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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Beyonce Posts More Vacay Pics, Calls Fake Pregnancy Rumors "Crazy"

In case you missed it, Beyonce Knowles has a few new pics from vacay and time with her hubby Jay-Z & bestie Gwyneth Paltrow.  Check out her cute new flicks, plus her quotes in the new People magazine about those "crazy" fake pregnancy rumors...

Updating her new Tumblr site sporadically, Beyonce posted a few new pics of her and best friend Gwyneth Paltrow chillin' out...extra hard.  As well as her and Jay on vacay both a while back and recently for their anniversary in St. Barts:

And their own courtside view from the Knicks game a few weeks ago.  Cute.

Beyonce finally addressed those frivolous fake pregnancy rumors in the new People magazine where Beyonce is named The World's Most Beautiful Person.  She may have shrugged it off, but MaMa Tina spoke on just how hurtful the rumors were:

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” Beyonce said. “[I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?’”

Someone who didn’t take the rumors so lightly? Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles. “I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months. As a mother it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors,” Knowles said. “And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous.”

Knowles also addressed the now infamous Australian TV interview that first sparked and amplified rumors of a faked pregnancy. “It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold?” the protective grandma said. “Oh my gosh, so stupid.”

Who's ready for Memorial Day Weekend?

The Randomness:

1.  All posts have now been restored from yesterday & today and can be seen on both desktops and mobile phones. Apologies for any tech glitches.



Some people are like that.

Some people are like that. They don't need a huge circle of friends just a few close ones. Especially if her husband is her best friend and she spends most of her time with him then she probably doesn't feel very lonely.
CheyPie's picture

Those aren't new pics. WTF,

Those aren't new pics. WTF, stop lying!!!
Lonnie's picture

The only people who believe

The only people who believe she wasn't pregnant were the dumb hood rats. You would think the picture of her pregnant in a bathing suit would of squashed the rumors, but crabs in a barrell don't care about truths. Let the chick live, stop pushing your low self esteem issues on ole girl.
flawda's picture

TRuth!!! They be killing me!

TRuth!!! They be killing me!
latora's picture

Mama knowles need to go

Mama knowles need to go somewhere with that one. Don't fabric fold lol. How come solange clothes weren't that bendy/foldy?
Anonymous's picture

They probably were but not

They probably were but not many people are checking for Solange so we probably missed it :) When you have a spotlight on you everything is up for investigation.
CheyPie's picture

Why are there always a

Why are there always a million comments for a beyonce post on the ybf. I always scroll through the ybf and everytime I see a beyonce post I already know without looking that there will be well over 300 comments lol. I for one think beyonce did in fact give birth to that baby. I actually happened to see the interview in HD where her belly supposedly "folded" and it was IN FACT her dress! The dress was made up of a silk material, an even when she was walking in the interview room the fan was blowing it and making wrinkles in it. When I saw that I was like "oh man, I know half the people calling this a belly fold saw a bad quality of that interview" Go watch it in HD!! Anyhow, why shoudl we care anyway. I would not call myself a huge beyonce fan but I stand for if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all. Its just another form of bullying!!
Lala's picture

Because bey haters are

Because bey haters are obsessed with her! I honestly believe that if bey died today her haters would jump off a bridge. They clearly have no life without her smh. And for the idiot talking about jay. He never addresses any rumors. Bey and jay clearly dont give a damn what anyone thinks.
Anonymous's picture

Bey clearly gives a damn what

Bey clearly gives a damn what everyone thinks! And the only people that would jump off a bridge are her stans that worship her think she's perfect. The haters just realize she's human and call out her human qualities and it hurts the stans more than it hurts her. I think she brushes it off because she knows some of it's true and she's just out here living and learning like the rest of us.
Anonymous's picture

Jay got her out here looking

Jay got her out here looking a damn fool. He ain't said a word and she's working over time for public approval. Beyonce had my respect as a woman when she just went about her business and let the haters talk amongst themselves. Now she's down in the gutter with them speaking on it and it's starting to look bad. Especially now that she's a mother and should have more important things to worry about.
Anonymous's picture

bey is so bossy....so id like

bey is so bossy....so id like to see some boss like pics for a change!
litebrite's picture

Why can't WE get maternity

Why can't WE get maternity leave from her?? If she's not going to take advantage why can't we?? I mean seriously...when and why did she decide all of a sudden to be this open book about her life with this Tumblr page and these interviews when she was ALWAYS so private before?? I miss private Beyonce. Matter fact...I'd like to just MISS Beyonce. How can we ever miss her if she never leaves?? Not a hater...just need a damn break from this chick.
Beyond_Tired's picture

You have the choice to take a

You have the choice to take a break from any news related to Beyonce. Do not...I repeat DO NOT click on any posts that have anything to do with Bey.
Anonymous's picture

She hasn't been very

She hasn't been very "private" for the last couple years. I understand where you're coming from, though.
Shy's picture

I don't understand how you

I don't understand how you can miss someone you have to go out of your way to see. It's not like she lives in your home or works at your job or goes to your school. You have to CHOOSE to come to a blog and click on a post about her. There's plenty of news about Mitt Romney that gets sent to my email because of my WSJ subscription, but I don't feel overwhelmed by his presence because I CHOOSE not to always read the news articles.
CheyPie's picture

