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DO WE LOVE IT? Kenya Bell DISSES "Basketball Wives" Co-Stars On "Hate Me" Single

"Basketball Wives" star Kenya Bell is going full-speed with her singing career having recently dropped a new track called "Hate Me." Listen to her "BBW" diss inside....

Ignoring her critics (she's looking at you Tami Roman) Kenya Bell is lighting a fire (or whatever you want to call it) under her singing career with a new track called "Hate Me" off her upcoming Choices disc.

Produced by Jazze Pha, Kenya disses her "BBW" co-stars on the song saying, “Watch yo mouth / this is my show. I’m takin’ ova / snappin’ on you silly hoes.” “Them bitches hate me / they make me famous tho.”


Hopefully the track with make Kenya a few dollars since her estranged husband Charlie Bell wants spousal support.  

Listen to “Hate Me” below:




Don't forget to catch part one of the "BBW" Reunion tonight on VH1 at 8pmET.  Kenya tweeted, Hot damn is it Monday already????? BBW reunion time on @VH1! Get your popcorn ready....it's gonna be good!




like it

like it
donna coleman's picture

It was actually better than i

It was actually better than i expected. I actually liked the song.
Anonymous's picture

This song is that fyiiier!!

This song is that fyiiier!! Loves it!! Kenya yo a$$ is cray but song is hot!! Go loony tune!!
Anonymous's picture

It sounds like everything

It sounds like everything else sounds nowadays; everything sounds the same but like it LOL
I_love_laughing's picture

I like it! I don't know why

I like it! I don't know why but I actually really like Kenya bell!
CamieJ's picture


Anonymous's picture

Better than Ciara's new

Better than Ciara's new single, Sweat.
Lisa's picture

Might as well use the fame

Might as well use the fame for her own ventures instead of waiting to get fired to capitalize from it (*Cough* Sheree Whitfield)
why cant we reply directly's picture

I can't stand this silly hoe

I can't stand this silly hoe
Anonymous's picture

better than nicki minaj

better than nicki minaj "stupid hoe"
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Gorgeous picture Kenya!!!I

Gorgeous picture Kenya!!!I agree that your BBW costars are quite a joke, particularly Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. I couldn't even watch the season and especially not the reunion. Best wishes - catchy tune. Keep it positive.
Anonymous's picture

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sdfws's picture

I really like it. Funny how

I really like it. Funny how she popped off on them! I'm from the "D" so I am glad she pulled it together. Great new look.
Anonymous's picture

The song is catchy,but it

The song is catchy,but it seems too young. Why is she singing about silly hoes? Grow up !
Anonymous's picture

GO Kenya Bell!

GO Kenya Bell!
Tres's picture

I thought this was really

I thought this was really gonna be awful but it's actually kinda catchy. Pretty good, Kenya!
Anonymous's picture

I like it alot

I like it alot
Anonymous's picture

The song is actually quite

The song is actually quite decent
Choco's picture

I like it. Very catchy.

I like it. Very catchy. Silly hoes are hating as usual lol...do u even know these people to hate so hard?
Errors galore....'s picture

I like it! Tami do you like

I like it! Tami do you like it?
Anonymous's picture

LMAO! She don't... Anyway

LMAO! She don't... Anyway Much better than I anticipated :)
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Yall hating b/c yall know

Yall hating b/c yall know damn well she can sing and this track is HOT! Be real. Yes, she is crazy but this ish is HOT!
WOW!'s picture

like the hook but that is

like the hook but that is about it!
Anonymous's picture

she looks really good in that

she looks really good in that pic. She looks like Lauren London here. Song is pretty good i hope her career take off
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

