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Ashanti Gets Interviewed By Her Momager Tina + Lark Voorhies REVISITS "Saved By The Bell" Memories

R&B songstress Ashanti sat down for a recent interview with her mom Tina Douglas where they dished on the best advice she ever received and the women in the Douglas family. Also see Lark Voorhies from "Saved By The Bell" and what she looks like now inside.....

For Mother's Day, Tina Douglas sat down with her successful daughter and talked about the long line of strong women in their family and the best advice she ever gave Ashanti.  As for her mom's best advice, "You always taught me to be a leader and not a follower and I remember that from elementary school."

The pair were then joined by baby sister Shia who joined in some hugs and kisses and wished Tina a Happy Mother's Day.

Watch the video here:


And here's a blast from the past.....


Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtle from "Saved By The Bell" talked to E!'s Michael Yo about her upcoming projects and revealed that rumors of her dating any of her co-stars (like Zack Morris/Mark-Paul Gosselaar) were untrue. She still looks good, but the lighting is terrible and the funeral home makeup is upsetting. No word on if she has any type of condition affecting her, but I'm glad we've got a Lark update!

UPDATE: F it.  It ain't the lighting.  Something is terribly wrong here and it must be addressed. Whether it's bleaching or plastic surgery gone wrong, ridiculous makeup or some type of condition, you can't just give an interview looking like the real life ghost of the beloved Lisa Turtle and expect everything to be peaches and cream.  We deserve an answer...

Photos and video by Elizabeth Bruneau




Raising your kids on your own

Raising your kids on your own is strength, putting yourself in a position of having children with men who dont have nothing and who aint about nothing is WEAK. Please know that 40% of black men being sued for child support make LESS THAN $10,000 a year. This means that 40% of black women made a BAD WEAK DECISION...But what's strong is that IN SPITE OF THAT you raise respectful, young children, with great manners, who read well and who have great grades. If you are not doing that. WHICH MANY OF US ARE NOT IF YOU LOOK AT SCHOOL TESTING SCORES, then you are not a strong black woman. You basically suck...I dont find strength in walking around telling everyone I'm strong, the same way I dont go around telling everyone that Im hot or that I got this or I got that. I dont need to do that, because Im Confirmed by the grace of God. SO i would say strength is when you think its a wrap for you, but you make a way out of no way and come out of it smiling and smarter than before. Stength is also marching to the beat of your own drum...when trends say that you should go one way and you go left that is having the courage of your convictions. Lets get it...I do get what you are trying to say and what you are trying to do, i just dont beleive that you are well rounded enough to do it, and by that I mean it doesnt seem that you know enough black women. You seem to know only one kind of black woman. The stereotype so I think it would be great if you could expand your circle. Even if the majority of black women do fit a stereotype, every single one has a story, that you have not heard. Black women are not monolythic. But I would suggest you walk on a university campus, go to a local bookstore, go to a local black museum and you will find black women (Not enough) but a couple. If you are TRULY interested as to the makeup of the stereotypical black woman then it would behoove you to research trends I would say from 1930-1995 AT LEAST...but you dont seem interested in understanding. you seem interested in bashing...dont care if you do/dont respond. I wont respond back
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Raising kids on your own and

Raising kids on your own and saying that's strength when it's actually failure BECAUSE YOU WAS TO WHORISH and JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN WITH A THUG NIGGA , instead of getting a real black successful man TO PROCREATE WITH!!!!!!Yall say they lame, yall say they weak, yall say they too nice!!!!THUS thats why you get the clown or thug nigga, because he's more FUN IN YALL EYES, THIS IS MOST BLACK WOMEN IM TALKIN ABOUT RITE NOW, yall get with these guys have UNPRETECTED SEX, NOTTTTTTTT MARRIEDDDDDDDDDDDD...NOTTTT MARRIEDDDDD, and most black kids are born out of wedlock / mistake the clown/deadbeat negro leaves NOW YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS CHILD BY YOURSELF..... AND YOU SAY U STRONG BECAUSE OF THAT??? loll gtfohh NOW THE OTHER STUFF I AGREE WITH, IF YOU ACTIVE IN YOUR KIDS LIFE, AND YOU DO WHATS RITE BY YOUR HUSBAND AND HAVE MORAL, YOU A STRONG WOMAN!!! ALRITE!!!
Letsgetit's picture

Well said

Well said
CHASING' OUT's picture

Excuse me? Taking care of

Excuse me? Taking care of your kids by yourself is not strong buy stupid?!?!? Fool, you just insulted my mother, and probably someone else's mother, father, aunt, uncle or grandparent up in here. Quit trolling for answers. I can tell you what makes a smart man. One who doesn't throw around nasty insulting loaded questions like this one. Have a seat.
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Yes saying that you STRONG

Yes saying that you STRONG because you take care of your kids by yourself IS EXTREMELY STUPID!!!I didn't say taking care of your kids by yourself is stupid!!! You SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!!!!
Letsgetit's picture

yeah its not the lighting

yeah its not the lighting otherwise dude would look crazy also..its her makeup ...the bleaching and age...she looks weird but nonetheless i loved me some saved by the bell..i still watch reruns every now and then!!!! as for Ashanti..WHO CARES?????? ANYBODY?????
REALLY?'s picture

Ummmm It's definitely not the

Ummmm It's definitely not the lighting. More like bad makeup. God bless her tho
Anonymous's picture

Ummm....does anyone not see

Ummm....does anyone not see that Lark looks a hot mess? What happened to her face??
Anonymous's picture


LIGHTING YOU SAY???????????????? WTF!!!!!!! SHE LOOKS INSANE!!!!!!!!
jess's picture

Loved saved by the bell as a

Loved saved by the bell as a child:)
Anonymous's picture

Lark needs to get off the

Lark needs to get off the drugs and find a good man to take care of her. She is too pretty for all this.
Ummm's picture

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