Seriously? She's been

Seriously? She's been everywhere on everything in the last year or so. TV, Radio, Blogs, now Tumblr and Twitter. I'll probably get a friend request from her soon...or a handwritten letter in the mail. (jokes) But my point is that I DON'T have to go "out of my way", she's freaking omnipresent. I'd just like to miss the chick at some point...it'd definitely make me excited when she came back on the scene. This is oversaturation at it's best. And I've said all this as a FAN OF BEYONCE so put your Bey flag down and calm down.
Beyond_Tired's picture

TV? What that one L'Oreal

TV? What that one L'Oreal commercial she's in? Radio? Plenty of artists are overplayed on the radio, which is why I use my Ipod. Again, with mediums like Blogs, Tumblr, and Twitter you have to go out of your way to read/see about her. Maybe I'll give you the radio one but the others are on you. And believe me I'm chill as can be and I don't have a flag to put down. I'm not even a huge Bey fan and I say this on ALL posts, whether it's Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, or whomever, because I don't understand the rationale of getting tired of someone you can avoid.
CheyPie's picture

Cray Bey <-- appears to be

Cray Bey <-- appears to be teetering on the brink of insanity (motherhood is not for Classic Narcissists) If Solange wasn't on diaper duty 23 hours a day, i'm sure the Mansion would turn into a den of iniquity....with unrealistic demands, temper tantrums and body guards everywhere to hide the psychosis (in my opinion)
GrannyGums™®'s picture

Go mama Tina f*ck them nay

Go mama Tina f*ck them nay sayers they weren't in her couchie when she had that beautiful baby!! f*ck em all!!! people are always going to find something to talk about when your successful, just be glad those people are not apart of your life em k...great success brings controversy, haters, crabs in a barrel mentalities are rampid and to think this is YBF what a joke these comments are ignorant and hateful for a stranger a talented one at that, keep doing you B like I said before F*ck em lol
myblackisbeautiful's picture

I dunno but Beyonce is just

I dunno but Beyonce is just like a little child telling us we're all crazy if we really think santa wouldn't exist. Doesn't convince me at all- same ol same ol and boring as hell that woman is so boring she needs pictures to make herself relevant and still all she has to offer is how the style we see on so many other tumblrs looks on her...all she can do is copy other peoples idea and pretend she invented them...I used to be excited to hear from the carters but now I'm just overstimulated...
Anonymous's picture

Lmao u aint Neva lie u ain't

Lmao u aint Neva lie u ain't Neva lie . Every queen knows how to take a seat in her thrown. Beyonce go find that seat. You lookin like a typical cute woman on instagram n u only stimulating ur Stans.
Anonymous's picture

Wow!!! Somebody is hating

Wow!!! Somebody is hating real hard. That's right keep hating cause it's not a thing you can do about it but blog. Keep doing your thing Bey and let the haters keep hating LOL........ha ha ha ha
DeDe's picture

Overstimulated? WHAT!?

Overstimulated? WHAT!?
Listen...'s picture


CheyPie's picture

Boring pic on top of that ,

SMOOCHES's picture

If my husband ever wore a

If my husband ever wore a leopard ring...we gone have a come to Jesus talk!
Anonymous's picture

Why is she addressing the

Why is she addressing the rumors now and not when she was pregnant. Tina Knowles says it best - Beyonce is "diabolical"
Bella's picture


sorry bey U NEED MORE PEOPLE u were never pregnant
porsche's picture

How are you so sure of

How are you so sure of another womans uterus clown?
Listen...'s picture

Oh please this family is

Oh please this family is overrated ,they need to get lost and hid some where, public whores, like mother like daughter, off course she will always support her child, what mom will disgrace their child in public, am not saying her pregnancie was fake but but beyonce act like her ahit don't stink, child please ....bye bye
SMOOCHES's picture

Nothing new to see here.

Nothing new to see here. That's the same thing she told Katie 6 months ago. I've noticed that some rumors she will say 'no, that's not true' and some she will just say 'that's crazy'. mmhmm.
Anonymous's picture

Yes Tina who has that kind of

Yes Tina who has that kind of time, and an entire familywould have to play along, stupid is right! people ust have too much damn time on their hands, those imaginations shouldbe used for soneting beneficial don't ya think smmfh!
Anonymous's picture

Ummm fabric doesnt fold like

Ummm fabric doesnt fold like that especially with a pregnant belly...sorry try again...it wudnt be so hard to believe if half the time u were suppose to be pregnant you were on stay performing
Anonymous's picture

So what if she kept working?

So what if she kept working? Alicia Keys and her big belly was climbing on top of pianos and performing far into her pregnancy.
CheyPie's picture

Those rumors are ridiculous

Those rumors are ridiculous and, I believe, false. {SMH} People are so jealous of her and this family. I, for one, am proud of her success.
Lotus Flower Bomb's picture

I concur .... gooo away, not

I concur .... gooo away, not fascinating at all!!! and the rumor are not crazy byee!!!
Anonymous's picture

I know you're desperate for

I know you're desperate for Beyonce news but these pictures have been up for weeks!
Anonymous's picture

that **** cray

that **** cray
Lynn's picture

Boo. So boring.

Boo. So boring.
Anonymous's picture

Shes so boring and yet u are

Shes so boring and yet u are the FIRST to comment? Gtfoh! U bey haters are hands down the dumbest people on earth smh.
Anonymous's picture


ME's picture

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