It's worth the reading is all

It's worth the reading is all i have to say lol. Ok let me say I just listened to the song and I'm still smiling with the thought of "good for you girl, go on girl." I'm going to go listen to it a few more times..That's how hot I think it is for "right now w/ what's going onb w/ the show." Now! let me say I'm not...well I wasn't maybe still not lol a fan of Kenya on BBW. She came off as I will change and adapt to each one of yall even if it looks shady and even when I will deny it like I have no idea what Everyone else is pointing out." I can't vibe or trust or take people like that serious and wouldn't want to have them in my life too much lol. So nowing I wasn't a fan and she just made me want to slap her w/ some girl you need my tough love and I'm bout to tell you about yourself and after I've done that.... you probalbly never come across another blk gay brutha who will tell you about yourself "if yourself is a problem in my eyes" but who am I? You'll not believe I went there and you won't be the same and maybe not w/ me lol but you'll remember mytough words and won't be able to not remember them when you go back into some f'd up behaviors and you might even thank a brutha lol. Ok, I live for EVE!!!! and I like love Tammi also, Shaunie's a puppet master trying to dodge bullets and crap but I ain't mad at her, she does it like atrue Hollywood person...That's a compliment and a dis lol. I don't think Tammi's a bully based on that incident or any other incident on the show. If she lead her life do things like that then I might think differently, I don't know her so I based it on what my eyes observd. I hate that this happened to her cause i don't think she's a bully. Now my Eve " I just love her" is a stand up forherself girl and she going to keep it real even if it means she gonna have to throw down w/ someone bigger than her Tammi lol) she stood right up to Tami a few times and was like Bit%$ WHAT! I love a women like that, If i wasn't gay I'd have a women like that. She owns her stuf and ain't ashamed oh and beautiful lol. Now knowing that I'm a huge fan of Eve and Tammi, i still didn't likie their behaviors but I understand. See I'm from Chicago west side projects baby and 90% of girls were like that so i'm used to it and really didn't think it was That big of deal for her to check Keisha lying tale knowing he said the things buit she didn't mean it that way. Well say you said itbut didn't mean it like that though instead of lying that you didn't say it at all...on tv! A person would definately get check by me in a situation like that but I would demean them and be dangling their property like I'm the creator but i'm form the hood and over the 2, a lyer isn't what I respect. They both could learn from it though for themselves, Keisha not to be a lyer talkin crap knowing you bout to swim back to shore ooo she just make me.... ok nvr mind see because I've learned a lil bit on how to deal w/ me loll. Look at me writing a darn novel, sorry but I will post anothr post just stating what I think about Kenya if this is to much to post, hope it's not lol. Ok I didn't feel her too much on BBW but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she was coming of as kind crazy coocoo, I didn 't judge her I just thought this crazy girl is going to get chewed up but they might feel for her cause she was giving crazy and that's what happened. Ok so here it is...For thge person/people talking about her age, you have to be kidding me, get over it what does her age have to o w/ her talent? Nothing it just man her "career" will look a lil different maybe shorter but strill a career in her eyes and mines. I say that to say this, If she didn't have a talented voice I would not have just spoke those words about her but she can sing. If you can sing! Sang girl! Haters are going to hate. She got a good voice; when I heard her on BBW on her broke down video I said this B (respectfully) can sig and now I just heard this Diss and you better WERK B! Now you may know by now I wouldtake abullet for Eve and maybe push Tammi out of harms way "i get them lived w/ women like that, biased." I would not! be saying this if Kenya didn't woirk the heck out that song!! Girl!!, I felt it and wow she's really good, loved it!! for the person who commented on Kenya's song may or may not put a fire under her career; letr me say.. Fire is sometimes to get going on it's own if conditions aren't right but adding Kindle to it would be a sure way to keep that fire going. This song is Kindle Bit%$ and what and where ever her career takes her...You betta go girl, and i mean it. That song is really tight. Now if she didn't have a voice w/ that broke down video, I'd be saying "um uhm now I know she crazy but thatr's not the case BAM! In Kenya's words "No way no way, no she didn't! I can't stand her repeat, Bam! baby girl you betta WERK! See I like when crazy people come up lol I'm kidding but very good for her this is a tight in yo face to mean girl not that I think Tammi and Eve are mean girls, just hood and can make the best friends you've EVA! came across! I see the not mean girls at the club when this comes on just like yes girl...yes you! and mean girl scooting along with their weeve I mean tail between their legs lol. LOVE it LOVE IT! I want it on my phone, FB and everywhere is kinda packed w/ power and emotion and I can feel it. Go on girl get your carrer going miss thing, i bet some of these haters on "carrers" have ended and started MANY "careers" in their life time so think abouty it and donb't block a Blessing of obvious talent just because her path wasn't like your "would have been" (get it) Go On w/ your crazy blessed talented self; now I would also like to see you acting on something but I would love for you to play a delusional crazy out of her mind stalker teacher w/ no connection to what you are doing just be crazy girl I know you would get that part, if that part is out there, every actor gonna lose their job that day cause you goinna get the part that's from B.A.P.S. lol Oh yea and Jen is going to EAT this up yall. Keyya got a vehicle of choice to hit these girls and so does Jen, Lawyers lol. now everything you do in your "career" Kenya, Everybodys going to remember your Kindle song! (u can use that lol) This kindle nwill be starting more fire under your "career" great job! To all who's hating on her process in her life, what your career? Maybe a retail salesperon, a teller at a bank, phone company? Well how long have you been at your ":Career" has it gotten you to that place...you know what place if you don't, whatch Kenya get there and remember where you stand in your "career", I don't know why I really want to go in on the "career people blah blah but I won't just think, don't block, nothing writing in our law about when to start or start one thank God because you might be in bad shape lol maybe me too lol. Love peace. Don't make me go gheTTO! I can't stand her (haters), those Bitc%$# hate meeeeee... oh i love it!
Heath B's picture



