sing point blank, the whole Rihanna Navy needs to stop being so insecure.
flawda's picture

Thank You! Thank You! Thank

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! :)
Me, Me, Me's picture

SMH @ Mystical. Love me some

SMH @ Mystical. Love me some Maxwell, will definetly hit him up.
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

I like Mystikal's music. And

I like Mystikal's music. And I felt bad for him, after hearing about the case that sent him to jail. It really seemed kind of unfair given the woman's role in the whole thing. But repeat offenders get no love from me. If you can't learn to never, ever toe the line between legal and illegal, then it sounds like you belong in jail.
Nony's picture

I like Mystikal as well & yes

I like Mystikal as well & yes that woman was wrong but his actions were disgusting (to say the least). To me, what he did was above & beyond what she did to him & I can't look at him the same.
Anonymous's picture

She consented to sex after he

She consented to sex after he threatened her with reporting her to the police. In my opinion (and it's just my opinion), if she didn't want to have sex w/ dude, then she should have accepted the consequences of HER actions. It wasn't like he said she HAD to have sex w/ him, no matter what.
Nony's picture

Rita is a breathe of fresh

Rita is a breathe of fresh air. Loves her, and the people are gonna eat this up!!
Anonymous's picture

OK. Sorry Jay Z I can't

OK. Sorry Jay Z I can't support Rita Orta....not only because she's a copy of Rhianna, but it seems like he's pushing only lightskinned, and dye your hair blonde artists. Nope won't support. Oh, and Mystical is a rapist....definitely can't support that...but looking forward to MAXWELL!!
Anonymous's picture

u know whatttt i cant with

u know whatttt i cant with rita ora and rihanna they swag jack each other and they both trash...x
xox's picture


Angie S.'s picture

guess mystikal got used to

guess mystikal got used to the "inside..."
miss positivity's picture

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