You are probably broke and

You are probably broke and struggling and want to be in her place to hate that bad. Get a life you dont even know the lady. She would kick your ass anyway
Anonymous's picture

leave your dear diary and

leave your dear diary and journal writtings in in their place, who the hell is gonna read all this shit?
really?'s picture

This too much... Waaaay too

This too much... Waaaay too much.
TL's picture

It's not, never has been and

It's not, never has been and never will be THIS serious. I thought you had something of worth to say until I got to the 4th line and realised otherwise. GARRRSH
Momo's picture

HELL this is better than

HELL this is better than TARDY WITH THE PARTY and PSYCHOTIC BITCH!!! KENYA you go girl do ya thang but PUHLEEEESE DO NOT MAKE A VIDEO TO THIS!!! :)) But i like the song :)
Anonymous's picture

I like the song. I guarantee

I like the song. I guarantee this will be every females ringtone IF it makes it past us just listening to it on here. Lol Kenya good job, you finally did something right now let's work on some dance moves that contain rhythm and a real video!
Nay's picture

She cannot think that this is

She cannot think that this is a good picture, she looks CRAZY as hell.
Teah's picture

Damn you shouldn't say

Damn you shouldn't say anything you are a true hater to just comment on the picture. You must like the song. You people are so jealous you gotta be broke
Anonymous's picture

Fiyah!!!!!! This chick is a

Fiyah!!!!!! This chick is a real talent
Anonymous's picture

lets be real..if you've

lets be real..if you've listened to the radio within the last 5 years then you know this is about on par with everything else black music is offereing these days.....sad to say, but i like it....smh
Anonymous's picture

The song is not original -

The song is not original - and yes she is a silly ho....corny ass...
Anonymous's picture

This song is hot your one of

This song is hot your one of the haters she must be talking about in the song you make her famous though fucking haters go get a life
Anonymous's picture

Her age isn't the

Her age isn't the problem...who cares, she is who she is...i like the beat i feel what she saying lol she snapped lmao shes not the best vocalist but then again, i've heard worse!
Anonymous's picture

Uhmmmm Kenya,

Uhmmmm Kenya, NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ! Go back to whAt you were doing. WHAT WERE YOU DOING BEFORE BBW??? REALLY ???
Jae's picture

Your probably gay and

Your probably gay and frustrated or broke as hell most of the times those are the ones who hate on good shit. This song is hot and Jazzy Phae still got it. Go get a fucking life hater
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

This song is that fyiiier!!

This song is that fyiiier!! Loves it!! Kenya yo a$$ is cray but song is hot!! Go loony tune!!
Anonymous's picture

So Kenya is the bizness. I

So Kenya is the bizness. I think this is a hit.
Anonymous's picture

This is hot!!!!!!!

This is hot!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

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